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Los Angeles, CA

#23 Aug 3, 2012
Michael Kincheloe wrote:
<quoted text>
Take a break from Jesus for six months and take a remedial English class. You are in desperate need of one, because a bag of rocks that "has Jesus" is still a bag of rocks.
yeah but that bag of rocks that has Jesus is a saved rock!!!!!!!!!! Even with Jesus we are all still sinners but we have grace and a future.
Karel Kolchak

Broad Brook, CT

#24 Oct 14, 2012
Well, best I can tell is that sadly, Michael Kincheloe seems to be a hater.
BOY, but there are a GLUT of haters around these days! Worst of all, haters are rarely convinced to try loving instead of hating because hating gives one a false sense of power (which is their root motivation)

Please Michael, put the hate down and give love a try! PLEASE?!

Reno, NV

#25 Oct 18, 2012
"AMEN!!!! Couldn't have said it better... Im just thankful that I was able to see it and I only wasted 2 weeks of my sanity!!!"
Kyle wrote:
<quoted text>
Well Miss Dickinson, Are you naive or what? Being from Dickinson, I probably know you and you probably know quite a few individuals there that have gone to TC! O yeah, including myself, n i went voluntarily. Other then forming a relationship with God there, it was the biggest waste of time in my life! I spent more days in the kidco factory working 8hrs a day sometimes 3 times a week. Thank God I had money going in too. Those that did come in with nothing, were left with pretty much nothing including hygiene products. Clothing wise-you might as well have gone around in your skivvies because there were no clothes there for you. With all this money TC makes with us going around every weekend performing like dancing penguins and helping in the community and working at kidco and being forced to donate our time to other areas without having a choice; you would think that they might be able to afford to supply the students with better supplies than which they have on skid-row. Now lets go back here for a sec, now tell me how all those people you know are doing? Because I can guarantee you they are either in prison, are going to prison, or are dead...and I can verify that because more than 75% the people I was in there with are either in prison, going to prison, or are dead.
You want to talk about a Christian facility, how "Christian-like" is it to kick a person out on the streets in the middle of winter on a Sunday morning with nothing but a back pack of clothes and no money beings the student accounts cannot be accessed on the weekend. Then when he comes back to pick up his stuff half of it has been stolen or lost. Yeah that's the great almighty TEEN CHALLENGE OF NORTH DAKOTA!!!!!!!!!! I bet that makes you so proud to know of that?!?!? And my favorite was why our program director wasn't coming to work every day, found out why when I saw her walking out of the liquor store with a bottle and later to come find out that she was in TC because she is a binge drinker. The bad thing is the one good staff member that was there, got so fed up with the crap there he decided to quit because it was....ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!! For the time we spend at TC for a whole 365 days, with 24 hours in a day we spent 1 HOUR in class!!!! Thank God I was fortunate enough that I had another individual help me with Bible studies outside of the class, otherwise I wouldn't have come to know God the way I thought I was going to, because Teen Challenge has an obscure vision of how God wants his people to be helped. They only want to help themselves to your pocket book and that's it. 1500$ A MONTH IS WHAT IT COST TO BE INVOLVED THERE!
Finally every single thing that comes into Teen Challenge is donated, from food to furniture and everything in between. Food being outdated, sanitary items broken open, and furniture that my dog wouldn't even sleep on. Now honestly I got a pretty good idea how much money we would make each weekend and we got paid 8-10$ an hour per student at kidco (that went to TC) and all the money donated, can you tell me that it's not about the money?!?!?!?

Reno, NV

#26 Oct 18, 2012
The real concern here isn't about people being haters, it's that they were blessed with the brains and eyes to see and understand what's really going on... Let me ask you these two questions: Have you personally had any dealings with TC on the inside? Have you always had faith and religion (love) in your life?
Karel Kolchak wrote:
Well, best I can tell is that sadly, Michael Kincheloe seems to be a hater.
BOY, but there are a GLUT of haters around these days! Worst of all, haters are rarely convinced to try loving instead of hating because hating gives one a false sense of power (which is their root motivation)
Please Michael, put the hate down and give love a try! PLEASE?!

Olathe, KS

#27 Dec 6, 2015
Michael Kincheloe wrote:
<quoted text>
My site has been up for over a year. Several Teen Challenge staff members from across the country have contacted me, and asked me if my time couldn't be better spent doing some thing else (No, I kept a promise to those students at Teen Challenge who asked me to expose this, so my time could not be better spent). They do not deny what I have written - facts are stubborn things - they just complain that I'm doing it.
My site has received some very nice feedback; I was asked by a resident of Eureka, CA (he read my site) to write a letter to the editor because Teen Challenge was trying to open a new branch there. I wrote the letter telling the people of Eureka what TC is really like, a very concerned citizen read it and submitted an editorial, and the ensuing uproar cause the owner of the building TC was going to buy to cancel escrow. That deal is now dead in the water.
Teen Challenge staff in California will never publicly denied anything I have written. If you've ever seen the movie "QBVII", you'll know why.
Stay tuned. There will be some fireworks concerning TC here in California before the end of the year.
I just think you need to get your facts straight. I was a student there. I was seventeen when i went in, it was prison or the challenge. I chose not to go to prison, i was facing 5 years in the state penn, for multiple counts of grand theft auto, drug convictions, and multiple acts of violence. I do believe you are completely fooled and have no idea of what your talking about. My parents did not have to pay a dime for me to go. Part of my agreement was i was to serve one year there or go to prison, i stayed for a year and a half. I lived with the type of people you claim to represent, you have been fooled by cons. Your going to believe someone who is mad at the world, down on their life, a person who hates everything. I know because i was one of them, this program saved my life. You have not been there and don't have a single solitary clue, why would you feel the obligation to rip something apart when you have not experienced it for yourself. So i take it then you back the government's low and sinking rate of success, how sad. Before i would have tried to rob you, take your dignity, and hurt you physically as much as possible. If you were in pain, i loved it, but now i care, i try to help those in need. It's easy to judge from the outside looking in. You have been fooled, how can you pass on your thoughts, you can't.

Smarr, GA

#28 Jan 4, 2016
North Dakota Teen Challenge changed my life by teaching me how to live for Jesus. There is new leadership there and while most places will have disgruntled employees or people they serve, I can tell you there are many who believe in the work of Teen Challenge. I think the leadership there is godly and truly desires to help people. They show grace to a point that most people won't. They believe in you even when you don't believe in yourself. Sure there are those who refuse to allow the truth taught to sink into their life. I can only speak to what I've sen and herd. The leadership is on the right track. Thank God for Teen Challenge.

Chilliwack, Canada

#29 Feb 8, 2016
I am a graduate of NDTC and things are not going well there. They just removed the Executive Director because he was cleaning the place up. He came in at a time when the level of spirituality was almost nothing and brought it to a place where the presence of God was real. This man was removing people who call themselves Christian yet drink alcohol to the point of drunkenness. He desired to have people dress modestly so as to not entice the students who had been in the place for long periods. He was trying to build a ministry where Jesus was first. The board made a huge mistake. This man made the program and now those who had it godless are in charge again.
Graduate as well

Chicago, IL

#30 Mar 18, 2016
The last post is absolutely correct! The board at North Dakota Teen Challenge has a history of treating the Executive Director badly. The last man they had was a strong godly man who had high standards for purity.
Today the place is being run by a woman who has less than a stellar reputation and her and her husband once stole a church from a denomination. The leader now does not agree with Teen Challenge principles and she does not have the ability to lead this ministry.
It is shameful to see what the board has done with this ministry. They do not believe in a life of purity.

Montréal, Canada

#31 May 10, 2016
I know many of the people who have worked at NDTC and some who work there now. One of the female counselors has been seen with her husband drinking beer of the river on more than one occasion. Other staff have been seen drunk more than once. Some of these are now with child and hopefully are not drinking. I don't know why they changed leadership, but I do know they have re-hired staff who have issues with alcohol after removing the director. Is this place Christian? I think not.
Friend of TC

Montréal, Canada

#32 May 13, 2016
I am/was a supporter of NDTC. I can not help but look at this place and ask why there is such a turn-over of leadership. I know the last Executive Director and he is a godly man who did wonderful things for NDTC. I spoke with one of the board members about the decision to part ways with him and was disappointed with the answers I was given. I made my disappointment know to several other board members. It seems to me that this place is far from what a Christ like ministry should be.

United States

#35 Dec 31, 2016
some dude wrote:
teen challenge was not in Mandan 5 years ago. you sound like an employee/cult member, angry citizen.
Teen Challenge in Mandan has been there for over 10 years.
nativeamericanmo ther

Sioux Falls, SD

#36 Jan 23, 2017
My son attended teen challenge of the dakotas in Brookings SD. He was told to leave after 7 months. He broke the rules and was with his fiance' on 2 visits, he confessed to his violating the rules and was placed on a 90 day probation in which he was discharged after a few weeks for "not being grateful enough". During his stay he was asked to write a letter to his father saying he was a christian now and that he had to disown his native teachings as they were considered by teen challenge to be "demonic". I am a christian woman and I encouraged my son to overlook this belief and consider it ignorance. Just complete the program. He didn't. Now facing 12 years in prison. When I went to pick up his clothes they did not even ask about my son they once called their brother.. So sad

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