corruption in the osceola county cour...
injustice in mi court

Thompsonville, MI

#21 Aug 13, 2009
saginaw county is a terrible place to busted for anything they are fat rich bastards who treat you like scum they are all evil i hope these high court people get there just reward i believe KARMA will get them weather they die of long suffering illness i wish i could know i will pray for the injustice and pray that justice will come to those that are corrupt

Lawton, MI

#22 Aug 16, 2009
Just a tid bit for all of you. The same idiot that runs the FOC in Osceola county, runs the Mecosta County FOC! They are not for the best interest of a CHILD! I can tell you good luck. Been in touch with Lansing, the line of defense is, go to the overseeing judge. Good luck with the country club. As for the corruption, vote new people into the county seats, complain at the elected officials who oversee some of the courts. Larry Emig is one that was brought to my attention. As for the idiots at the friend of the court, well my understanding is, one beat the charge, one plea bargained to a lower offense, and the other is waiting to go to trial. I have not seen an official report, but the three are not employed by the county. WOO HOO! The one thing is that the commissioners need to push to get the so called overseer of the FOC out of the two counties. Start over new. They would all be fired if I were there boss! But also, look at the judge they work for. We need to change somethings up.

Lawton, MI

#23 Aug 16, 2009
They all need help in the court systems in RC. They don't have a clue. Good luck!
Keep Going

Miami, FL

#24 Aug 29, 2009
I fully agree with you. Don't worry about the persons who post a negative comment to you. Even President Bush couldn't spell. And he was the president. Your point was well taken. The sheriffs in Osceola County are corrupt. Even the court system is corrupt. They hate black men.
fed up with osceola

Tuscaloosa, AL

#25 Sep 2, 2009
im gonna be in the same position as the guy who made the post. i being charged child support and i lost my job in january and told them so they raised the child support after i lost my job. they wont let me update my address either, they tell me i have to write them and some how it "never reaches them" but my ex can call them and tell them of any changes no problem. i havent got anything from them but according to my daughters mother shes getting notices about how im supposed to be going to court and that they cancelled all my rights. they are crooked and im tired of it. plus wexford county is crap too. convicted me of a misdimeanor charged for not changing my address when i was visiting for a few days and im from all the way by wisconsin.$200 fine and criminal record for a non legit reason. its all bull. they need to start doing there job and do research before convicting people and giving rights pertaining to people who dont deserve them.
impeach nazi draper

Orlando, FL

#26 Sep 21, 2009
Spell check wrote:
Buddy, until you learn to spell correctly and use complete sentences, I highly doubt anyone is going to jump on this bandwagon.
<quoted text>
trying to find their page to post its url

Cheboygan, MI

#27 Sep 22, 2009
Maybe someone should explain "nepotism" to James Simms. Obviously he's either ignorant or crooked..... I'm thinkin' a little of BOTH!? Then again, with so many people out of work I'm SURE that his daughter-in-law was the only qualified candidate to apply for the job.(That's sarcasm Mr. Simms just in case you are confused again.)

So much for a fresh new start... sounds more like same old shit:

REED CITY - The Osceola County Personnel and Operations Policy Manual might allow for too much reading between the lines.
At Tuesday’s Committee of the Whole meeting, county prosecutor Jim Simms asked permission from the Board of Commissioners to hire his daughter-in-law for the opening of an administrative aid in his office. While the manual states that "nepotism within a department shall be discouraged," Simms said that the policy does not state that it is forbidden.
The board unanimously voted against Simms’ request.
"By not having family members work for you, it takes out all the suspicion that there’s favoritism going on," said commissioner Roger Faber. "(The policy) doesn’t keep a person from having a job with the county, just from with working for a blood relative."
According to Simms, however, the policy concerning nepotism is unclear. The policy states that a department head cannot hire any person who is either an immediate family member or immediate relative of the department head. This includes the employee’s spouse, children, mother, father, sister, brother, grandparents, stepchildren, stepmother, stepfather, mother-in-law, father-in-law, sister-in-law or brother-in-law. The policy refrains from mentioning either daughter-in-law or son-in-law in this definition.
While Simms noted this omission during the board meeting, Osceola County Coordinator Susan VanderPol explained that under the manual’s policy concerning funeral leave - which states that an employee will paid on days taken off for the funeral of an immediate family member - both a daughter-in-law and son-in-law are understood to be that employee’s child.
The nepotism policy was enacted in 1997 and has not been revised since.
During the meeting, Simms said that this policy was not the only policy that used dated or unclear language.
"From a legal standpoint, so many things [in the manual] can be challenged," Simms said.
According to Faber, one of the charges for the Board of Commissioners is to set county policy for its employees, and the board has updated some of those policies in the past.
"Things need be updated to change with the times," Faber said. "Twenty years ago, you wouldn’t have had to think about having computer policies."
According to commissioner Dave Brooks, the Board of Commissioners should consider updating parts of the manual.
"I think at the time (the nepotism policy) was written, people didn’t want to use phrases like ‘You will do this" and instead used phrases like ‘It is discouraged,’" said Brooks. "If an attorney - especially our attorney - is coming to us and says,‘Hey, I think this is vague,’ then I think we probably need to make some changes."
Scarlet Pimpernel

Cheboygan, MI

#28 Sep 23, 2009
Wow. Did the Prosecutor just indicate the county he works for has civil liability in a PENDING criminal case. WTF. Does he know who's paying his salary?
Scarlet Pimpernel

Cheboygan, MI

#29 Sep 23, 2009
Treated as any other case? Are you kidding? Did the Prosecutor actually comment about the accused's character in a pending criminal case? Being a professional is NOT, I REPEAT, NOT a basis for determing if a crime was committed. Neither is being a"pillar in the community"; Neither is criminal history. THE ONLY "QUALIFICATIONS" used as determining factors should be whether they committed the crime. HIGHLY unethical for a prosecutor to comment about the character of the accused in a pending criminal case.

RC Native

Waynesburg, OH

#30 Sep 23, 2009
The case you are commenting on has long since been settled and over.

Cheboygan, MI

#31 Sep 28, 2009
I bet it is!
Chuck Hamilton

Bentley, MI

#32 Sep 29, 2009
When I made this post I sure had NO idea that this county was so messed up in other areas of the court.I know the FOC is Corrupt as the day is long,and is only out to help the custodial parent,and this is documented.As far as J Simms goes,I really dont know much about him.Sharon Ferguson?....SHE NEEDS TO BE FIRED!!as I have never seen one person get away with filing FALSE Allegations to the court just to Violate somebodies probation.YES I am one of her victims,and YES I can prove my allegation.Well this message goes out to anybody knowing any person/s who have been convicted in Osceola county for Felony non-support and who is currently on probation for same. I need to know who these people are,as there are several of us state wide who are challenging the Constitutionality of the Felony statute MCL 750.165.As of this date,we have filed three petitions re:Habeus Corpus with the courts in three counties,but we need more people to step forward.All three are now in the Court of Appeals awaiting determination.My e-mail,pl ease send me any contact info you might have for these people.Thanks everybody for all the posts,maybe somebody will read them all,and take some action.

United States

#34 Sep 30, 2009
It is state and nation wide. The system destroys our families for profit. Title IV of the social security act pays the states and courts to produce negative outcomes on our families. Cps,Custody,and Child Support actions are all funded thru federal incentive funds.
It is time to fix this mess and it starts with kicking Mike cox out of any office and electing Senator Mike Bishop to the AG in 2010. Senator Bishop will fight for our families and end the broken system
genius in reed city

Big Rapids, MI

#36 Oct 8, 2009
It's a money thing, look at when the Reed City Airport shut down, wanna know why? guess who all was envolved? guess who made decisions to keep the town from becoming a ghost town? The answers to this are way bigger than your problem and yet were buried within the osceola court system. You aren't going to acomplish much more than getting your name place with yourface and black balled by every officer in the area until you are convicted on somehting that will set you in prison for a couple of years to think about the errors in your ways. Trust me, I faithfully write friends every week that still have 3+ years to go. If you want results find some hard evedence and get a higher athority involved, like a state agency, or better yet federal. Find out where Osceola county has been doing shady business and cutting uncle sam out of his share and wah lah!. It's called fighting fire with fire and right now my dear friend you don't even have smoke. Good Luck!
Chuck Hamilton

Bentley, MI

#37 Oct 9, 2009
Thanks Genius for the post,but all this takes time,so you sit back and watch the show,because its only in the smoldering stage,but will be fully involved shortly.We are making contact with both state and federal agencies to not only expose Osceola county,but counties statewide.Osceola is the corrupt county I have to deal with at this point,but myself and a few others are putting the word out,filing the complaints,and contacting the media to expose this county and others.
genius in reed city

Big Rapids, MI

#38 Oct 9, 2009
Glad to here it, I remember a time when I was little. Politics played such a minor role in things. It was about character,honor,compassion,res pect,& morals for one another. Nieghbors helped nieghbors just because they cared,Money was just something that made life a little easier. Now life is about money, and there's just no compassion left,and most don't even know there nieghbor. It's all about laws and legalities,it's shameful what are society has become. It's a shame that something as aweful as 9-11 has to happen for people to show compassion for one another. You can accomplish what you are trying to do, as long as your motives are right and you are prepared to suffer from legal pressure. Get as much hard undisputable claims as you can and contact the media, this is the only way what your trying to do will be accomplished. If you can make it news worthy than you will get the support of the people that you need to get the job done. Without it, you won't get far. It's all politics, start thinking like one, how do you discredit your opponent? Once you get them moving backward stay on them, don't slack off or they will come right back before your done celebrating your victory.

Traverse City, MI

#39 Oct 13, 2009
I think typing in all CAPS is still shouting, right.
Chuck wrote:
<quoted text>Well thank Mr teacher for that constructive has been noted
Chuck Hamilton

Bentley, MI

#40 Oct 15, 2009
Yes Sophie..all caps means yelling. thx for the post. Well folks, heres an update as far as our filing to challenge the felony statute for failure to pay support. 1 has been filed in the Mi supreme court, and 2 are still in the Court of Appeals as this time. If anybody knows a person who has been charged for this unjust crime please e-mail me at as the more we have to file and fight, the better our chances are.

Big Rapids, MI

#41 Oct 16, 2009
Hey Charlie.....

There are very simple ways to deal with the FOC without having criminal charges filed against you. The first is to actually pay the amount in the support order. The second is to actually go to court if and when you are told to do so.

If you can't do the first, then you need to hire an attorney to see if a modification can be made. The State has a written manual that is used to determine the amount of support due by the noncustodial parent. A change in employment, or a loss of a job (with cause) reasons to allow it. It can be a very complex issue, so a good attorney can help you figure it out.

However, if you just don't "LIKE" the amount you're supposed to pay, then it does not make it corrupt, or illegal. Deciding to completely ignore the court for whatever reason "IS" grounds for a felony.

Just another opinion.

“treat others as yourself”

Since: Oct 09


#42 Oct 16, 2009
Bob wrote:
Hey Charlie.....
There are very simple ways to deal with the FOC without having criminal charges filed against you. The first is to actually pay the amount in the support order. The second is to actually go to court if and when you are told to do so.
If you can't do the first, then you need to hire an attorney to see if a modification can be made. The State has a written manual that is used to determine the amount of support due by the noncustodial parent. A change in employment, or a loss of a job (with cause) reasons to allow it. It can be a very complex issue, so a good attorney can help you figure it out.
However, if you just don't "LIKE" the amount you're supposed to pay, then it does not make it corrupt, or illegal. Deciding to completely ignore the court for whatever reason "IS" grounds for a felony.
Just another opinion.
Obviously you have never had to deal with the friend of the court.
I have always held up my support, but every time I go up to thier window to discuss something they treat me like a criminal.
Last time they were taking double out and I let it go for awhile, and before I went up there they sent me a check for a the overpaid amount. This went on for a few months when I decided to go let them in on the mistake.
They argued with me that they don't make a mistake and that they're not over charging me. I started laughing because I was trying to save them money not get mine back. They argued so much that they went and dragged thier attorney out of the back room and had her argue with me. This carried on for at least 15 minutes when in a mean hah I'll show you who's right attitude they asked for my social and other info. They went to thier computer, put in my information and about 5 minutes later came back to the counter handed me a paper and said it was taken care of, then walked away. No I'm sorry, you were right, we were wrong, just that same smug your still a criminal even if you are right attitude. Why should any father have to deal with this. And by the way I have been sitting in the hall while they helped a mother, you would have thought they were sisters as nice and gabby as they were. If this isn't discrimination against father what is. Why is the FOC always made up of female workers? OH YEAH buy the way I have Joint physical and joint legal custody,my kids are with my every other week and I still pay child support without any gripes.

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