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United States

#1 Apr 4, 2009
1. His Holiness Sri Sri Selvam Siddhar isa Nagarthar from Kilasevalpatti, India. The 1st and the only nagartahr in the world who doanted RS 101 Crores to build a Temple in USA and Rs 500 Crores to build a Medical university in Caribbean
His Holiness Sri Sri “SELVAM SIDDHAR” also known as Dr. COMMANDER SELVAM is a divine personality, a great scholar. He is initiated by his Guru Sri Sri Chinnappa Siddhar, a powerful Atharva Vedic Swamiji from Kerala , India , and now he is managing Sri Akasthiyar Siddhar Peedam as the Madathipathi after Sri Sri Chinnappa Siddhar.
kumthalakadi kumma

United States

#2 Apr 4, 2009
Siddhar Selvam was writing about the Vedic Astrological Science for numerous papers in North America , and he was the only Swamiji writing for many newspapers from East coast to West coast. He is famously known and respected by his followers as “Siddhar”,“Commander” and “Dr.” He is the only Swamiji in the world, who served in the police Department. He served as the first youngest Area Commander for Home Guards in Chennai City , Tamil Nadu, and India .
Sri Sri Selvam “Siddhar” helps the human mankind to come out different problems in the life through Vedic Rituals.“Siddhar” is the only living “Siddhar” and Swamiji in USA with the Atharva Veda background.
The only Yaksha Devatha Upaasaka among the swamijis. Siddhar Selvam is trained by his Guru in all the SAPTHA RISHI JYOTHISHAM. After mastering the Jyothisham and Thantra, He is assisted by a lot of full time pundits, and he has trained them in all the Thantras.
Akasthiyar Siddhar peedam in India employed with a lot of full time Priests/Pundits in their different centers in th e world. Also the only Ashram which performs lot of Yagnas / Homams / Havans per day in their different centers in the world for their followers and devotees.
The only Indian spiritual leader presently in USA . specialized in the occult sciences and the only qualified scholar to settle the problems like strange behavior, evil spirit’s attack, Deadly spirits’ attachment, Black Magic, Jadoo, Voodoo, Strange talks, Continuous Bad luck, Blockage in the Success, Sudden downfall in the Business / Job / Life. Astral travelling, etc. He is not a usual Astrologer; however he is a Master in the same subject. Astrologers are like school graders and he is playing the role of the Master in the same field. The Master Degree Holder could act as an school graders at any time whereas, the school graders cannot and should not act as a Master Degree Holder without any proper training.
Astrology is only a tool to analyze the problem and no one could change some one’s life for a few hundreds of Dollar s. Like lot of funny so called Astrologers and Swamijis saying, by wearing some kinds of Gem in ring for our finger, one’s life could be changed immediately, then only the Jewelers are the only Gods in the world. Does any body could spend money to buy the Good luck? No it’s impossible!!
kumthalakadi kumma

United States

#3 Apr 4, 2009
Yes that’s right it’s impossible in the World! The purity in the mind and the actions only, would make some one as the greatest personality in the world. That’s why Swamiji always tells to his followers that “YOU ARE GOING TO LIVE ACCORDING TO YOUR THOUGHTS”. Also he often says that if you want to cash out your Punya/ blessings, you could certainly do so, however if you want to buy Punya/Blessings with the money, certainly it is impossible.
As said by our Swamiji Sri Sri Selvam “Siddhar”, the real fact is that, the Karma cannot be changed, where as we could admit our Karma in a comfortable way and our Swamiji the only Swamiji in USA is specialized in the same subjec t. Most of the Swamijis when coming to USA, they come with some kinds of message or some kinds of Expertise, where as our Swamiji came to USA with his fullest blessings of the Angels (Yaksha Devathaas) and fully with the knowledge of the Atharva Veda. It is also the fact that Atharva Veda is the only Veda that deals with the application part of the Yantra, Thantra, Mantra and its application part.
kumthalakadi kumma

United States

#4 Apr 4, 2009
Swamiji always says that we need to be blessed before we bless someone. Swamiji always boldly says that he is doing business with god, with a meaning that, hardly Swamiji comes to USA just to serve or help someone. Most of them come to USA only for money or for better living. This cannot be and should not be forgotten. However lot of Swamijis, when they visit USA they would always say that, they came here to bless their community or people. If a Swamiji is coming all the way from India, or any where else, why he/she cannot first bring forward or settle the problems of thousands of people who need help in their mother land itself before entering in to USA?. Several persons do not know how to make t heir life comfortable but comes out under the name of swamiji and say that, they could give comfort to others.
kumthalakadi kumma

United States

#5 Apr 4, 2009
They may be presenting numerous charitable ideas when they collect money. However, according to the Veda a Swamiji/Saadhu (a spiritual person) means, a person, who don’t have any kind of material desire in his/her life. It would be very hard to see those kind of people through our naked eyes.. Even in his past, he has helped a lot of Swamijis to settle their own personal problems as an Atharva Vedic scholar.
Swamiji His Holiness Sri Sri Selvam”Siddhar “ is the 1st Indian in the whole Hindu Lineage and Tamilian to build the ONLY SHIVA TEMPLE IN THE WORLD WITH 108 SHIVA IMAGES. The only youngest “Siddhar” Swamiji in North America with the highest number of followers. Swamiji is now building the most expensive Hindu Temple in Norcross , Georgia- USA
kumthalakadi kumma

United States

#7 Apr 4, 2009
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Ms Managata adura

Buford, GA

#9 Apr 12, 2009
Name : Bhaskara
Date : 04/06/2009
Comments : I am a poor man. I have two daughters. Even though my wife and I work very hard we were not able to get a good job. We approached you. You found that we have some black magic problems. You solved the problem very easily with your wonderful mantra power. Now we are getting well in all our affairs. Salutes to you and your wonderful mantra power.

Name : R Saratoga Iyengar
Date : 04/06/2009
Comments : Swamiji, Namaste. I approached you after reading the magazine Siddhitimes, to solve the problems of my son. He got involved in some affairs and he was imprisoned. Even after the arguments of many attorneys, he was not let free. I approached you to solve this problem. You performed wonderful Thantric rituals. Now he has come out of the case. My entire family is surrendered to your lotus feet.

Name : Sanjivbhai Goel
Date : 04/06/2009
Comments : Parampujya Siddharji, I had many problems caused by evil spirits. I had no sleep at all during the nights. I consulted many people and nothing helped me to get rid of my sleepless nights’ problem I consulted you. You performed a great ritual based on Atharva Veda and now I am free from all the troubles. Now my life is wonderful. Thanks and pranams Swamiji.

Name : Alkesh Sharma
Date : 04/06/2009
Comments : Swamiji, I am an Insurance agent. Even though I work very hard I was not able to make good money. I approached you for remedy. You performed excellent rituals and gave me some mantras to chant. Now all my pain has gone. I am working more hours now than I worked earlier. My financial position is also getting better. My life is indebted to your lotus feet.

Name : Kaur Lahwinder
Date : 04/06/2009
Comments : Swamiji, I came to this country along with my wife. We both had jobs but in different cities. Even though we were married, we had to live as bachelors. We had much confusion in our life. We approached your good self to fix these problems. You fixed the problems in a wonderful way with your Atharva Veda Thantric rituals. Now we are leading a peaceful and wonderful life. Thank you very much and namaskarams. I am very happy to say that me and my family members are the regular readers of the magazine Siddhitimes.

Urbana, OH

#10 Apr 13, 2009
Ms Narayani

Memphis, TN

#15 Apr 18, 2009

Symptoms of Black Magic
Black magic puts a block on a person's wisdom and intelligence and all efforts to solve the problem go fruitless. One feels a mental block, gets disturbed sleep with bad dreams, and negative thoughts. There is heaviness and weight on the heart and constriction in the throat.
At times, there could suddenly be blue marks on thighs without getting hurt, or faster & erratic heartbeat and breathing without any physical exertion. There are quarrels in the family without any reason. One might feel the presence of somebody in the house.

One feels one is not getting one's due and can achieve much more. One feels suffocated & restless in all circumstances, and is never at peace. One remains depressed, with lack of enthusiasm or desire to live & rise in life.

Ms Narayani

Memphis, TN

#16 Apr 18, 2009
Effects of Black Magic
Black Magic can really play havoc with the life of the target person by destroying any aspect of life may it be career/business or wealth/prosperity, creating family problems or unnecessary tensions/phobias, adversely affecting children & family, creating chronic health problems, destroying mental peace, intelligence & happiness, cause inner turmoil, unrest & uncharacteristic/abnormal behavior and even cause unnatural deaths in extreme circumstances.
Ms Narayani

Memphis, TN

#17 Apr 18, 2009
Black Magic not only affects the circumstances and future prospects of a person, but also deprives him materially of everything he was destined for, but also affects the psyche of the victim in such a way that one looses the will-power & mental energy to get out of the sinister situation one is in, and has no desire to live or rise in life.
Ms Narayani

Memphis, TN

#18 Apr 18, 2009
The effects of Black Magic become more chronic, dangerous and fatal with time, if untreated, like a horrible disease. It starts spreading like a contagious disease, affecting the person's mind, brain, body, relationships, attitudes, work, money, marriage, career and everything in life.
The wonderful Yakshini devathas to relive the troubles of black magic.
Ms Narayani

Memphis, TN

#19 Apr 18, 2009
After a long time of dedicated study of the Thantras the Yaksha devathas were brought to this present world. With the help of the following Yaksha/Yakshini devathas, one can easily come across the problem of black magic. They are Kali and Kalaratri. Even though they look alike, they differ from the style of work they do.
Kali is the only survivor of the Matrikas, that group of Yaksha female deities who are ambivalent in the extreme, being simultaneously malevolent persecutors and kindly protectors. Specifically she is associated with Naravahini, a naked, skeletal and terrifying figure who rides a man as her vehicle. There is quite a lot to be said for this theory as the average person when confronted with a group of Matrika figures, one of the great sculptural clinches in India, identifies only Kali (the Naravahini) within it usually. Specifically she is a personification of emergent wrath on the part of the older goddess when she goes to battle. She is red eyed from quaffing wine as well as wrath, has a garland of human heads, wears tiger-skin clothes and has a lolling tongue that she occasionally employs to emit frightful roars that fill up all the quarters. Her preferred mode of demon destruction is to either chew them up or cut off their heads as she does to Chanda and Munda. Thantric ritual for this Yakshini devatha, under the guidance of Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar gets a very relief from the black magic.
The next deity is Kalaratri. Kalaratri is one of the most fearsome forms of mother Durga. Her bodily complexion is that of thick darkness and black. She has disheveled hair. A necklace flashing like lightning adorns her neck. She has three eyes, which are circular in the form like cosmic egg, which always eject rays shining like lightning. Terrible flames appear when she inhales or exhales air through her nostrils. Her vehicle is a donkey. Her raised right hand always seems to grant boons to all and sundry. Her right lower hand is in the pose of allaying fears. Her left upper hand holds a thorn-like weapon made of iron and in the lower left hand there is a dagger. The mother, Kalaratri destroys the wicked. Danava, Daitya, Raksasa, Bhuta, Preta and all other evil spirits are terrified and run away as soon as the devotee remembers Kalaratri. She is also the remover of all kinds of evil effects. Her worshipper has no fear from fire, water, wild beings, enemy or night. By her grace he always remains unmindful of any fear.
To get remedy from any kind of evil spirits or jadoo or voodoo get the best consultation from Swamiji Sri.Selvam Siddhar. All these rituals are to be performed only under the guidance of Swamiji Sri.Siddhar, along with the help of learned scholars. Some rituals need at least 16 Punditjis. These rituals are to be performed only at the Temple, where at least a few Yaksha/Yakshini devatha images are kept. Contact Swamiji Sri.Selvam Siddhar or Hindu Temple of Georgia. Get the complete blessings of the Yaksha/Yakshini devathas.
Kala Jadu/ Black Magic
God vs. Science
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kumthalakadi kumma

Suwanee, GA

#20 Apr 19, 2009
Swamiji Selvam siddhar is my Living God
kumthalakadi kumma

Suwanee, GA

#21 Apr 19, 2009
Atharva Vedic Silence Therapy By Swamiji Param Pujya Sri Sri Selvam “Siddhar”

Silence holds the key to opening doors to a wholesome life, ultimate liberation and attainment of happiness. It uplifts our visions, our concepts, our way of thinking, feeling and how we act in our world. Silence is the tool which helps us know and experience fully who we are and what our purpose in life is. Silence offers the way to complete liberation for body, mind and soul. The appreciation for silence replaces the need for addictive thoughts and activities.
kumthalakadi kumma

Suwanee, GA

#22 Apr 19, 2009
When we love silence, there is no reason to run away from our thoughts and fears. The practice of silence brings unspeakable peace.
Speech is the biggest consumer of our energy; it depletes the oxygen in our body and mind and causes energy burnout. This is turn causes the mind to overheat, which leads us to become angry, impatient etc and hence we are unable to think or act calmly, coolly or rationally.
kumthalakadi kumma

Suwanee, GA

#23 Apr 19, 2009
Swami Ji recommends the practice of silence in his workshops and seminars. Only by participating in this silence therapy will you realize the benefits of it and the amount of energy you will gain from it.
There can be many other ways to communicate with each other without using speech, Swami Ji believes that when two people meet it is possible to communicate in an energetic level because communication is not just only by speech, but by synchronizing energy levels you can also communicate.
kumthalakadi kumma

Suwanee, GA

#24 Apr 19, 2009
Swami Ji does much work with energy and believes we can synchronies our energy more in silence rather then through speech.
Also he feels why we can’t develop other methods of communicating other then speech as he feels we loose so much of the essence of what we are trying to express through speech. Words can only ever give a limited interpretation of our real feeling; words will never grasp the real sentiments of feelings and emotions.
Swami Ji believes healing energy flows more freely in silence
kumthalakadi kumma

Suwanee, GA

#25 Apr 19, 2009
Swami Ji has been practicing silence at a very young age. At the age of fourteen he spent three months alone in the jungle. Swami Ji has spent many other periods in silence, anything from three or six months up to a year. Spending time in silence in both important and necessary for Swami Ji to exist in this world.
kumthalakadi kumma

Suwanee, GA

#26 Apr 19, 2009
Swami Ji would like to express to people about his nature and his need for silence as a person, while traveling with his work or whether at home in the ashram he would encourage people to hug him or sit with him in silence from time to time. Swami Ji would also like to express to people that he is extremely approachable and accessible if they would like to talk with and tell him their problems, he will listen and try to heal them.
Atharav vedic Sound therapy invented by Swamiji Sri Selvam Siddhar for harmonization and deep relaxation:-
The technique of sound therapy has its roots in Nada Yoga, the yoga of sound, as well as in Yoga Nidra, the deep relaxation of yoga. Since time immemorial, sounds of Indian stringed instruments have been applied for healing and harmonization.

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