How much more does the school district think we can take. They just put all the taxpayers money into that school and now they want to close it. Shame on the people who spent and are spending the tax payers money to do what they want. Why not ask us what we think and feel should be done with our money. I think they screwed up when they built a new school on Monocacy creek road. Then when they built the middle school the way they did. Why not build something that is bigger and better like some of the schools in Philadelphia.Then to all the rediculous money that was spent on building the middle school they could have put into the high school. The money spent on the middle school could have done more for the high school. I dont know who makes all the decisions on does what but, they are making poor decisions. Ecspecially that new stadium that was sad to put all that money into that. Isn' where the children go for education more important. Also they are talking about getting rid of sports. Do you really think children are even going to want to go to school when they dont even have any type of pleasure what so ever.