younger men and older women

Wise, VA

#334 Oct 23, 2012
farmette wrote:
<quoted text>
I am finding the same thing. I usually response saying, " I am not seeking a grandson thanks". One was actually "offended" at my response.
Not sure what they are on about. It is more weird than complimentary or flattering.
I watched a news show about Cougars and apparently we older women who seek out younger men are called cougars and there of course is a book about it written by a 50 something woman from England who is having herself a great time.
I always thought younger men would be the answer since men on average die earlier than women and I have already been alone too much of my life, but not so totally young so you need to babysit them.
They seem to be surfing for us and using the line that they think we know what we want. And we do and it is not a rerun of The Graduate.
Why wouldn't he be offended? No need to be rude.

San Diego, CA

#335 Oct 24, 2012
hey sassy how you doin' sexy i realy wouldlove to meet you and woman like you means me more than anithing .....i'm very active male ,,energetic open minded fun to be around for woman like you are i would sepnd my last drop

San Antonio, TX

#336 Oct 24, 2012
aado wrote:
hey sassy how you doin' sexy i realy wouldlove to meet you and woman like you means me more than anithing .....i'm very active male ,,energetic open minded fun to be around for woman like you are i would sepnd my last drop
And dumber than a freaking coal bucket without a handle!

San Diego, CA

#338 Oct 26, 2012
BLASTKIST dam girl u dont look 39 u look better then most 20yr olds

Fullerton, CA

#339 Oct 27, 2012
Hmmm.... maybe this is my problem for why it took me so long to get a boyfriend... a lot of women complain that they look too old, but it can actually help... me, I look younger than what I really am (by about 5 years, 3 on average) so maybe that throws a few people off from saying hi to me or trying to pick me up someplace. I guess it also depends on the crowd, too.

Me personally, I've dated 3 guys who were younger than me... but not by much.I know too many girls close to my age who catch a lot of crap for doing stuff like that. The guy who was the youngest was only 7 months younger than me. I don't think it really matters though. Older or younger... age shouldn't be an issue. A conversation point, sure, but not an issue.

Still... if I were single... I know I could have a lot of fun.... but I'm taken so I have to be a good girl.
Just Saying

Wise, VA

#340 Oct 27, 2012
I'm an older woman and I have had younger men! They are not set in their ways like the older men! Older guys are trying to hurry, they don't have much time until it quits working! Younger guys are happy to please and they do know what they are doing! Always happy and a big smile! Wonder why?????

San Diego, CA

#341 Oct 29, 2012
you are so sexy and i would love to

San Diego, CA

#344 Oct 31, 2012
Desperate ..........NO WAY Some men just enjoy the company of older women

I have never had any qualms about age at all...... younger or older.

In my early twenties I dated a lot of older women, and although I did date women my age I dated more older women because more older women were interested in me. I got that "your and old soul" alot.

I found that older women are much less drama, incredibly patient and giving lovers, can spend hours and hours in bed playing, Like to go to more intellectual venues and are great conversationalists

In other words they're different from most young women and variety is the spice of life.

At 23 I dated a 63 year old woman........ I wasn't looking for it started very innocently

No regrets ever based on age...... the age thing was never the problem

and since I've been single again I've been out with women from 19 - 65
miss claudia

Fullerton, CA

#346 Nov 2, 2012
I have also found that young men treat a woman different than an older gentleman.
your name here

Corryton, TN

#348 Nov 4, 2012

San Diego, CA

#349 Nov 4, 2012
my past few relationships have been with women elder to me and i know it for a fact the next is gonna be with 1 too for various reasons

San Diego, CA

#351 Nov 6, 2012
Yes i agree most of them are just plain horny but there are a few genuine men that are attracted to olderwomen, i have my own reasons but has nothing to do with being horny

Jonesville, VA

#352 Nov 7, 2012
I have also dated younger guys...the most being 13 years my junior! He treated me like a queen...his only fault was that he was super jealous...and I couldn't handle that so I broke up with him. If not for that..he would have been perfect!

Fullerton, CA

#353 Nov 7, 2012
xotic73.....your an exception ok cause ya cute!.....No seriously though, there is a difference between early 30's and late teens. I mean by 30 you would expect that a man's knowledge would have expanded, late teens? mmmmmm........Hormones

San Diego, CA

#355 Nov 9, 2012
I'm a little puzzled by responses I've received from younger women. I think most men and women my age automatically attribute this attraction to horniness, wants a daddy or mommy or a sugar daddy or sugar mommy. I deal with it simply by not dating younger women. I happen to think that mature women are more attractive to me from many perspectives similar life / age reference, perspective and I happen to think that a mature woman who has maintained her health and fitness is sexier - both from a physical and mental perspective.

Big Stone Gap, VA

#356 Nov 10, 2012
Age it a matter of the mind if you don't mind it doesn't matter! So go with that.

Gate City, VA

#357 Nov 10, 2012
it happens

San Diego, CA

#358 Nov 10, 2012
Of course there are younger guys who just want the experience with an older woman and are not looking for anything meaningful. There are also younger men who truly prefer having meaningful relationships with older women - PERIOD. I've run into both kinds and I still run into both kinds but I know how to tell the difference after (usually) the first conversation. For over the last 10 years my relationships have all been with men 10 to 20 years younger than myself. Most of these relationships were meaningful. Few of them weren't - just as they might or might not have been with men of any age. Just because the relationships didn't last forever, does not mean they were not meaningful. Most of these relationships ended for reasons that had nothing to do with age. Note: I've had relationships with guys my own age that I ended because the men turned out to be totally immature.

If younger men eventually want children of their own, and you don't (for whatever reasons)- this may be a factor in that this relationship has a known expiration date from the start. However, not all younger men want children of their own. Most of the guys I was involved with did not want to have any children of their own hence that would not have been an issue in my personal relationships/experiences.

It's not always about sex. There are plenty of guys of the same age (whether that's in their 20s, 30s, 40s, etc.) who just want sex. That doesn't depend on someone's age but someone's mental state. When I was in my early thirties and still dating men older than myself, I ran into many men in their 40s and 50s that just wanted sex and nothing more. It was in my early thirties that I began to open my eyes to younger men. Being in my mid-thirties, they were (at that time) in their mid-twenties. I'd find myself jokingly saying "damned, they didn't make boys like that when I was growing up!" Perhaps it is these last 2 generations that is totally different. In fact, the more I live, and the more I learn, I see that men in their twenties today tend to be a lot more mature than when I was growing up.

Many of my male friends (friends only not ex-lovers) are men in their twenties. Their number one and two and three complaints about women their own age is that women their own age are just looking for a good time (i.e., someone to spend big bucks on them) and to get married to someone that can show them a good time and spend bucks on them. The third complaint is that women their own age play games whether they are intentional or not - they tell me that women in their twenties have no clue of what they want - one minute it's this, one minute it's that. Basically, the combined complaint is that women their age just want to be entertained and are either high-maintenance demanding or lethargic and expect the man to do all the thinking, doing, etc.

Fullerton, CA

#359 Nov 11, 2012
Sheesh, we older women can't win. Either the older guys won't date us because they think we have given up on sex, or they tell us that the younger ones are only after us because they think we are desperate for sex.
miss claudia

Seattle, WA

#360 Nov 12, 2012
I think older guys date younger women,( sometimes leaving a great wife of 20 years or so)not because older women dont want sex, but because they think THEY are getting old, and a young woman being attracted to them makes them feel attractive.. They also like being seen with a young woman! For some reason men feel the need to prove they still can!!!!

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