Before that illegal activity wench Georgia Dawson retires I better be paid for her and the city county and state's illegal activity or there won't be much government left in ND. I proved 100% I was victim of the crime I was convicted of in 1994 and have contacted her and all agencies state wide and had many laws broken by all these agencies such as being threatened by the attorney generals office they tried to frame me and witheld evidence from the federal government that cleared me. I was injured while in custody and 2 judges told them to take me to a Dr. 11 years later still waiting, foots pretty bad. I was stalked for 12 years, 3 of those years they had a phone trace which is 100% conviction which would have stopped the stalking but no they would rather harass the innocent guy than admit they are wrong. I lost my health and 2 careers because of them. Granted my back was never good from birth, but it does not help when your foot is injured. The Fargo police Dept has a contract with me and at this time i will estimate its worth at 500 million for one audiotape that would convict Mark Beauchene in this case. The sherriffs dept better have my phone records and a copy of the registered letter takes John Goff and basically puts his criminal self in jail. As for Gov Ed schaeffer well his phone secretary was shelly barker so he can sit in the grey bar with the rest of these criminals. This is how they treat good people. I can utterly destroy the whole state legally and I am going too, because they have not even tried to make up for their crimes and I have never been contacted to testify against anyone. Judge Ralph erickson is also done. The plea bargain through the federal marshals office to keep the attorney generals office out of jail was the lottery rights for nd and the federal lottery rights for the internet, I have not been paid for these rights since 1999 and so just in illegal lottery alone the state will fall. The powerball org was contacted and since it was agreed in contract with the fargo pd I outrank all and am immune to all law and anyone that becomes involved in my case under my determination of what my case is becomes part of my contract I used my athority and fined the powerball org years ago 100 million the 10% interest is killing these agencies. And as for nd flooding in fargo a friend of mine was a city engineer the city had the plan to fix it in 97 but decided they did not want to spend the money my friend is a good man he left he did not want to be responsible for future floods cause the city did not want to pay to fix the problem. You can print everything but my name anyone complains i am their judge as agreed and capitol punishment was agreed for them if i so choose it for them so screw their complaints. Yes I get to be their judge in court part of my contract. You can see the simple contract at fargo pd any day it states that i state the terms of the contract and all these terms were agreed in dec 1998 before they recieved the audio tape with a warrenty period which they let expire which pushed the contract into a buy contract as agreed. 500 million for a audio tape the public will revolt and hang your police for breaking many laws against me and I have enough witnesses to easily destroy fargo. and no accidents will kill me or bad health I have ok health just injuries have declined my shape and quality of life. The last sentence keeps them from being able to assassinate me, they have framed me before and done a terrible job. My father just passed away and basically i can charge the fargo pd with attempted murder because i asked to be paid in 2001 and they harrassed me instead while he was in critical condition and they knew it so that qualifies and since they hadf recieved an eviction notice in 2000 and had the officer waiting outside my courtroom and other officer stated anything i said was hypothetical at best and thats a quote the city dies if i am not paid very soon this fall is it