Review: Giant/WEIS Markets

Review: Giant/WEIS Markets

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Nichols, NY

#1 Mar 1, 2010
This store is way over priced has terible customer service and poor quality in meats and thier own products. Stay away, stay far away!!! Go to price chopper weagmans or walmart. This isnt Giant any more and the change in name and owners definatley shows this... They also said that they would be hiring more people to work and its rare that more then 2-3 registers are ever open the wait time is very long. The card they give is a joke the discount is still more then what the item used to be before when it was still owned by the previous people. The selection of good s was better too and even thier own off brands were better and cheaper!!! They have been steadily removing items that were available for years at the stores and replacing with thier own off brand nasty tasting for the most part stuff. I do however like thier wonder chicken ill give them that at least =P Oh and thier meat is just old looking and there is rarely any decent cuts worth looking twice at. Before the change giants had decent cuts of meat in thier cases most of time...(already mentioned meat but had to say it again)=/

Binghamton, NY

#2 Mar 1, 2010
Wah wah wah. Go shop at Aldi's so your DSS allotment goes further!

Endicott, NY

#3 Mar 2, 2010
UR A PUTZ wrote:
Wah wah wah. Go shop at Aldi's so your DSS allotment goes further!
only you would know that, right Wilber?

Binghamton, NY

#4 Mar 2, 2010
Bite me!

Elkland, PA

#5 Mar 4, 2010
UR A PUTZ wrote:
Bite me!
Oh Wilber, don't be mad just because people think you are a drunken loser. I think they think RIGHT.

Corning, NY

#6 May 14, 2010
I love it when someone like Ur a Putz has to resort to name calling. While I don't agree entirely with the OP, most of what he says is correct. I don't think the Weis people realize that the store they bought had a reputation for low quality food for bargain basement prices. And now Weis has turned it into almost as low quality food for very high prices. They are not just as exspensive as Price Chopper (which has better and more frequent sales) and almost as expensive as Wegmans. With WEgmans and Price Chopper having MUCH higher quality. I also don't lkike how the are sneaky with their price increases. They raise prices by putting them on "sale" for a week, only the sale is higher than the regular price was the week before. For example, Powerades used to be 95 cents at Giant. One week Weis put them on sale for 10 for $10. The regular price became $1.20 or something like that. Then they had a sale for 3 for $4. Considering it is $1 at Price Chopper and 88 cents at Walmart, they lost my business. And god help them when the Walmart opens in Johnson City. Snmething tells me Weis will be desperate to unload their bad purhcase real fast. A manager at one location has mentioned tha business has dropped considerably since the first month or so.

Elmira, NY

#7 May 20, 2010
The Weis ketschup tastes funny!
Doggie Houser

Jamestown, NY

#8 May 21, 2010
Sleepless wrote:
The Weis ketschup tastes funny!
It does taste funny...but I'm not the one who posted this!
I know my prices

Endicott, NY

#9 Jul 15, 2010
We travel a lot and shop grocery stores most places we visit. For decades, this area was the most competitive we know of around the Northeast, with prices kept low by the Akel family who operated the 11 local Giant markets. Wegman's came to town and had a really nice store, but sky high prices. Walmart became a superstore and had the lowest prices. Not any more for either of those stores. Wegman's has the lowest prices for most items I buy (we are professional eaters, so our shopping list is huge, and I'm the shopper and cook). Wegman's has had the lowest prices for 2 or 3 years now, so give them a lot of credit. Once in a while Walmart has better prices (like on Sargento cheese), buy not so much any more. The Weis guys are simply the highest priced grocery store in the area, followed by Price Chopper, Walmart and Wegmans, in that order. Sale items excepted, of course. If you can only shop one store, make it Wegmans and avoid the Weis guys. BTW, the Endicott Price Chopper clerks warned me of armed robbers in their parking lot late afternoons and evenings. Be alert when in that lot. Owego Price Chopper is nicer, and seems to have sale items all week long, unlike Endicott Price Chopper, which oftentimes runs out of sale items the first day of the ad.. Peace!!

Endicott, NY

#11 Aug 6, 2010
Weis has got to be one of the worst grocery stores I have been in.
Johnny Quest

Corning, NY

#12 Sep 2, 2010
"Anonymous" if you want to be taken seriously...learn how to spell!
607 is ghetto

Johnson City, NY

#13 Sep 14, 2010
Weis is certainly a joke. I agree with all of the above. Oh, and "UR A PUTZ" is doing nothing but describing himself with that name, what an idiot, probably one of the people who brought Weis into the area or something and can't stand hearing that his decisions were poor.
I agree with all of the points of the above posters, and will be shopping at Wegmans and Price Chopper exclusively from now on.
To summarize, the negatives of Weis are as follows: High prices, poor quality off-brand items, low quality meat (Giant was low quality as well, but now we're paying more for the same garbage), poor service, and that they no longer carry A LOT of items that I bought and used frequently while it was the Giant.
ghetto is STUPID

Binghamton, NY

#14 Sep 14, 2010
Anyone who thinks that PC is better than Weis is truly clueless, and shouldn't even be wasting our time with their stupid postings.
bring giant back

Burlington, MA

#15 Sep 15, 2010
Weis has definately changed the store in a negative way. I do my main shopping at Walmart now. Just stopped at Weis the other day because butter was on sale. Cost was $1.69 with card $2.99 without.$3.00 a lb for butter? What shortage created that? They have removed most all brands and items I use to buy and replaced them with their own higher priced store brand. I know people who have said their weekly grocery bill went up by more than $50.00 a week to feed their families. As far as their own brand, they suck. I haven't had anything with their name on it that had any real flavor.The only reason I mainly go to Weis is to cash a check when I need some extra cash or for lottery tickets. I'd love to see the Ackels (not sure of spelling) open a new chain of Giantmarkets and watch Weis go down the road.

Binghamton, NY

#16 Sep 15, 2010
Watta bunch of dweebs!

Tioga, PA

#17 Sep 27, 2010
hey everybody! let's get putz going again. hey putz.. theres a tornado outside, go get that one shopping cart in the parking lot.

Vestal, NY

#18 Oct 14, 2010
Giant Markets was not the greatest grocer in the world, but they kept prices reasonable. Since Weis took over their operation, prices have become completely ridiculous. The day I saw Gorton's breaded fish product at 11.50 per pound (!) is the day I changed grocers. Chicken breast at 4.50 per pound?? Is their a shortage on chickens?? Beef shoulder tender at 7.50 to 8.00 a pound? Get the same thing at Maine's for 5.00 to 5.59 per pound. "10 for 10"??? Why to I want to by 10 of anything just to get a "reasonable price on something? If you shop at Weis, you have a lot of money to throw away. I don't.

Binghamton, NY

#19 Oct 16, 2010
I am so sick and tired of reading about you f-n morons complaining about Weis, when you don't have a f-n clue how to shop. FTR, you DON'T have buy 10 of any of those items to get the $1 price. What a f-n idiot.

Tioga, PA

#20 Oct 22, 2010
DOH. maybe there is something you can do about the problems with weis. the sign doesnt say a customer can buy only one if the item is 10 for 10 and if you read the very small print on some signs it say's you have to buy that many items. people feel a scam when they have to read small print. customers get upset when they cant find what the want because displays are 5 feet apart in the aisle'and people wont be able to get by each other if the store ever does get busy. so maybe thats something you can work on. check this out. nance's sharp and creamy mustard at weis 3.49 at wegmans 2.09 and i could go on but i think DOE has already had enough already. wies should listen to the customer and make changes or profit's will continue to drop in the broome county stores.

Binghamton, NY

#21 Oct 24, 2010
The weekly circulars CLEARLY state the occasional MUST BUY amounts, and how many times does someone need to be told the 10/$10 deal doesn't require purchase of all 10? I made out like a bandit there a couple weeks ago w/$1.99# Chx Breasts, and $1.99 LOL Butter. I don't work there, and don't go to Wegman's weekly because it's such a cluster
f*#&, so have learned to adapt. You don't wander in and buy whatever, or if you do, you'll get hosed. You need to watch their sales, which have been really good lately, and I've even noticed regular prices have come down some. I also shop at Maine's, and love ALOT of their items.

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