Investigators arrest four men after f...

Investigators arrest four men after finding more than 100 grams of crack cocaine

There are 44 comments on the story from Nov 11, 2009, titled Investigators arrest four men after finding more than 100 grams of crack cocaine. In it, reports that:

Authorities arrested four people Tuesday after investigators found about 118 grams of suspected crack cocaine at a Longview home, according to a police news release.

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Houston, TX

#1 Nov 21, 2009
well from what i been hearing from the street there is a dealer bye the name of deborah prater a.k.a.-deborah freeman age 48 about 5'6'' white and lives near kimberly st and clinton st some where around there but it very clear in what i been told she just got out of jail from the woman gatesville crain unit in april 2009 and has been here in longview livein with some old people i been told they knew her in jail for many years and they knew about her crime in drugs and now she back here in town again ????

dont get me wrong but i think this woman should be back in jail to do her time and stay there she might be a old woman but they told me ( don't let her looks fool you ) she can say things that make you what you want to heard , so people told me also that she scam someone from gatesville who but i think this guy was takein for a fool .

so the point is that i think people who deal in drugs now and the past should be lock up and stay there with out no support and to the people of longview , tx my friends if you know this woman deborah prater a.k.a.-- deborah freeman report her to the police or her parole officer in downtown longview people like us should be on a look out of people like deborah prater and many like her livin in our town .

thanks my friends
not a drama queene

Port Neches, TX

#2 Nov 30, 2009
this person deborah ann freeman prater lives in wills point texas.with waynen & her x mother inlaw
not a drama queene

Port Neches, TX

#3 Nov 30, 2009
this person deborah ann freeman prater lives in wills point texas.with wayne & her x mother inlaw

“Do it 2 it”

Since: Nov 09

toccoa georgia

#4 Dec 5, 2009
that sure is along way from longview


#5 Dec 10, 2009
wills point wheres that town

Port Neches, TX

#6 Dec 17, 2009


#7 Dec 27, 2009
so this deborah is she livin with waynen & her x mother inlaw still or is she still fakein in where she livein i seen this woman before and she dont say much if it she was hideing from someone and she dont want people to know who she is i think she might be hideing from the law and dont want anyone to she who she with at times an she has a cocky voice and wear these big sun glasses i have a sister at the gatesville crain unit i will ask her about this person and find out about her maybe i will find out alot on her but who knows if she a bad woman then i think we people at longview should be care full of this old woman she might be doing something that we people in longview dont know about i will see when i see my sister in gatesville , tx


#8 Jan 15, 2010
hello again
i came from gatesville to see my sister from the crain unit and what she told me that this woman deborah prater was a scaming men for money and trying to get support from these men and have them sent money she also said that she did not have many friends to talk too and spend most of her time alone she did have some websites like friends behide the wall and write a prisoner dot com and she did get about more than 15 letters a day and my sister told me that most of time the mail room had to put her letters on the side to check them out she did scam a man out of his money and he did not know that she was scaming him big time many of the women said he was a good man but he was about to be put in a spot bye her getting him to do things for her with out the gards know whats going on and she started to see her son again back in 2008 now in what my sister saids now she never went to live with this guy she made a run for it with out saying anything about it alot about her is been said now that she not here at crain unit many of the woman here never like her because she could not be trusted and that why many women did not like her at all so this woman deborah prater is a very , very , bad woman that you should not trust at all so why she out now i dont think that people that know her should be carefull and call the police and let them know what she up too and call the parole office in downtown longview and let them know what going on with this woman and to any body that knows her remember she on parole and anything that she doing bad should be reported to the police or parole office and if she staying at wills point tx then she should be reported because as far from what my sister told me she should not be livein at 2 address just one so anybody report her if she livin somewhere else thats to my sister i and many of you will know who is deborah ann prater this is what my sister told me about her she age 48 born aug 21 1961 she about 5'6'' and about 170 lbs and very white and eyes are green and wears glasses this for now is what my sister has told me if someting comes up i will let all to know


#9 Jan 22, 2010
this woman deborah i know her an i met her at sometime ago and she look ok but when i found out about this chick from this site i did background check on her and i could not beleave this woman has a criminal list in what she done and i found out she live at clinton st 1900 block with some old people livin there i did not know what to say to myself about this woman i met but i know now what kind of bad woman she is now as last check i found out bye word of mouth she move out at this address and now what i know now she livin at wills point tx i think there was too much heat in this town an she wanted to move out because people know who she is and this guy she with now i sure in time he dont want notting to do with this woman that came back intoo his life but it up to him and if he wants too kick her out and go some where else that what i think it will happen she will have no place to go but just be on the run she will be arrested in time trust me i see people like her go back in jail it would be better to shoot her self and dont worry about anything that what i think !!!


#10 Apr 22, 2010
i know deborah prater and yes she in wills point,tx now but for how long she was livin with harold bowdoin at 1901 clinton st with his wife i dont know why she left that place but what i understand from people i know she was staying for a short time but never live at the place every day intill her parole officer got word that she was not staying her most of the time and a man she was seeing at harold home did not go well and she wanted out so she had to find a new place to move i dont think she will be livin at her new place in wills point,tx word has it she owes money from some guy that she scam when she was in gatesville,tx and never went home to him i sure feed sorry for the guy

i very sure that deborah thinks she free but she not she will be on parole and she will have her past come at her and what i understand from what i hear that her son jason logan is being watch because deborah is seeing him when she can her son is part of a white power gang in jail so it not over for her it will be a matter of time deborah will be back in jail because of her past and the man she rip off it not over intill the lady sings
so yes she livin in wills point,tx and soon people will know about her sooner or later

United States

#13 Aug 26, 2010
not much of a catch for this area.

Dallas, TX

#14 Sep 14, 2010
wills point is in van Zander county. 276 toward quinlan

Dallas, TX

#15 Sep 14, 2010
Van zandt county

Dallas, TX

#16 Sep 14, 2010
She owns her own home on the same property as her ex mother in law in wills point

San Antonio, TX

#17 Sep 23, 2010
it looks like that im not the only one that knows deborah ann prater not to long ago i had a friend told me that she was asking him for money and she was sick of cancer or that what she told him and he did not beleave her at all and he hear bye word of mouth that she con her way in getting some old man that was in his 90's and make him co sign a car loan and she never talk to him again let put this way she made a run for it and when he told me that she was in gatesville crain unit at gatesville tx she was useing a ad from write a prisoner dot com to get men to sent her money and get support in order for her to get as many men and people she can to get parole i did some checking on this an yes she did have an ad dated far back as 2003 i did see that ad and i think she just wanted to make men beleave in what she wanted botton line she just want support and money i know a gard at gateville crain and did call this person up to find out something and how much money she was getting well it looks like she was getting lots of money and lots of letters from her ad man i can bleave she was useing this guys big time and what i was told bye this gard she was asking these guys if they wanted to get marry and so on and she did have 2 of these men visiting her at the same month i ask the person where were they from one was from seguin,tx and san antonio,tx these guys were seeing her at the same month every month but never met in person she was playing them good and makeing sure that these men dont meet and the gard also said she was playing them good i have some friends and family that live at wills point and what they also said she dont talk to many people she keeps to her self and i think she starting to worry about what people might or know about her and that she good in fooling people and letting them know she a good person i dont think so !!! in time my friends and family will keep me update on her and let me know if they hear something about her but i feel sorry to these guys that were scam bye her and she should not be trusted at all she just an old lady that went to her old bad ways and she wants to con any man that has money or what ever the case may be so bottom line i think she should pay for crimes and give these guys there money back and how did she get her owe home where did the money come from if she has money give these guys back there money but i dont think she will never give it back she notting but a loser and like her and her ex husband wayne logan they are notting but bad news her and him should be back in jail togetter and the men she com or rip off will laught at her only time will tell if she ever goes back to jail im just mad about this and i hope i met this parole deborah prater or what ever name she use and tell her you are rip off and bad woman to live here in wills point ,tx you should go back to your home in jail i hope that i will say that to her ---- deborah look out people are knowing what kind of person you are you might fool others but not me and my friends and family you watch out parole woman thats all i have to say and thats my point of view
girl from the unknow

United States

#18 Oct 22, 2010
so what the deal with this deborah prater and how did she get the money to get a house that one thing i would like to know i smell a con parole rat and she intoo no good
x friend of deborah

San Antonio, TX

#19 Dec 18, 2010
well i see that im not the only one that knows this deborah freeman now calls her self deborah prater logan she got to many names that i lost count i use to be a friend of deborah and i knew she live with this old man address harold bowdoin at 1901 clinton st at longview tx all i can tell you yes she lives in wills point tx and she did get a house now as for where did she get the money i beleive that she been conning men for there money over the years when she was in gatesville jail and what i do know she still at it where she lives now i have been told that she did con a 92 old man to co sigin a car loan and she made was run for it afther the deal was done and she has not been in contack with the old man as for harold bowdoin whats his deal in letting a con jail bird live at his home that because she knew him from letters that he was senting her over the years and that he knew about what she was doing ripping off men for there money and when she was out he offer a job to work with him intill she get a house in wills point,tx and before she move out because the heat was on and she was freaking out that she knew that someone she owes money too was going to get there pay back on her so she did had to move out soon and harold knew that she had to go and before she left she had to give him money that deborah and harold and very few people knew about im one of them she give him $15,000 from a lawsuit she won back some years ago to have harold bowdoin keep his mouth quite he knew to much how much did deborah get from the lawsuit it was about $64,000 a guy name james tayor from dallas was saveing her money intill the time was right to get it back to her and he too got his part of the money just like harold bowdoin so just to let you know yes she is a bad woman and she still conning men for money i think that people in longview should ask harold bowdoin how does is feel to get money to keep quite and why you let deborah prater live in your home afther what she done to some people lives and just mess things up for them and still getting away with it it must be nice to be part of a crime and not say notting to your friends or family you too are a bad people that is now part of this and i will let people know in longview know that she watch out for deborah prater logan and dont trust harold bowdoin and his business number dont work anymore i try to call but it a non working number i know he hidding from everybody just like deborah prater bad girl from gatesville jail
ex friend of deborah

San Antonio, TX

#20 Dec 31, 2010
Weather wrote:
She owns her own home on the same property as her ex mother in law in wills point
so how in the hell did she get a house in wills point tx in the first place i think people like me would want to know if you know something or you know deborah say something in what i been told she liveing very good and she still ripping off men for money and what's her ex mother in law name ?????
knows deborah

United States

#21 Feb 17, 2011
Yes she is still ripping people off. My parents. She has convinced them she has a business serving the Dallas County Jail. She just keeps stringing them along.....need just $400 more then we will get a huge return on our money......but that day never comes. I don't know what to do to stop her because they beleive whatever she says, but I am thinking of things to do.
knew deborah in prision

United States

#22 Feb 17, 2011
dallas, texas.
Yall all can stop worrin. I talk to deborah about a mont ago and she tole me she found new "friend" that dont have a clue. She dont have that kia no more now a red hummer. I try to find out his name but he is still give her money. She told him she run the commisary at dallas co. jail. Her boyfriend talk him into giving him some money to for mom doctor bills.

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