24 arrested in drug sweep
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#1 Dec 4, 2007
24 arrested in drug sweep

Tuesday, Dec 04, 2007 - 12:00 AM

BY Kathy Still
Staff Writer

A number of the drugs found on the street in the seventh Operation Street Sweeper again came from Internet-based pharmacies, but authorities noticed a new drug this time.
Suboxone, a drug used by some clinics to treat opiate addictions, was among the prescription drugs being peddled locally, Commonwealth’s Attorney Ron Elkins said Monday.
Fifty-six people face drug charges as a result of the sweep in Wise County.
Suboxone, according to Elkins, has not been as widespread in the region as methadone, but police have been warned they will see it more.
“It’s relatively new,” he said.
The prosecutor said some people claim the drug works well to help wean people off of opiates, but it can be abused just like any other drug.
“People always find a way,” he said.
There are about 30 clinics within a 50-mile radius of Wise County that offer Suboxone, said Suzanne Kerney-Quillen, an assistant prosecutor. The closest is in Lee County, she said.
Although Suboxone was the newest drug, Lortab appeared to be the most popular, Elkins said.
Internet pharmacy companies cast a wide net when it comes to seeking new customers, Elkins said. The prosecutor said he was surprised when he arrived at work recently and Kerney-Quillen handed him a fax that arrived overnight. It seems an Internet pharmacy faxed a flyer to the prosecutors’ office inviting them to check out their prices.
Elkins visited the site and found that all a person has to do to order Lortab or other prescription drugs is claim they have visited a physician and have a valid prescription for the medication.
New legislation proposed by Delegate Bud Phillips, D-Sandy Ridge, could help curb the practice, Elkins said. Phillips and Russell County Commonwealth’s Attorney Mike Bush are working on a bill that would require Internet pharmacies to be licensed in Virginia before they do business with state residents.
A similar bill is touted as helping neighboring Kentucky tackle similar problems.
Officers in Wise County have nabbed nearly 300 people since the Street Sweeper investigation started in April 2006. The roundups and the subsequent publicity has the public involved, he said.
“We’ve gotten a lot of input from the public,” Elkins said.“People have even come to the office to sit down with us and tell us what they know. That’s been very beneficial.”


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#2 Dec 4, 2007
Monday’s roundup included residents from a variety of Wise County towns and Norton, but Elkins said many were from St. Paul and Coeburn. Police chiefs in both towns have worked hard to curb the drug problem, he said.
“It’s making a small dent, but I think there is more to come,” said St. Paul Police Chief Scott Brooks.
Monday’s roundup was the first drug sweep that Brooks and officers from St. Paul participated in, Elkins said. Coeburn Police Chief Willie Stout has been involved in several roundups, the prosecutor said.
Officers nabbed 24 of the 56 people who were indicted earlier on drug-related charges. More arrests are expected soon.
The following were arrested Monday on drug-related charges:
Lindsay Bentley, 28, Norton, distribution of Lortab
Elvira Gilliam, 22, Big Stone Gap, petit larceny
Robert Lane, 39, Big Stone Gap, distribution of Lortab and Fentanyl
Kim Muncy, 38, Big Stone Gap, distribution of Lortab
David Harry Smith, 47, Wise, grand larceny and conspiracy
David Nicholas Smith, 24, Wise, grand larceny and conspiracy
James Aaron Stewart, 34, Wise, distribution of Lortab and conspiracy
Teresa Hamilton, 40, Wise, distribution of Lortab and conspiracy
Ray Allan Branham, 48, Coeburn, distribution of Ritalin
Christina Shanchez Cross, 26, Norton, distribution of Ativan
David Franklin Ramsey, 48, St. Paul, distribution of marijuana
Jerry Salyer, 51, Coeburn, distribution of Lortab
Angelo Marquis Swann, 41, Coeburn, distribution of Lortab and distribution of Xanax
Melissa Flanary, 30, Big Stone Gap, distribution of Lortab
Melissa Elkins, 26, Wise, distribution of cocaine and conspiracy
Marcie Renea Evans, 25, Big Stone Gap, distribution of Lortab
Erika Fleming, 27, Coeburn, distribution of Lortab, distribution of Valium
Lonnie Smith, 44, distribution of Lortab
Travis Atkins, 27, Big Stone Gap, distribution of Suboxone
Robert Jason Fields, 33, Norton, distribution of Lortab
Antwain Hollinger, 29, Appalachia, distribution of cocaine
Gary Don Rose, 43, Coeburn, distribution of Roxicodone
Terri Maria Brinkley, 21, Norton, distribution of marijuana and distribution of marijuana 1,000 feet from a school.

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#3 Jan 21, 2008
Travis Atkins, 27, Big Stone Gap, distribution of Suboxone.....I bet no one that went to school with this kid saw this coming. Lol. What an idiot.

Roanoke, VA

#4 Jan 26, 2008
Does anyone have info on the latest drug arrest's posted in the Post?

Gate City, VA

#5 Mar 8, 2008
maybe the sheriffs office, and even neighbors should complain when they see people coming and going like they are at a fastfood resturant at a certain trailor park in( east stone gap).like at the first week of the month!!come on!!anybody with at least one eye can see this!!this is a fact, i have been at a couple places where they sell wide open!!

United States

#6 Mar 9, 2008
The trailer court in near bob's market is ate up with drugs and those first of month ck's are running rampant

Gate City, VA

#7 Mar 10, 2008
that is one of the ones i was talking about.maybe a few deputies should notice.good job Possey!! thanks for taking the time to read and comment.
Fed Up

Hermitage, TN

#8 Mar 26, 2008
Hell, I have certain Wise County School employees on video selling and doing drugs. Wise County will do NOTHING! I have been to Larry Mullins, Elkins' office, etc. etc. In fact, one of these people visits the trailer park you refer to FREQUENTLY. I was following him out there to get video of where he goes for Larry Mullins and he stopped in the middle of the road and threatened me with a gun! Now, the Prosecutor's office is mad b/c I will not drop the charges (as well as Judge Chad Dotson). They simply do NOT want bad press about Wise County employees - especially when it comes to the school. They should be more worried about WHO is teaching our children!
Fed Up

Hermitage, TN

#9 Mar 26, 2008
Another thing I am upset about is when I tried to schedule an appointment to go to a Wise Co. School Board meeting to propose that Wise Co. Schools have a mandatory drug testing policy, I was REFUSED time to speak by the school board! I even had video evidence supporting what I was referring to - teachers and employees of Wise Co. Schools doing/selling drugs!

I guess if someone wants to make extra money in Wise Co., simply get a job teaching, then start selling dope with no worries!

United States

#10 Mar 27, 2008
Hello Fed If the locals won't do anything , contact the FBI with the evidence. Sounds like the county officials need investigated, also. I personally know of one teacher in Appy that does lortab and smokes weed. I often wondered why he wasn't caught in a drug test. There is a jv middle teacher who does pills and her sister is well known for being a coke head. The teacher passed out at the meetings before the yr began. There was no drug test done She also preys upon the male students, wearing their jackets(in her demented mind, she must think they are going steady, flirting etc. She has called female students "bitch"I'm not a parent, but if some parents knew of this drunken, druggie, sluts actions, I'm sure she'd be fired. She also preys on married men and sleeps w/ Lhs grads that are half her age. If I had video on this slut, I'd post it on u tube.
Fed Up

Hermitage, TN

#11 Mar 29, 2008
Hi Possey. I might know who you are referring to. I do know there are more teachers and even the asst. principal at this teacher's school who are involved. They use to have wild parties and block the right of way we share with them. They blatantly brandish illegal sawed off shotguns, run into the steel posts seperating our properties, drive drunk. This last Summer, the teacher's husband had a bad wreck, while high. He got out of it somehow - reduced to reckless driving. They both brag that they can do what they want to b/c they know people at Wise (I know of two deputies who are their friends and might be dealing with them, one judge in on this and at least two people in the Commonwealth Attorney's office linked to this group at Wise!). I even have one of the deputies on video harassing me, after they called telling him I was shooting (which I am disabled and it took me almost five minutes to get to the door, while he was pounding it down!).

I have called Rick Boucher's Office. However, they told me they don't really get involved with criminal cases and told me to go to the Commonwealth's office (which I did).

Do you have any numbers or a contact I can contact at the FBI or State Police (Boucher's Office did tell me that I might need to contact the State Police about this if I didn't get any help at the County Level)? Any help would be much appreciated.

I have also thought about placing an ad in the local papers for concerned parents - to let them know what is going on and try to get their voices heard (I figured the more the better). Wise County simply picks on certain people in these raids, while letting the bigger problems go (b/c most are employeed by the County). I know for a fact my neighbors are HUGE in the drug trade - they were bringing in drugs from Ohio before the man's brother was killed for drug money (found with carbon monoxide poisoning in his car).

Again, any information you can provide me on someone to contact would be appreciated. Also, do you think I should have a parent "viewing" of these videos - showing the parents what is going on? Again, I think if more people knew and spoke up, we might get something done in Wise Co.!
Fed Up

Hermitage, TN

#12 Mar 29, 2008
BTW - for those of you who want to know when my court date is (for the teacher's husband we caught trying to break in our house, when threatening me - which I have on video!), I will be more than happy to let you know. Simply e-mail me at joejackson1919@comcast.net. I would love if some of you concerned citizens would come to court, as it might help show the judge he cannot let them off Scott Free without others knowing! BTW - when I told the asst. prosecutor I was NOT dropping the charges, he told me he was NOT prosecuting my case - he is making me prosecute my own case! Is this even right?

United States

#13 Mar 31, 2008
Fed you should show the stuff, i'd like to see it. Am shore others will, also.I believe you. When is court date?

La Vergne, TN

#14 Apr 1, 2008
Wise County isn't the place to live.
But I do.Can't we all just get along.CHRIST.
Fed Up

Hermitage, TN

#15 Apr 1, 2008
Agree - feel free to e-mail me at joejackson1919@comcast.net and I will be happy to show you what we have and let you know the Court Date.

Angel - it would be great to get along. I am the type of person who really doesn't care what other do. However, these neighbors have tried to break into my house twice, put sugar in my gas tank, keyed our vehicles, put nails in our tires, thrown rocks at our house, etc. etc. All this b/c we wouldn't let them have any pain medicine! Plus, where she is a school teacher, we can't get the county to do anything when they damage our property. That is why we got the cameras and cam corder - now we have the evidence, just don't know if Wise Co. will do anything even now!
Mom of 2

Max Meadows, VA

#16 Apr 2, 2008
I have 2 boys in school, if one of their teachers were doing drugs I would want to know. Have you tried to go to the school board?
Fed Up

Hermitage, TN

#17 Apr 4, 2008
I have tried to go to the school board. First they told me I couldn't go to a school board meeting and mention anything or show the videos b/c this was a personnel issue (I still have the e-mails from their atty. Scott Mullins regarding this when I sent them a request for time to speak).

I was then told in Jan. that I could file a third party complaint - especially since I had the school teacher on video harassing me at my son's Basketball game. I am still waiting on something to be done, even though I gave the school board hours of video on everything. Also, the School Superintendent viewed the videos months before this at the Commonwealth's atty. office - nothing was done, that was when I started the arduous task of getting the school board to do something!

I have thought about having a "showing" of the videos with several concerned parents. I figure that if more people voice their concerns, the school board might "listen".
Hates Wise County

Christiansburg, VA

#18 May 31, 2008
Fed up go to the press and show your videos on youtube.maybe then someone will take notice.Freedom of speech!!!I would definitely let the public know what was going on.
Fed Up

Hermitage, TN

#19 Jul 16, 2008
Sorry I haven't checked back in a while. However, Hates Wise Co.(love the handle btw), I don't really know how to put a video on youtube. If you want, I can copy it on DVD and send it to you to place on youtube. I can even send copies of the e-mails from Wise Co. School, proving they have copies of the video (plus SEVERAL others) and have done NOTHING. They will not even answer return my e-mails now.

Wise Co. is SUPER CROOKED! Terry Kilgore hand picks the judges now and then practices law - going before the judges he has HAND PICKED!

Also, the Collins boys (attorneys at Wise) have SEVERAL "friends" who get away with SEVERAL charges, simply b/c they have so much power with the Commonwealth Attorney's office - even asst. prosecuting some cases.

The court @ Wise Co. really protects county employess!

Hell, Chad Dotson wouldn't charge the Deputy who shot and killed one man trying to drive away at a gas station. The Deputy claimed he was protecting his fellow Deputy, but shot him as well! Also, the passenger of the vehicle was shot during the Deputy's rampage! The driver was the only person who was killed. So, Chad Dotson (Commonwealth Atty. at the time) makes a statement that the Deputy was right in shooting three people (including another Deputy) the very next day - WITHOUT EVEN INVESTIGATING THE CASE IN DETAIL! What happens to Chad Dotson, he is rewarded with a judge's robe by Terry Kilgore! It does NOT matter how much evidence you have against a County employee in Wise Co., Chad Dotson will find them INNOCENT - I EVEN HAD VIDEO EVIDENCE! Also, Chad Dotson would NOT let me present a lot of the evidence I had and the prosecutor who told me to prosecute the case myself ended up doing the case (with hardly any effort)- he was NOT the original prosecutor! The original prosecutor was actually helpful and wanting to see the School Teacher and her husband face justice - needless to say, he didn't last long (and the case was postponed SIX times!!!).

Afterall, a school teacher was caught last year molesting a student and NOTHING was done. Parents need to become more outraged about Wise Co. and the way they operate. Again, I was in the military six years and had a drug test annually! When I sold insurance, I had drug tests. Even Wal-Mart employees have drug tests. However, Wise Co. does NOT want to give its teachers and employees drug tests and they are around OUR CHILDREN DAILY! THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS! THE ONLY REASON IS THEY KNOW A LARGE % OF THEIR FACULTY AND EMPLOYEES WILL FAIL!!!!!!!!!!
Fed Up

Hermitage, TN

#20 Mar 13, 2009
Things are FINALLY coming out - asst. principal at Middle School (and BEST friend who partied at my neighbors' house forever) is finally arrested. NOW, we will see if my neighbors are next - they claim they cannot get into trouble b/c they are friends with Judge Chad Dotson - we will see shortly, as the paper stated the asst. principal's "associates" are still to be served!

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