Some L.A. freeway carpool lanes will ...

Some L.A. freeway carpool lanes will become toll lanes

There are 82 comments on the Daily Breeze story from Dec 11, 2008, titled Some L.A. freeway carpool lanes will become toll lanes. In it, Daily Breeze reports that:

More than 60 miles of Southland carpool lanes on three freeways will be converted into toll lanes under a contract signed today by federal and local officials, according to the U.S Transportation Department.

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San Peedro

Los Angeles, CA

#23 Dec 11, 2008
Stand up wrote:
Oh, this makes me sad. In addition to paying more sales tax to improve our "infrastructure" we now are going to have toll roads instead of HOV. I feel bad for people in the Harbor area. Not only does not one cent of Measure "R" money go to the harbor but now they are imposing this toll on the 110. The 110 is really the only way to get to and from the harbor and downtown. San Pedro is the red headed step child once more. I wonder what Janice Hahn thinks about this? My guess is she doesn't care or her ambition of being a congresswomen won't allow her to cause a fuss.
BS, Commuter Express 448. Park, for free, at PCH, and ride downtown in comfort for $1.75 in the HOT lane. Maybe read a book on the way.

Los Angeles, CA

#24 Dec 11, 2008
what a crock. When it costs $1 billion to build just 1 mile of freeway and it takes 10 years to do it, the problem is not the commuter -- it is the bureaucrats and CalTrans. If all the BS with environmental impact studies and contractors grossly under bidding the work was the norm when the Interstate Highway system was conceived, it would never have been built. I do drive the 91 fwy toll lanes out of necessity every day. But when I see that $10 eastbound toll, you bet that I and hundreds of others find a way around it. Those little yellow pylons fall over real easy... ;)~

United States

#25 Dec 11, 2008
Interesting wrote: custmov.html
Elitists. What is the solution for the other 90% of commuters stuck in traffic because they can't afford or refuse to pay the toll?

Well...I guess some Animals are more equal than others.

Los Angeles, CA

#26 Dec 11, 2008
suckers wrote:
<quoted text>
Elitists. What is the solution for the other 90% of commuters stuck in traffic because they can't afford or refuse to pay the toll?
Well...I guess some Animals are more equal than others.
1) Don't live in Corona and expect to commute in. The money you're saving on a house is much more than the toll....
2) Travel at off peak hours to work
3) Telecommute
4) Whine / be a victim

Norwalk, CA

#27 Dec 11, 2008
Ride the Metro 444 from Rancho Palos Verdes, down hawthorne blvd, up artesia blvd and then hop on 110 to downtown LA and end at union station. It will only cost you $2.45.

Other solution, find a job close to your house or a house close to your job.

I am not a fan of the tolls by the way; especially that it is for the rich. Many lawyers and other well off people are the ones who bought the hybrids with the sticker that allows them to travel in the carpool lane. The hybrids were to much money for the average working man to buy at the time, but these wealthier people bought them to travel the carpool lane. 99% of them did not buy these hybrids to save the enviroment. They bought them to save time and time is money.
To Really

Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

#28 Dec 12, 2008
Sorry to burst your bubble. I am not wealthy. I bought a hybrid before they were "cool" to do so because I wanted a good car that was efficient on gas. The perk was the sticker for the car pool lane, which I have been happily using until I saw this article. Sure, I get to work a little sooner than most, but since I was helping the environment, I felt this was earned. It always was a good feeling to merge into the car pool lane and get off the brakes after all the SUVs and BMWs wouldn't let me into their lanes. Being rich had nothing to do with it. I won't say I was smarter than everyone else, either-just had good timing.

Chino Hills, CA

#29 Dec 12, 2008
This sucks. I have no interest in using some toll lane, whatsoever. Why if they can just speed this crappy little program down our throats, can't they run high speed rail down the 110? If I had a viable, fast, mass transit option, I wouldn't even need to get in my car in the first place.
Marina watchdog

Redondo Beach, CA

#30 Dec 12, 2008 this is what we used to call "freeways" huh..??? Most are correct here -- the rich won't worry -- the rest will sit in traffic as before. Measure R was just another "toll" on the tax-payers' wallets -- and the idiots who votes for it were "played" again ......just like the additional property tax "con" that will go toward gang training....

I wonder if our politicians have ever driven the toll-roads in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and all the others states..... Sooner or later ALL our once beloved "freeways" will become toll roads.... they have to get the money somewhere -- right...?? Build more fountains, welcome parks, speed bumps in residential neighborhoods... Yea --- our elected "officials" sure have our best interests at heart....

Next election -- how about something new.....THROW ALL THE INCUMBANTS OUT...!!!! We clearly need some fresh thinkers who can take back our government.....because it should be "of the people, FOR the people and BY the people".... lest we NEVER, EVER FORGET.....
Not interesting

Los Angeles, CA

#31 Dec 12, 2008
Interesting wrote:
Good god you people are reactionary.
"sell my little NGV and buy some big fat gas guzzling SUV so at least I can sit in comfort out in the regular traffic lanes with everyone else. Oh yes, CA likes to put on this image of trying to be green and encouraging efficient vehicles. But, when it comes down to it, looks like the almighty dollar wins out every time. Maybe I should forget the SUV all together and just get out of this stupid state."
Awww....someone's going to take their toy and go home.
This isn't a new concept to our region -- 91 has had express lanes for quite a while. I use them when I need to come over to Orange County in the mornings. They're great.
The freeways are public goods, yep. So are the telephone lines, sewer systems, buses, etc and you still pay to use those. The puny gas tax does not cover your necessity to slow down traffic by using the freeways at peak AND YOU CAN STILL USE THE FREEWAY FOR FREE.
Grow up, this is not 1950.
Why don't you go back to work in your little cubicle in City Hall...idiot! How much do you get paid to blog on the taxpayer's dime??? And why don't you use your real name so that we can vote you out of office when your time is up? "Interesting"??? Believe me, you are NOT 'interesting''re an a-hole!

Lomita, CA

#32 Dec 12, 2008
Wait a minute... didn't my tax dollars already pay for the carpool lanes on the Harbor Fwy? Why are we being asked to pay again? This is big government giving advantage to the people with money, what about us working people? My time is just as valuable as the person who can afford to pay to drive in the carpool lane that I have already helped pay for!!
Roger Grant

San Diego, CA

#33 Dec 12, 2008
It's helpful that you can tell who is a moron by their inability to write a complete sentence.

"Sure, I get to work a little sooner than most, but since I was helping the environment, I felt this was earned."

HA! Burning fossil fuels helps the environment? Do you think all that nickel, a toxic heavy metal, in your battery came from a magic earth-loving environmental leprechaun's pot?

Helping the environment would be not being a solo driver on the freeway. It would be taking a bus, which is also a lot cheaper than buying a new car.

Waianae, HI

#34 Dec 12, 2008
Suckers wrote:
I will travel the toll lanes because I can afford it. All the complete idiotic stupid jerks that voted yes for Measure R are going to be paying more in sales taxes and driving slower on the freeways because the HOV lanes will be less traveled. This is government's solution.....stoplights at the 605 to 210 transition ramps and toll lanes. When will the electorate wake up and clean house starting with the public employee unions that protect the jackass government engineers that come up with these absolutely absurd ideas!!!
You're missing the big picture. The jackass government POLITICIANS cater to jackass electorate, such as yourself, who can "afford it" .
Brown Dirt Cowboy

Orange, CA

#35 Dec 12, 2008
Anyone who voted for Measure R IS the "jackass electorate". Thanks for the sales tax increase.
Brian Covington

San Diego, CA

#36 Dec 12, 2008
This article doesn't get it quite right. If you read the actual plan and justification:

The existing 1-110 carpool lanes have excess capacity and will provide benefits to motorists without having to impact current carpoolers - current carpooling arrangements would remain cost-free;
The carpool lanes are clearly designated, readily enforced, and meet design standards;
There is frequent, high-quality transit service in the corridor that provides a viable
alternative for drivers. Bus lanes present on both Interstate 110 and 10 provide an
opportunity to improve connectivity.

It makes more sense. To all the ones griping about costs, what is your solution? Socal doesn't do HOV-3. Do you want to make the lanes free for everybody? That defeats the whole purpose of providing commuters an ALTERNATIVE to smooth out their commute times, as there would be no speed gains for anyone.

Los Angeles, CA

#37 Dec 12, 2008
Where can I find more info on this? I would like to know the rates, where to apply, etc.?

Thank you

Whittier, CA

#38 Dec 12, 2008
Traveller wrote:
<quoted text>
1) Don't live in Corona and expect to commute in. The money you're saving on a house is much more than the toll....
2) Travel at off peak hours to work
3) Telecommute
4) Whine / be a victim

I love your answer....except:

1. I'm a State Gov't employee.
2. I don't "punch-a-clock" me and go at off-peak hours.
3. Live close to my office.
4. See on a daily basis how gov't screws the tax payer.
American Accountablity

United States

#39 Dec 12, 2008
They should give every Hybrid Car Owner a Carpool Lane Sticker if the Hybrid gives more than 30+MPG,
And lets stop %^%#&^# with peoples Tax Money in this Horrible Economic time, all we need is the Freeway to be Free, get it "Free"way ,
I have a apartment building in Torrance with 40 Tenents and many of them are comming to my office requesting lower rent or a month Free, and I grant their request, because the economy is F*ucked up, and we need to work together, rather than giving so called Rich people the Toll Road, all it is is Corruption.
Let the Freeway be Free, because we already pay our Freeway Tax when we fill up our cars with Gas, I belive we pay 11 cents a gallon, that equals to an Annual $200 per car times the 34 Million Cars we have registed in the State, that equals to alot of money and then the federal Government and State Governments pitch with with the additional Revenue,
I Bet some rich brat from USC came up with the Idea, because he has the money, I have the money as well but I am a Good AMERICAN and belive in equality and Freedom and most importantly Accountablity, Therefore NO MORE TOLL ROADS IN CALIFORNIA. Also this is for the dumb people, don't think I'm some poor person, Last year I filled $6 Million Dollars in my Income Statement.
We need to think about these people that we elect into office, some don't even have a College Degree, hint hint California Governor, hahaha
Sorry Roger Grant

United States

#40 Dec 12, 2008
Looks like YOU are the moron here. Read up on NGVs. Enough said. Plus, I'd venture to say that I can write your a-- off any day of the week.
Professor Roger Grant

United States

#41 Dec 12, 2008
"It's helpful that you can tell who is a moron by their inability to write a complete sentence.
"Sure, I get to work a little sooner than most, but since I was helping the environment, I felt this was earned."
Please, for this newly immigrated American, correct the grammar in this sentence. I see no mistakes.
PMSing today

Los Angeles, CA

#42 Dec 12, 2008
It may defray the cost of armeggedon's california budget! And the state can start making more if we get these coppers to stop these fools on their cell while driving...

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