Fat cat turns out to be boy, foreclos...

Fat cat turns out to be boy, foreclosure victim

There are 60 comments on the Newsday story from Jul 31, 2008, titled Fat cat turns out to be boy, foreclosure victim. In it, Newsday reports that:

Turns out, the economy is the reason a 44-pound cat found lumbering the streets of New Jersey became homeless.

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Damn Cat

Miami, FL

#48 Jul 31, 2008
Cat Abuse wrote:
This woman should be brought up on charges...I don't know what the laws are, in her state, but in Florida animal abondonment is a CRIME. I hope PETA gets her prosecuted. Not only did she not take care of this poor animal, fed him until he was so fat he couldn't walk, and/or did not get him proper medical attention to control the thyroid or whatever is going on.....then, when she loses her house, she just opens the door and dumps the cat ON THE STREET????? To fend for himself? How about taking this poor creature to the animal shelter! What a cruel loser! I hope she never gets another house!
Give it a break! This animal has lived a very charmed life. Three times the normal weight it should be, it has NEVER missed a meal.
Obviously, no one in the neighborhood wanted to try to satisfy such a huge animal. Fat cats are just not in demand.
The previous owners should be found and charged with animal abuse, not for abandonment, but overfeeding and causing heart conditions, fatty liver, high triglycerides and out of control chlosterol.
Lipitor, anyone?


#49 Jul 31, 2008
why isn't this lady charged with abuse. number one for over feeding the poor animal and number two abandoning it. If the cat is declawed it has no defense in the outdoors. drop the cat at a shelter all you foreclosure victims, not just in any random street.

Miami, FL

#50 Jul 31, 2008
"Foreclosed Cat"? Surely we can get him refinanced or something.


#51 Jul 31, 2008
That fat basssstard ate them out of house and home???

Covington, LA

#52 Jul 31, 2008
So why hasn't any one acknowledged the realization: an elderly woman has just lost her home. Every one seems so focused on making bad jokes and judgement calls here and yet no one has shown compassion for an elderly woman who now has no place to call home.

I suppose that is okay as long as a cat does though. It never amuses me as to just how warped society is or some people's lack of good values really are in this world. What a shame that no one has pulled together in the community to help this woman stay in her home and keep her 10 year old companion.


#53 Jul 31, 2008
nice going..dump the cat...don't bother to find it a home, or take it to a shelter...just dump it...

what goes around, comes around.

Norwalk, CT

#55 Jul 31, 2008
Always be careful about what you stuff into a...., eh, never mind.
Richkard Simmonns

United States

#56 Jul 31, 2008
Powder - Maybe they should call it MOAB - That is one fat cat

Deerfield Beach, FL

#57 Jul 31, 2008
I LOVE THIS CAT. Thankfully, he was found and brought to the shelter. Now the cat will be a celebrity and mascot for the Animal Shelter.This cat should be on television commercials.
Jenna Bush

Corona, NY

#58 Jul 31, 2008
TomIslander wrote:
I wonder how long it will take the first nut job to blame Bush for this...
Well my Dad is partly to blame and those Chinese are probably foaming at their mouths when they see this feline delicacy. But I do think it's good that this kitty might get some people to adopt and save a few kitty lives or maybe some dogs too.

Copiague, NY

#59 Jul 31, 2008
ALL of YOU are SO..... STUPID !!!! DO you know that the life of a cat given to a shelter is MAYBE 7 days .... YES seven days.... so any animal has a better chance on the street than it has in a shelter ...... cats have a survival instinct that kicks in.... once its owner no longer has the means of providing for it...... is it FAIR NO... not in anyway shape or form..... but have ANY of you asked.... where the WOMAN is living ??????? this country does not take care of its own.... to damn busy worried about other countries while the rest of us SUFFER ,....... the woman.... probably voted a good portion of her life...... and is now thrown out tot he street by the politicians she voted for...... SHE came forth,,,, and told ... her story.... give her some credit...... and DAMN.... the lack of support the animal shelters recieve..... cause if there was MORE support... the woman would have given her cat to a shelter.... that would have taken care of her best fiend...... WAKE up people....... FIND OUT ALLL your facts before you condemn someone who had NO,,,,, other choice.......... HOW many people did she ask to take her best friend in.... before she even asked for a place to live herself ?????????

YES...... THINK ABOUT IT !!!!!!!!!!


#60 Jul 31, 2008
mr stretch wrote:
If someone were beating that cat, it would be considered animal abuse, and rightly so! Feeding a cat until it's over 40 lbs is animal abuse too! I'd like to see how that poor thing walks or uses the litter box (how'd you like to clean up after THAT CAT takes a dump?!).
The owner should be picketed by PETA
I don't know if this woman over fed her cat but some cats are just plain fat. I have two cats, one is a big fat tub and the other is on the thin side. They are fed equally and do not eat a lot. My fat cat had 2 litters of kittens when she was younger and I still keep in touch with some of the people who got her kittens. Her kittens grew up to be big fat cats too and they are not over fed either. This is not to say most fat cats are over fed but some just are naturally fat.

Copiague, NY

#61 Jul 31, 2008
Again.... just reading all of your input.... literally blows me out of the water..........
do you really have a clue.....?????

You sit there behind your screen and pass judgement ?????

WHY ???? cause you have nothing else better to do.... or are you so ALL ... high and mighty... that you have never had to make a choice..... WHAT do I do..... HOW shall I handle this.......... YES I will MAKE you think.... HOW many OF you have had an obortion....( SORRRY kid... not ready for you,,,, can't afford you... given the child up..... put it in a home.... hoping it will be adopted..... THANKFULLY children are NOT killed.... animals are..... even though a LOT of us consider them our children...... do you really know how many animals are killed in a year at a shelter....or sold off to science ???? especially around kitten season.... cause just like kids.... everyone wants a baby/kitten,,,,,

JUST stop and think before you pass judgement......

I am sure you would like the same.......... once it is your time....

to have YOUR JUDGEMENT PASSED ??????????

Venus, FL

#62 Aug 1, 2008
While we should have compassion for the cat's owner, there is no excuse for abandonment. She should have been able to take the cat to the shelter or find it a home somewhere. Putting a ten-year old house cat out on the streets is cruel and inhumane. I too have a "fat cat" who does not eat more than his share. He shares a food bowl with four others, and they are normal size. He is just who he is and is loved for who he is, no matter his size. Stop being so judgemental - he may not have been overfed, and even if he was, SO WHAT? He had a good life, and the owner had no right to throw him out like so much garbage, no matter her circumstances. When I lost my home several years ago, I lived in one room with 4 cats because I would not and could not abandon them. You do whatever it takes to take care of your furry children. You have a lifelong committment to them, just as if they were human - after all, they are God's creatures just like we are, and they ask for nothing and are grateful for what we can provide.
Tim Wilton Manors

West Palm Beach, FL

#63 Aug 1, 2008
The owner whom left "powder" to die, because of failure to pay her morgtage, should NOT get Powder back!!! Said owner is a PIG, and should be arrested for leaving her animal behind..

United States

#64 Aug 1, 2008
kit wrote:
How awful to abandon the animal. She should have brought him to a shelter rather than have him fend for himself on the streets.
I know, right? I just don't understand people sometimes. You can put them up for adoption yourself or drop them off at the Humane Society. There is just no need to leave a pet to fend for themselves.

I also can't understand how after being with a pet for 10 years you could just leave him like that, foreclosure or not?
An idea


#65 Aug 1, 2008
They do have no kill shelters....in florida....Pet Smart lets the shelters put the cats in their stores....last week in was looking at the cats...one was 16 years old....owner gave it up...did not want to pay any medical bills....but the cat was not sick...owners said it may get sick...who knows.....but here lots of no kill shelters....

Powder is beautiful....he will get a home...cnn said 100 people called for him....
ronald yates

Skokie, IL

#66 Aug 1, 2008
Geezer wrote:
One less speculator to bail out.
Bring your pet to a shelter and they will kill it.
She is old and broke - send her money - we al should care more about her and not that cat
An American


#67 Aug 1, 2008
How about we care about both....the woman and powder....
Damn Cat

Miami, FL

#68 Aug 1, 2008
CatLady wrote:
Putting a ten-year old house cat out on the streets is cruel and inhumane. I too have a "fat cat" who does not eat more than his share. You do whatever it takes to take care of your furry children. You have a lifelong committment to them, just as if they were human -
Does anyone REALLY know how old this cat is? Anything that overweight - Cats, dogs, and especially humans- always look older with all that excess weight on their bodies!
And as far as relating to these animals in the same way as humans...well, lets' just say that anyone who takes that position should take classes in human relations to others in a kind, loving fashion IMMEDIATELY!

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