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Yellow belly teabagger

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#7039 Nov 19, 2013
Well I guess all the Tea Baggers are really cowards.
Or as we say Little men with shrunkin testicles,that hasn't seen a vagina since he passed through one to become the speck of flyshit that he is.
Name calling is his best comeback when he is told his insignificant menial life means nothing to his heroes or any one else.
Until a Bagger crawls out from under a rock and joins society?? What the heck am I saying ,that will never happen.
Well yellow belly bagger I'll see you soon.

Madison, WI

#7040 Nov 20, 2013
Wisconsin had only 7 people legal to reside in Wisconsin, COurt Da files altered to International Kingdoms with prosecutions and time duration to spend in prison breeching consecutive life. Washington authorized to pretend oversite, and Internationals will believe that all those are prosecuted and secured in prison or presumed dead already as their life is equavaliant to execution, no children can be brithed in prison, and they were authorized to blow homes away from location of the 7 legal citizens, I am 1 of them.

When do they come? Accountability review holds every 36 years that comes up in 2015 or 2016 I beleieve.

Walt Disney paid out several million to my parents on my behalf as a child I got $0 not even child support. They signed off custody of me when I was 16years old to Alaska Courts. Family Kept harming, trying to kill me, false arrests,false commitments; dad could not watch it all or afford surgery and thought State would do a better Job.

Walt DIsney I was harmed in a bombing terrorist attack, Government refused terrorist of the 2 Lebanese? Boys, that fled their nation and high jacked a boat and made way to National waters. To many injuries I had just got out the hosptial in WIsc. But I refused to pass on the DIsney adventure so tr5ied to take it easy, holes where they removed bones, acupuncture to put arm back in socet, jaw dislocated and bone shard by ear and eye, and behind ball socket, had to put my ankle back on shattered foot, broken ribs, 70 broken bones and dislocated entirely. My parents Mr./MRs Drews Jr. had to sign tax forms and agreed to remove the percent and pay taxes on the spot about 4 brief cases of money if not 6 I think we left with 4, 2 went to pay taxes since nobody wanted it in court. Robin WIlliams Upgraded our stay to a posh hotel from the Hotel we were priorly staying at. TIm The Tool man Tayor and his cast were there, The female co-star was harrassing and calling my mother names for the honor of her family in Baraboo Wisc she even hit me on the dance floor. My leg came out the socket and she freaked.

RObin WIlliams' body guards and The Hotel Owner Body Guards stole our money,By Gunpoint, the tool time boys and Devon sawya were brutally beatin for not gettint the money and a pair of me and my sister and mother soiled undergarments for the female co-star. They were hit by adult men and thrown in my room as they ramsacked the belongings trying to find all the cash, they witness 6 brief cases this is not all of it, not knowing TAXES and forms were dealt with on the spot. I had about 4 wads of 100s breeching only 25,000 each in my ace bandage securing my leg on, they tried to remove it but other officers were at door and open fired someone jumped out the window. others were in gunfire me and the tooltime cast were crawled in the corner of the hotel room bullets lodged in walls everywhere.

As we drove out of the park, the group was following behind helocopters and others with missle blasters blew their car up,DEAD, some fled. By the end more cars were coming, and alot of men in black suits began to fire at officers and feds and had there own machine gun, blew OUR CAR and DIsney paid for us to have a another car. They kept asking fo rthe remainder of the money and were told of taxes paid and waited until bank and walt disney released tax form copies and payoff to IRS already They did some digits and indicated still severla digits exceeding out of balance, I had to empty my disney purse and the police handed a coupel dollars in 1s and change, The men left, parents shook up and in tears, and I gave dad the 100,000 or so I had on me. We went to sea world and sandiego zoo then where Military downloaded and did medical review of dads microchip videod whole or most of the event. THANKS US NAVY

But in Wisconsin what all happened prior MUCH STATE LOCK DOWN CIA FBI AND MILITARY CAME in shooting up the town bad guys, we met them at the airport Continued below

Madison, WI

#7041 Nov 20, 2013
I called in all the cirmes, the FBI # was accounting firm in California, a Wisc resident desk job seceratary formed a fbi mock number and bad guys shot up civilans for tipping off the feds.
I called on off hours and the women got FBI on 3 way the normal desk job was not there but a big conference was and feds were with IRS and Accounting firms body guards in conference at that time.

So the women on the phone told me to meet them at the airport in 2 hours so they could secure me, I called dad and let him know I was in route, He called his mother and my other grandparents, somehow the town had a party line and eveyone was there. CIA MILITARY AND REAL FBI met me at the gates, the crowd would not let me threw and I was getting throwna nd trampled again, I was told to run towards them and they launched tear gas into the crowd and shot several illegal fugatives at large already on CIA dn FBI tracking, Miltiayr shot a officer that wa sdischarged prior and medals and status stripped, but up on execution and then a man mock FBI fled into the Airport TOwer, Militayr and CIA siad Guilty by association sometimes there is casualties of war, and had a missle launcher and blew he airport tower. Sevaeral bodies were thrown out.

Military copters everywhere and hot air balloons that week snipers aimed at me, Military threw a fellow military man from the plane for saying why dont we just shoot the kid, and then shot him and his parachute on the way down. NO officer, military FBI Cia shoots at civilians, The whole town was questioned and I had to fill in blanks on a question sheet, of guns, religion, fairy myth lore, other and the police refused to assist and were led away you heard guns everywhere that day, I had to find a BUS PASS to all locations I witnessed the only maps I knew that had current bnames and locations to.

All money pulled into state was supoposed to house me and 7 other wisconsin residnets, nothign was every given we have to assume private sector and HUD charity to stabalize life off a $750 SSI check Everyone else had consecutive life and permitted to be shot on site by CIA FBI AND MILITARY nothing was ever complied with and no witness protection or settlement or accoutnability ALL EMBESSLED

Madison, WI

#7042 Nov 20, 2013
Stil the felon fugatives are at large in homes employed without lock down in prison for crimes making babies all the time their kids live in their homes even in their 40s.

President took a look at Mayor and Governor records, and indicated he cant interrogate everyone to see if someone is on that list, so asked only CAMPUS KIDS for their ids. He said he would nto authorize the list made of what all towns will pay to kill JAimie Drews Legally with a PETITION and how much they will pay so GOVERNMENT adn DA will have to be madatd to burn all files on thier names and just forget any crimes murders rapes kidnapping conspiracies occured. President turned in MAyors hit list with digits each family agreed they could afford to pay to have me legally EUTHANIZED BY COURT order so to speak, so they can walk free without feelign obstructed or watched daily

President added those charges in MAyor and all list files to Internaitonal courts with authorization for deployemnt of rennovations for WASHINGTON USA CAPITOL HERE and removal of felons and illegals

Madison, WI

#7043 Nov 20, 2013
There is a form he signed for the new USA CAPITOL IN WISCONSIN, Internationals made him aware of my civilan and hero status and injuries and medical files and indicated, THEY CAN MOVE WASHINGTON ON ONE CONDITION< MS DREWS AND CHILDREN ARE SECURE FOR WTINESS PROTECTION FO RLIFE in a home on a piece of her own land of choice as AMBASSIDER OF AFFAIRS in HUmanity for USA, He refused but agreed for WIsconsin only instead, as she was not a hero to the nation.

I never recieved copies, accoutns are at $0 balance and I do not qualify for tax refunds. On SSI

My injuries were 79 bones broken by 7 years old

Did you see the list now.

Hosptial has a computer adaptor so they type in codes fo rname sex age height weight. TO get a normal female xray not my own, You can still see sillouhette shading on xray it displays like a shadow of my real xray and bones, Im busted up for real. I was brithed with bone deformity and mild spinal abifida to begin with, The only way to get my real xray is to tray to crinkle body in xray lie about height and weight and streighten out to injuries. RN and Technicians have a name code registry and it will not match and they will have to call in the real DR to figure out why the real Techs come in and do another xray and there I am all busted with floating and dislocated and xtra bones inside.

Since no proof for US and they refused MAyro to se emedical file He threatend to kill if my real xrays are taken so mock ones are given and He authorized rn and police to arrest or committ if I play head games and make up injuries I never had or ask for pain relief of any form I am only authorized to 600mg of over th ecounter Ibroporfin I never am able to get it, THey gave police and a bank group a copy that has mayors and other peopels authroization to orders at St MArys Dean Care Meriter and psychological groups No proof shes injured or ever was lock her up in a insane asylum, if she resists put her in prison on consecutive the drugs will kil lthe bitch, Reported Stil nothign done and everyoen still follows pattern so nobdy thinks nothing is wrong and the town is running smoothly by law, NOT EVER
yellowbelly teabagger

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#7044 Nov 20, 2013
My pet monkey Zipp wrote:
<quoted text>Did ya here about the 4 americans left to die by Hilly-n-Bo Jangles Bammer.You could write thier families a letter,Tell'em bout how appalled you are.Military pretend boy. How bout Fedel-o- bammer using the IRS to target his political rivals. Thats real integrity. Military pretend boy. Go crawl in a hole and hide.
Did you hear about the 3000 americans killed under your boys watch?
Did you hear about the 6000 men and women killed by your boy's fake reasons for war?
Use your head for something besides a hat rack.

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#7046 Nov 21, 2013
I posted a couple hours ago my medical biography.

I was bitten by a 27 foot Black Vipor/rattle snake combo; in the left chest, teeth 4 1/2 inches long or more. In Middleton Wisconsin back in 1976 I won 3rd place in Special Olymics in MAdison Wisc that year in walkign division WIth a undetectable pulse.

I was bitten same night, by it's infant a 3 1/2 4 foot long sanke in the leg Black rattle snake that mated? I supposedly go tto name the hybrid species, but no certificates or awards just my signature and men cashed in and ran lobo at mob scenes laughing at the half dead kid.

At Walt Disney Land The tooltime Oldest set son, Brad? He sucked out the poisen at the hotel room when the remainder relapsed, he had to back away when it came out in a spurt. He then went zombie ballistic and was taken to a hospital after the bombing incident, the Dr form Madison Wisc held by guns to assist find a cure, had all my medical bio and they had to take the codes to make a cure for the eldest Tooltime set son. They were going to transfer him to New York or someplace where they have kinds like him. Zombie studios? I dated the Salamander Prince as a child.

The nests were found in the lot with the zombies, But the cure (serum ) made off my Tests and blood and the snakes itself, THAT DAY since Louisiana did not have a serum nor did they think USA did at all. They made extra to ship the serum to other nations of similar attacks and Rapid aging and zombie symtoms. You reignite when serum is on your skin.

I was introduced at disney to the girl from x men, I showed her my scales and where they were, and that it was not somehting I would have done without the cure, Serum on the skin. I was birthed human and will remain regardless of side effects. The Hybrid snake was enormous and the bite was leathal, I also had a rare hybird poisenous spider, birthed under scale; caused a lesion and eating the inside of the snake.

That bite was another episode of dead. Together I aged so fast as it was eating fat tissues first and went to skeleton thin, they had to pump fluids in me and other things, but the serum in and on the skin made the tissues fuller appearing more. So nobody shut down or could shut down life support. Zombies and skeletons can come back to life, molecules form atmosphere must be recalled to organ formations.

They flew the serum out of nation in several countries bid, They had some Amercian and other nations whites effected as well by something of a snake bite. They had to land the plane it went off course it stopped in fields and crash landed some serum spurted purposefully in eco-system. But had to do the eco-layers to fly so it did not alter or age the serum at all High flights, to low land crashing threw buildings, but they needed a serum purity and fresh, then my favorite foods, and daily meals, what I drink and activities. to keep cells rejuvinating.

Bigger snakes, like a anaconda rattelsnake black combo found in nests under hosptials and us, decomposed bones form ages and slight acid content from venum, your kids and missing fbi and doctors. Went in OLD body bags skeletons for schools and others, never knew they were less then 2 hour death, they appeared ancient.

FOund bodies in the skeleton of snakes of humans and giant rats, with microchips.

The tunnels under st marys hosptial to the old baby ward morg drop chute, prior to rennovations led in all directions, bodies of people snakes, animals found everywhere. I found over 250 the men found over 2500 in a full day count under both meriter and st marys and regent areas leading to the zoo and under campus downtown

The grasshopper hybrid boy that peed on my vipor bite on my chest died and went to spirit realm battle I think feds videod

Snake nests of hybrid brought to hosptial all day long with dead body BONE remains, dna linking to current deaths that year and many missing drs. Runnign inconspicuous under turnnels or led, Microchips show differnt

Madison, WI

#7047 Nov 21, 2013
I put on 2 posts and they deleted it or it did not boot I DONT KNOW

Ill write it again tomorrow if it does nto show up.

Viper, rattlesnake storys and the bodies under the city found in 27 plus feet hybrid black rattlesnakes and Balck vipor rattlesnake hybrid and a Python/vipor combo hybird St MArys HOspital MERITER tunnels under regent and campus areas leadin gto capitol and zoo

Serum cure made off my dna by gunpoint.

I was bitten 2 times as a child

Men took my signature and embessled awards finds my medical and housing prize and merit awards and civilian samaritan awards win.

I was left qwith $0 and only what my grandparents could afford to borrow me form time and again. I was forced labor as Mayor indicates until UW gets Medical biogrpahies on me He authorized to insitutionalise me instead of house and medic

Madison, WI

#7048 Nov 21, 2013
Last year I found a 16 plus foot gardner sanke(grass snake)

I was out of mind in 7 year relapse side effects. I forgot HYBRIDs of poisenous snakes no cure here, is found all overBridges
Zipp slapper

New Lisbon, WI

#7049 Nov 21, 2013
yellowbelly teabagger wrote:
<quoted text>
Did you hear about the 3000 americans killed under your boys watch?
Did you hear about the 6000 men and women killed by your boy's fake reasons for war?
Use your head for something besides a hat rack.
I'm sorry I had to bitch slap you to your knees last night,on Bracket Ave. You remember how you liked licking my boots clean? Remember that water falling on your head???? Well that was'nt rain,,,"Chin Nuts".Now crawl away Military Pretend Boy.

Madison, WI

#7051 Nov 22, 2013
So in 1976 on the day I won 3rd place in walking division of Special Olympics, or maybe it was 1977. Dane county Fair was going, and The Men in black had been arrested, I was there, and involved, I wa smade by machine guns carry a list of crimes, for Jimmy Haffas family, he gave up so he did nto have to face all rackets crime.

DID I READ the papers, That I had to turn in?

All I know is I had a machine gun facing me from all directions, and that it had colesium funders Olbrich Garden, some banks chief of police,
officers, Local Mayor of MAdison on that year, Senate members, state representatives, Baraboo Government names, Harley Davidson Motorcycle linking to Florida HArley Davidson Motorcycle linking to US senate and rebel FBI on the side from Florida. HArley Davidson form Claifornia and FLorida bright Idea for the remote controls to spiders, rats, bats and snakes and other, to kill Madison and srrounding area civilans and people to rob of papers, evidence, proerty and leave them dead with dealy poisenous bites, that within a 1/2 hour you could not identify remains ever.

After Dane COunty Fair workers rob the house and retrieve the speciman carrier, the local police and post master are called, ATT paid for infomration retrieval of gossip or tipster or reports to have them assasinated for being a witness. All units paid to retrieve object, art work, or paper trails and journals, Fair workers orphans or bastards could take what they could carry as payment, and then police come in to take and they will report when bills and mail are not being picked up.

The man indicated His family is not real either and had to assume life with a made up circuit and it was his moral duty to take down his families killers too.

Madison, WI

#7052 Nov 22, 2013
The sanke bites made the vipor poisenous because Hybrid Black rattle snake.

The egg nest I found I was shining a flashlight in the eggs thinking duck eggs, 2 headed snake, A duck snake combo and more, that is when the snakes attacked. In Middleton Wisc.

I pulled out the Giant Anaconda Rattlesnake from the lake by the colesuim, It had a house robbery contents, but had eggs inside it yet, it could nto get past jewelry and had a microchip attached to its spinal column and was in pain.

I beleive it was a tianese Dr that stole the medical biography on me to sell at Walt Disney California, He also had the poisen in a vile from my blood to mass produce in global gorrila war, for tranq darts, the venum eat all fat reserve, mummified, Bodies decompose to bones in less then 2 hours. So it just goes in skeleton warhouses of old case files. Middle section of spinal cavity has the real DNA of the person, missing and dead 2 days prior.

That was Wisconsin huge crime spree in 1970s is it still going on?

It was ordered prior to 1964 State Government and city administrations Under funding of that president. Haffa man turned in evidence, In 1976 if the new cops were to brian dead from parents drugging and drinking he walked you threw the names and locations of everyone, the list was huge and evidence to store houses and people and LOT and address #s and bodies and how much who paid for what. HUGE JOURNAL I was made walk to the cameras, tell the media what it was give them which page authorised to display and turn and walk the evidence3 to some bank men and they will distribute the rest. I was not arguing with several machine gun barrals so did what him and his men instructed.

For Those who pray to a man named Lucifer, OZZY OSBORNE I was the venumous child dieing that his foster father,and grandson came to rescue to keep me alive with a mock pulse for a cure to be found in the hosptial, St Marys and Meriter Hospital sistered on the discoveries. I foudn over 250 in a couple minutes out of bordeom an dnot waiting for death on a slab, and they found 2500 in 2 hours and bodies still being found all over dna matching deaths from 2 days missing persons prior. DRs, FBI, Students other acid based venum dna has to be found midspine. I was the one that claimed Lucifers RIght canine! Hit him while our mouths fused together, he was exumming the venum form the digestive system, other anomolies were trying to take some of the rest. Wierd discoveries loved my friends.

Am I still in danger, YES I have relapses that local Soglin Mayor and government refuse to treat until I can produce the medical biogrpahy that went to Government and UK an dif I can not Im to be locked up as a crazy b drugged and die in mental ward.

Why am I still in danger? Venum could not be taken from entire boy all they could do is isolate and create a film around some by spine and in fat and nucleus membrane and Layorial skull helped keep from fully entering brain. A glowing yellow micro-organism was helping and went into me threw one of the leg holes form where thy were removing bone pieces, and assisted a extra ecoto skeleton to try to divert venum into eco-system of their chosing. Loved my little worm spider firned, one is in left jaw caught in the socket. And one in pelvic area assisted birth one of my daughters. Boutny Hunters paid by Vatican form Florida demon vampire group hunting Nirvana removed a child of the yellow thing and said people say hello to what you believed to be God YOu pray to it an dnever knew what it was. Beutiful child birthed in a succabus They stole and gave to a hobgoblin in disguise to get it to Middleton Legal vatican to house for my return.

Madison, WI

#7053 Nov 22, 2013
Oh special olympics that year I was not 00

I was 000 since they did not have 007 Steve Otto and his highschool bodies ran behind me and my dad as I walked with the men

Madison, WI

#7054 Nov 22, 2013
Yes the venum and snake pee and seman is flamable. The venum will create about a 3-4 foot mush soil; bodies on it will sink.

Under the St Marys hospital in the tunnel leading towards Meriter Hospital, I met face to face with the anaconda rattle snake, She said looks to dead for me, I dont eat dead meat, that was a hell of a big snake, I regained consciousness as I was in and out and grabbed one of the mock agents guns he was about to break my neck and lost hold. All police and men begged not to fire, owner of St MArys was paid to ignite the bodies so no dna residue will ever be found in history,

I refused to fire the gun, to afraid, I did later, but I flicked a match instead, I blazed as well as th eagent assigned to kill me, he tore off the burnt clothes and I was also treated for that.

Later when I finally made it home out of recovery, I grabbed a staff and bottle of booze, went back to the location in Middleton down the street form where I live and ignited the sperm trail it was like star of david but more triangles in a circle, The snake began to rear up agents were everywhere as a second attack began, Bigger then the trees and they are over 250 feet tall. They began attacking at random and several units that reported CODE closed file all remains found.

Had to reopen files

THE "CODE" typed in makes people forget when the case goes closed, then you remember when the case is reopened.

Big embesselment scam interrogating peoples kids for awards for adults that are stale or never left their home or office desk, stole civilan tipster funds, and witness protection DAMN FELONS all over the place, crual and inhumane to indicated DNA is warrented to ciivlans in WIsconsin, You have no right to make these good people compared to yoru state PROOF who they are. KILLED all our families and assumed life in the victims homes on their victim and witnes sprotection payoffs. GOVERNMENT to busy fornicating in bunkers with their partner to do anything off the camera footage to intervene on a civilan behalf. And ran with the money indicating file closed and never returned.

The snakes are caught on SHOPKO film from last year, A hole family nest in the back by the water i n the underground man holes and tunnels. I saw the 16 foot face to face saving a toad from its mouth, I was a littl eunstable but coherant, I get relapses of venum content we have no snake victim survivor therapy or meds, I will be known as AIDS if I go in and until I train and tell them where my file is, I will have no meds for pain, Hospital Nursing associations gave the fed the paper with MAyor SOglin name on it to authorize mis medicaitons to stick in a insane aslumn and if I resist to put in prison indefinate so these good people can get some money back on their policies and the ones in prison released fully pardoned with a lawsuit for flase arrest. THANKS NURSING GROUPS ST MARYS VINCENT DEPAUL AND KELLY TEMP STAFFING for the copies. The feds copied the last page form behind on a xray machine and go tthe prior attachement and sent the full document to Washington and international courts for legal execution of Mayor SOglin for his signature of authorizations.

The snakes were to numerous to count, all we knew whiel SHOPKO was videoing event the Little stubby fat men stealing peoples victim and witness funds, indicated in [press release they do not appear dangerous and seem to have a eco- route to a direction they are goin gunder ground manholes and water source an dpeople have no right to take their life they have rights to live like you.

Venum that creates pits in soil. AH yes and you wanted to know where their food source and your california missing persons, ASk Baraboo HArley Davidson from 1976 and their generational contacts and payoffs.
just sayin

Eau Claire, WI

#7056 Nov 23, 2013
Everyone knows that the Tea Party was invented by the Koch Bros. And that Ted Cruz was basically elected by the Koch Bros.
Two men that would like to see no govt. at all so there is no regulation of business.
Lower wages , no benefits, no security,no health care. If you need something you would have to beg for it, from your corporate bosses.
With Scott Walker,a tea bagger, You women have to get his permission to use your own vaginas .
Not in my world or the world of a lot of voters out there.
So brain dead tea baggers my nut to your chins.

Madison, WI

#7057 Nov 23, 2013
Anyway, while I was young in the hosptial with the snake bites and dismembered limbs, I was documented more then a triquadrapaligic.

I got figgety in recovery as they had not put my limbs back on all the way, I did, and they kept coming off, they could not be attached proerly because of the nerve and muscle cord got stuck.

I played across the room at whatever I could play with and pretended to unscrew the vent, so many gun men in Meriter and st marys hospital that day, My yellwo micro organism friend spider worm looking thing follwoed my lead and formed hands and fingers and unscrewed it for me, I asked the Agent to get me a drink, he was dry and boring and a stranger to me. I crawled in the vent aroudn the hosptial dead bodies bones in the venting systems snakes and rats and other things, agents had to come in after me, we all were screaming.

Now as they were going off the check list indicating Ms Drews pretty much tipped off locaitons and foudn so much herself, a freakin hero that kid is indeed. I heard them talk of there next stop Baraboo, the remote controls were tracked to a signal under Harley Davidson motorcycle, leading to the babyswap and ransom list and insurence policies, you raised yours theirs they killed yours, They got bored waiting to see if some man was returning with ransom demands and played the snake and rat remotes on the infant children, scraed to death,a nd through them in the pit. They are not allowed off their properties. Kids at Fair groups and baraboo and dnr and fish and game are all implicated ont he list.

The Tianese Doctor gave them paper trails of more descreet names and funders and a panel to operate some of the species. The rats and snakes were not the only ones, the list were huge but only small groups of people would be saved from prosecutions, never knew so many people existed in the state, does all felons have jobs while victims sit in HUD and Porchlight services? I DO! No $0 for being a victim until I agree to marry a man NOT MY FAMILY in Governor and Congressional bank funding, Or a Senate assignee, if I do not comply with the list the men that obsturcted me at VILAS Park ZOO Area indicated I will never see my land, Money, awards, nothign MAyor Soglin and Tammy Baldwin have it trasnferred to green mailbox router. All mail form my accidents money cards I recieved $0 form DIsney land, no reunion invites, no follow ups, no witness protection all the money and home assignement was stolen by the people at the airport and felon families live there now in the 4 assignments. Took off with the cash and shot the fbi agent. Civilans opened fire on CIA FBI and Military, still the same people at the airport that day walkign proud in the street home owners jobs everything while I have $0 they use a crazy bid and family assignment to allocate funds, 2003 PARK BANK on Park Street AND ZIPCODE ORDIENCE men helped out it is being done if FBI did not come the FED and IRS will assist bank men in conference go to homes themself with their security staff and just pay them extra for their assistence papers were signed again nothign done.

Madison, WI

#7058 Nov 23, 2013
Their is a authorization signature section on a hit crime and to blocked financial and medical cares, MAYOR SOGLIN AND BALDWIN SIGNED That was the paper that was misisng out MY files, you could see the top lettering but nothing underneath, dad taught me pre 7 about how militayr and government xray evidence and track copies by serial numbers on print of paper that people can not see and found the xray of signatures an dwhich printer it was off of and took out the chip and ran panels....

Still no arrest and all evidence gained lawfully with my signature as victim to prosecute on my behalf.
The King of Zipp

New Lisbon, WI

#7059 Nov 24, 2013
just sayin wrote:
Everyone knows that the Tea Party was invented by the Koch Bros. And that Ted Cruz was basically elected by the Koch Bros.
Two men that would like to see no govt. at all so there is no regulation of business.
Lower wages , no benefits, no security,no health care. If you need something you would have to beg for it, from your corporate bosses.
With Scott Walker,a tea bagger, You women have to get his permission to use your own vaginas .
Not in my world or the world of a lot of voters out there.
So brain dead tea baggers my nut to your chins.
Would we have to have a special goverment issued card to drink a 16oz. soft drink? We don't need any business in Wi. Just work for the Goverment. Pay for everything with China debt money,,,,Horray!!!!! Hey did ya here??? 4 left to die in Bengahzi by a loyal true blue Bo Jangles. Four pleading for help for hours. Help we need help now!!!!!!! I wish my nieghbors dog would stop democrapping in my yard.
doylestown idiots

Eau Claire, WI

#7061 Nov 24, 2013
The King of Normal thinking wrote:
<quoted text>Would we have to have a special goverment issued card to to talk like a Tea Bagger? We don't need any business in Wi. We have Scott Walker. Pay for everything with China debt money,,,,Horray!!!!! Hey did ya here??? Scott Walker left 70,000People pleading for help with health insurance and has no plan for any. Help we need help now!!!!!!! I wish my nieghbors dog would stop Teacrapping in my yard.
See we can all be a little childlike and change a posting.

Madison, WI

#7062 Nov 25, 2013
So upon the day at the airport when FBI SNAKE and SPIDER task forces came through, they formed several cheerleading stances and danced with shield thats formed the species plague the City, a Lazor beam shot out of the sky when cordinates and formation were taking to blaze a smokey yellow snake and spider to battle the giant remote operated snakes and bait out the spider to a general location, by making them unite and take a larger form and walk to the giant yellow spider for the FBI to contain

CIA was working on same case but in another angle I was to be secured as they got a raido transmit of Wajina alien communicating and broadcasting over sattelitte soundwaves from the airport location.

As the big shoot out arose, FBI agent was removing me with a brief case of money and keys to a home, all US SUPREME COURT papers were there for me to see it was legitamate, all agents defected and left me in the families custodies that they were swore to apprehend and the rest of the list was a line up to shoot to kill. Their crimes date back throughout history, kidnapping and beating children to brainwash to go in for their crimes.

CIA asked for help and I was kidnapped from them by the last man in black suit standing. We went through the gate, by the airport and ran the tracks and field, shooting was going on everywhere.

Trees were hollow and dinamyte was in them, live mines were all over the wooded back area by the tracks, not hollow trees, Fake hollow trees, you unscrew it like a jar and the top of the nub comes off. Looks real. Little people hand size, to dwarf sizes but not like dwarfs Mr T, Dick Van Dyke. Maybe look alikes? other humans and things in old military bunker holes. all had swords weapons of destruction, Jewels, jewery, money of all nations historical kinds swords daggers. Celesium and kidnapping heists. I was led to several homes, underground, and to the weapons drops. Then we back tracked after MR T and the hobbit or gnome hill had done a psychic reading on me. I left body to war my children enemies, Venum was to volumous and the heat to brun form inside out I was not taking chances, Mr T indicated your birthing, and realized Whatever happened that day, the little half dead girl was going to live indeed.

With missles launching guns, blazing and Mines going off, we were going to make our way back to the hospital, my kidnapper and me, I was stopped by FBI and CIA the gorund began to shake and other lazer blasts went off, the Military space station under the trailor court was calling, Their was a couple rocks with symbols on it, and I was psychically being led to push rocks in sequance, CIA held off FBI so they can get inside. The space station opened like a space ship Under the trailor court, everyone ontop screamed and the military was evacuating trailors. A Alien appeared, I was lifted in the sky, he was spinning me and tipping me for the venom not to surface to the brian or heart. I was taking inside, By gunpoint by military and cia, It was bright white and misty so hard to see, I had to plug in the chamber, and find the persons responsible for the yellow fluid they put in frozen cyrogenics chamebnr, they were real US MILITARY men, and looked like alien.

They were not going to let me out and I freaked and grabbed the dynamite, The base opens every 36 years for judgement day to play all gods scenerios if court had not, It will open 3 years late. They will create a mock equinox to be authentic.

I then left with my kidnapper as it was safer then the payoff accidental shooting of the kid off orders, paid by State infront of me and Me and my kidnapper ran the track run, We wound up under th ebridge where the circus kids and orphans and other kidnappees wait for the train to pick up.

Helocopters came and started shooting at the kids, train back up but militayr came out and was shooting and arresting. One boy walked with me and my kidnapper the opposite direction, I was burning up

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