Are they nuts wrote:
This guy cost Blanchard lots of money in law suits. Hope Piedmont has the money to pay.
Sounds like Jon Owens was the guy who cost the city of Blanchard a lot of money and trust. What is evident by his short stint in office was that Jon Owens took the councilman seat to fulfill an agenda. His schema was to get a City manager replaced and sequentially the Chief of Police fired because he himself was being fired by said players? I don't know what he campaigned on, but if he told the people of Blanchard anything just to get elected so he could carry out this plan, then this shows the disturbance of his character and that he would tell anyone, anything and shouldn't be trusted. But if he campaigned on this plan and Blanchard knew his agenda, then it shows the character of its citizens. I haven't been able to find what Jon Owens was being fired for in the first place? I believe that the answer would shed light on this mans character, which I believe is worse than just having a "Napoleon" Complex. Speaking of high in moral fiber, I read that the ex-CoP Tom Linn had a distinguished career with over twenty some-odd years as an FBI agent and then a short stent with the OSBI. I would think this mans resume as a federal agent shows Linn's constitution wasn't anything other than dignified and honorable. If it had been, he wouldn't have had as long of a career as he did.