Child drowns in Muskegon River in Big...

Child drowns in Muskegon River in Big Rapids

There are 139 comments on the WOOD-TV Grand Rapids and Michigan story from May 19, 2008, titled Child drowns in Muskegon River in Big Rapids. In it, WOOD-TV Grand Rapids and Michigan reports that:

Police say a 2 1 2-year-old boy drowned in the Muskegon River while visiting a park with his grandfather.

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Mitchell, SD

#1 May 19, 2008
My thoughts and prayers are with this family. I have a little nephew the same age. Sorry this had to happen to you and your family.

Aurora, CO

#4 May 19, 2008
Now matter what say ,,The grandparent has to live with this tragic accident. A child can move quick as anyone with kids or watch kids knows.

Still we shouldn't be so mean to this grandparent.
just sayin

Brighton, CO

#6 May 19, 2008
Once again, Scott spouting at the mouth instead of being compassionate when it is needed. Geesh, Scott, I guess you have eyes on both sides of your head and seem to have everything under control...

Gaylord, MI

#8 May 19, 2008
My thoughts and prayers go out to this family!! I hope this little boys grandfather can eventually accept this tragedy and not beat himself to death over this tragedy!

Since: Aug 07

Denver, CO

#9 May 19, 2008
I feel sorry for the family but how can a 2 1/2 year old get away from you? When you take kids to the park aren't you just sitting there watching them? or playing with them? I don't know how they can just wonder off without you noticing. sorry

Since: Apr 08

Grand Haven, MI

#10 May 19, 2008
I too watch my boys like a hawk. Not just because of the enviornmental dangers, but parks are full of pedophiles looking for you to turn your head for a moment. I wouldn't have left my toddler with someone that old anyways.

Big Rapids, MI

#11 May 19, 2008
Momma of 2 wrote:
I feel sorry for the family but how can a 2 1/2 year old get away from you? When you take kids to the park aren't you just sitting there watching them? or playing with them? I don't know how they can just wonder off without you noticing. sorry
Have you ever been to that park?
It is very easy to lose track of a child around there.. so many play areas to the point of being an obstruction to view. This is not the first and I'm sure it wont be the last that has drown at that park.
One minute a child can be playing in an area off to your right and the next they went through the play area and are now by the river to your left.. Without you even being able to see them do it.

This is a very sad situation and I feel for the family...

Marquette, MI

#12 May 19, 2008
To Scott:

How do you know that this little boy didn't have a slightly older or slightly younger sibling that maybe the grandfather was busy with? You don't know the entire situation. From the story it sounds like he was occupied at the time the boy dissappeared. Your neice and nephew have a large age differnce where as the 6 year old is a little more self sufficient so you would have more time to pay attention to the 6 month old. It doesn't matter how much you babyproof anything - eventually the kids figure out how to get into things anyway. My house is set up the same way. Everything they shouldn't get into is up high, door handles have child lock door knobs, baby gates are up etc. But my 2.5 year old twins have figured out how to get past the child lock door knobs, they push their toys up to cabinets and tables and stand on them to get things they want, meanwhile I'm chasing around my 15 month old. While the best parents out there do their absolute best to care for their kids in the safest manner, kids grow smarter and smarter each day and it becomes more and more difficult. Regardless of how childproof your neice and nephew's home is, you cannot be a 'perfect' parent, it's impossible. They WILL get into things and the most you can do is be there when they do it to correct them. Show some compassion for the family of this poor boy and wait for the day your six month old puts a penny in their mouth that fell out of your pocket when you pulled out your car keys. Accidents happen!
Gail in Wyoming

Canton, MI

#13 May 19, 2008
Scott, your post was so insensitive. You don't know the whole story. Accidents happen all of the time. Unless you have been in this grandfather's position, you don't know how he feels right now. He'll never get over it.

Have some compassion for this family's loss. Everyone else does.

Littleton, CO

#14 May 19, 2008
I think it is very interesting that Scott can have an eye on both of the kids at ALL times. Kids like to do different things. The grandpa might have been pushing a different child on the swing and turned when he turned around the 2 1/2 year old was gone. At 2 1/2 kids are very curious and get around very quickly. I do not think this grandpa should be judged the way you are talking. I would most definitely forgive him for the accident that occurred. And that is just was it was... an accident..... no one being reckless. It wasn't like the grandpa sat at home watching tv while the child went to the park. Hopefully this family can move on from this tragedy and not blame themselves

Abington, PA

#15 May 19, 2008
I am a nephew of the said grandfather in the story. It's very tragic and sad to hear. My uncle has a prosthetic leg and he would never endanger his children/grandchildren knowingly. He has very good intentions and is a loving individual. I cant imagine the difficulty he is experiencing today.

Scott, simply because you can control the situation inside your home you cannot control everything. I am sorry you are so narrow minded and have 0 compassion for anyone.

Thank you everyone for your kind words.

Canton, MI

#16 May 19, 2008
Scott you seem very self righteous,bitter,angry person. Maybe your very over protective which is good but are you good to your kids. After reading what you wrote i doubt it. It is so easy to point fingers especialy bitter angry people it gives them a release instead of dealing with there issues of past resentments. Did it make you feel better to be hurtful to the Grandfather. How about some prayers for the family for healing.

Big Rapids, MI

#17 May 19, 2008
Tim, you and your family are in our prayers.

Big Rapids, MI

#18 May 19, 2008
Hey Scott.

As a parent of 4 and a foster parent of over one hundred in the last ten years.... I have to say this...
take my advice...
Never be too critical of the actions of others.... It seems like whenever that is done it comes back to bite you in the a zz twice as bad..
I hope for your sake it don't... But, It is the way thing seem to go..

Niles, MI

#19 May 19, 2008
I work in the emergency services field and even though I wasn't present on the scene, my co workers were in the water and found poor Jacob. I am also a parent of an 8 year old and even though I would like to think that I am a more observant parent than most, guess what Scott, my kid got away from me once in a store. I found him within minutes, but it can happen. This poor man has to live with this for the rest of his life. He spent a ton of time with Jacob and would never have intentionally put him into harms way. Sometimes, no matter how we try to justify it, tragedies just happen. I am so very sorry for their loss.

Grandville, MI

#20 May 19, 2008
I would have to agree with everyone here on what Scott had to say about this story. Very nice, you protect the kids in your home from any danger that there may be but it is hard for an older man with a handicap to run around EVERYWHERE the little boy goes. I have a 4 year old and when we go to the park she is all over the place and it only takes 30secs for something to happen. This is NOT the grandfathers fault, kids run and play where they want and wonder off all the time. This is a very sad thing that has happened. The family is in my thoughts and prayers.

Taylor, MI

#21 May 19, 2008
This is very tragic...I am sorry to all the family...I will be praying for your family.

Taylor, MI

#22 May 19, 2008
I am from Big Rapids. Just two years we lost 2 girls at Hemlock park, due to the dangerous under tow and strong current. The family lived in our apartment complex. We mourned with them.
The community banned together and put up signs to warn EVERYONE about how strong the current is at Hemlock Park.
I find it absurd that someone would let any child near the water at this location. He cannot say that he did not know the water is not safe!
I feel that all the work that was done 2 years ago was done in vane and that those two girls lost their lives in vane!!

Clinton, WA

#23 May 19, 2008
Scott wrote:
What a crying shame that adults can be so damned incompetent about simply keeping an eye on kids at all times, ESPECIALLY when they are so young and you're obviously close to a water source. What makes it even more senseless is that so-called adults just can't seem to learn from others mistakes like this, and like the one's where kids are falling out of windows or playing with matches or lighters etc.
WTF is wrong with people, especially parents/guardians etc. There is NO excuse for this type of carelessness, and I mean NONE!
I have a nephew that just turned 6 and a little niece that just turned 6-month's old. I have spent a great deal of time with both kids since they were first born, in-fact both have been living with me since last September and I ALWAYS know where they are and what they are doing and know they are safe from both predator's or senseless things like yet another child wandering off and drowning or getting snatched by some sick person.
I took the simple time and modest expense of child "proofing" my home to make it extra safe for kids, including electrical outlet inserts in every single outlet that's not being used. Child proof door knob covers on the basement stairwell door and utility room closet (where laundry detergents/cleaners are stored high up on shelves to begin with) that even an adult has a little "fun" trying to turn the knob, cabinet locks for the kitchen sink and bathroom sinks so they can't accidentially get into other cleaners, soaps/shampoos etc.
Not to mention I've ALWAYS made a conscience effort to make sure the handle of ALL pans are turned inward towards the center of the stove so no little heads can bump into them and possibly knock the hot contents on them. But they already know the steer clear of the stove when I'm cooking and to walk around the kitchen center island and not past the stove/oven when in use.
Geesh, just a lot of inexpensive common sense safety features on top of keeping a close eye/ear on them at all times, same when going to stores etc. I NEVER leave them in the truck by themselves, not even for a two minute quick run in to buy a soda etc. They always go with me and are kept almost hipside so if anyone even thought about trying to snatch and run they wouldn't get but maybe two feet and I'd be choking the miserable life out of them.
Bottom line parents, grand parents, aunts/uncles, guardians etc. GET YOUR INCOMPETENT HEADS OUT OF YOUR @SSES and pay the hell attention to the little one's around you at ALL TIMES, ESPECIALLY when a parent has entrusted you with their care and safety. I'm sure this Grandfather feels bad and all that boo hoo stuff and it is indeed a tragedy, a tragedy that adults can be so damned incompetent and don't even absorb/learn from others ignorance and heartache from their ignorance.
I know if this jackass was in-charge of my Nephew and/or Niece and something as simple and preventable as the above happened I would NEVER forgive him/her and would feel they deserve to live with guilt, shame, regret, torment the rest of their life. YES, it sounds harsh but people like this need to feel extreme shame for their incompetence for failing the child in their care...
You are so stupid.. You obviously have no kids of your own. I don't care how close you pay attention. Accidents can still happen. You weren't there... were you? I really feel for this family and especially the Grandfather.
Don - Zeeland MI

Grand Rapids, MI

#24 May 19, 2008
How about the grandfather that was supposed to be watching the child?? Where in the heck was he during this? How can you let a 2 1/2 year old just wander off near a river?? Not once did the mother mention him. She wants to place blame on everyone else -
"...all these parents need to watch out for eacch others' kids..."
How about you watching out for your kid??

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