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Owego, NY

#22 Nov 16, 2010
Disgusted...sure, you can get good deals...but let me add that Price Chopper has $1.99 chicken breasts FAR more often than Weis, and the quality is better. Their regular price is only $2.99 too, so when off sale, it is much better than Weis. Weis' meat is a joke. It is already starting to turn brown. You have to either cook it or freeze it as SOON as you get home or else forget about it. Don't listen to the "Use By" date because that is BS. I have had stuff go bad 2 days before the Use By Date. It was worth it when it was Giant if you were planning on eating it right away, since it was cheaper. But with Weis being far more expensive, it is not. A great example of the higher prices that happened virutally overnight is soda. Coca Cola was $3.49 a 12-pack at Giant right up to the end. And often it would be on sale for $3 or less.(Virtually every week.) The regular price now is SIX DOLLARS! We are talking a 70% increase pretty much overnight! And the sales are much less frquent.(And those sales often DO make you buy multiple items.) They also have started their stupid sales that only apply if you purchase $25 as well, and then leave out fine print about all the items that don't count toward your $25 purchase like beer.

It is no secret business is slowing down at Weis, and no foul mouth apologists on this site is going to change that fact. Granted, for some inexplicable reason, the Johnson City Walmart is more expensive than the Vestal Walmart despite it being in a city whose median household income is about HALF of Vestal's. But it is still the place to go for cheaper products. And Price Chopper still has the best sales in the area by far, so if you don't mind stocking up a bit, you can get the most bang for your buck there.$1.99/lb steaks are common. We are not tlaking filet mignon here, but stuff that can be quite good if you know how to cook them and don't overcook them to a crispy hockey puck.

Owego, NY

#23 Nov 18, 2010
Another great example of their deceptive price increases is occurring this week. Snapple 12 packs are currently "on sle" for $9.99. The funny thing is, last week, the regular price of Snapple 12 packs was $8.49. So this "sale" is $1.50 more than the regulr price. However, after this sale is over, the regular price will be an insane $13.99. A RIDICULOUS 65% increase! Hidden behind a sale.(It is now the most expensive stre in the area for well as many other items.)

I have also concluded that pretty much ALL of their "price freeze" items that stay on sale for 3 months will come off the price freeze price at a much higher price than before hit went on sale. They figure if they have a new price for 3 months, no one will remember that the older price was less than the newer one. Just be honest about it and have the balls to say "we are raising the prices because we are losing business and we have no idea how to stop the bleeding, so we figure we will gouge those who are sticking with us rather than lowering hte prices to a reasonable price to try to get the old customers to come back."

I give them about one more year before they desperately try to sell to another company. Hopefully it will be one that knows the area FAR better htan Weis, and who knows the reputation of the Giant stores and will price things accordingly. It takes a REAL idiot in business to buy a chain with a reputation for bad quality at low prices and turn it into the most expensive supermarket chain in the area. HUGE multi-million dollar mistake by someone at Weis. Hoepfully someone who won't have a job much longer.

Tioga, PA

#24 Nov 19, 2010
i had to take my red stake back the day after buying it and with two day's left before the sell date. it had turned gray and stinky, weis whould not give me back my money and had to go pick out someting from the meat dept at same or more of the purchase price. they moved the whole potatoe chip aisle around again at the west corners store and if your looking for can milk dont look in the bakeing aisle it's in the juice aisle, go figure. all i see in that store are old people who live close by and afraid to drive the highways to get to wal-mart or wegmans. i dont see the stores staying here if they continue to tick people off. whould like to see FOOD LION stores or HARRIS TEETER take over all the weis stores.

Since: Nov 10

Colorado Springs, CO

#25 Nov 26, 2010
Liked Giant a lot better
miss Giant

Corning, NY

#26 Jul 3, 2013
Im a bit late in posting but I too miss Giant. they had a better quality of goods in general and a better selection. Their meat while not up to maines quality was generally better then what you could get at price chopper or walmart, and they also had more then the cheapest lowest cuts available in the case... I asked the butcher in Weis where all the ribeyes and strip steaks were and was told I had to call ahead a day or more to reserve a decent cut of meat... Call ahead a day or two? Seriously? and products I grew up on in the area are no longer available for any price as they quit carrying them... like beaver meadow butter for example it was sold by giant for years and came in a 1 pound block not quarters and was always less the $2 a pound. No longer carried by Weis.. Same thing with the artisans breads you used to be able to get from the bakery dept, used to buy solio bread 2-3 times a week they dont have it anymore... Giant carried quality cold cuts (boars head) now they carry some cheaper brand but still charge boars head prices... I never thought the day would come when I would miss the Aikels but it has... this store is way over priced and way under on the quality side of things and yes they said they would be hiring all sorts of people but have shown that they didnt by the lack of customer service and open lines... Basically I stopped shopping there and only go in to pay my cable bill now or to pick up a quick drink while/after I pay said bill =P oh and 2 dollars to pay your cable bill also...(i know i should just mail it in with a check or money order or drop it off but sometimes its more convienant to just pay it at the grocery store...)

Easton, PA

#27 Jul 8, 2013
I don't get all the Weis hate! Now even though I work there what I am about to say is truth.

1) Complaining about prices is a big no-no. Weis has many good deals is just that people are to lazy to properly shop. Take a Weis ad and browse'd be surprised.

2) Bad meats 2 days before expiration? Any smart shopper would know to pick something else out or request a newer pack from the back area. Maybe smelling the package would be a good idea too. Besides most Weis stores DO pull bad meat out of the case...if not its the store not the whole company.

3) LOL...Shopping cart collecting during inclimate weather? Where?
Savvy Shopper

Bainbridge, NY

#28 Jul 8, 2013
They screwed the pooch (here in NY) by eliminating almost all the products the Giant carried that kept the Akels in business for 75 years.

Bad business decision that will cause them to eventually go out of business in NY.

Apalachin, NY

#29 Jul 8, 2013
google 12 worst supermarkets in America by Fiscal Times, last update was May 2013, You will see Weis markets on that list. The shoppers have spoken.

“If you're happy & you know it”

Since: Feb 13

clap your hands!

#30 Jul 9, 2013
I've stopped shopping there almost completely. I've been there 3x in the past year to grab something in a pinch. I don't shop price chopper either. I've found that for shelved items walmart pretty much beats everyone's prices and Schneiders in Kirkwood has good quality and reasonably priced meats.

Port Huron, MI

#31 Jul 28, 2013
Today I went to a Weis store near my home where I frequently shop, and as soon as I came through the door I was accosted (at least that's how it felt) by someone selling subscriptions to the Baltimore Sun. I've encountered these people before when I've been shopping and usually I just walk by; and on the few occasions when they have approached me and I say I'm not interested, they accept it and I go on my way. But this person was different. Before he could even begin I stated that if he was going to ask me to subscribe, I already took the Post and didn't want the Sun. But he acted like I hadn't even spoken, and just launched into his spiel. Regardless of what I said--or tried to say, since I could barely get a word in edgewise--he countered it. At one point I told him pointblank that the more someone tries to pressure me, the more resistant I become--and even that had no effect. Finally he tried to guilt me into subscribing--saying that all these other people had signed up for the great coupon deals, and he just needed three more for the day. That's when I had finally had it. I said that if it was as good a deal as he claimed I was sure he'd have no trouble getting his three sign-ups--but I wasn't going to be one of them. Then I said goodbye and walked away. I could still hear him calling after me when I left, and possibly even bad-mouthing me. This all happened at the Weis store at Gormon Road and Route 1 in Laurel, MD.

I get that the store has a cooperative relationship with the newspaper which prints and carries its ads and coupons. But I don't think the Weis corporation wants potential customers to be ambushed and quite possibly driven away.

United States

#32 Sep 11, 2013
If you only what the stores do. I have seen with my own eyes how some their cooked food from their deli has fallen on the floor and it was sold. I have also seen cooked food that has sat out past their pull time be repacked relabeled to be sold. Food that needs to packaged ir wrapped has sat out all day, a flies field day, before it was wrapped and sent out to the sales floor. Flies have died in the window display were cold salads are, and the flies are just spooned out. There was so much mold in the produce stands where they put "fresh fruit" that in most places it would be considered to be toxic. Let's not even get started on the meet and bakery departments. Make sure you check the date in everything you buy because they do try to sale past the sale by date.
Boris Ceverda

Franklin, NY

#33 Sep 19, 2013
Weis' customer service sucks. They frequently run out of their dubious 'sale' items and when you ask them why or when the item wil be available or if some other item can be substituted for it, they play dumb or ask you to 'come back tomorrow' as if expecting them to have the sale item they advertised is unreasonable and that you want to make a special trip for it again.

They also regularly place produce sale signs several bins away from the sale item so you're liable to buy the wrong type of apple or onions or whatever at a higher price. This is not rare . It happens a lot and can't be an oversight. They just expect the customer not to notice or do something about it after the fact.

Also their customer service desks close down over an hour before closing so you're screwed if you have a problem after that time. Although you can always' come back tomorrow." Did I say Weis sucks?

Apalachin, NY

#34 Sep 19, 2013
I'm not going to stick up for Weis but i have asked people why they are taking all the sale items off the shelf, some of these people are using credit cards from there church to use for events and pass out to the needy, one lady told me she was buying all the snacks and crackers thats on sale for a day care center, another lady said shes buying only sale items because she owns a little store out in the country and probably doubles her money.

The weis markets do need to get rid of the gimmicks and trickery , always read the small print on every sign and coupons.

some coupons read in small, purchase has to be twenty five dollars or more to buy at this price.

Corning, NY

#35 Sep 22, 2013
Weis rocks!

“If you're happy & you know it”

Since: Feb 13

clap your hands!

#36 Oct 8, 2013
I will sometimes look at store flyers for particular items, like AMP energy drinks which cost about $2.59+ at the gas station & $2.99 at the grocery store where I live.

One thing I do like about the weis market is when they have the 10 for $10 deal and you get an extra discount if you actually buy 10 of the item. Last month they had AMPs on sale there with that deal and I got 10 AMPs for $8.00. I would have easily spent $30 on the same item at the store where I live.
Circular Bitcher

York, PA

#37 Dec 13, 2015
I hate the circular app. Pain in the rear end I want my circular in the paper again. Done shopping at Weis.Back to Giant we go. Dumb shitz

Binghamton, NY

#38 Dec 13, 2015
UR A PUTZ wrote:
Wah wah wah. Go shop at Aldi's so your DSS allotment goes further!
Weis can't hold a candle to the former Giant markets or Walmart for that matter. Weis produce department is consistently horrible. over ripe, moldy produce, many times basic produce products like tomatoes and bananas missing from the shelves. Way overpriced!

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