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Seattle, WA

#593 Sep 28, 2012
Quit your bitchin. Make your men happy and the won't go out lookin for strange. I've been cheated on, and our relationship was shit. Which is why he cheated. I was hurt and pissed but whatever. Life sucks sometimes. You gotta deal with it, suck it up and make the best of it. If your husband isn't happy at home, he's gonna go elsewhere, if he does he obviously doesn't love you so do yourself a favor and find someone who does.

Montclair, NJ

#594 Sep 29, 2012
I'm addressing SeeDickBang first, All I would just like to say to you is that any man that would sleep around on his spouse with you deserves you, and its sad because they will most likely try to go back to their wife after they have fucked you, they should really stick around and find out what its like to be cheated on though, you dear could give the best revenge possible if a man were to actually fall for you. But men will see you for what you are and that is just an easy lay. Men do not marry whores if they have any sense in their head at all...

Now to the people who have been cheated on, It isn't the OTHER man or woman who is the problem. It isn't people like dickbang who are the problem. At least she is willing to admit that she is basically a whore. The problem lays within the marriage. If a man or woman is going to cheat, they will do it anyway. The other person can't TAKE your partner away. If your partner really loved you they would not be participating in lascivious behavior with (in my opinion) any other person. If they are going to cheat its going to happen whether the other person knows about your relationship or not. It doesn't matter if the other person is hanging all over your spouse and tempting them on a daily basis. If your spouse didn't want an affair he/she wouldn't have an affair. Its that simple. When I met my spouse I did not even think about another person...after a while the interest wanes and then temptation to roam comes into play. But IF they LOVED you they wouldn't do it. If the spouse was trustworthy, not a total selfish ass and a total coward. Then they would be honest about wanting someone new. That would give the faithful spouses some truth and then the faithful spouse could decide whether or not to try and make it work or move on if they so chose to. But cheaters are rarely if ever truthful. That is why the trust you once had for them is shattered beyond repair most of time. Because the faithful spouse usually has to find out all by themselves. It would be nice if ole dickbang would give the wives a heads up so the wives can leave if they want to, I would really hate to share my man if they had actually stuck their dick anywhere near that kind of trash. But anyway I hope that all the faithful spouses out there can find someone who is actually a decent human being. I cannot personally trust anyone right now, but good luck in life everyone, including you dickbang..hope you clean yourself up and make something of yourself one day.

Fullerton, CA

#597 Oct 2, 2012
Its combination of things that create cheaters. We have people with just plain no morals and could care less about their fellow man and who it hurts.

We have people who just should have never gotten married and ends in cheating.

We have people who just have no self control even though they may love their spouse. But its something they knew before getting married but yet got married anyways and hurt their spouse when they eventually found out.

All of the above is because the high moral standards for your fellow man in society have gone into the trash thanks to liberalism.
Can You Say Clap

San Diego, CA

#598 Oct 3, 2012
i really think you are a man. so we don't have to worry about any of the men wanting to marry you. you are lonely, sad & depressed, you want to be loved so badly, but you know you never will be. you are getting older everyday & it scares the absolute hell out of you. i will never believe any man would lay down w/ you.........
robin hood

Big Stone Gap, VA

#600 Oct 4, 2012
Michelle childress is the greatest woman ever. She does a great job . Not to mention a great person. She wonderful and treats people the way she wants to be treated. To be a very beautiful woman she's very much Down to earth and friendly. In my opinion the prettiest woman I've ever saw . The nicest butt to lol. Pretty hair to toe. So sweet . Thanks for being so friendly and great. Love you and always will for all the right reasons.

Fullerton, CA

#602 Oct 6, 2012
Yeah Right and Anonymous I admire your post. I have a friend who was involved with a nurse who use to work at our hospital. The guy was not right and I kept telling my friend that from the start. He led my friend on to believing at first he was separated from his wife and in the process of a divorce. Then when she found out he was still living with his wife, he told her they were living in separate bedrooms until the divorce was final for the children. He could tell some of the best stories and make anyone believe them. After leading her own and her becoming pregnant, he up and leaves and we find out he is still married and has children. We truly believe he is a psychopath. He follows all of the criteria. Very, very smart, clean looking, but he could not speak about anything honestly. Every word that came from his mouth was a lie. Even things no one else would think to lie about.

Dont get me wrong, some women (whores) will lay down with anything, but their are innocent women out there who are led to believe other things and do fall in love. The smartest thing a woman can do when she finds out her spouse is cheating, do not believe only his side of the story. Sit down and talk with the person he was involved with and find out what all he told her about you and your marriage. You will be surprised. If he cheats on you once and gets away with it. He will do it again. If you suspect he is cheating, get copies of your cellular phone bills. Buy an online program such as webwatcher to monitor his computer usage. Have someone follow him when he leaves, even for work. Talk to people he works with and see if anyone calls him there, visits him at work.
Hospitals are notorious for affairs.

Just don't play the fool for them. If another person is able to break up your marriage, it was never strong enough to begin with. SeeDickBang you are just a whore and thats all there is to it.guys don't love you, they are getting what they want. You have issues somewhere. Any guy who would willingly lay down with someone like you should be ashamed of himself especially if you are doing it with him and his coworkes. I can only imagine how they talk about you behind your back. Trust me its not good.
sure enough

Big Stone Gap, VA

#604 Oct 8, 2012
SeeDickBang wrote:
<quoted text>
I wasn't going to address the rest of your comment, but I felt compelled to do so out of sheer boredom.
I'm not a man. I'm all woman baby, and very proud. I'm far from lonely, sad or depressed and of course I'm getting older everyday because we all are. But contrary to popular belief it doesn't scare me. Women are like fine wine, they only get sweeter with age!
and wrinkled and fat and lonely cause they have to get on this site and use the f word and think it makes them look big, big not just someone who likes to throw that old nasty word around. Everyone see what you like to do, keep it to yourself. One day you will get something Clorux won't clean up.

Fullerton, CA

#605 Oct 8, 2012
SeeDickBang wrote:
See honey, I don't want their love, their affection, or their money...I just want their sex. I could care less what they say behind my back. All that matters to me is what they say while they're f*ckin my brains out.
if anyone has ever been curious why everyone thinks women are a disgrace... here is a prime example!
To dickbang

Fullerton, CA

#609 Oct 11, 2012
since you are not proud enough of your acomplishments to divulge your identity then I shant either.... I just want you to know that your anonymity has been compromised.

San Diego, CA

#610 Oct 12, 2012
SeeDickBang you don't even deserve responses. I think your are really a man. If your not getting anything but sex from them, you are definately a guy. The only reason men were put on this earth is to spread their DNA. There is not a woman out there who is only in it for the sex. And a whore only does it for the money, and you say you aren't doing it for that either. Damn, I wish this guy would have ended up with you and screwed up your life and not my friends. If you are really a female you deserve someone just like him. Someone without a concious. A snake in scrubs.
She Bangs

Montclair, NJ

#611 Oct 13, 2012
SeeDickBang wrote:
i know who you are!
voice of reason

Elliston, VA

#612 Oct 14, 2012
they are just doing there job, would you still call theim pigs if it was one of your kids??

Church Hill, VA

#613 Oct 14, 2012
She Bangs wrote:
<quoted text>
i know who you are!
Your Storie's soon to be Ex-wife!!

United States

#614 Oct 15, 2012
but storie knows who I am just ask him

United States

#617 Oct 15, 2012
Dna test and math skills will tell my storie

Wise, VA

#618 Oct 15, 2012
Sounds to me someone is claiming they are pregnant by storie or they had another storie baby?Hmmmmm so which is it?

San Diego, CA

#622 Oct 19, 2012
from everything we have read on Psychopaths they are able portray themselves as Dr.s, Lawyers, Cops, etc. They are able to pull anything off on anyone. Even psychiatrist who are trained in dealing with these type of people. So who knows,
blah blah blah blah

Murfreesboro, TN

#624 Oct 20, 2012
you left out habitual liar,is there a class in that? They are so good at it, even their own girlfriends and wives believe what they say haha Most of them cheat, no shit thats not new. Can't figure out why that anyone would think they wouldnt do it to them if they were doing it to be with you or you knew that they done it in the past duhhhh. There are plenty of kids floating around out there and poor ol storie leave his ass alone, if it ends it ends she was told, as was the rest of them and they didnt and won't listen either

Richmond, VA

#628 Oct 24, 2012
to you wrote:
There is one of these so fine cops who is married and with his wife but he claims to be in love with another woman he has been seeing but he also is sleeping with a few other women just for the fun at least that's what he claims now that's what u call a pig!!!!!!!!Now you know which one you are.
I know a man such as this, hes not a cop, but he does drive a tractor trailer for robinette. He thinks he is a true player, his wife is a fool for all he has put her thru. Ladies beware of the big nosed guy that drives a black tractor and trailer, he will play you and you will get burned. Hes a liar, a thief and a druggie.

Fullerton, CA

#629 Oct 24, 2012
angel with no halo wrote:
nope sorry, but i could care less, he lets me watch. and he watches me so good luck darlin..I say more power to ya. sex is sex and has nothing to do with love. i just found this so fake and funny, coming from one sexual maniac to one who wishes they were.
I do recall reading a post where you said your husband works at BSGPD.
In a different thread.

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