Dover, Tenn has radical Islamic terro...
The Yankee

Ashburn, VA

#22 Jul 17, 2009
2 miles east as the crow flies from Corn Head corner.

Powder Springs, GA

#23 Jul 17, 2009
the watcher wrote:
<quoted text>
Yes, somebody please give us an address.
Still waiting!
Stanley Clarksville TN

United States

#24 Aug 27, 2009
It is off of Eagle Loop and it is most definitely a training camp. I know a UPS driver that delivered there and i know people that live on the road. There is plenty of evidence it is radicalized. Too bad the people of Carlisle and Dover have not demanded action to remove them. Dover does vote democratic most elections. I guess there are sympathizers there who think the US deserved 911 like Obama's preacher said.

Jackson, TN

#25 Aug 28, 2009
What can ppl in West Tn do to help in this? Surely there are contacts w/in the govt we can make? Please get your community organized (surely Obama would not oppose this? lol)and let others know how to help you in Dover.
Mexican Mafia

Ashburn, VA

#26 Aug 29, 2009
Grab your rifles and join them !!!
all eyes are upon you

Clarksville, TN

#27 Nov 4, 2009
Lived in good ole indian mound/big rock 20 years of my life I have heard of a militia group in the area and usually any day of the week you can hear automatic gunfire from the cross creeks area. However there has never been a problem from these said people since I have lived here besides they are quite outnumbered yeah they may take out a few people but that wouldnt be smart seeings how there are oh say 100,000 troops plus many of folks with guns in the area. Now with that said I own quite a few guns as well as all my friends we go out shoot and very accurately and competively does that make us a militia of snipers in training???
Care Bear

Powder Springs, GA

#28 Nov 6, 2009
With a muslim president and what happened at Fort Hood in Texas who knows what will happen next? They probaly thought that muslim was a good soldier. Well he was, but for the wrong side.
USArmy _Mom_of_ One

United States

#29 Nov 6, 2009
Learn something new everyday..
appears in your post

Bowling Green, KY

#30 Nov 27, 2009
If it was the Klan, y'all would be bringin em peach cobbler, sweet tea, and askin em over to the Sunday service.

Ashland City, TN

#31 Dec 16, 2009
And if you were an idiot you would be from Princeton, KY. This is not the only training camp in the US, there are hundreds. They might not bother anybody at the moment but they may when they are all told it is time. I hope we have a change in government soon that will address these terrorist camps. If they don't then the people will have to eventually.

Valdosta, GA

#32 Dec 27, 2009
I live in Stewart County and I've had enough of this place! These muslims live on Eden Way, outside of Carlyle. When it comes to taking out the bad guys, our sheriffs dept is spineless.
Erick W Miller Author

United States

#33 Dec 29, 2009
Boogerpoops wrote:
There is a small group of Muslims living in Stewart County. Mostly women and children, very few men. They are from the New York area and live in run-down old trailers off a dirt and gravel road. As being a terrorist training camp, I'm not so sure about that. There is also a Korean community in Stewart County with their own school and such. I guess the biggest threat to Stewart County are all the 'Carpetbaggers' from the North. Some born and raised folks in Dover would love to bring back the good old days and have neck-tie parties. Unfortunately 'The New South' are all wearing designer sheets these days.
Howdy Stranger. I was born in Chicago ad lived all around America I recently bought a home and piece of land in Stewart County with a Dover mailing address. I'm a conservative Christian and an Infantry Veteran of the Vietnam War. I came to this site to learn of the danger of an Islamic training camp nearby and to see if my knowledge and expertise could be used. I'm one of the men who fought for your right to express yourself. I must say, I'm disappointed to read your hatred of yankees. Having lived in Georgia, Texas, Illinois, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Arkansas AND having put myself in harms way (I was a Pointman in the 101st) while wearing the uniform, I have to ask myself, "Who is this bigot writing such foolishness?" The man I named my son after is from Chattanooga. He had no problems walking this yankee's slack while he carried a machine gun. He trusted me and had confidence in my ability. I always thought that everyone from Tennessee was pretty cool. I'm happy to live in a dry county in the Bible Belt. I won't hold your bad attitude against the rest of these fine people. Sure, there are folks from up north who are real jerks. Still, I hold up Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton as two examples of southerners who disappointed me. Please don't hold Rod Blagojevich, Richie Daley, and Barack Obama against the many fine people born north of the Mason/Dixon line. Most of us didn't vote for Obama. One question, stranger: "Are you even a veteran?"
Erick W. Miller

United States

#34 Jan 30, 2010
There is, in fact, a group of Muslims living a few miles down Eden Way Rd in Stewart County, just outside of Dover. The sign at the entrance of their "compound" says "Little Islam". Check it out for yourself. They remain quiet and to themselves, for the most part, but who knows why they're here?

Brentwood, TN

#35 Feb 2, 2010
I live in Dover and have been to the Islamic community in question. It is not a terrorist training camp and the sheriff can't do anything to remove them because they haven't broken any laws. They keep to themselves because there are so many ignorant people who think they're terrorists. The Christian Action Network is the least reliable source of information in teh world.
Mr Tennessee

United States

#36 Feb 7, 2010
I am a loyal AMERICAN, I live in middle Tn. I believe that our government chooses to let them train so we can watch and learn from them by doing that we will know what they are planning and how to counter it with NO AMERICAN casulties. I know there are good god fearing AMERICANS out there who would agree with me.

Clarksville, TN

#37 Feb 7, 2010
It will be on the 10:00 news tomorrow news team 5.
here in bedford

Dillon, SC

#38 Feb 7, 2010
well bedford has seen its share of FORCED intergration by these people and iin way larger numbers than dover.tyson chicken plant here along with the catholic churches in nashville and other liberal organizations are responsible.from locals being set aside and left out in hiring at tyson to the khat or what ever it is called drug they chew to even local law enforcemtn complaining of the drug and gang activity.Aswell as muslims passing through and stealing cars then stopping by a church and trying to force their way into the church to rape innocent christian defensless women.Savagery YES peaceful **** NO.Tyson even tried to take away labor from the american workers for some al futarded day which they did not pass on because people united and stood up for.Tyson needs to be tossed out with the terrorists.

Since: Feb 10

Valdosta, GA

#39 Feb 8, 2010
Conserivative Republican wrote:
DEPORT THEM. IS Dover a liberal place? Too many Yankee-Democrats move down there from up north? Why do y'all tolerate them!!
Must be some Hillary Clinton/Obama supporters, most republican conservative places wouldn't tolerate these anti Christian terrorists!
Number one Im not a dang OBAMA supporter LOL! This town USED to be very conservative, but the more the town expands and the more I talk to new ppl and some of the old tymers that have lived here a long time, its pretty clear they are pretty liberal which I AM NOT. I'm a very conservative person and always have been and I've lived here my entire life and the way things are done in this town really irritate me but its not like I would have a say-so in how they run things. The crap that goes on here now makes me want to knock parents especially in the face because of what they allow their children to do so yeah Dover has become pretty liberal in a lot of ways & it makes me sick.
I will not tell my name

United States

#40 Feb 8, 2010
I live in Dover Tn and I have seen many muslim people around the town.The people of Dover are kind And I dont think that terroism has been practiced near here.I will do more research about it

Clarksville, TN

#41 Feb 8, 2010
girlie girl wrote:
so if it has been identified as a terrirost camp then why has it not been busted ??
Im sure the government is watching it very closely.....

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