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Atlanta, GA

#41 Oct 22, 2010
voter wrote:
Honest, upstanding, Christ follower
Yeah, if Christ's last name is McCall.
Billy Bob

Oak Park, IL

#42 Oct 23, 2010
Hate Hypocrits wrote:
All Ms, Weaver is, is talk. Tired of her thinking she can smile, bat her eyes and get voted in. We need someone that seems to care and it is not Ms. Photo Ops.(Weaver)
The Reason why she is in so many photos is because she is very busy all the time. There are some scenes that are not photographed that I have witnessed. Hey this would be a good one--Photo of Terri Lynn at the VA hospital meeting with paraplegics. What no photo? How about when Terri Lynn makes visits to special needs kids, or to the parents of one of our fallen heroes? I have seen her in these contexts. No photos were taken. Terri did not want to have these photos exploited. She's a great person. You are the HYPOCRIT. You have no idea what you are talking about.
Billy Bob

Oak Park, IL

#43 Oct 23, 2010
conservative wrote:
A j mccall will help her change her vote on the bridge, its hurting business.
DONt worry about bridges or business. Remember when OBAMA slipped and he stated that he thinks that we dont pay enough for gas in America and that we should be paying 6 or 7 bucks a gallon. Well if you havent noticed big cities are approaching $4.00 per gallon. Vote Hale and the Dems in and you'll get Obamas' wish. You wont have to worry about this Bridge DIVERSION FROM THE DEMOCRATIC DISASTER--because none of us will be able to afford to buy the gas to get over the bridge because of Obama and his clones like Hale. Think about that when you fill up your tank after the election. Ask Hale and the Union to fill up your tank.
windy cindy

Oak Park, IL

#44 Oct 23, 2010
bal wrote:
Weaver has not taken care of the people in the 40th District. She follows Beaver as if she fails to think for herself and do the right thing.
Mae Beavers is a good and decent woman. I'd rather see terri Lynn follow someone like Mae, rather than following OBAMA or Nancy Pelosi. Have you noticed that the Porkulis/Stimulis has only resulted in higher unemployment and less confidence in our economy. Obama promised to ger us back to 8% unemployment if he could pass the stimulis. He got it. Now we are closer to TEN PERCENT UNEMPLOYMENT. Don't think that was the HOPE AND CHANGE that the suckers who voted for Obama thought he promised. He is an avowed Marxist. This is our chance to get the rats out. If the Dems lose in a landslide this time, it will force the remaining dems to live up to traditional democratic values and not this left wing ideology that we see now.
Love to Fish and Hunt

Oak Park, IL

#45 Oct 23, 2010
I was very happy to cast my vote for Terri Lynn Weaver. She is very active in the 40th. She always has time to help those in need. Some may be jealous of her good looks and talent, but that's no reason to hold that against her. She is a conservative, and that's what we need right now in this country. The Counrty is heading down an irreversible path. If we let the Dems win, or if we do not win by a landslide, Obama will take this as a sign that he can go forward with his liberal agenda. He ramrodded OBAMACARE. Next is CAP & TRADE--Taxes on energy. He will also push for AMNESTY for all Illegal aliens. The Dems must be taught a lesson this time. If they are not, we will be taking orders from Hugo Chavez and the lunatic in Iran

Since: Mar 10

Location hidden

#46 Oct 24, 2010

Lebanon, TN

#47 Oct 24, 2010
I personally know James Hale and know him to be hard working and honest. He will work for the people.

Adolphus, KY

#48 Oct 24, 2010
time for a change
Billy Bob

Oak Park, IL

#49 Oct 27, 2010
bal wrote:
Weaver has not taken care of the people in the 40th District. She follows Beaver as if she fails to think for herself and do the right thing.
A great Tennessean named Davy Crockett once said, and I say it is as appropriate today as it was back then---"Remember that a government big enough to give you everything you want is also big enough to take away everything you have."
This is something to think about in the Direction that the Democrats and Obama have taken this Country. Your vote is important. We need to get this Country back on track.

Portland, TN

#50 Oct 28, 2010
joe wrote:
<quoted text>all republicans are liars

We know you meant democrats cause they can not tell anything but a

Smithville, TN

#51 Oct 30, 2010
Interesting... Ms Weaver worked for McCall's in Carthage in used furniture department Or that what she said in her 2006 and 2008 campaign. There appears to be a tax problem on the resale of the used furniture which is settled according to McCalls attorney, Summers. Wonder what she knows?

Wondering minds want to know.....
Tired of crooked politix

Lafayette, TN

#52 Nov 1, 2010
She has done nothing productive

Brush Creek, TN

#53 Nov 5, 2010
People in Smith County need to wake up and quit voting democratic just because every one in their family has for the last 100 years!!! Study the candidates and see what they represent, and don't forget to think about what Jesus would think about your decision!!!! Vote for the PERSON not the dam party!!!!

Brush Creek, TN

#54 Nov 5, 2010
bal wrote:
Interesting... Ms Weaver worked for McCall's in Carthage in used furniture department Or that what she said in her 2006 and 2008 campaign. There appears to be a tax problem on the resale of the used furniture which is settled according to McCalls attorney, Summers. Wonder what she knows?
Wondering minds want to know.....
You need to concentrate on the best candidate from experience and quit looking for some gossip or other crap to spread around, my opinion!!!!

Gordonsville, TN

#55 Nov 13, 2010
I'm not so sure about Mrs. Weaver,I do believe she is up to some underground money ,if you want to know the truth.She has many people in her pocket and I don't want to know how they got there.I hope she was the right pick,but as far as Smith county ,she has some of our most known pot growers and trafficers on her pay role,I think our whole state has a drug prob and with this one I'd say she getting her money thru it.I love our state and our county and I know organized crime when I see it.I SEE IT!!!!!!!

Scottsville, KY

#56 Feb 22, 2011
Terri is the only canidate that did not just shake my hand...she and her husband sat down and talked about a few issues close to heart..how about education? Terrie is a huge advocate for higher education..and thats what its gonna take to get us thru this mess that we have allowed others to get us in....some poeple are gonna get thier feelings hurt..but progress comes with a high price tag..as far as imagrants are concerned..I would bet not one person on this forum has baled hay or worked the tobbacco fields in 10 years...but I will tell you what ...there are a dozen mexicans in line waitin to do the dirty work that you dont want to do...get your hands dirty and shut up about issues you yourself do nothing to change...
G I Joe

Smartt, TN

#57 Feb 27, 2012

Military continues to chew up people and spit them out -

Branding a Soldier With ‘Personality Disorder’
New York Times
Published: February 24, 2012
Captain Carlson went to Afghanistan in 2011, seeking “to experience what soldiers experience.”
Though she was, by her own account,“not a strong soldier,” she received excellent job reviews at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., where she counseled prisoners. But last year, Captain Carlson, a social worker, was deployed to Afghanistan with the Colorado National Guard and everything fell apart.

After a soldier complained that she had made sexually suggestive remarks, she was suspended from her counseling duties and sent to an Army psychiatrist for evaluation. His findings were shattering: She had, he said in a report, a personality disorder, a diagnosis that the military has used to discharge thousands of troops. She was sent home.

She disputed the diagnosis, but it was not until months later that she found what seemed powerful ammunition buried in her medical file, portions of which she provided to The New York Times.“Her command specifically asks for a diagnosis of a personality disorder,” a document signed by the psychiatrist said.

Veterans’ advocates say Captain Carlson stumbled upon evidence of something they had long suspected but had struggled to prove: that military commanders pressure clinicians to issue unwarranted psychiatric diagnoses to get rid of troops.

“Her records suggest an attempt by her commander to influence medical professionals,” said Michael J. Wishnie, a professor at Yale Law School and director of its Veterans Legal Services Clinic.

Since 2001, the military has discharged at least 31,000 service members because of personality disorder, a family of disorders broadly characterized by inflexible “maladaptive” behavior that can impair performance and relationships.

For years, veterans’ advocates have said that the Pentagon uses the diagnosis to discharge troops because it considers them troublesome or wants to avoid giving them benefits for service-connected injuries. The military considers personality disorder a pre-existing problem that emerges in youth, and as a result, troops given the diagnosis are often administratively discharged without military retirement pay. Some have even been required to repay enlistment bonuses.

By comparison, a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder is usually linked to military service and leads to a medical discharge accompanied by certain benefits.

- Continued at http://tinyurl.com/7u82oj8
I think that is called "Supporting Our Troops".
Mark R. Elsis | Lovearth.net

...Agent Orange, Depleted Uranium, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and all the Suicides
just dont know

Morrison, TN

#58 Mar 1, 2012
dont know

Crossville, TN

#60 Mar 29, 2012
JAMEScHale all the way

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