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Police Search For Twins, Violence Continues - wtvr

There are 53 comments on the WTVR story from Nov 9, 2009, titled Police Search For Twins, Violence Continues - wtvr. In it, WTVR reports that:

You can describe Blackstone as the Mayberry of Virginia. A quiet little town that is now seeing some bit city crime.

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#42 Nov 11, 2009
Why didn't WTVR NEWS 6 show any coverage much of the twins on the news tonight? Not everyone has computers to view news videos to keep up with their community. How are the people of Blackstone to feel safe if their not sure these beasts are off the street or out on bond or was the truth of the story stretched a little? Is the Town Of Blackstone too busy racking up on a little publicity to make sure residents are informed? Oh, I know, they want everybody to run out and buy the Blackstone Courier Record and read about it!!!
just cuz

Stanardsville, VA

#43 Nov 12, 2009
[Everybody that was on tv cheering them on are just a bunch of their cheerleaders. That's why they've been doing so much and terrorizing so many people around here, but they messed up this time cause their dumb ass beat that guy in front of people that are not scared of their a** and are tired of their mess. Police need to keep them right where they at PIEDMONT.
just cuz

Stanardsville, VA

#44 Nov 12, 2009
sonny p wrote:
I think its not right for them to go after them tow brothers like that the man said if the police can't do anything about someone will that is a thrate they are not dangerous it's two side to a story hear them out please thank you.
You say it's not right to go atfer them boys when they deserve everything thats coming to them. If you weren't around to see what was done to the guy that was beat don't even speak on no two sides to every story cause whatever you heard from them or their family is a big a** lie. Try askin gthe people that was there when it happened.
just cuz

Stanardsville, VA

#45 Nov 12, 2009
richmond22 wrote:
dem dudes crazy
They boys not crazy they just slow as hell they just want the people around here to think that so they can continue going around beating people up and harassing people but it's not gonna work this time. They should've thought about that s*** before they did it this time.
just cuz

Stanardsville, VA

#46 Nov 12, 2009
i think its stupid wrong is wrong.. everybody thats against the actions being takin are dumb as hell bcuz they didnt see it.. they dnt kno the story and they are just takin sides bcuz of who they kno

Goode, VA

#47 Nov 13, 2009
they shouldnt be charged for anything they didnt do i think its wrong because there such nice boys and wouldnt do such a thing to anyone or anybody in the town of blackstone.

Crewe, VA

#48 Nov 14, 2009
vonne-vonne wrote:
they shouldnt be charged for anything they didnt do i think its wrong because there such nice boys and wouldnt do such a thing to anyone or anybody in the town of blackstone.
Why don't you try telling that to the man that is in the hospital right now on the Intensive Care Unit? Tell it to the lady who just recently got beat up and forced to leave her home! Try telling that to the people who they threatened about if they sell drugs they were coming to beat them up for their fifty percent cut!?? No, they are good boys don't bother anybody in Blackstone!!?? Oh and those were only things about people in Blackstone, not anywhere else that could have been mentioned in Nottoway County. ie; How about the lady in Petersburg?? You people are the most stoopid fools around, no wonder Blackstone is getting further and further into the backwoods. You talk about the other side of this problem?? They should be brought to justice too and man up for what they done. They keep on running around playing bad, but this should go as a message to them also. People around here are sick and tired of you ALL so called gangstas and those females that hang around with you. Those families who know but act like they don't know where all the money is coming from and all the jewelry and all the new clothes, etc, etc, and none of them have jobs or if they do its just a front for their crackhead business behind the scenes. The citizens are going to become more and more vigilant and pretty soon you will have citizens doing drive bys on your homes and families, maybe then you will get the mesage. A message to the wise; that ole lady said on the news she now carries a handgun and many others now have gotten legal to carry and I predict many others already have and will. People are tired of being vandalized because you nasty, low lifed bums, scums of the earth that are too tired to work on a legitimate job, have no respect for anything other than those so called thugs you crackin with out on the streets. Most all of you have dropped the ball where your illegitimate kids are concerned. You are now depending on others to take care of your kids bcuz you lack the knowledge, ability, confidence or character to follow through yourselves. I saw those posters "I don't wanna be a thug No Mo'" hanging in different places for tomorrow, maybe YOU oughto be there and learn something.
Be a Thug No Mo

Crewe, VA

#49 Nov 14, 2009
Ppl of Blackstone we can see where your town is going wrong. Some of us who traveled that road is coming to Blackstone with a play about Thugs. Personally, I think it would do you all some good. Look out for us Sat,Nov14. Find us and join us, have a good day for a change. Stop this violence amongst ourselves. Don't have no where to party? No where to dance? No where to Game? Wondering why? Maybe you have no further to look than within yourself. Laughing at the guys that make they own at Mikie D's ? Or Hardee's? Or at any of the other places where you can make a quick (Honest)buck? Look fools! At lease they makin they own and don't gotta steal n rob nobody. Yall gonna keep on til when you go to rob that litl ole lady, she gon blow you away! Think its a joke! They are getting ready for yall and you too stupid to even know. You got a pistol in your pocket, against the law, you brag on it to show your boys you the big man and then when they get mad at you, it leaks to 5-O, and you wonder why!?? Yall playin yoselves homie, but maybe you just got to find out the hard way. If you don't bleeve me, check out your kids, look like gangstas? You still tellin them they cute and the cussin they do is aight? Well you go witcho bad self, you will learn and the unfortun8 part, so will they, yo kids. Peace out.

Crewe, VA

#50 Nov 14, 2009
I concur with NoNonSense. Children should learn respect from their parents.
CommonSense Outlawed

Crewe, VA

#51 Nov 19, 2009
real1 wrote:
Those bad **** twins deserve whatever they got coming!!
I have noticed many of the quotes have been removed. Those twins (that so many of you rally behind), have comitted crimes that you all have yet to realize. And I disagree that this small town (compared to Mayberry RFD--which within itself is an outrage..), had this whole town scared or in fear. The fact is they just did not run into the RIGHT ones in this town. Quite frankly, they'd have been taken away in body bags for some of the crimes they have comitted. In certain instances, people around here have shortened memories. It was not very long ago those twins were incarcerated for a multitude of other crimes. This is not their first time and for those of you who claim "them is good boys", or they would not hurt anybody" or the other side should be locked up and or put away", etc.. must realize that maybe the twins had already comitted a sufficient amount of crimes before this last incident to warrant them being placed in Police custody. They are the reason for the statements "They are the reason jails are built". Blackstone needs to stop glorifying these Gangsta wannabees!! You are turning them into role models instead of criticizing those who tell it like it is. If you truly believe they have not done anything to deserve their punishment, then try checking with their past victims!! The Hardy twins have others trying to immulate them and pretty soon you are going to see clones (that is IF the twins receive their punishment this time). They have family members trying to make light of the situation and getting the support of people who are unfamiliar with their record. They have raped and beaten women, beaten or had people threatened (intimidated)that were going to testify against them. Historically, people have either lost their nerve after being threatened or their desire to see justice is done after hearing the pleas of relatives. These young men could have been such a positive influence on their communities instead of negative role models for their little no job, crackhead friends. It appears all of those, when the twins were on the loose, were few and hard to find. Now, to get on the good foot side of the twins (fearing their release) all the "homeboys" come out of the woodwork in support. They bullies, rapists and thugs. The mother and entire family have been in jail at one time or another and are always the source of a police response to their homes. Therefore I agree with previous statements made by others against them being allowed to remain free and roaming the streets of Blackstone. If the Police Investigators were to push on?? They'd find many other crimes that have yet to be reported against them.
Jupiter FL

Stuart, FL

#52 Nov 19, 2009
Two words:

Crewe, VA

#53 Nov 19, 2009
Lucky Eights

Crewe, VA

#54 Nov 23, 2009
I understand there were several incidents at the new place already. That is the very reason nobody wants to open a local "spot" around this town because you've got these so called thugs running around "thuggin". Its time to blow the dust off Ole Betsy!! You Thuggs got to go! Can't even get a soda from a soda machine because you illiterates break into em so much they have (nearly)all been removed.Laundromat up on Church Street had to close (after all these years) due to you funky, nasty little thuggs! Guess what thuggs?? Not gona be tolerated too much longer. Watch n see. Stay posted, this saga goes on..(they'll be bloggin about you next, just wait an see.

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