what is sandra marvin's agenda during...


Created by EVERYONE MUST VOTE on Jan 26, 2008

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Waste $$$ / bankrupt Osceola

Retaliation against enemies

Screw Osceola County

Plea bargain every bad guy

Have Ron Nichols baby

Use daughter to lure in WY guy

Adv. romance with KIm Booher

Steal (more) office supplies.

Release drug dealers to area

Have Kim Booher's baby


Tucson, AZ

#1 Jan 27, 2008
Would you people just give it a rest! We all know YOU don't like Sandra. Geez!

Schuylkill Haven, PA

#2 Jan 27, 2008
Why won't Sandra resign? She knows that a recall won't happen, as it would take too long, and by the time a recall went through, she would be out of office anyway. What can the people do, to get rid of her before then? Can the County Commission remove her (probably not)? Can the State Attorney General? She must go. I don't think she will go, willingly, because she wants to create as much havoc as possible; and she wants to retaliate against everyone that she can. It's not costing her any money to drag people through the stress of unwarranted jury trials. She's laughing all the way to the trial. She doesn't care. It's funny to her. Hell was made for vindictive bitches like her.

Schuylkill Haven, PA

#3 Jan 27, 2008
Look at the votes. I can only vote once. It looks like the majority of people want her gone. SHE is creating a disruption within the good people of Osceola County; not me or the other posters. Don't kill the messengers of bad news. I'd like to know if Sandra plans on staying around after her term has ended (she can't possibly plan on running for office again, can she?--that would be hilarious). P.S. You're free to post another topic. If it's as interesting as this topic, then we'll go from there. Good luck, and I hope that Sandra Marvin doesn't have a grudge against you.
Radman and Spawn of Satan

Schuylkill Haven, PA

#4 Jan 27, 2008
Radman, you'd think differently if a friend of yours--a good friend who was a great person--were being railroaded by an evil, vindictive, unqualified, piece of shite--and there didn't seem to be any recourse against her. She is spending taxspayers money; it doesn't cost her a cent to take anyone to court; to remove her (and she knows it), takes a long time and takes a great deal of effort by many people. She doesn't even care if she loses the case. Her revenge is costing her victim money; stress; their reputation; and their time. How does a person get their reputation back when gossip has spread like this? You can't post a billboard. The internet is a form, but what percentage of the local population even will see this board. Sandra Marvin is intentionally trying to ruin lives. She never should have been spawned/born. Think about it.
Reed zCity Informant

United States

#5 Jan 28, 2008
Radman wrote:
Would you people just give it a rest! We all know YOU don't like Sandra. Geez!
Hey pal you can not come to the forum if you dont like it!! mind your own business>

United States

#6 Jan 28, 2008
I have absolutely zero knowledge of the local firefighter who tossed a firecracker--or whatever he did. The point is, that Sandra Marvin tried to send this guy to Jackson State Prison for years, just because she could. How much money, stress, and time did this guy go through? Even if he were drunk and did something stupid--is that a reason to try to send him to Jackson with rapist; murderers; psychos? Sandra Marvin thinks so. She refuses to plea bargains cases like this--no offer whatsoever--so the defendant has to go to a jury trial (no cost to Sandra Marvin) and the defendant has to worry about what verdict the jury might come back with. Sure, he knows he is innocent but you never know with a jury. He probably lost 10 years off of his life, because Sandra Marvin was playing a game. We all know the cops hate Sandra, so she is taking her revenge against everyone. She knows that she is not going to be recalled, because it will take too long. What a horrible person. Now, she's doing the exact same thing to one of the nicest guys that you'd ever be lucky enough to meet. Shame on you Spawn of Satan.

United States

#7 Jan 28, 2008
It's horrible, that a public official can use taxpayers' money to pursue her personal vendettas. Sandra realizes that she is history, and she is using her position of power to retaliate against everyone that she feels has "wronged" her. So what--the guy that you met at the bar never called you back--10 years ago. Send him to Jackson over that???? Are you insane, or just that bitter? Does your life suck so much that you have to resort to retaliation over a one night stand--10 years ago? Get a life!

United States

#8 Jan 29, 2008
Sarah and Sandra's daughter...you don't know how the world works. You can't imagine Sandra doing it behind the bar, on top of a picnic table; you can't imagine Sandra dropping to her knees in the judges chamber to get a verdict. IT HAPPENS. Yes, it shouldn't happen, but it does. You believe Sandra is a great role model--she's not. I wish she were, but she's not. That is the reason that all the polls are against her. You'll learn--if 99% of the people are against someone--there's a reason. Don't support Sandra--it will be your downfall. Forget this "cause" and just go on with your life. Sandra is a lost cause, and she is going down. If you continue to support her, you will follow her path. History repeats itself.

United States

#9 Jan 31, 2008
Yes, we've been sticking up for our childhood friend-because we know he's being screwed over. Please read on...someone mentioned about helping poor people, as if he were just saying this for a sympathy vote. I know that he paid the mortgage payment and insurance on a relatives house FOR 4 YEARS, while his cousin got back on his feet. He loaned $2000 to a Sandra Marvin's friend, to pay his property taxes, so he wouldn't lose his house; he bought Sandra Marvin's daughter's best friend's grandmother(hard to follow this one, but there is no other way to say it) a Toyota Corolla (which took you to school) when your grandmother's car broke down--she was to pay him $50 a month, with no interest, until it was paid off--but your dad stole the money--your grandma gave it to him to give to my friend--never got it; he let your father drive his personal Toyota Corolla for months upon months because your dad couldn't afford a car--your dad drove it into the ground and then wouldn't help fix it. He bought your uncle's personal belongings when he needed the money to move to marry some women he met on the internet--we all know how that one probably ended; he took your other uncle to the doctor, when no one else in your family would help him--now he's doing okay--no thanks to your family. Should I go on. Do you see how you all are wrong about him? But cops and prosecutors and judges are so jaded, they don't know what to do with a nice person that is being railroade. Their gut says: "He's guilty."--because they're just too use to thinking everyone is guilty. It's over. What happens next is up to you "good folks" of Reed City. God help us all.

United States

#10 Jan 31, 2008
What's going to happen next?

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