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Complaints about Blackstone VA

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Max Meadows, VA

#1 Sep 2, 2008
I am starting a complaint forum for things I see in Blackstone and all of Nottoway County that need to be fixed! Please feel free to add to the list!

1. Goodwill store charges high prices for allot of their items. They need to be lowered to fit the Goodwill image of helping out the lower income families.
2. Cops have nothing else to do in this town but write speeding tickets, because they sure are not solving to many crimes!
3. Food Lion needs more cashiers on the line! Every time I am in there the line is huge with two cashiers on and everyone getting ill about having to wait forever!!
4. The only Mexican restaurant in town although good food, takes forever to get it! Work instead of just sitting around chatting it up!
5. Blackstone newspaper should basically be called a Republican platform and What church do you attend? Where is the real writing not to mention the good writing?
6. Blackstone Elem. needs a new principal. Instead of one that has no sense and talks terrible about her students behind their backs (you shouldn't hang out with Johnny he will get you into trouble)I have witnessed this and other things myself!
7. To come! Keep posted and share with others!
not available

United States

#2 Sep 28, 2008
8. we need more bussinesses in blackstone area bc there is not enough jobs here.

Charlottesville, VA

#3 Oct 1, 2008
9. McDonald's here in Blackstone gives less fries every time I go there. There large fry is as small as a medium, so just order the medium!
10. The only park (small, small small) in town has had trees cut down and they are have been sitting in the park for months now...clean it up!!!
11. The second hand store in town, the one with all the darn signs in the windows. First off take all of those signs down. Makes store look like it's in trouble of going out of business! And if you are it is because your prices are to HIGH!
12. Chinese place in town keeps getting worse! Start making better food!
Done for now! Please feel free to add any more complaints!

Altavista, VA

#4 Oct 13, 2008
What about Walmart? The guy who takes the carts in knocked over my husband in a wheelchair. He had the nerve to say that my husband should have gotten out of the way.

Altavista, VA

#5 Oct 20, 2008
I opt for two on here.
What happened

Charlottesville, VA

#6 Oct 25, 2008
Susie Karpenski is dead, too many stories going around, cannot wait for the paper to tell only part of the true story. Does anyone know what happened?

Altavista, VA

#7 Oct 26, 2008
The only thing that I heard was on the scanner about someone that was shot in the head. Do not know who.

Charlottesville, VA

#8 Oct 29, 2008
13. Was the Wal-mart story from Oops..pissed me off...i mean really knock a guy over in a wheel chair?
14. Wal-mart employees are rude..not all but allot of them! Most of the teens that work there I've seen and also #13 has seen have no respect for people!!
15. Gas is higher here in Blackstone then in Richmond..What the?
16. Not a huge selection of different types of food at the grocery store.

Altavista, VA

#9 Oct 29, 2008
It disturbs me that a person with a disability has to put up with this sort of thing. But it happens and Walmart should not have to put up with employees like that one. I wonder why it is high too in Blackstone, one man told me he got gas for 1.28 a gallon in Powahatan.
Concerned Citizen

Spring Grove, VA

#10 Jan 9, 2009
Ben Green and Francis Gilmore are killing the Town

I just wanted to comment on the Town meeting this past Wednesday. Ben Green is an idiot!! It is obvious that he has no idea what he is doing and no clue what it takes to run a town. Mr. Green google the word "backdate" try an memorize the definition and maybe next meeting you wont accidentally accuse the Town Manager of falsifying a document. Maybe you just like going around town making up stuff and being Francis Gilmore's puppet, who knows. This is what citizens get when they elect uneducated people to town council. Mr. Gilmore apparently wants Larry Palmore's job and is going to great lengths to try and make Larry and the town look bad. Mr. Gilmore is very close with COL Wilkinson at Ft. Pickett who supports the move of the National Guard headquarters from Ft. Pickett to Sandston. This will move 260 local jobs to Sandston by 2014. We need people who will fight for Blackstone not cost the citizens their jobs. Mr. Gillmore you could not fill Larry Palmore's shoes if you had 5 of your buddies working with you. Ben Green is on the Gilmore bandwagon and is sure to ride it into political hell. We need people who can think for themselves on the town council.
Ron Staylor

Mathews, VA

#11 Jan 12, 2009
I heard Ben Green was not very bright when it comes to town matters.
Jim Jones

Mathews, VA

#12 Jan 15, 2009
Ben Green wants to run for the Board of Supervisors and have his wife Field take over his seat on the town council! What a Joke... "hey honey lets not only screw the citizens of Blackstone, we will run the whole county in the ground!"

Keep digging Ben soon the citizens of Blackstone will just cover you up.

Charlottesville, VA

#13 Feb 17, 2009
17. Pizza Hut here in town has gone down hill. Their pizza is gross! Get a clue, make your pizza's better and stop burning them!

18. Subway are you ever opened? You close way early sometimes, when your signs say the hours and you are not opened. And if you walk in 30 min before you close, the employees are rude because they are trying to close early!!

19. On a happy note Hardee's Employees in Blackstone, are the best I see at any fast food place here in town! Pat on the back to you all!

Rocky Mount, VA

#14 Feb 18, 2009
How about more parking for the handicap downtown? I agree that the Mexican restaurant has good food perhaps a few more workers could speed up the food. I would like to see the town council settle down and take care of business. Everyone should be working together.

Charlottesville, VA

#15 Feb 27, 2009
How about the latest in Blackstone about the DMV worker?

Why does the Mexican Rest. not serve liquior anymore? They say it's because of paperwork....really?


#16 Mar 12, 2009
Don't like Blackstone? Try moving to Crewe and paying 600 a month rent + 300 water deposit for water you can't even drink. All this in a town where there is NO grocery store OR department stores. Only 2 family restaurants to choose from and one of those you better stay away from on a friday or saturday night unless you like a night at the fights. The damn cops can't even control the hoodlums running the streets or the drug dealers and drunks hanging behind the stores.

If you don't like where you live, do what I did and MOVE.
Blackstone Girl

United States

#17 Mar 13, 2009
Ron Staylor wrote:
I heard Ben Green was not very bright when it comes to town matters.
If 260 jobs are moved to Sandston, the locals will just have to commute if they want to keep their jobs. That's what the folks up in the Richmond area have been doing to keep their jobs with the Department of Military Affairs. It certainly is not an ideal situation, but it is doable. They can carpool. Lots of area people have been doing it for years to Ft. Lee, Richmond, etc. because there are so few decent paying jobs in Nottoway County. It will be a travesty if the DMA is moved to Sandston but it doesn't mean that the folks at Pickett will lose their jobs, it will just be far less convenient.
Nottoway Now

Charlottesville, VA

#18 Mar 14, 2009
The Bstone paper leans to the right on its opinion page, no doubt (no one's perfec), but it rocks when it comes to letting us know what the heck's going on in Mayberry and beyond...Oh...I kinda thought it was funny that supposedly there was a tiff between the Mayor and Town Manager over the Mayor wanting to call state police over the DMV worker embezzlement case. It supposedly got ugly....Mayor went ahead and called State Police anyway. Well done! Public funds deserve public trust. Why would ANYONE object to State Police overseeing an investigation into missing publicy money? Hmmm.
Oh, and the DMA move is a long way from being a done deal....Ask the General about the dog eating his state-owned blackberry and the money he charged to taxpayers for fixin' up his Pendleton cottage...
Angela Raines

Luray, VA

#19 Mar 14, 2009
LEANS to the right? Hello?!
But yeah, we can at least follow what's happening, in spite of the Rush Limbaugh OPINION page...Oh, and get rid of the tennis write-ups in the freakin' personals!

Crewe, VA

#20 Mar 14, 2009
Well some of you could join a team on Relay For Life and help the American Cancer Society raise money. You never know when you might have cancer.

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