Child drowns in Muskegon River in Big...

Child drowns in Muskegon River in Big Rapids

There are 139 comments on the WOOD-TV Grand Rapids and Michigan story from May 19, 2008, titled Child drowns in Muskegon River in Big Rapids. In it, WOOD-TV Grand Rapids and Michigan reports that:

Police say a 2 1 2-year-old boy drowned in the Muskegon River while visiting a park with his grandfather.

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Porter-Grand Rapids

Caledonia, MI

#25 May 19, 2008
You can blame the park and the city all you want. The fact is irresponsible adults are put in charge of innocent children. Plain and Simple! Perhaps someone should look into that, not the posters at the park.
Gail in Wyoming

Canton, MI

#26 May 19, 2008
Don - Zeeland MI wrote:
How about the grandfather that was supposed to be watching the child?? Where in the heck was he during this? How can you let a 2 1/2 year old just wander off near a river?? Not once did the mother mention him. She wants to place blame on everyone else -
"...all these parents need to watch out for eacch others' kids..."
How about you watching out for your kid??
Just stop it! It was not the grandfather's fault. It was a tragic accident, and that family is in misery right now. You would be better off praying for them.

I have a 15 month old grandson, and as closely as we watch over him, he moves very quickly. Things can happen even when you are right there.
Don - Zeeland MI

Grand Rapids, MI

#27 May 19, 2008
Accidents happen....BAH! Forget that. When you have a child, that child is YOUR responsibility. There are no excuses. NO EXCUSES!! I feel for the Grandparent and he's going to have to live with this for the rest of his life but it was HIS responsibility to look over that child and keep that child safe. I've read posts on here where people want to find excuses for him. Thats crap. A 2 year old child died here because a grown adult's lack of sense and responsibility.
You don't let a 2 year old child wander out of your sight, let alone at a river where that child can easily be washed down stream. Ridiculous! And to think people posting on here are defending this grandparent?

“...all but 6...UNLESS”

Since: Mar 08

The Merry Ol Land Of Oz

#28 May 19, 2008
So, the mother didn't have custody of the child, the Grandparents had adopted the boy, but the mother claims that the park doesn't do enough to keep children safe.....Wonder what the circumstances are behind her not having custody????

Ionia, MI

#29 May 19, 2008
Scott wrote:
What a crying shame that adults can be so damned incompetent about simply keeping an eye on kids at all times, ESPECIALLY when they are so young and you're obviously close to a water source. What makes it even more senseless is that so-called adults just can't seem to learn from others mistakes like this, and like the one's where kids are falling out of windows or playing with matches or lighters etc.
WTF is wrong with people, especially parents/guardians etc. There is NO excuse for this type of carelessness, and I mean NONE!
I have a nephew that just turned 6 and a little niece that just turned 6-month's old. I have spent a great deal of time with both kids since they were first born, in-fact both have been living with me since last September and I ALWAYS know where they are and what they are doing and know they are safe from both predator's or senseless things like yet another child wandering off and drowning or getting snatched by some sick person.
I took the simple time and modest expense of child "proofing" my home to make it extra safe for kids, including electrical outlet inserts in every single outlet that's not being used. Child proof door knob covers on the basement stairwell door and utility room closet (where laundry detergents/cleaners are stored high up on shelves to begin with) that even an adult has a little "fun" trying to turn the knob, cabinet locks for the kitchen sink and bathroom sinks so they can't accidentially get into other cleaners, soaps/shampoos etc.
Not to mention I've ALWAYS made a conscience effort to make sure the handle of ALL pans are turned inward towards the center of the stove so no little heads can bump into them and possibly knock the hot contents on them. But they already know the steer clear of the stove when I'm cooking and to walk around the kitchen center island and not past the stove/oven when in use.
Geesh, just a lot of inexpensive common sense safety features on top of keeping a close eye/ear on them at all times, same when going to stores etc. I NEVER leave them in the truck by themselves, not even for a two minute quick run in to buy a soda etc. They always go with me and are kept almost hipside so if anyone even thought about trying to snatch and run they wouldn't get but maybe two feet and I'd be choking the miserable life out of them.
Bottom line parents, grand parents, aunts/uncles, guardians etc. GET YOUR INCOMPETENT HEADS OUT OF YOUR @SSES and pay the hell attention to the little one's around you at ALL TIMES, ESPECIALLY when a parent has entrusted you with their care and safety. I'm sure this Grandfather feels bad and all that boo hoo stuff and it is indeed a tragedy, a tragedy that adults can be so damned incompetent and don't even absorb/learn from others ignorance and heartache from their ignorance.
I know if this jackass was in-charge of my Nephew and/or Niece and something as simple and preventable as the above happened I would NEVER forgive him/her and would feel they deserve to live with guilt, shame, regret, torment the rest of their life. YES, it sounds harsh but people like this need to feel extreme shame for their incompetence for failing the child in their care...
You can turn your head for a split second and have a 2-3 year old take off on you! I turned my head once and my son took off to the other side of the car door...although I didn't know that's where he went. I screamed his name and looked all over...he thought it was a game and would run to the other side when he saw me coming closer. Kids are sneaky, and accidents do happen. It's a terrible shame that this child died. I hope you never lose sight of one of your children for even a split second...then again, maybe if you ever do, you would understand it's not all that easy to keep an eye on them every single second of every day!

Ionia, MI

#30 May 19, 2008
Don - Zeeland MI wrote:
Accidents happen....BAH! Forget that. When you have a child, that child is YOUR responsibility. There are no excuses. NO EXCUSES!! I feel for the Grandparent and he's going to have to live with this for the rest of his life but it was HIS responsibility to look over that child and keep that child safe. I've read posts on here where people want to find excuses for him. Thats crap. A 2 year old child died here because a grown adult's lack of sense and responsibility.
You don't let a 2 year old child wander out of your sight, let alone at a river where that child can easily be washed down stream. Ridiculous! And to think people posting on here are defending this grandparent?
Hmmm have you ever made a mistake in your life Mr. Perfect? Obviously not. I take my children to the park all the time, where there is a large pond with fish...and you sit and watch while they play. You turn your head for a split second and they can take off...accidents DO happen. In this unfortunate incident the child drowned. I love how people jump all over this Grandfather like he's some kind of murderer...he has to live with this for the rest of his life now...and I am sure he's extremely remorseful. Hope you never make a mistake in your perfect life!

Mount Pleasant, MI

#31 May 19, 2008
my thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and family of this little boy. What a tragic accident.

Scott, i have NO words for you!
Susan Porter

Big Rapids, MI

#32 May 19, 2008
This station and tv 13 have done a extremely poor job in news casting. I am the mother of Jacob Porter. My name is Susan Porter. The woman who contacted these two stations is Jacobs birthmother, my daughter Sarah Porter. She has never had custody of Jacob as she could not care for him and she had no business of contact either television station. these two stations have not only done a very shoddy and very unprofessional newscasting job but have also allowed Sarah to turn my sons death into her moment in the limelight. I cannot believe that these stations did not realize that when a child is adopted the birth parents legal rights are terminated. So you tell me how can they legally allow someone with no "legal" relationship to speak on a death and not contact a legal parent. I sure cannot understand this. My son has died and yet they have taken my son away from his father and I again. Thank you to all of the lovely station personnel.
Accidents Happen

Hudsonville, MI

#33 May 19, 2008
I'm sure this grandfather will blame himself for the rest of his life... As a grandparent of a 1 1/2 year old, I totally understand how actually "fast" they are. With myself, husband and her two aunts following her, she's soooo active. Please give the grandfather a little respect... I'm sure he did everything he could.. They seriously move so fast.. I do not remember my girls moving as fast as my grand-daughter does... Maybe I am getting old.. Oh yeah, a whole 41 years old....

And to Scott, it really doesn't matter how safe you are... ACCIDENTS HAPPEN!!! Nobody wants to see it or expects it to happen... That is why they are accidents...

We all have to find a way to live with the accidents in our lives.. Some are more lucky than others.... Please, give the grandfather a little respect...I'm sure he is having a real hard time right now.. He doesn't need to have the add grief of ID 10 T's like you....

I pray for this family, as I hope everyone else is.
Susan Porter

Big Rapids, MI

#34 May 19, 2008
3littleangels wrote:
<quoted text> You are so stupid.. You obviously have no kids of your own. I don't care how close you pay attention. Accidents can still happen. You weren't there... were you? I really feel for this family and especially the Grandfather.
My dear (?) Scott,
I am the real mother of Jacob and let me tell you something dude, apparently you do not have a child of your own is right. If you did you would know how easy it is to turn around and have your child doing something he or she is not suppose to be doing. Jacob was watched very carefully by his father - yes, his father not his grandfather as the television station so inaccurately reported. This park has the playground less than 100 yards from the river where children from crawling stage on up play and it has a fence going all around it. His dad turned around - literally not 2 minutes later, not one minute later even but immediately and Jacob was gone. Less than 4 minutes later the whole law enforcement agencies and more were at the park helping to find our son and tragically my son will not be playing with his baby sister again. I am glad you spend time with your nieces as you should. But let me tell you even children who have two adults watching them 24/7 can get hurt, can die. So for you to say something so hateful is beyond my comprehension. My husband is a very loving father who spent the last 2.5 years caring for this child like no man I have ever seen in my life and I have 7 children. My son spent his days walking the town with his daddy and if he ever needed anything all he had to do was say Dad and he was given it. We have loved our son more than life itself and had we been able to lay in that river in his place either one of us would have gladly done it. I pray that you never have to go in a hospital room and say good bye to your child. I hope you never have to question what you could have done or not have done to have protected them better. I pray that you might someday be half the father that my son had.
Accidents Happen

Hudsonville, MI

#35 May 19, 2008
Mrs. Porter,

I am so sorry for your lost!! I can not even imagine the pain you and your family are suffering.. You are all in our prayers... Stay strong... I'm sure your husband did everything he could.... As I know my husband would do the same....Please let him know it wasn't his fault... They take off so fast... We have a hard time keeping my grand-daugther insight just within our fenced back yard.

Our prays our with your family
Porter-Grand Rapids

Caledonia, MI

#36 May 19, 2008
Either way, the entire "Porter" family is F'ed up.

End of discussion.

It's just to bad that Jacob was lost due to irresponsibility, and immaturity.
Accidents Happen

Hudsonville, MI

#37 May 19, 2008
I am so sorry I referred to the FATHER as the grandfather!!!!! He seems to be a FATHER beyond all...
Susan Porter

Big Rapids, MI

#38 May 19, 2008
Averageperson wrote:
I too watch my boys like a hawk. Not just because of the enviornmental dangers, but parks are full of pedophiles looking for you to turn your head for a moment. I wouldn't have left my toddler with someone that old anyways.
Let me tell you baby - I am Jacobs mother and my husband is his DAD and he is not "old" and apparently your kids have never needed stitches, apparently they have never had a skinned knee, they have never thrown up????? Well hon, let me tell you something. If you were watching your children as closely as you say they would never get a broken bone, they would never have a cut or a bruise because if you watch them well enough you could protect them from scrapes and bruises. My husband never left my son alone, he quite literally turned around to throw something in the garbage can and when he turned back around our son was gone. IF you knew anything about the river mentioned you would know that there have been many deaths in that river and most of the deaths happened when there were many adults standing less than five feet from the child. It happens. I pray that not only do your kids remain safe and sound - better not let them go to prom, better not let them drive or walk across a street and for heavens sake do not let them ride on the school bus - not if you do not want to have an "accident" happen. That is why they call them accidents - they do not happen on purpose.
Accidents Happen

Hudsonville, MI

#39 May 19, 2008
Mrs. Porter,
Please do not pay any attention to these people.. I was raised on the river every weekend of my life.. I truly understand the river.....
There was nothing else that could have been done...
You do not deserve this added grief...
Let them say what they want... As a mother to another mother... You both did all you could... We all know you both loved your son, just like any other parents would.....
Please do not listen or read the messages from the ID 10t's on this sire

Grand Rapids, MI

#40 May 19, 2008
omg..soo sad..the little boy looks just like my son when he was 2. I cry for the family, but i cant even think about how much pain they are in! I know 2 year olds..they are there on minute..and in a flash the are some where else!

Since: Apr 08

Avalon, WI

#41 May 19, 2008
How very sad for this family. I pray that God took this little angel quickly and with out pain. May this family find peace in God.
Who Knew

United States

#42 May 19, 2008
Mr. and Mrs. Porter,

I would have been bawling if I had read this thread and tried to respond. I am glad you spoke up.

Whatever the situation is with your daughter and the custody of the kids you have, you are an angel in a difficult situation.

I am known as a physco safe mom by my family and friends. I took to car seats long before they were popular and my kids were teased about it but I recognize that even I CAN'T have eyes on them 24/7. So we teach them to keep themselves safe, look out for others and never let their guard down.

The fact is that you be the parent and hope that nothing tragic happens. Scott's heart is in the right place but his attitude will devastate him if he has to suffer a terrible incident with his relatives. Unless he decides that it wasn't his fault after all. Then he will be able to sleep at night and we will hear how incompetent someone else is. Try to ignore him.

You and your husband are suffering through a horrible time. Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you both.

There, but for the grace of God, go I.

United States

#43 May 20, 2008
Too many elderly people raising their grandchildren. Not the way its suppose to be. Good thing he had his grandparents, his own must be usless. But again, people having children who cant take care of them and I as a grandparent would take great care but am not as sharp as I use to be. Thats why grandparents arent suppose to be raising their grandchildren. Too bad such a dis-functional family and a little boy pays.

Delton, MI

#44 May 20, 2008

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