I looked at what the Bible had to say about sin, I was really shock to find out we were all born in sin, shape in iniquity come in this world speaking lies. Sin is not send you to hell, Its your unbelief in Gods word that sends you to hell. You live anyway you want to because of your unbelief, smoking, drinking, cussing, whoring, adultery homosexuals is attribute of unbelief. But what God does that will send you to hell is He provided a way for sin and you turned it down. You never excepted pardon. You trampled over your pardon and the blood of Christ so you could go to hell. Being a drunk, dope head, immoral sex acts you was born that away to commit these sins, You don't want to be borned again you turned down your pardon, This is what send you to hell. This made me look at people a whole lot different!!!!!!