sorry to inform you all, but none of your names are inscribed in TheBook of Life. because your grandmother chaooah's, name is not recorded in IT.

there are very few names, recorded in TheBook of Life. for this period of time, in TheTorah. since everyone today, have all deleted themselves, from being in IT.

my name is adam, according to TheG-D of my visitations here in TheTorah. in this always second coming of Adam. and and HaShem G-D, HE came and gave to me TheBook of Life, with all the names in IT.

there is no room in TheBook of Life, for idolitors of other g-d/s. and i would not write in any name, that is personally embarassing to either adam or his animal mate here and now in TheStory.

if your name is not in, TheBook of Life, it is your falt. your own falt for not believing, in TheG-D of TheTorah here in TheTorah now. to denounce adam and his animal mate,actually here and now in TheTorah. is to strike your name's from ever being recorded here and now in TheTorah. TheTorah aka: TheBook of Life. for HaShem G-D is not a con artist, with two sets of books.

TheHis Linage has already been selected. and it is TheHer Linage, that is yet to be determined. and their is no woman, by the name of eve, ever mentioned in TheTorah Scroll. so therefor none of the her grandchildren, are as of yet perminant.

and you can't get your name recorded in TheTorah, by never being all here in TheTorah forever now. TheTorah is the only physicall accounting, HaShem G-D is giving.

and the root Tor, means line, linage, story line. and the word Torah is femine, in search of TheHer True Story. just like it says, adam has yet to find a true animal for TheHisSon's mate.

and if you did anything to decieve your grandmother, out of being here and now actually in TheTorah. then you are not eligible, to be entered in TheTorah, here and now in TheTorah.