Review: Barry O Bernstein Law Office

Review: Barry O Bernstein Law Office

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Scott - previous client


#2 May 29, 2010
I disagree because this is only your side of the story. Mr. Berstein was present at all the important hearings for me and resolved my matter as a professional experienced attorney. No bullshit like you claim. A fair assesment is only when a reader can hear both sides of the story.

Pico Rivera, CA

#3 Jun 18, 2010

Santa Clarita, CA

#4 May 11, 2011
This atty. did the same thing to me. Could you please contact me or write with a way to contact you. Thank you.

Santa Clarita, CA

#5 May 11, 2011
Sorry, Scott I think you're outnumbered.

Santa Clarita, CA

#6 May 11, 2011
Could you please contact me if possible, AVM. He also did the same thing to me.

Pico Rivera, CA

#7 Jul 28, 2011
Boss ,Sorry it took me this long to reply My email is I would like to hear from you !!!AVM
Ira Hatchett

San Diego, CA

#8 May 15, 2013
Boss wrote:
Could you please contact me if possible, AVM. He also did the same thing to me.
Hey Boss, I just received an email at from a man that was set to give Bernstein 45k tomorrow. This man was being pressured by Art Cortez and is now completely informed of the reputation Bernstein has earned by shafting so many clients. Please feel free to email me anytime...

Los Angeles, CA

#9 Jun 6, 2013
What would you like to know? I have a strong belief that this is the law firm of Bernstein trying to get names of people who have written in this forum so you can create a slander/libel lawsuit. If that is the case, I will say this to you in response. As you know, the exceptions to libel and slander are if the accusations are true. In my case, they are easy to prove as true. If you have a concern against Bernstein, you can and should write the Bar Association. Many have complaints against him, and I believe (although I am not completely sure, he was sanctioned in the 90s and put on probation by the bar. Afterward, he changed his name to Bob Bernstein and people could not easily access who he was, or if he was the same persona. It is important for the Bar to know about this firms nefarious practices. So, please write the bar with all of your detailed complaints, so hopefully he and his associates who are aiding him in his deceit can be stopped.
[Hey Boss, I just received an email at from a man that was set to give Bernstein 45k tomorrow. This man was being pressured by Art Cortez and is now completely informed of the reputation Bernstein has earned by shafting so many clients. Please feel free to email me anytime...]
Aaron - fired for malprac

Tustin, CA

#11 Jun 12, 2013
This attorney was in the process of doing the same to my Fiance until I got a bad feeling and read all of his begative reviews and fired him. the stories that are previously posted sound identical to what he was doing to us. I am out of 5k and filing a grievance with the state bar and the fee arbitration department to try and get my 5k back. Because of his lack of help he quit possibly is the reason that m fiance ended up with a bench warrant and was never notified. I luckily hired another highly recommended atty which says he will do whatever he can to stop this crook from practicing. To this day we have NEVER even met bob bernstein nor spoke with him over the phone. He has only sent his goon art cortez to collect out retainer money and tell us nohing but lies. I am interested in filing a class action suit and would love to testify on behalf of anyone going through this same mess that hes created for my soon to be wife and I. He should not be allowed to call himself a lawyer. Please contact me by email if you have any questions or just some insight that might help me in getting him stopped. I would love to speak with anyone about this matter.

Seattle, WA

#12 Jun 14, 2013
Barry is a total scam. It's insane to read other stories and find that my story is just the same. Barry was defending my brother and he wasn't even present the day he got sentenced. Apart from this he asked for 7,000 extra for a psychological letter that would help my brother and we never saw such thing but of course he made sure to get the money. He appears to be very promising but is in fact very far from that. I would like to join any class action suit against him.
jesus VM

Whittier, CA

#13 Aug 12, 2013
I am willing to speak to anybody about this lawyer Barry O. Bernstein my email is
jesus VM

Whittier, CA

#14 Aug 13, 2013
This Barry or Bob Bernstein is the same guy he can change his name but his licence number is the same, the truth is that the Bar doesn't do anything about it, after several complaints he's still practicing law,and if you read the complaints of people they are almost identical, I filed for fee arbitration and only got 8k back out of the 50k I was searching, and he didn't show up to the arbitration,the best thing to do is to file at the court it's cheaper, and if you are not happy you can see a judge, I spent thousands of dlls but each attorney I was hiring left us in a worst situation, I believe they protect each other, I'm getting stressed just talking about it, because there's nothing I can do they have too much power, has anybody heard of an attorney going to prison fraud? I have a brother in prison since 2005. Something needs to be done to stop people like Bernstein, if anybody belongs in prison is him.

United States

#15 Aug 14, 2013
I took Bernstein to small claims court and of course he did not show up, but sent Art Cortez in his place. Luckily, I picked up on his poor work and total disregard early on after giving him the initial retainer of $7500. He did not show up for the arraignment but sent a guy who had no idea what he was doing, who was no longer practicing the last i looked at his bar record. I got $3500 back. But I had to have my attorney who took the case and did work for me to testify as to all the work he did, and how much he charged compared to Bernstein. I never met Bernstein, but I highly recommend that anyone who has been taken advantage of by him pursue a complaint with the bar and make sure it is well documented. Don't let anyone fool you into thinking you have to go to arbitration, I sued him in court, and I believe, you can sue him in superior court for malpractice and ask for punitive damages if you can show he was negligent which lead to injury to you. You can seek a malpractice attorney for advice. The statute of limitations for malpractice is 3 years from the date of the injury or loss, the last time I checked, so you have to file your case by then. If you want to sue for simple breach of contract you have four years from the first act of breach to do that. But I recommend a malpractice attorney unless you are suing in small claims which has a limit of $7500 that you can get for loss. If your damages are really severe (over $75000) I believe you can sue hiim in federal court. But again check with a malpractice attorney.

Van Nuys, CA

#18 Dec 12, 2013
Omg. I was referred to this attorney in court yesterday by a client of his. I am so glad I found this forum. Going through a criminal trial already is stressful enough. I would be devastated to get ripped off too.

Highland, CA

#19 Apr 10, 2014
Wow I am so glad I did research before going to this law firm. I almost made a huge mistake! AND this isn't the only forum with these complaints. There are so many complaints about this guy and his firm and they are all just alike which is so sad. I dodged a bullet thanks to the helpful people who spoke out. It's hard enough trying to get justice when the people who are suppose to protect you and your rights screw you over instead. I am glad I am being diligent in my search to find an effective and HONEST who wont just try to scare me out of money. Thanks and sorry to those of you who have been swindled by this firm!

Highland, CA

#20 Apr 10, 2014
I found this story on another forum. So sad this story is:

Here is a short story of what happen.

My cousin was ignoring this boy who kept trying to fight him. Later that week they ended up fighting. The boy got his but kicked. The following weekend my cousin shows up at a party, paid to get in, and got searched before entering.
The friends of the boy who fought my cousin were there, they called the boy and less then a half an hour of my cousin being there, 25 to 30 grown men were beating my cousin up. Somehow a gun ends up into my cousins hands shooting two people below the waist. My cousin was put in jail.

We needed to hire an attorney and we only had less then a couple of days to do so..


Mr. Barry Bernstein "Southern California's best major felony criminal defense lawyer". Has the highest rating AV. Who is known for his aggressive and highly successful representation of those accused of major felonies. Bernstein has 40 years as a trial attorney, which has an excellent reputation with judges, prosecutors and court personnel. Who's clients always receive his personal ATTENTION and AVAILABILITY.

Sounds good and believable. RIGHT??? Hiring Mr. Bernstein to defend my cousin in his court case. We later learned that is not what the self proclaim attorney turned out to be. He was nothing but an unprofessional nightmare who added more stress and confusion to both, my family and his client.

Refusing to talk to witnesses who were present at the time of the party/fight/shooting. Ignoring all evidence and the lack of interest in talking to his client, who we hired to defend and fight aggressively for. Mr. Bernstein only talked to his client once. Making it hard for us to get in contact with him. To find out what was going on and how things were going to turn out. Always had a "filler" in his absence. Mr. Bernstein surprisingly showed up to sentencing of his client.
He lied and mislead his client as well as us. He took advantage of my young, nervous cousin and his client. He told my cousin to write a letter of confession cause that would give him less time. My cousin trusted him and believe that he was going to defend him all the way.

Mr. Bernstein client was sentence to 15 years in prison. Keep in mind that his client has no prior convictions, and has never been in trouble with the law before this.

Mr. Bernstein gave us false hope, and took our money. After the hearing we wanted to talk to Mr. Bernstein he wouldn't talk to us, he just left!!

Finding out by other attorneys my cousin should not of got 15 years.
the most he should of got was 5!

If you go onto Mr. Bernstein profile there are more then a handful of all his victories in criminal cases.....something just doesnt add up about this so called Southern California best major felony criminal defense lawyer.


Bellfower, California

South San Francisco, CA

#21 Apr 10, 2014
Yes. I recall Bernstein never would see me after I retained him, while waiting for the credit card to pay he took my calls a couple of times. Each time he would say the same thing. "We're working real hard on your case." (They kept telling me he was in a big murder trial, but he would take out time from the trial to talk by phone - even though I specifically asked before retaining him if he was too involved with other cases to have time for mine and they said he was in closing arguments that week), the second phone call he took of mine he said "Would you be open to accepting three years probation?" I said, "Have you looked at the evidence?" he said, "Yes. Well, I have to go." He would never take my call once the payment cleared. Then, his people became very nasty to me and would say, "The accuser says your guilty and you have nothing but your statements to show otherwise, so your guilty," then hung up. Of course they never interviewed me about the case to ask what happened, or if I had any evidence. I never once saw their office. To this day, I am fairly sure they don't have an office. They all work from their homes and rent out a desk from some place in Glendale if someone wants to meet them in office, I believe, it belongs to another outfit. Luckily my sister, who had knew a criminal attorney in Chicago had told me that anytime there is a so called big name attorney, they take their small time clients and feed them to the DA as bones so when their wealthy clients get in trouble, they can ask for favors in return. When I heard that, I got the picture. That, I believe, is why he is still in practice. Because the DA likes that he throws people at them without a fight and they can get some points for reelection. It wouldn't surprise me if Bernstein isn't having lunch with the DA or asst. DA every week. Bernstein also told me before I retained him that, "If the DA finds out I am representing you, they will probably drop the charges just because they are scared of me." I believe if the Bar association doesn't do something about this man to disbarred him, they should be sued. I did research his name and it appears in 1994 there was a Bernstein put on probation due to taking money from clients and doing nothing.

Los Angeles, CA

#22 Nov 21, 2014
A lot of you have no idea what you're talking about.
I don't know specifics about your cases with bernstein, but i can tell you that a lot of well-established attorneys never attend procedural hearings like arraignments or sentencings because nothing happens in those, no arguments need to be made, etc. it's very common to send a stand-in attorney to those while the main attorney is occupied in something more important, you know, like an actual TRIAL.
if you didn't get or see a copy of your psych report, maybe it's because the shrink didn't have anything good to say about you and a printed report would only hurt your case after being handed to the prosecutor...have you ever thought of that?
feeding small cases to the DA as bones...hahahhaa, lol that's a good one. yah, a defense attorney really wants to lose his license and reputation by rolling over and dying on the smaller cases....yeah, it's all a conspiracy against the poor defendant.
Marcia Washington

Phoenix, AZ

#23 Jan 4, 2015
Devil's Advocate I want you to know that I sincerely thank God in heaven that Barry Otto Bernstein is DEAD and BURNING IN THE PIT OF HELL...I just hope he suffered a very long, agonizing illness that took his dignity and showed him as the disgusting degenerate that he truly was! I pray all seven of his children, and 30 grandchildren also suffer as a result of the thieving legacy that the infamous low-life Barry Otto Bernstein leaves behind!

Huntington Beach, CA

#24 Jan 4, 2015
Marcia Washington wrote:
Devil's Advocate I want you to know that I sincerely thank God in heaven that Barry Otto Bernstein is DEAD and BURNING IN THE PIT OF HELL...I just hope he suffered a very long, agonizing illness that took his dignity and showed him as the disgusting degenerate that he truly was! I pray all seven of his children, and 30 grandchildren also suffer as a result of the thieving legacy that the infamous low-life Barry Otto Bernstein leaves behind!
Did this just happen?

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