Jim Bourke RC Groups Slander Bullying

Fort Worth, TX

#22 Jul 18, 2012
Well its been a while and I see the truth has been spread about rc groups. I never knew others where posting here.

I posted on how the mods need counseling and never got a warning. I got an instant ban each time.

I realized today- Dont cast your pearls to swine. You cant help those at rcg.

Hope to use other sites soon.

Thanks to all for posting here.

Sherwood, OR

#23 Jul 18, 2012
The critical comments here are 99% spot on true. RC-Groups has become a lair for frustrated 'little people' with power issues and too much time. It used to be a good source for information about RC planes..

Now it is spam central for cheap imported anything..
served to you by aggressive politically insecure phoneys.

yuk.. avoid the place.

Fredericksburg, VA

#24 Jul 18, 2012
Jim Bourke saved my life with RCGroups.
He is an Angel.
Bite your tounge sir.
Dude a website about toy airplanes saved your life? Man your life must really be flimsy.

Fredericksburg, VA

#25 Jul 18, 2012
I find it very telling that you can find discontent all over the internet about RC Groups, the owner, and the moderators who are not even RC modelers or flyers. The situation on that site has not gotten any better and now they immediately ban anyone who complains about their number one sponsor without question or recourse. I think everyone understands the need to make a profit but not at the expense of the site members who, ultimately are potential customers of said sponsor. By bullying and showing favoritism to a select few they are actually hurting their sponsor who by the way is getting a really bad name in RC circles for selling stuff that doesn't work, no warranty, and absolutely no customer service or good will towards their customers.

I don't go there and I would encourage other hobbyists not to go there. RC Universe is an older and much better site where the real modelers and flyers hang out. I highly recommend them. You can also go to RCTruth.com and get the truth about RCG in a user friendly atmosphere.

Arlington, TX

#26 Aug 11, 2012
Rc groups site is down again. I wonder if something big will happen to them and it will all be over suddenly.
Keith White

Grand Prairie, TX

#27 Nov 13, 2012
Come to RC TRuth- we are discussing Rc Groups there daily.

Lehigh Acres, FL

#28 Nov 28, 2012
The problem with RCGroups is there is no active moderation. Users that troll the forums start arguements and when others get defensive, the trolls report the posts to the uninvolved "moderators". The site has become a cesspool due to the lack of active moderation, the trolls have their childish fun at the expense of the actual hobbiests. Some of these trolls never discuss anything hobby related, but they certainly have something to say about everyone and everthing. They pick apart everyone else's viewpoints and badger those who don't agree with their views, if there is any drama you count on the trolls being there. The saddest part is that the trolls never get the boot, the actual hobby related people who get annoyed with the trolls' attacks end up getting the warnings and the subsequent bans, while the trolls get their entertainment at everyone else's expense. Trolls who get their jollies by annoying others need to get the boot before the site can be considered family friendly. Trolls like wrightme, KCV6, rcalldaylong and porcia83 never shut up, they are the scourge of the RC interweb.

Surprise, AZ

#29 Nov 28, 2012
Are you people for real??? Seriously. Who can get so worked up over toy airplanes?

Lehigh Acres, FL

#30 Nov 28, 2012
clouds wrote:
Are you people for real??? Seriously. Who can get so worked up over toy airplanes?
You just made a typical trolling response. People are getting worked up over trolls, lack of moderation and cyber bullies, not over "toy" airplanes.

Surprise, AZ

#31 Nov 28, 2012
Hoverking wrote:
<quoted text>
You just made a typical trolling response. People are getting worked up over trolls, lack of moderation and cyber bullies, not over "toy" airplanes.
Yeah' it's real bad what these trolls do on toy airplane forums.

Lehigh Acres, FL

#32 Nov 29, 2012
clouds wrote:
M<quoted text>
Yeah' it's real bad what these trolls do on toy airplane forums.
Staying on task is not that hard clod. It's about people spoiling discussion forums and your pontification adds credibility to the problem of internet trolls.

Internet troll Michael Brutsch, aka notoriously controversial Reddit user Violentacrez, was worried about his job when Gawker revealed his true identity—and for good reason, it turns out. He got fired from his job as a result. Trolling is a problem online, some people hide behind a computer screen and act in ways that they could not do in person. Another woman, distraut over how an internet troll was ruining an online tribute to Amanda Todd, a 15 year old who took her own life, used social media to track him down, and found out he worked at retail store Mr. Big and Tall, in Toronto. Representatives of Grafton-Fraser Inc., the company that operates Mr. Big and Tall, took immediate action to dismiss the man. Trolls need to take note, their behavious have consequences and you cannot hide forever. At some point, trolls slip up and will suffer the consequences for acting like children.

Ballwin, MO

#33 Apr 11, 2013
Rctruth is owned and ran by easytiger

Wethersfield, CT

#34 May 13, 2013
Keith White wrote:
Come to RC TRuth- we are discussing Rc Groups there daily.
How sad for U. U are kicked out of one site but keep going back. Then U go to another site everyday to talk about the other site. Where you ever rejected by a woman? Dropped on your head as a child? Cuz you are funny pal. Good stuff!

United States

#35 May 14, 2013
Not to be a troll or a bully or whatever...but this is hysterical. The left wing is attacking remote control plane enthusiasts from all angles? Only then did we find out his true identity? Notoriously controversial? This should be a movie
had enough

Orleans, MA

#36 May 22, 2013
Burke's site appears to be a haven for misfits, miscreants, and mental defectives. I've never met him but I'm guessing he fits in with that crowd as his website appears to condone and encourage that kind of behavior. Not a very useful website overall. Very low participation numbers (small hobby anyway) and what little posting occurs is mostly advertising spam and self congratulatory BS.

Lansing, MI

#37 May 23, 2013
Some of you morons are as clueless as they come.

Orleans, MA

#38 May 23, 2013
The comments by Chief Aircraft's many aliases and shills on an RCGroup site are retarded. It's as if they have a monopoly on stupid. I go there occasionally now for entertainment. I honestly didn't think people existed that were that ignorant. At first I thought it was all an act. When it began to dawn on me that they were serious, it was a bit scary.

Douglasville, GA

#39 May 23, 2013
Had_enough, I assure you that what you are experiencing there are a handful of fiercely loyal CA customers.
They're not multiple accounts of CA by any stretch, and are fairly regular folks until you mess with Chief.
It's the oddest thing. There's a group like that following most of the big suppliers out there, that are not paid shills in any way, but just happy customers and supporters. They can spur sort of a mob mentality though, with all of them defending even the most terrible customer service and/or product defect until the bitter end.
However, you're painting a userbase of thousands of members and guests of those sites with a very broad brush over getting your feelings hurt by a relatively small number of sheeple.
(Like most of the other complainers here)
The vast majority of members and visitors to those sites don't engage in this behavior at all. Most of them don't even post, but use the sites as reference material, unless they can't find the answer they need.
I have similar complaints as you do with appropriate stock status reporting, or lack thereof, at a few suppliers' sites, and they simply don't get my money any more.
Same goes for those that don't feel the need to answer their phone or email for weeks on end.
I just switch vendors.
I'm posting just on the off-chance that you're not just trolling, in general.
Looking more carefully at the practically comical nature of all of your posts though... and the irony of some of the namecalling you've used... I figure if you're trolling that it was good enough that you deserved one more response ;)
Have a happier life.

Orleans, MA

#40 May 24, 2013
To Seriously,
You're just another BS artist apologist for a badly run shill website whose sole purpose for existence is to line the operator's pockets and sustain a cadre of core advertisers that keep the cash flowing. Anyone who posts a legitimate grievance gets slammed with the full cooperation and assistance of the site operator - in this case James Burke. So why not take your BS back to FlyingGiants where it belongs. You aren't fooling anyone here. The site is anything but friendly and is in no way as informative for hobbiests as it purports to be. It's just one big commercial scam operation.

Orleans, MA

#41 May 24, 2013

RCGroups and in particular the scumbags on Flying Giants should be looked over by the FBI internet crimes division.

I've had a Google account for many years (well over a decade). I've never had a problem with it until I was recently bullied by Flying Giants member creeps who were loyal to Chief Aircraft over complaints about Chief Aircraft. Either the bastards at Chief Aircraft or RCGroups gave some of these rejects my name and email address. Now I have email address confirmations arriving in my email inbox to confirm new email accounts that will be linked to my old original email account and my name - complete with insulting notes attached. These 40 year old children have been reported to the FBI internet crimes division. Hopefully it will lead to a prosecution of these fucktards.

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