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Natural Bridge, VA

#43 Nov 13, 2012
Can someone tell me where this church is located? If someone doesn't mind, explain to me where exactly it is. I am originally from Big Stone and have family in several churches there. I don't know the names of most churches and if someone could tell me what it is near, or what road, I'd greatly appreciate it. Also, if anyone is willing to give the pastors name/or the abuser, I'm sure people would want to know. Thank you.

Charlotte, NC

#44 Nov 14, 2012
It is the Assembly of God with pointy roof going to hospital. People need to know it. What kind of pastor or people think even to put your hands on a woman in disrespect at all is okay? They trivialize that and make excuses and justify and try their best to find fault with the girl. Ou heard she was cheating even though by the parents own admission he was always seeing other girls, and this justifies it??? What are they teaching you people

United States

#45 Nov 14, 2012
Sad. I have taught my 2 boys respect for women. I can't imagine what it would do to your head to have someone preach and then live something else entirely when you are this young, in serious prayer for all involved.

United States

#46 Nov 14, 2012
Penn state, funny, but unfortunately true in most organizations such as churches. Come on people, when will there be a zero tolerance, a staff member having relationships with a girl in his youth group 5 years younger than him???? That is a predator any way you paint it.

Natural Bridge, VA

#47 Nov 14, 2012
Ireally know nothing about this situation but what I have read here. However let me say loudly if this is true, if this young man did this or anywhere near this to the young woman then the ONE and ONLY correct way for it to be handled was to call the police on his. I don't care who he is or whose son he is. There is NO other correct way in the eyes of God almighty to handle this than to call the police. If any of the church members or goers know this to be the truth and are upholding how the pastor handled it then you better hit the altar of God and also find you another church to attend. IF, I say again, it is true in any part and you uphold the pastor not calling the police on his son then you are just as guilty as the pastor.
holdup wrote:
not everyone in the church feels the same, there are a lot of us that totally agree with how the parents handled this and love both parties involoved. I pray for those people that have a mind set to be angry or assume they would not do the same thing in their shoes, or worse. A lot of us have been there for this girl all the way

United States

#48 Nov 14, 2012
Amen. If he touched her in any way for any reason, had any type of inappropriate relationship with her, and any of you support not turning him in to the police much less support gossip and slander that down plays his part and makes excuses further tearing down this girls' family then God help all of you. Pray that someone teaches this girl all godly men are not pretending. You cannot be on the fence or Luke warm or continuously living in sin for years and still beat godly man, I have a bible if any of you need one

United States

#49 Nov 14, 2012
Do I understand this right, grandfather goes there and supports pastor?? Oh what is this world come to?? If any word of this is true, if he slapped her, touched her in anyway even mutual agreement, much less any of the rest, you people are nuts. Baby, I am in tears for you on my knees. Jesus loves you enough to die for you. He says you are to find a man who treats you like precious rubies. God means for you to have a man who loves and.respects you, your parents, and above God . Don't let one man who mocks God, his calling, his church, and his parents ruin your life because God has a plan for your future, plans for you to prosper and live a life filled with the love He intends you to have. I am in prayer for you and for God to fight your battles for you. God help any of you who involved in not publicly and loudly supporting this girl and family.

Charlotte, NC

#50 Nov 15, 2012
Sounds like crappy parenting on both parties sides to me

Charlotte, NC

#51 Nov 16, 2012
Yeah, what's wrong with parents who didn't turn this boy into the law? Sounds like they are just as bad. You don't allow this type of behavior to your daughter! Step up and be real parents.

Hamer, SC

#52 Nov 27, 2012
I doubt the girl wanted it announce to the whole world. It's hard enough going through it and having no one supporting her... The parents were probably just trying to protect their daughter from other people who would try to say its her fault

Stanfield, NC

#53 Nov 28, 2012
Unfortunately, that's why people keep getting away with this type of thing. It is easier to bury it and forget about it for the victims but if you are violent or mentally abusive at this age and in a position of authority, odds are this will happen to the next girl that doesn't do what he wants or at best there will be control issues. It is sad that this is the cycle people agree unwilling to break. I think people in a position that are looked up to especially get excuses made for them and reasoning to place blame elsewhere when really inside we know better.

Richmond, VA

#54 Nov 28, 2012
It should be againist the law to come on here and make a thread and then not clarify what the heck your talking about. Others have asked and was ignored.
1. What church and where is it located?
2. Name of Pastor?
3. Is the church still fuctioning?

Charlotte, NC

#55 Dec 5, 2012
For the person who said she was cheating...they were not dating the boy told the girl repeatedly WE ARE NOT DATING and you aren't holy enough. When she decided to try and move on he apparently didn't like it.
As for it should be illegal to post stuff without clarifying... This whole site should be because honestly this doesn't even need to be on here... I'm only on here because I know the girls family...and I know this has been very hard for them

Radford, VA

#56 Dec 5, 2012
Once again, we still don't know what church this is or where it is located. And who is the Pastor? Can someone please answer that without skirting around it. I'm not good with the area so where exactly is this church in Big Stone? And I'm not asking for the girls name but I'm sure several people would like to know the boys name. I mean, if you people are going to talk about the bad things he has done then why not put his name? That tells me that perhaps this story isn't as true as you say it is.

Charlotte, NC

#57 Dec 5, 2012
It's New Hope Assembly of God next to the new car wash. I think the pastor is Whitten maybe but I'm not for sure my daughter was in the youth group few years ago....

Nashville, TN

#58 Dec 6, 2012
Was looking back through posts and saw name of church, first name of boy, last name of family, and directions, and I don't think much more information on what happened could be on here unless you want specific details for some weird reason. Can you people read?

Blacksburg, VA

#59 Dec 6, 2012
Well excuse the hell out of me! I too have looked back through the posts and I don't recall seeing the name of the pastor nor the name of the boy...however, I did see the name of the church several times. Please direct me to a post that mentioned the name of the boys name or the pastor if you don't mind. I did ask where the church was located even though that question had already been partially answered already....only because I am not that familiar with Big Stone. Of course I can read and I'm sure others on here can as well, but thank you for your concern.....jackass!

Charlotte, NC

#60 Dec 6, 2012
The girl is a senior this year...i was devastated when i heard about this...the parents are amazing people and I pray they find I can't imagine the hurt and anger that has fallen on this family.

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