Sad Niece

Spartanburg, SC

#345 Apr 8, 2013
Larry Horchner- was that last FACT a threat toward Janettes family or the family of whoever did it? And how is it a FACT that prominent people covered it up? Do you have proof? You should take it to the police if you do. Did the police question you since you were right across the street? Did you see anything? And I was in the basement, there arent any real tunnels, just an opening to the bar basement next door.

Newaygo, MI

#346 Apr 17, 2013
Larry, did you get the above message?
Sad Niece

United States

#347 Apr 19, 2013
I am wondering if anyone has any information on a retired police detective that could answer some basic questions for me and my family regarding my aunt. Email [email protected] Thank you

United States

#348 Apr 20, 2013
The tunnels people talk about are coal chutes and I heard they do interconnect between businesses. Also... what 30 years and its "still an active case" ??? Yeah... right... Barnie Fife is working on it too. If you believe that Ive got a bridge I would like to sell you. Its an EXCUSE! I agree with the Larry Horchner.

I do hope somebody solves the murder for the family sake. Just don't believes. the powers that be are interested in solving it..

Snover, MI

#349 May 19, 2013
So wanting this case be solved... and I'm not even a member of Janette's family. This just should've been solved long ago...

Astoria, NY

#350 May 27, 2013
I must have known you because I was her neighbor also. Please join her facenook page her sister started for her. I would like to see if I know you. I was freinds with her daughter Jennifer.
Neighbor wrote:
I lived 2 doors away from the Roberson family & spent time with them on numerous occasions. I was young at the time of Janette's murder,early highschool. I do not feel police did much investigating at all and completely agree that it was all about who you know to get the attention this case obviously wasn't entitled to & I wish someone could get this case reopened. I have very strong thoughts on who should have been a suspect. Janette may not have been important enough to Reed City since she was not from there, but she was important to her 2 very beautiful and exceptionally gifted and polite children. And she was important to me, she was my friend.

Otsego, MI

#351 Jun 1, 2013
Prominent citizens that rumors abounded about at the time had initials of C.H. Carl Holmgren and Colin Hayward. I still think Gambles manager knows something. He looked guilty of something to me.

Sheboygan, WI

#352 Jul 1, 2013
Is anyone even following this anymore? As far as I can tell, this poor girl's murder is still unsolved after 30 years?

Spartanburg, SC

#353 Jul 2, 2013
Crickets, yes her family is very much wants this solved. Janette has a FB page and there is a group for her also. A lot of the younger generation have joined the group, and have also joined her page.

Newaygo, MI

#354 Oct 23, 2013
I spent the day reading this post. Wow. Are there any updates? I tried to look up ISIS from the link the agent provided, but the page no longer exists, according to Google. Were they able to pass along all the info they gleaned to Lana? I also wondered, because now my eyes and brain are bleary trying to assimilate all the information (while weeding out what is obvious gossip and/or obfuscation and redirection) in the thread... has anyone compiled a document with a "what we know" type of list? About the crime, I mean. All names, places, people who said/knew what. I found very little on the internet, which kind of surprised me given how long the case has been "cold" (though I understand not technically, as far as the last post.) I wonder if anyone knows what the "rules" are concerning keeping a case open. Are they just kept open forever here in Reed City if they're not solved, or are there circumstances which would allow them to close an unsolved case? I wondered this based on a couple people's assertions (throughout the thread) that it felt a lot like the case was being kept open deliberately so fresh (outside) eyes wouldn't be privy to the evidence. Also, if it *were* closed, would all of the compiled evidence be readily available to Lana if she wanted it? I get that police want to keep their evidence under wraps for fear of interfering with the investigation, but I think it's safe to say that ship has sailed, hasn't it?

I live in Reed City - moved here a few years back, pass that hardware store almost every day... I won't ever be able to pass it again without thinking of that poor girl. Now I wanna get in there and check out the basement, see if there are any "tunnels." I've done some film work in the area, so I've been inside some of these old buildings, including The Osceola when we were location scouting for a short film.(That's actually how I ran across this case, I'm doing research on the Osceola Hotel for a novel.) The weird thing is that what I'm finding the Roberson and Osceola backstory have in common is the possibility of local corruption. Like, going back years.

So now I've got both of these stories on my mind and I live so close to it all... what really bugs me is that there's a file somewhere with Janette Roberson's name on it, perhaps a box of evidence, and it's so close, yet so far.

I'll keep checking back and see if you guys have found anything new...I wish you luck, Lana. I can tell this has been difficult on you, and it feels like there's absolutely no reason for it. This case should have and probably could have been solved years ago.
Sad Niece

United States

#355 Oct 23, 2013
ISIS doesn't seem to be in existence anymore. The agent that profiles my Aunt quit ISIS a while back to start his own business. I haven't heard from him for over a year. The case is kept open, according to the police, because they keep getting As long as they keep getting them, they'll keep the case open. That's what they say. The tunnels have been filled in, if they have ever existed. The bar next door is connected to the hardware basement, but even that has been partially filled in. I don't.know how it looked when my Aunt worked there. The family appreciates your concern and interest with this case. Someone has to know something.
Sad Niece

United States

#356 Oct 23, 2013
ISIS was quick to think the police was somehow involved...covering the tracks of a fellow officer. I dunno. Mr. Pratt was not very hospitable when we went to talk to him. Jen if you are interested in seeing the basement, the owner is very lenient on who he lets down. There are even old animal cages with bedding still inside. I would like to give you my email, in case you have any other questions. A lot I do not fortable posting on here. Perhaps as a filmmaker and novelist, you would b a great asset to help my Aunt. To help my mother achieve peace.

Newaygo, MI

#357 Oct 23, 2013
Well, I'm working on fiction, but I usually research the areas where my stories take place, and I've got a series that is Michigan-based. The next installment takes place in Reed City, so I started doing some research for one thing and stumbled onto another. I have to say, I find it all intriguing. I wouldn't mind looking into it a bit, check with some local connections, see if anyone I know (that I'd trust asking) has been around that long and what they might remember. I know some of the downtown business owners.

Go ahead and give me your e-mail. I'd post mine, but since I'm local, and there's a chance there's a somebody or somebodies out there reading this thread with a vested interest in keeping stuff quiet, I don't want 'em coming after me.
Sad Niece

United States

#358 Oct 23, 2013
[email protected] We would love for any help you would be willing to give.

United States

#359 Oct 25, 2013
I have lives in Reed City my whole life (25 years) and I have never hear if this until now. It has touched me deeply as I have sat here for the last three hours reading the whole thread. I am baffled it has yet to be solved but knowing the city I am not suprised, I am going to talk to family and friends because I am very eager to see your family have closure to this horrific and tragic event. Your family is what true family is all about... never giving up and I cannot praise you guys enough for never giving up!! Keep up the fight and bring justice to Janette (: You are AMAZING and if I can help in any way possible I will!

United States

#360 Oct 30, 2013
I think all of that live in the area and know of the happening would love to see an outside investigation done. Her family needs closure and residents need some sense of comfort in knowing the perp has been caughtand locked away from hurting anyone else.
sick and tired

Ashburn, VA

#361 Oct 31, 2013
It's a good old boys club and without outside help it will never be solved

United States

#362 Nov 5, 2013
sick and tired wrote:
It's a good old boys club and without outside help it will never be solved

Traverse City, MI

#363 Jan 9, 2014
I have been told that no homicide has EVER been solved in Osceola Co Michigan by the Sheriffs Office in their entire history ? That is pitiful and an embarrassment to our state. What are the detectives good for ? The Nick Bebee Case was botched from the moment they arrived on scene. They turned it over to MSP and it is still unsolved.

Spartanburg, SC

#364 Jan 9, 2014
Brian, the Sheriffs Office never had this case. The City did and then it was turned over to the MSP.

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