Town bans hiring and housing illegal ...

Town bans hiring and housing illegal immigrants

There are 139 comments on the New Jersey News story from Jul 27, 2006, titled Town bans hiring and housing illegal immigrants. In it, New Jersey News reports that:

Providing housing or jobs to undocumented immigrants has been banned in a southern New Jersey town, according to an ordinance adopted Wednesday night.

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american boy

Perth Amboy, NJ

#127 Nov 20, 2008
How can you make the agruement that illegal aliens pay their taxes. This is about illegals isnt it? Is the IRS taking tax money from illegals? Then they must know where they live.

I dont beleive this is about documented tax paying immigrants.

I am not surprised, I actually had another person paying taxes to the IRS on my SS#. How on earth can the IRS take money from two different names on the same SS#.

I am not sure the IRS is a place to get info.
Jeff C

Portsmouth, VA

#129 Nov 21, 2008
Hector wrote:
I dont see probelm with my family comen here from Mexico to work and stay in here an pay for rent. it just for work for money for our familys. racist is ignorant to my people.
Hector if your family wants to come here legally and work that's great. The problem lies with illegal immigration. The last thing we as American citizens want is more people sneaking over the border, not following the due process that our ancestors did and tap into our already thin stretched economy and social programs. If you want to work hard and contribute great, but do it as a legal citizen or face the consequences. It is not racism, it is the law. Too many lives have been sacrificed for this country to have it over run by outsiders in search of a new life that do it illegaly and don't want to assimilate. Knock and get permission before you enter like the rest of us.

Bensalem, PA

#130 Nov 22, 2008
italianpride wrote:
I think some people lack education and should do some research before talking about illegal immigration. Unless you are a freaking indian you should not talk about illegals because your just one of them now if you really love your country stop talking trash and get to work where you spend the whole day sitting on your ass all day for the huge bucks you make and leave those dishwashers and cleaning people break their backs for their honest money in peace
What part of ILLEGAL Alien didn't you understand.
Unless we are native Americans, we were all aliens, not ILLEGAL Aliens!
Jeff C

Norfolk, VA

#132 Nov 28, 2008
Hector, I have tried to be nice and explain in simple terms how we as Americans feel about illegal immigration. You on the other hand still do not understand. If you do not follow the rules you do not need to be here. I do not want to pay, support or share the same US soil with individuals that have not furfilled their legal obligations. It has nothing to do with racism. We have been over run by millions that are here illegaly and are a burden on our society and pose a security risk for our citizens. Yes there are some advantages to the cheap labor they provide but there are plenty already legally here that are suckling the taxpayer teet and are more than capable of working. A few years ago I didn't have to deal with foreign languages when using an ATM or shopping let alone all of the extra pages of instructions added to anything that I had to work on. Bottom line, get legal or get out, assimilate, this is my country not yours.

State College, PA

#134 Dec 1, 2008
English-only wrote:
I am soooooo sick of these illegal aliens coming here and taking over. They trash neighborhoods, they close hospitals, they lower test scores in our schools, and they DO increase crime. I've often wondered how much housing we would have in this country if they could all be rounded up and shipped back to Mexico, or wherever they come from.
I applaud those states that are standing strong against the invasion of our country.
Shut up you raciest, ignorant bigot!!! You talk about invasion, what have they taken from you? It's stupid people like you that give America a bad name. It's people like you that lower test scores. You don't know what it's like to be born without a chance in life. To have no education available to you or to work an entire month so you can eat for one week and be hungry the rest. You and all of the other stupid Americans are weak, lazy, ignorant and full of raciest hate. So enjoy life from your trailer park or whatever redneck town you come from

State College, PA

#135 Dec 1, 2008
I am American and I have nothing against immigration. Most illegal aliens that come here are just trying to survive. They have no chance. They endure poverty we can't even imagine. How many of you American born citizens went 4 days without food? A river as your only source of water? Needed help from the police and they never come? How about no chance to an education?
All These stupid American citizens do is complain about things. "Illegals take from us" or " They're invading our country" give me a break. They spend everything that they have so they can come here and work jobs that we are too arrogant to work ourselves. Why? Because they will use any chance given available to them rather than squander them away like spoiled children.
American citizens who have never been wronged by an illegal, why do you care? Does spitting out racism make you feel f*cking superior? Well your not! If you were smart, you would know that people do what they can to survive. What the f*ck would you do if you were born in a poor country with nothing. Exactly! whatever you could to survive. So get over your superiority complexes people and show a little compassion. Or is that too difficult for great Americans to do.

State College, PA

#136 Dec 1, 2008
This comment is for you Hector. First of all, the two biggest states where people come to America illegally are CA and TX. Guess what? Smart Americans would already know that we took those two states from Mexico first. If anything they should be allowed to live here. We F*cking invaded their country remember? If you're worried about people taking taxpayer money why don't you idiots look to your own. Hill-billies taking welfare who more then able to work. People from the ghetto having babies by the litter. Or simply 8.8% of the losers in America milking unemployment benefits because they are too lazy to get the f*cking job that these so-called "illegals" have taken from you. Lets face it, if you don't have a job, it's because you don't want to work badly enough. Get a life and stop complaining about good hard working people that are willing to do what we arn't. Get a life!!!

Harrisburg, PA

#137 Dec 1, 2008
lori hetman wrote:
Get them OUT of our country. They are ((((INFESTING)))))) our land and destroying our neighborhoods. They litter of towns and don't care. They come here and sponge from our government. It sickens me to see that every Mexican woman is either pregnant or pushing a stroller with a few kids in tow. It also kills me that they don't learn the language of our country. They are a mennice and need to get out. Each one of them should take a canadian goose with them and go back to their country. Is it only a few that see this??
No! People see it! Its realy bad. Not good for us. We pay for them to collect. They know how the system works. Supposedly, they collect look for a job and look to get fired and then return to collect again. And they do this over and over and over. Whats with our government. Its okey for them to abuse our system? Do they not see this?

Maple Shade, NJ

#138 Feb 6, 2009
Hector wrote:
Why not embrace my people? We want to live in peace like you. I dont understand why you hate us all. My people suffer. Have a heart. We want to live in peace.
Because Hector you can't break the law just because you are latino you dummy, thats why.You see whats happening to Mexico who has no law.Mexico is now a ghtto because of people like you,we will NOT let that happen to America.

Northport, AL

#139 Feb 17, 2009
come on guys. were the original irish legal? how about the italians? this country was born and bread on the backs of immigrants,legal, and ilegal. this country is what it is today due to imagration. in my old camden,nj neighborhood there were the mics, and dagos and krauts, think those folks grandfathers were legal?
Jim Bob Flynn

New Egypt, NJ

#146 Feb 20, 2009
Yea, what he said!!!!
Jim Bob Flynn

New Egypt, NJ

#147 Feb 20, 2009
If anyone understands!!!

Miami, FL

#148 Mar 19, 2010
Get a life, italianpride

Our ancestors came here legally- followed the rules- and did it right.

Why should these illegals be given the same respect? They have started off breaking the law, and do not have a steller reputation for being law abiding citizens.

Immigrants are fine- illegals are not

Muskegon, MI

#149 Mar 20, 2010
Nathan Thomas Fried wrote:
I graduated from Riverside Highschool in 2003 and now I am in the great city of philadelphia studying to become a PhD in gentic research. I lived in riverside my entire life. Before the brazilians, it was portugese. And I have one single thing to say, They have brought something to our little town that no one ever could. They brought pride. They brought business. They brought life. Life to a town that was loosing it.
Before the brazilians, all that I ever saw in my town park was drugs hanging around the jungle gym. By the time I was in my senior year, the only people I saw in the park were drunken kids. Some were my friends but the majority chased children away from the playgrounds. Once the brazilians came, they started putting up volley ball nets and playing games in the park. Some of my friends with no where to go started learning Capuero, brazilian martial arts. There is even a weekly school to teach english to the brazilians and portuguese to americans!
The Brazilians have taken nothing from this town. They have only come in offering what they have. They have opened stores in the deserted up-town region and have made friends with those whom are willing. These are hard workers from a completly different culture that are just looking for a place to call home. A place I call home is a place that I take care of. It is a place that I make as amazing as possible. That is simply what they are doing with riverside. They are making a new and wonderful home.
We need to work together to stop new illegal immigrants and legalize the ones whom are already here.
What part of ILLEGAL alien don't you understand. I'm glad to hear that the Brazilians brought your town out of the dumps when noone else could but we are talking ILLEGAL immigrants, not those who legally migrate to this country for a better life.

Muskegon, MI

#150 Mar 20, 2010
Why the big fuss. It has always been illegal to hire illegal aliens. They have no social security number, therefore have no way of paying taxes on the earnings and housing a criminal has always been illegal. Illegals are just that ILLEGAL therefore are criminals and should be treated as such. If all the towns followed the law noone would hire or house illegals.

Muskegon, MI

#151 Mar 20, 2010
What town?


Since: Sep 08

Albion, NY

#152 Mar 20, 2010
Wasn't Riverside taken to court and lost about 6-7 months ago?Seem to me the A.C.L.U. got their idiots involed in the fight on the side of the illegals.Some how that doesn't surprise me that they would side with them as I think they (ACLU)are anti-american.BTY: most people don't know that our tax money goes to them (ACLU)so they can fight against us and our laws.

Lawrenceburg, IN

#153 Mar 24, 2010
Frankly, the "illegals" were much better people than the Riverside natives. It was the "illegals" who were working hard, opening businesses, and making the town a nice place to live again. Now that they've mostly been chased away, the town is dying, which is exactly what it deserves. Why anyone would want to live in that backwards s**thole now is beyond me. Within ten years, every single storefront in downtown Riverside will be dead.

Staying in the US after your visa expires is technically illegal, but it isn't immoral. I'm not saying people should do it, but it isn't a big deal, it's just a technicality. What *is* immoral is blaming immigrants for your own problems instead of taking personal responsibility. Riverside was already a s**thole long before the immigrants arrived because so many of the native residents are lazy and uneducated. But they didn't want to accept responsibility for running their own town into the ground, so they blamed the "illegals" even though the "illegals" were actually saving the town. The residents were probably just jealous over the fact that the "illegals" were achieving more with their lives than they were.

Woodbine, NJ

#154 Mar 26, 2010
"Riverside" you are in fact a Moron who has probably never been to the town of RIVERSIDE, this town mirrors the country, every town in America went through hard times. The Illegals were literally trashing the town, overburdening the police, trash collection, sewage etc etc. When you cram 10 people into a 1 bedroom apartment something has to give. When a town of 9000 suddenly burgeons to 15000, there are going to be problems. When the store fronts become nothing but cell phones and western union terminals there are problems, but you wouldn't choose to see those issues. When the illegals get into an accident with you and they run because not only are THEY illegal, but the cars they drive have falsified plates, registration and no insurance there are going to be issues. Its not just the people, its everything they bring with them. I can keep going, but you wont care and you will call anyone that tries to intelligently challenge your point of view a racist, or you will look for typos and concentrate on them instead of the issues.

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