Dekalb Dental Group may be robbing you

Dekalb, IL

#22 Feb 8, 2008
It sounds to me like the Dr's at DeKalb Dental Group are providing Lifetime Dental Care and giving patients the option of doing treatment. I have seen the dentists there and have experienced nothing but them telling me what was wrong and what could be done to help me. I always felt in control and was glad that I was given options and that they were honest with me.

Thermal, CA

#23 Feb 13, 2008
This dental practice is fradulent and unethical. I have filed a complaint against them with my insurance company. I went in for a new patient exam for a routine cleaning and was told I needed $2500 worth of dental care. One appointment they told me I had 6 cavities and the 2nd appointment they told me I had 7 cavities. Unfortunately, I let them drill on one side of my mouth before I sought a second opinion. The 2nd opinion told me they had drilled where there were NO cavities and the perio scale and root planing was needed "like a whole in the head". He said one of the fillings they had put in was bad and that he will have to replace it. Needless to say, I will NEVER go to DeKalb Dental Group again. They also gave me an estimate showing 100% coverage by my insurance and of course things were not covered. BEWARE of DEKALB DENTAL GROUP. They have also had a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

Rockford, IL

#24 Feb 21, 2008
Heidi Hatfield wrote:
I went to Dekalb dental group about a month ago because of a severly cracked tooth and another one that was a cavity. They did every kind of test imaginable that my insurance covered. Every test I got they would say oh your insurance covers this. After 2 hours, they told me that my 2 teeth could be saved and would need root canal therapy (what?). They wanted to do this that day. I had asked how much I would have to pay and they proceeded to tell me my portion would be $650.00 which would need to be paid that day. I told them I could not afford that and they tried to get me on their patient program. I told them I would have to think about this and call them back. I called my dentist that I normally go to and she got me in right away. I had told her what these people had said to me and after looking at my 2 teeth, she said that there was no way that they could be saved and did not know what these people are talking about. My dentist also discovered that these 2 teeth were infected and had to take my teeth out right away. I will never go back to these people. I wanted to find someone who was close but I guess it pays to make a 40 minute drive to get the right diagnosis and care. From now on, I will be making that drive no matter what. I help this helps other people. Always get a second opinion. I'm glad I did. It saved me 200.00. The only thing I had to pay for was the laughing gas and novicane which my insurance does not cover which cost 400.00 but was well worth it!!!!!
I hope you know that laughing gas should never cost 400.00 and novicaine cannot be charged's against the law to charge you for novicaine!

Bloomington, IL

#25 Feb 27, 2008
I have been going to Dekalb Dental Group for the last 2 years and I have never been to an office with such great employees and Dr's like I have been experiencing at Dekalb Dental Group. They always explain every treatment up front before I have any work done. They go as far as calling my insurance and getting a complete breakdown of what they cover and at what percentages, so that when they show me a print out of my treatment needed it has a column showing their office fee, a second column showing what my patient fee would be and a third column showing what my insurance will be covering, and they also make sure to let me know that the insurance amount is only and estiment. And I have called my insurance when I received my explaination of benefits wondering why they didn't pay as much as Dekalb Dental Group quoted, and they have explained why and were very up front. So after I have been giving my treatment plan, I sign it and the assistant also signs it and then I schedule my appointment. All off the girls up front that check me out have done a great job (everytime) reviewing the treatment and ask me again if there were any questions or if there was something that I didnt understand, in which they would go over it with me again. It's important to me to keep up with my oral mouth care, and making sure you go every 6 months or if you have perio like myself you go every 3 months. It seems to me that what I am reading by other peoples post on this blog, that when you don't keep up with your check ups and you finally go to the dentist and they present you with a treatment plan that is long and costly, you should be expecting that as your mouth is just as important as going to your medical doctor as you normally do. If your insurance isnt paying for a certain service, thats not Dekalb Dental Groups fault, thats the kind of insurance you are paying for. I sugguest to anyone reading these blogs to really know your insurance up front before you post negative information without even calling your insurance. It's actually a favor that Dekalb Dental Group does for their patients, old or new, to get a break down for you. However there are ignorant people out there that have never called their insurance to see what they actually cover, nor do they even read the explaination of benefits that come in the mail to you, to let you know what they have paid your dental office....... So thank you Dekalb Dental Group for always being up front with me and doing an excellent job of keeping my mouth healthy!!!!! I would also like to extend a HUGE THANKYOU for checking my mouth for ORAL CANCER with the Vizilite test and letting me know that I didn't have cancer, as cancer runs in my family and its great to know that I can have this test done once a year right at my dental appointment, thank you from a very much apprectiated patient. I will continue to refer your office to everyone I know.......... Thanks again, Sam

Bloomington, IL

#26 Feb 27, 2008
jordan wrote:
i'm glad i ran across this board. i've been a dekalb resident for 3 years now. have been a student up to december. has anybody had any experiences with Lifetime Dental Care of Illinois in Dekalb? its the only practice that my potential insurance will carry. Their address comes up on google map but i cant find the practice or any of the dentists in the phone book for dekalb or on the internet.
Lifetime Dental Care, is at Dekalb Dental Group which is at 2707 Sycamore Rd, Dekalb IL 60115. If you are familiar with Rt 23 better known as Sycamore Rd, they are in the same building as Fifth Third Bank on the corner of Oakland and Rt. 23, hope this helps.

Plainfield, IN

#27 Feb 28, 2008
bonnie wrote:
I decided to change dentists after the hygenist at DeKalb Dental Group told me that I had to get my teeth cleaned every three months, even though my insurance would only pay for a cleaning every 6 months. When I told the hygenist I couldn't afford to pick up this extra cost ($150 every six months or $300 a year), she told me I would have to sign a document stating I was "refusing treatment." That sounded pretty threatening to me. I mean, what would signing such a document mean? If I signed such a statement, would my insurance refuse to cover future treatments for gum disease, etc?
I decided in April 2007 to seek the services of another dentist in the area.
However, I learned in June 2007 that before I could go to the new dentist, I needed to provide him with my old dental records, which DDG didn't want to release because they said I still owed them $233, a balance I wasn't even aware I owed! I found this very strange news. Every time I've gone to DDG, I have asked what I owed, the woman behind the counter has run my credit card, and I have assumed my account balance was clear. Yet the fellow I spoke with at DDG said the $233 was a debt I accrued back in December 2006 for a deep cleaning that my insurance wouldn't cover. This was over six months ago, but I was only learning of the balance in June 2007, after I'd requested that my records be transferred to my new dentist.
I am still going back through my records in order to sort through this mess, but what it comes down to is that DDG keeps this running tab, and you never really know from visit to visit what your actual balance is. It's always in process.
I would be happy to support any effort at investigating this group's accounting practices. My email is [email protected]
When going through your records make sure to look for your EOB (explanation of benefits) from your insurance company if you know what they are.

Bloomington, IL

#28 Mar 4, 2008
Kaye wrote:
<quoted text>
When going through your records make sure to look for your EOB (explanation of benefits) from your insurance company if you know what they are.
The cleaning that they are recommending you to have is the perio scalling and root planning, in laymans terms its when a person has gum diease, and having the cleanings every 3 months will maintain the diease that you will always have, and not treating it every 3 months will allow it to get worse. And having you sign that refusal form, will protect them in the event that your gum diease progresses and then you want to sue them for not telling you to have this done. It has nothing do with your insurance paying in the future if you sign now, thats just something they do in their office, your insurance will not see that information. Your EOB that you receive from your insurance lets you know what they are sending to them for the work you did on that specific day and with your statments from DDG, that will let you know if there is a difference in a balance you would owe. Your quotes that are given to you by DDG when you are checking out,are only an estimate, because your insurance only gives estimates as to what they will pay and sometimes when DDG gives you one amount and then insurance pays less than they estimated your insurance would pay, than thats your out of pocket cost. And if you want to know why the insurance paid less than estimated, you can compare your EOB and you can also call your insurance. I've worked with insurance before and they really like to stall on making payments and give every reason why they wont pay.......

Bloomington, IL

#29 Mar 15, 2008
Wow. Good info.

I'm automatically skeptical of dental office websites that seem overly "promotional" in nature. I had a similar experience at another dental practice (i.e. not DDG), where scare tactics were used to suggest expensive and unnecessary (and potentially damaging) treatments.

When a dental office boast of "new and potentially live saving (and expensive)technology to detect oral cancer" or "early detection of periodontitis (like, before it exists!)" I get skeptical. Shut up and clean my teeth already.

Anyhow, I still need an honest dentist in the depressing little town of Dekalb, IL. Any suggestions?


Glenwood, IL

#30 Mar 16, 2008
Lonn Brander on locust st.

Bradenton, FL

#31 Apr 15, 2008
I believe I was scammed as well by them. I saw a dentist there in late 2006 and I was told I would need 5 crowns!!! I was also told I would need 2 root canals, when I went to have my root canal done with a oral surgeon(it was bad enough), they said I only needed the one and the other tooth just needed a little filling. Well, they also wanted to take out ALL of my childhood analgam fillings and since they did take them all out and put crowns on 4 out of the 5 teeth they wanted to, I have had sever pain when chewing, high sensitivity, and even lost my taste on one side of my tongue for almost a year! The loss of taste was due to the dentist giving me a shot and she hit my lingual nerve which took forever to heal and still to this day I can't taste the same! In addition, they said I needed the deep cleaning as well when another dentist said that my gums looked totally fine!! I will never go back there either. And I agree with the people on the payment plan problem, they don't accept them and they seem to want to do all the work immediately only to charge you through the nose for all this unnecessary work! Now I never want to go to the dentist with all the pain she caused me and also the loss of taste!! too bad I could not afford a lawyer, I seriously thought about suing for that!!

Decatur, IL

#32 May 1, 2008
Stay away from DeKalb Dental Group! Both my wife and I switched dentists after being scammed by them. Every time we went for a cleaning they want to sell a service not covered by insurance. Especially floride treatment. Every time we had to say no and tell them I we used a floride rinse twice a day, every time say they will note it in the chart, but every time offer it again, or try to do it without asking. Actually gave it to my wife without asking her permission or telling her what they were doing. My wife insisted taht she made an appointment for a cleaning only, and that floride should not have been applied without her prior authorization. Would not reverse the charge. Told me I needed four cleanings a year instead of two. They told me the insurance would cover it same as regular cleanings. Then charged $70 more than what insurance would cover! Did the same thing as a regular cleaning but took less time because only 3 months between cleanings, but they charged more. Called a couple other offices who charged way less for the same code. Contacted DeKalb Dental Clinic with this information. Was told that if I could get the same porcedure done some place else for less, I could leave! Guess what, I left, as did my wife. Not getting ripped off anymore.

Dekalb, IL

#33 May 12, 2008
I agree that this dental office seems to be very aggressive in their business practice. Unfortunatelly, the office is always crowded with patient and doctors don't give everyone enough time. Some of the work supposed to be done by dentists are carried out by assistants, for example, replacing the crown. Everything is extremely expensive here and the staff act as if your bank account is unlimited. A few hundred dollars sound like a few nikles to them. I guess some of the comments prasing this office here were written by the staff. But again, in this small town, it is hard to find a dentist you can trust. I need a suggestion too. Thanks.

Lockport, IL

#34 Jun 25, 2008
I'm not yet convinced this is a scam, but I'm probably not going back before I seek a second opinion. I haven't had a cavity since my childhood, but when I went in this afternoon, I was told I had 7 cavities that needed to be filled and that I also needed a deep cleaning to hedge any worries about gum disease. I would have had to pay 600 out of pocket. I asked them which cavities were the worst, but they never answered my question. I also got out of them that another year without the "deep cleaning" wouldn't do any more harm, but they also said that I really needed it anyway. Even though I needed to fill 7 cavities, I was told that my teeth were incredibly white and my bite was terrific. They smell fishy to me.

BTW, it couldn't be more obvious that the long, positive comment above was written by someone related to DDG. Next time you try to deceive, I would recommend not using technical terms and then deign to say "in laymans terms."

Ashburn, VA

#35 Jun 30, 2008
Does anyone know of somewhere good to go in Dekalb for a dentist?? Everyone is talking about who not to go to. Any suggetions of where to go??

Batavia, IL

#36 Jul 1, 2008
why is very one just going to dentists in dekalb and nowhere else?? my husband and i live in plano il and go to dental works in sears in aurora il

Glen Ellyn, IL

#37 Jul 10, 2008
There is a dentist office called Sunrise dental in Geneva IL. They have good Service, the dentist is great and he also do good work, I admit it's a little expensive, but he won't lie to you and he won't try to cheat either. One of my filling came out because of some shabby work from a dentist in Hoffman Estates, with a similar story just like the dekalb dentist. The dentist at sunrise just told me he would fix the problem and when he finished my tooth looked almost as good as new. I was tempting to tell him to take all the filling out of all of my teeth and fix them but he said it would cost 180.00 each, but he did tell that if any other filling come out that he would be glade to repair my teeth and I do have pretty teeth and I'm a 47 yr old man. So just go on-line look up sunrise dental in geneva IL and give them a call. It's about 40 minute drive from Dekalb but it will be worth it. And if you just want a cleaning they will just do a cleaning but they will advise you of any other problems with your teeth but it is up to you if you want to get the work done.
Cortland IL

United States

#38 Aug 20, 2008
Sorry I found this site after my absolutely horrible visit to DDG today! This was the worst experience I've ever had. I didn't have a dentist in this area, because I am new. I recently noticed a chip in my front tooth and decided I should have it looked at and have a cleaning done too. I arrived for my noon appointment (had to leave work - no pay - to go) and filled out all the new patient paperwork. I went into an exam room where I was immediately seen by an assistant that told me that they don't do cleanings on the first visit to their office. First you need to have the pre-screening - x-rays, gum probing for gum disease and a mandatory cancer screening. They they'll determine the type of cleaning they would need to do. After a VERY painful 1/2 hour of digital x-rays, she showed my a short video (yes, they have a computer above the chair so they can show you videos) about the gum probing. Then a hygenist came into the room and did the probing. She explained that I had the beginning of gum disease because I showed bleeding as she poked at my gums with a needle to check them - which has always happened since I started seeing a dentist as a child. Then she gave me the mandatory cancer screening, which tasted absolutely horrible. Then she used some fancy laser pointer thing to check the density of my teeth. I finally got to see the actual dentist after 1:30 - after I was there for 1 & 1/2 hours! She then began to look at my x-rays, poked at my teeth, commented on what great color they were and complemented me on how strong and well taken care of they are. She even said I brush very well. But, I seem to have 3 cavities. And, I have perfectly good wisdom teeth that she seems to feel need to be removed. I went to a dentist as a kid who happened to be prosecuted for insurance fraud. Every time we went, my brother, me, and several kids I went to school with, we all had cavities that needed to be filled. Needless to say, I have a lot of metal in my mouth. These, of course, I was told today I need to have removed and refilled because they are old and will fall out. After my experience as a child, I was very upset. I feel like this is the same problem all over again. To top every thing off, this 2+ hour appointment ended with me not getting anything done about my chipped tooth and very little time spent looking at it or a good suggestion on how to fix it. Instead, I got a $2600 estimate to have my new cavities filled, the old fillings replaced and tooth scaling & root planing (which takes 2 separate appointments). I also had to pay for the mandatory cancer screening because it is not covered by my insurance and I have a fear I will be paying more. Will be in contact with my insurance co first thing tomorrow. AND there are raw spots in my mouth and I am still hurting from the x-rays done this afternoon.

Sugar Grove, IL

#39 Aug 21, 2008
i been going to dental works in aurora il in fox valley mall they been very very nice and great to me.
James R

Williams Bay, WI

#40 Sep 2, 2008
I will NEVER recommend the Dekalb Dental Group to anyone anywhere. Two years ago, I went to my regular Dentist in Sycamore and they found a deep cavity after a tooth cracked. Within the procedure the tooth cracked half way up in the gum. My Dentist said I would have to go to oral surgeon a.k.a. The Dekalb Dental Group to have the root removed. Upon getting there, I had to wait 3.5 hrs when I had an appointment scheduled and I was twenty minutes early. The so-called surgeon took out the root of the broken tooth but also decided to use his drill to cut directly across the front of a brand new crown my regular dentist had just placed a week prior to this tooth cracking.

I have pictures to prove it and the lawsuit is still pending against Dekalb Dental Group. I have had to subpeona my regular dentist as a witness because she actually took pictures of the new crown on the day she placed it in, then pictures of the crown after I got out of the surgeons chair. I immediately went to my dentist upon seeing the drilled crown and was very upset.

My regular dentist had to be bill me again for another crown so I am going after DDG for pain and suffering. The oral surgeon was not gentle in any way shape or form. I have since seen a ear, nose, and throat specialist because he caused nerve damage on the side of my upper jaw where he had to remove the broken tooth.

Annie Dunne

Dekalb, IL

#41 Sep 18, 2008
DeKalb Dental Group is one of many clinics that are part of a Heartland Dental Care management group. (With a CEO who lives in Florida.) If you look at their website, they extol the benefits of a management group to give dentists more time to practice dentistry without the burden of management and administration. But a management group of any sort is a business, whose aim is to make money. Aggressive dental practices which generate a lot of income are pushed in the guise of preventative care. The dentists at the clinics may or may not belong to the usual dental associations. They may not have the resources, experience or desire to own their own practice. If this is important to you, or if you want or need something more involved than basic dentistry, you may want to go somewhere else. Also a search on DeKalb Dental Group will bring up a site for the Illinois Attorney General's Press Release with an informative article about how Heartland had to pay 3 million dollars to settle allegations brought against it.

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