If the Unions are able to force WalMart to close all of it's Stores and Whses in Calif the thousands of WalMart employees will just have to refugee back to a sanely governed State to find employment. City Hall and Sacramento Democrats believe we can make up the millions in lost taxes by making the major streets in LA like Wilshire, Olympic, and Pico "toll roads". They have nothing to loose because brain dead LA voters always just settle for anyTHING with a D beside it's name on a Ballot no matter how awful the out comes.

The Unions have nothing to loose by running non Union Companies out of California.
The Unions who are driving WalMart out of the State have nothing to loose because they have nothing to do with WalMart or the thousands of WalMart employees who will loose their Jobs.

It's a Calif thing. Ignorant voters elected Union gangsters to run the City and the State and every one must accept every tragic out come as all our pitiful families deserve.