Bethel Park teachers intend to strike...

Bethel Park teachers intend to strike next weekupdated

There are 67 comments on the Connellsville and Fayette County News story from Oct 12, 2010, titled Bethel Park teachers intend to strike next weekupdated. In it, Connellsville and Fayette County News reports that:

Bethel Park teachers have informed the school district they'll be going out on strike Oct.

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Mars, PA

#1 Oct 21, 2010
It angers me so much that the Union does not take into consideration that the salary of the majority of residents in Bethel Park are half of what most of the teachers in this union make. In fact, the starting salary for BP teachers is higher than the average salary of residents. Yet while most of us are paying 20% of the cost of our own healthcare, we are to pay additional taxes so that these teachers only pay a half of 1% of theirs. How selfish can you be!!!
BP Parent

Pittsburgh, PA

#2 Oct 25, 2010
I couldn't agree more. Considering that their average salary is way above the average salary for teachers in PA, they have nothing to complain about. If they don't like the current conditions, they can leave. I'm sure it will be very easy to find a replacement.
BP resident

Pittsburgh, PA

#3 Oct 25, 2010
The Bethel Park taxpayers should be given the opportunity to see exactly what each side is arguing for. After all, the end result comes out of our pockets. Our students are the ones to be made to suffer. Teachers WAKE UP - most of us are "at will" employees - if we don't like what our employer offers us or the decisions that our employer must make to keep us employed - we have a choice - unemployment. Most of us fund our OWN retirement and are not offered the "extra duty" pay that you teachers are. How about working part-time during the summer months when you're off to earn extra income? We all have to adjust to rising healthcare costs, rising parking costs, downsizing, salary freezes, etc. Teachers -be thankful you are employed!
BP retired teacher

Gibsonia, PA

#4 Oct 25, 2010
Why weren't you people so worried about teacher's salaries when I started teaching in 1971? If I had made few hundred dollars less and my wife and I would have been eligible for federal food stamps. You forced us to unionize! Yeah- I was REAL thankful I was employed as a school teacher. And HELLO- we do fund our own retirement paying 7% toward the PSERS system every year.

By the way, when I but I Ford Taurus from your car selling husband, doesn't YOUR wages come out of my pocket?
Not a teacher


#5 Oct 25, 2010
Hey, retired teacher, why didn't you ask the salary before you took the job? You unionized and became unbelievably greedy. The community can't support this any longer.

By the way, you have a choice when, where and what car you buy. We have no choices.
BP Resident

Pittsburgh, PA

#6 Oct 25, 2010
I believe that at one time unions were needed and served a purpose. However, with today's economy, most people feel lucky to have a job. Asking taxpapers to pay more than they can afford is not right. If you can't afford to buy a Taurus, you have the option not to buy. If your taxes are raised to pay already well paid teachers, you don't have a choice. How about other retired residents that are on a fixed income. At this point the teachers union is just being greedy! Going out on strike is like a child taking a temper tantrum when they are not getting what they want. What kind of example is that setting for students.
BP Mom

Bethel Park, PA

#7 Oct 25, 2010
First, I need to say that my oldest child goes to Catholic school, and my 4 year old will go there next year too. However, I plan on sending both of them to BP for jr/sr high. I myself went to public schools K-12.
There are so many things wrong with "professionals" striking, but let me get at what really irks me as a full-time working mom. If my child wasn't at Catholic school, I'd be scrambling to find child care. The daycare where my little one is at would take her -for $220 a week. Let's say the strike lasts five weeks - that's $1100. How ironic that by trying to "do what's best for the kids" all you're really doing is making like harder for the poor working slobs who work to pay the taxes that pay you for 12 months of work (even though you only work 9) and who have to pay 20% or more of their health insurance premiums.
Are you not aware of what goes on in the "real world"? People, even the best employees, have been laid off left and right, and BP teachers, part of the only profession where you can have career-long job security, no matter how medicore you are, just don't get it.
BP Dad

Pittsburgh, PA

#8 Oct 25, 2010
What a joke! These teachers only work 3/4 of a year and receive this pay?? If you factor in the totals for a full years work like most people, the teachers would be getting around $120,000.00 per year. They don't work evenings, weekends or holidays. What's next? This is wrong and we allow it to happen. Get rid of these teachers and bring in the subs who have the same education and would work for half the salary. How about these teachers taking a civil service test for their jobs? Won't happen because they knew someone to get the job in the first place. Get a life and get back to work..........
BP resident

Pittsburgh, PA

#9 Oct 26, 2010
Dear BP Retired Teacher
Please keep in mind that when you buy a Ford Taurus from my car selling husband he is working 50 weeks+ a year, most weekends, 10+ hours a day and paying 33% of his healthcare a month - not a year. If he doesn't meet his quota or simply doesn't perform his job to a standard set by his employer he can be fired. Unlike any one of our well paid, 9 month a year, no weekend working, 8 hour a day Bethel Park Teachers! Let's not even mention the "extra duty pay" that our teachers receive. I believe you can find those salaries listed in the minutes of one of the school board meetings. If you watch kids get on and off of the school bus it could be worth and extra $600, etc. I can almost assure you not one of our Bethel Park teachers is near the need of food stamaps, but as a Bethel Park tax payer at the mercy of these very greedy teachers, I soon may be.
BP Parent

Pittsburgh, PA

#10 Oct 26, 2010
It was stated on the radio this morning that our Bethel Park teachers are asking for a 6% salary increase and only want to pay a half percent of their healthcare =$320/year. REALLY!!!! As a BP taxpayer I hope that the administration holds out and does not give in. Yes, terribly inconvenient for us parents who have children in the district (I have 2 and one at the high school level), but where will it end. The taxpayers can't afford this outrageous increase. There are some excellent teachers in our district however our teachers are well compensated!!
BP Mom

United States

#11 Oct 27, 2010
First, no one told you complainers not to go into the teaching position. I love how everyone complains about teachers and yet most could not walk a day in a teachers shoe. Most people have jobs that allow them to make phone calls when they want, go to the restroom when they want, take an hour off of work to go to an appointment or pick up a sick kid. It isn't that easy as a teacher. Plus, you entrust your children to these teachers you say are paid too much money but yet your are willing to pay absorbent amounts of money for someone to babysit your child. Teachers don't just work until a certain time of day. There are papers to correct and lessons to play that go beyond the school day. And, all teachers do not get a 6 percent raise, on average teachers get maybe 1 to 2 percent as the 6 percent is spread throughout the pay scale. I know several people who thought they could become a teacher and than realize it was way harder than they expected.
Just Another Complainer

Pittsburgh, PA

#12 Oct 27, 2010
BP Mom from Buffalo NY - Not everyone was meant to be a teacher, but I can assure you that I appreciate the teachers that my children have had in the last seven years. People in other professions work just has hard and don't get compensated the way our teachers are. What us complainers are upset about is the fact that this strike has completely disrupted our community. Parents are scrambling for daycare which is an unplanned expense. Bus drivers, cafeteria workers, before and after school daycare workers, etc. are not working and not getting paid unlike the teachers who are striking!! Is the union going to reimburse all of those parents or workers? If the teachers do not like what they are offered, they have the option to go find another job like any other person would have to do in any other profession. Unfortunatley, unless we relocate, we still have to pay our taxes and don't have a choice. We have every right to complain!!!!
Related to a Teacher

Broomfield, CO

#13 Oct 28, 2010
I believe that the unions should go. I don't like it that once the teachers are tenured, that they can do whatever they want, how is that helping our children. How is increasing their salaries helping the children. My sister who is a teacher has stated that she would send her kids to private school, but she works in a public school district, so she reaps those benefits and then sends the littleones away.
Get rid of unions, you don't go into teaching because of the salary, you go into teaching becuase you like it, or have all you teachers, including my sister, forgotten that?
BP Resident

Pittsburgh, PA

#14 Oct 29, 2010
BP Buffalo Mom. I don't consider my child's teacher a babysitter I consider her a paid Bethel Park employee, her salary being paid by my tax dollars. I pay my babysitter $6/hour and not one of these teachers are paid $6/hour. Yes, I am able to make phone calls, take my children to doctoro appointments but please don't think that the teachers can not do the same. I take vacation or sick time to do these things and the teachers are able to do the same. They also have the ability to schedule such important appointments during the summer months when they are OFF. Being a teacher is no doubt a stressful profession but what profession isn't. Pleae don't say that a teacher is strapped to her classroom for 8 hours a day I have volunteered at school and the teachers get a free period to check papers, make calls or use the rest room. Bottom line is why should teachers be treated like royalty? They want more than the average Joe employee and think by striking they can get it. Sad....
Greedy Teachers

Burbank, CA

#15 Oct 29, 2010
These greedy teachers have to understand that times are tough for folks,factories and businesses closing down or moving out.People are losing their jobs !!It wouldnt kill them to take a pay freeze for a few years until the ecomony gets back on track.Hey! My 401K went down too!
Suck it up!!
The teachers pension fund is underfunded. I say contribute more. I'll pay for your teaching job but NOT your pension. You greedy teachers have to start thinking about the seniors that are on a fixed income. We dont need our taxes raised just now. GREED! GREED ! GREED!
I hope you all bankrupt your pension fund and your school district.
You only work 190 days a year. Sounds like a part time job to me.
Get back to work and STOP bitching!!!
You're only hurting the kids!!!


Pittsburgh, PA

#16 Oct 29, 2010
When my dad began teaching in the mid 1980's, he made 8,000 a year. My mother worked part/full time as well and they still struggled to support my sister and I. I know that I obviously have a biased opinion but those who have children and do not work as a teacher also have a biased opinion. My dad has taught in PA for about 30 years now, and he makes about 60,000. After 30 years. This is a decent salary, but it took him 30 yrs of hard work and struggle to get to this point. Striking was not considered a holiday in my house. IT was considered to be a time that all of us would dread, but I'm glad that it occurred if it ultimately benefited the family. If you started out making dirt but loved your job, wouldn't you want to fight for what you felt you deserved? Unless you don't work or have never worked, then you can't say that you have never felt that way. Despite what many people think, teachers have lives too, and children who go to schools. Teachers also pay taxes and daycare, and babysitters. I respect the opinions but just consider.. You can't think that a teacher only works because they "love teaching". Teaching is a job, just like the ones all of you hold. Sadly, the world revolves around money and it's needed to live.
BP Resident

Pittsburgh, PA

#17 Oct 30, 2010
Kait - These teachers are starting out at 45,000 a year not to mention the minimal amount they are paying for their health care. They are well compenstated!!! My father was a teacher for 30 years too. I have seen both sides of this now having my own children in the system and still DO NO SUPPORT THIS STIKE! It is doing nothing but hurting our kids. I understand that at one time the unions were fighting for what was needed, but now they are just GREEDY! I attended the school board meeting Thursday night and was ashamed at how some of the teachers behaved that attended. Laughing at comments/concerns that the community were expressing while having their noses in the air. In today's economy, this is being extremly inconsiderate and selfish!!! This is WRONG!! Please sign the petitions going around to stop teachers strikes in Pennsylvania!!!!!
Smart One

Philadelphia, PA

#18 Oct 30, 2010
The National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) does an annual survey of starting salaries for students entering the labor market. The survey is categorized by college major, providing a snapshot of the most lucrative college bachelors’ degrees based on entry level pay.

The survey published in the fall of 2009 posted this list of the top sixteen highest average salaries for entry level college graduates, based on major:

1.Chemical Engineering $65,675
2.Com puter Science $61,467
3.Com puter Engineering $60,844
4.Electrical/Electronic Engineering $60,509
5.Mechanical Engineering $59,222
6.Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering $56,335
7.Construction Science/Management $53,573
8.Information Sciences and Systems $52,886
9.Civil Engineering $52,287
10.Economics $49,628
11.Logistics/Materials Management $49,268
12.Finance $49,163
13.Accounting $48,471
14.Human Resources $45,170
15.Business Administration $44,607
16.Marketing $42,260

Teacher in BP =$45,000

Enough said... pay them and get it over with...
Smart One

Philadelphia, PA

#19 Oct 30, 2010
Strikes don't hurt kids. They are happy for the break. I don't hear people complaining about "STOP SNOW DAYS!" SNOW DAYS HURT THE CHILDREN! C'mon people.
Smart One

Philadelphia, PA

#20 Oct 30, 2010
Also, average equals the mean. So, they don't all make the "average" their are a lot of people from BP who teach there, but had to get their experience elsewhere and the admin wouldn't give their credit for their teaching experience. How lame is that. The one career where having experience works against you.

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