Review: Deep Within Recovery Inc

Review: Deep Within Recovery Inc

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don storebo

Fargo, ND

#1 May 23, 2010
It should be investigated for human rights violations, fraud as well as strong arm tactics. The man should be prosecuted.

Phoenix, AZ

#2 Jul 12, 2011
On an outward appearance Deep Within seems to have the right concept, however, once involved this program IS a real fraud! The man 'in charge' has obviously allowed his 'authority' to get to his head and that is just NOT good for a business that exist to assist men with recovery. This program claims to be about helping to address the needs of those there for recovery, but in actuality it is about what monetary gain those in charge can benefit from. The man in charge, a 'recovered' addict himself, of all people, should stop and think back on those that were compassionate enough to help him and pass that type of compassion forward instead looking out for 'self' and what he can acquire, which would leave one to believe that he is not totally recovered himself. To evict recovering addicts for minor reasons such as not speaking to him in the manner he would prefer, etc. cause turmoil for all involved. Like the post before, the man SHOULD be prosecuted for human right violations. Deep Within definitely needs to be investigated IF not closed down all together! I will be contacting the BBB about this organization, along with the churches that he's involved with. He operates a 'slave labor' type of work environment with the men in recover to work at these churches for his own personal gain. The men recieve NOTHING!
JustAnObservatio n

Mesa, AZ

#3 Jul 15, 2011
Anyone who goes to rehab is nothing but a quitter anyway. It takes real strength to stay committed to your addictions.
previous client

Sun City, AZ

#5 Mar 7, 2012
this place should be investigated. Like modern day slavery. Work 12 hour days sometimes no supper no pay. Housing there a mess, toilets backing up, like I said somedays no suppers after working all day. 4:00 clock wake up, clients missing appointments with probation or paroll. Owners are making lots of money off their clients and getting rich. Place is a mess, People not know whats going on, or where to be at, at certain times. If you are thinking of this place please think twice.

Scottsdale, AZ

#6 May 22, 2012
Sadly, these negative posts sound as if they are written by previous residents or the family members of residents who were not serious about their road to recovery. Unfortunately there are people in life that believe everything must be given to them, rather than to work through their obstacles. I feel sorry for those who did not gain what Deep Within has to offer like so many hundreds of residents have before them.

Laveen, AZ

#7 May 26, 2012
After speaking to three seperate people to get information on a family member It seemed to me that their information was very sketchy. I was told of long hours of work even for the physically sick people living at facility. I spoke to the owner? I think, and he was rude right off the back to me over simple questions asked about family members. Claim to be Christian based, sorry, I didn't see it. I read the response about others complaining of abuse from the facility stating from that they should not just be given everything to them that response ripped right through my heart this sounds like a cop out to me for their abuse tactics. I know these people( addicts) come in all degrees of addiction and attitude but they still are humans and are loved by God and family members that can't help anymore. You're business is not to coddle but to teach...very sad that these places are not more closely monitored...I PRAY TO GOD THIS ONE WILL BE.
Lance Whitford

Phoenix, AZ

#8 Jun 10, 2012
I had a need for preparation H to treat bloody hemoroids. I notified the dorm manger/driver who said well see. It took two days to get this medication when in fact Walgreens is about 1/2 mile away. At a later date I received thermal burns to both of my eyes while do a job where I was not provided proper safety equipment. I left to receive treatment at Phoenix Baptist hospital and the V.A. Later when I told Lee Humes why I didn't trust them to address my medical needs in a timely manner, I also informed him in mentioned this to the parole board. He became livid and unable to converse with in a professional manner.
He then ordered me off the property and told me to pack my things. It's Lee's program and any disagreement will lead to explusion. He is very aggressive and intimidating leading to him being unapproachable to discuss program problems/issues.
tricky ricky

Mesa, AZ

#9 Mar 10, 2013
there in it for the money !!! lee a hustler from his drug days and he has relapsed many of tme at deep within as well it a great cover up for lee and cindy to make lots of money !!!if they dont like you your really fucked!!! they did get me a job towards of the six months i spent there but they took 800.oo of my check a month it was for saving when i graduated i left with 300.00 dollars and i spent 10 months in there 5 month i was working 40 week do the math we know there taking advantage of people!!but your life is in your hands!!if you keep clean you wont have to subject your self to alot of bullshit!! god know whats up over ther he with deal with accordingly!!
todd l

Surprise, AZ

#10 Mar 15, 2013
I agree with all of the above. Do not go there it is living hell or a jail with out bars, you will be cut off from the world and you will have to work 7 days a week and on most of there sites you will not get a break during work! The only positive is the other residents there who like my self are struggling to deal with the issues that brought them there. Sadly they have no case manager the only real support there comes from the other residents, I will not go into detail about my personal experience there but I have a strong feeling deep withins days are numbered. I may even consult an attorney for possible litigation. Trust me stay clear of that program!
Kenny D

Jamestown, NY

#11 Mar 15, 2013
What have you done for your recovery lately? If you think you are going to go from prison to a retirement community you better think twice. Deep Within is requiring you to dig deep into your recovery. Lee Hume’s is offering a roof and direction for your life. You could be living under a bridge from jails, institution, or death. I made it off of parole in this program and beyond. Yes it is a tough program, however, life is not easy and Lee teaches you that. All about the attitudes, get to the goals, you have to be refined by the fire. So many of us are used to taking the path of least resistance and when there is resistance then we relapse. This is not Lees fault, look in the mirror. It’s easy to criticize, it’s a dangerous thing, and my challenge to you is to counteract it with a positive. Can you do better and what are your options. I think Lee Hume’s should get credit for his organization and in my opinion he is a generous. His support groups of the community are absolutely inspiring. The volunteers that come in and speak are real heroes. I am sure they have seen many failures in the program but it takes deep thoughts within to help yourself, and have an understanding with the organization "Deep Within." The whole point is thanking “God” for this program and Lee Hume’s for choosing me to go through his program. I am proof that it can work as long as you work deep within.
Kenny Dauenhauer

Jamestown, NY

#12 Mar 15, 2013
Thank you Lee and Cindy. You are a heaven scent to me and to "God."

Scottsdale, AZ

#13 Mar 16, 2013
Kenny Dauenhauer wrote:
Thank you Lee and Cindy. You are a heaven scent to me and to "God."

For some this program may work as it is the "cold shower of reality"
But for the masses there are much better options available. I left and within 48 hrs I am in a nice sober living home. There are better options for recovering addicts then Deep Within, You just need to shop around but do not think that Deep Within will provide any of that information, not in there best interest! Of course some go thru and the place may have acturally helped them? If you sling enough mud against the wall some will stick. When I was there they were dropping like flies. Life in deep within offers no joy only a daily grind. And for the record I was never in prison, or on parole or probation, but I did talk to one guy there who told me going back to jail may be preferable!
mr mathis

Phoenix, AZ

#14 Jun 1, 2013
i will say this about the program it is not made to like it is for you to dig deep and get your life together i will admitt that is one place i would not want to repeat i would rather make sane decisions and be a responsible adult that is what the program taught me i am greatful for deep within beacause there was no waiting list for me to wait my life needed help right then not in two weeks so the program did help me keep my life on track no doubt about it
Growupyoulittleg irls

Phoenix, AZ

#15 Jun 9, 2013
For all of you guys speaking harshly of Deep Within, think about these points.#1 Deep Within is not state of government funded which means that the reason that it has "slave labor" is because the residents work to keep the doors open.#2 If Lee was making so much off of the program, why would he be staying in the double wide trailer that is there on site?#3 Being there on the property personally, I can say that the residents there eat better than I do!#4 Since this is a PRIVATELY owned business, it only makes since that if you don't agree with the owner you can leave. As for the Christian aspect, this does not mean that the residents should be able to run the program and dictate what and when things should happen. Letting the residents come in off the street FREE of charge is the Christian thing to do with the only expectation is that pull your own weight. Yes, it is hard to wakeup that early and work long hours but if you need a recovery program I am sure that you addiction has led you to worse that this. The people who would prefer prison are obviously mentally not capable of being in the real world and need to go back and given their three squares on the government's dime. This is the bottom line.....the program is not perfect but the people there are willing to help you if your life is a wreck.

Chico, CA

#16 Jun 22, 2013
Will someone please tell me if it is true that this guy Lee takes the clients out to work at concession stands at the ballpark and Cricket Pavilion to SELL BEER!! Is this true???

Mesa, AZ

#17 Aug 19, 2013
two times.

Phoenix, AZ

#18 Aug 19, 2013
Deep Within does work in concessions all over the Valley. Beer is sold in all of these concessions, as it is also sold in all grocery stores, restaurants, etc. Beer is legal. We as alcoholics and addicts will have to learn to deal with it in many different environments. You may not know but Deep Within is not funded by the Government. Deep Within WORKS to keep the doors open....not using the taxpayers money.
J W Simms

Phoenix, AZ

#19 Aug 25, 2013
Let's face it boy's, you are all failures, a failure is not made! a failure is born! to fail. To bad mouth the institution and condemn the staff for your failures is reprehensible at best, you knew going in you were not going to make it, to succeed in something is not even in your vocabulary, so you continue to fail and look for something or someone to blame your failure on. For those of you that praise the institution and staff? well you do so because you know you are going to fail and go back" so you're not about to ruffle the feathers of the flock that will have to baby sit your worthless asses again. J.W. Simms.
PS: mama meth and papa JD await your visit.
Mike K

United States

#20 Nov 17, 2013
I do not agree with any of the negative comments made towards Lee and Cindy. You all need to step back and look at your self. This couple steped out of a normal life style to give men with a problem a second third forth fith ect. chance at life. I strongly agree with there program. If your not afraid to work physically and mentally with your problems then go talk to Lee. Great man with big heart. I've got going on to 6 years clean, with a future wife and 3 kids.

Peoria, AZ

#21 Nov 24, 2013
Maybe this place is better than prison. Where does the healing begin? How do you get ahead when you are working all the time, with only 4 hours of sleep in between? My brother wanted to see his mother for a couple of hours as she is very ill and isnt going to live much longer. Where is the compassion from Lee? How is that teaching anyone anything except hate and contempt. When I called the center to find out when visitation was, Lee told me it was every Sunday from 1 to 5 pm. I go there and my brother was not there. He was working for Lee! This place is not a recovery center. It is a place where Lee and his wife can make a living without working at all themselves. He threw my 53 year old brother in the streets after he got back from seeing his sick mom. I agree this place should be shut down. These men and women that are accepted into a nonexistant program are not paid one dime for all the hours they worked for Lee and his wife. Tell me, how the hell are any one of these people supposed to get back on their feet from nothing? You suck Lee.

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