Inmate's death labeled HOMICIDE

Inmate's death labeled HOMICIDE

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#1 Dec 3, 2013
Brown County Coroner Judith Varnau has labeled the cause of death for inmate Zachary Ryan Michael Goldson a HOMICIDE, citing the immediate cause of death as strangulation.

Goldson was found dead, hanging in his cell in the early morning hours of Saturday, Oct. 5.

See the full story in the Thursday edition of The News Democrat and The Ripley Bee -- on stands TOMORROW.

--Carly Tamborski

^^From the Facebook page of The News Democrat

South Webster, OH

#2 Dec 4, 2013
Who were the arresting officers??

Dayton, OH

#3 Dec 4, 2013
I don't believe a word the B.C. coroner says, she was strategically place in the position to cause trouble and that's all its been from the start. Thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the young man, I hope they can be put at ease with the truth. Get a second opinion is all I ask.......

Dayton, OH

#4 Dec 4, 2013
Correct... she was placed there by her husband to promote his personal agenda, they should do the same as in the shooting case on 52 and get an QUALIFIED Coroner to look into that case and not an OB Doctor with NO experience in criminal justice or investigations... being married to a rent-a-cop does not count either

Wooster, OH

#5 Dec 5, 2013
Two words..... Vajayjay Doctor

Flatwoods, KY

#6 Dec 5, 2013
Wow, that cop in the Youtube video saying, "I'd like to break your neck" looks like he's going to be in big trouble. Should be fun in prison with all of the people he arrested.
what are you talking abou

Dayton, OH

#7 Dec 5, 2013
well wrote:
Wow, that cop in the Youtube video saying, "I'd like to break your neck" looks like he's going to be in big trouble. Should be fun in prison with all of the people he arrested.
what youtube video?

Could you provide a link?

Flatwoods, KY

#8 Dec 5, 2013

United States

#9 Dec 5, 2013
Can anyone get a hold of his mother for me? My brother was in jail when this happened and has an envelope zach drew on he'd like to give her
Bass Fisher

Mason, OH

#10 Dec 5, 2013
Of course he hung himself in a 12 minute time frame? I read on Channel 9 site whole story. How could a guy reach a sprinkler head over 9 feet high with nothing to stand on? I usually watch chan 12 news but they did not have much on it. Chan 9 had videos and complete story especially if you read the article it tells more than they showed on TV

Cincinnati, OH

#11 Dec 5, 2013
1 if it were illegal to say things like that, we'd be in North Korea. 2 Judith is a P. u. s. s. y. Doctor. 3 the news stations are getting the crap they are reporting from said "doctor". 4 she releases a cause of death before the actual agency doing the investigation is finished with their investigation, and says it's not political? Ha. Yeah people are that stupid Judy.
Mothers friend

Otway, OH

#12 Dec 5, 2013
pathetic wrote:
Can anyone get a hold of his mother for me? My brother was in jail when this happened and has an envelope zach drew on he'd like to give her
She works at Georgetown Gold Star, Christy Dennis, just drop off there they will give to her,
Not surprised

Commercial Point, OH

#13 Dec 5, 2013
this isnt the first mysterious death that has occurred when the sheriffs office is involved. i think a full investigation of the sheriffs dept needs to happen. makes me think back to the time they dropped an hispanic off at the maysville bridge and 30 mins later he was dead. bottom line in brown county is if you cant pay for the crime you are going to do the time. if this gets pushed under the rug society has failed to help those in need once again. the deputy who said he would like to break his fn neck should be on unpaid leave. i am thinking about writing the governor. im sick of the manipulation and the corruption by police. its an embarassment to think that these are the people protecting us? this guy was 24 with obvious issues he had no right to be talked to or treated the way that he was. People mess up they make unconscious decisions that they later regret. what happened to him? i dont know and you wont either unless you speak out for yopinion. it takes social movement to change things not just posting on topix what you heard. As far as Judith Varnau she is the coroner, correct me if I am wrong but she is an elected official. She is doing her job and those who think she is truly unqualified need to vote her out and stop discriminating because she is a woman gynocologist. What she done for years prior was take care of women and delivered babies into this world. now her career has changed stop hatin an do something about it !!!

Waterford, OH

#14 Dec 5, 2013
Brown County is corrupt. They treat the inmates like dirt. I wrote a letter to the sheriff and the commissioners because a friend of mine was in the jail suffering at the hands of the bullies they call correction officers. You know it's nasty when there a gnats flying around in there.

They let the inmates go up to four days without showers. That is against the law. My friend suffers from severe diabetes and they let his sugar spike to the high 500's and drop in the 30's. When he passed out in the floor they laughed at him. He is hard of hearing and they made fun of him and one gal moved her hands in front of his face mimicking sign language all the while laughing. He honestly thought they were trying to kill him. When his sugar got out of hand, they put him in solitary confinement and took away all his personal belongings. He was never given clean bedding the entire time he was there for 26 days. He weighs about 120 pounds and they gave him extra large uniforms to wear including underwear. He ripped the side of the underwear and tied them to keep them from falling off. The CO’s know where the cameras are and they know what they can get away with. It's funny that the tapes in this case at the jail were accidentally tapped over.

My friend went to the doctor a few days before he went to jail to do his 30 days. He went in fine and came out with a severe skin rash. That is why they released him early. He went straight to his doctor who thought it was body lice, but wasn't sure. His doctor gave him medicine and it still isn't completely healed up.

I understand that these guys are there for a reason, but they don't deserve to be treated worse than animals.

As for the coroner, she examined someone very close to me who hung himself a few months ago. It was obvious that he had done it himself. She still insisted on doing a thorough investigation and she was very compassionate and explained things to the family. She did her job.

My husband's death was ruled a suicide in Highland County a couple years ago and I begged the coroner to look at it a little closer. The coroner hung up on me and then basically told me in a letter that the county didn't have the money for unnecessary autopsies even after I said I‘d pay for it myself. He said sometimes spouses take their own life to get even at the other spouse. My husband had a cigarette in his mouth and a nearly full cup of coffee next to him. Not typical of someone who wants to take their own life. He signed the death certificate and sent him to the crematory before I knew it. So I was very impressed with the Brown County Coroner and her compassion for the family and thorough investigation. She knows what she is doing and she cares.
Jolly Roger

Cincinnati, OH

#15 Dec 5, 2013
Dr. Varnau (full-bird Colonel with 35+ years in the Air Force) has more combat zone experience in Vietnam in mortar and rocket attacks than plastic fakes like Danny Burp. She may be a gynecologist, but she has more common sense and guts than most guys. Problem is that she is not going to sweep crap under the rug but deal with it head on. The Chief Deputy Schadle is breaking all kinds of laws trying to cover up for his son who was most likely involved in Goldson’s death. Schadle actually had the sprinkler head that Goldson was allegedly hanged from replaced in early November with a brand new sprinkler head and then threw the old one away. That’s evidence in a potential homicide investigation and that’s a felony tampering with evidence, since investigations were still being done on this case. Daddy Schadle belongs in prison with his son. You know baby Schadle called daddy Schadle to find out from daddy what to do with an inmate he just took part in killing. Of course, daddy would tell him to make it look like a hanging, like the stupid bastards they both are.
its murder

Dayton, OH

#16 Dec 5, 2013
Ok,everyone needs to go to YouTube and watch the video on how these officers whom do not deserve to wear their badge. Once u see how these cops treat this boy u will not only understand but u will totally agree that something isn't adding up in his "suicide". Listen carefully and turn your speakers up loud and listen for when one officer says "what's your name TRASH" and then you hear another say "I'd like to break your ducking kneck right now" then keep listening and you'll hear officers verbally abusing him. Then listen for a part where you can hear officers saying "your times over dude" then they spit spat for a few seconds being the dickheads they are making threat after threat then u can hear them say "we got a welcome party for you at the jail" and also its very hard to hear but if u really listen u can hear an officer say I'm going to cut your fucking head off but its very hard to hear...then one of the cops says "oh the cameras on" and the other says "what the cameras on,?" So you guys watch this and read the other facts and see if this was your child if you wouldn't think it was murder bc he couldn't even reach the ceiling to kill himself so give me your opinion...
its murder

Dayton, OH

#17 Dec 5, 2013
The coroner ruled it as a homicide even before she ever seen this footage by basing her professional opion by facts. When she asked to see the footage from the jail they said it had been copied over. Well well how obvious. He had a letter to his mom saying I can't wait to see you tomorrow. Keep reading and everyone pray that these pigs get what they desreve
Wayne Bates

Cincinnati, OH

#18 Dec 5, 2013
All these posts about not trusting the coroner, her husband’s agenda, and Schadle saying the coroner is politically motivated is just smokescreen to hide what is really going on. If there is any political agenda it is that of all those involved in covering up the fact that Dwayne Wenninger is not a valid peace officer, and never was. Varnau’s husband used the system the way it is supposed to be used and all he got was subterfuge in the process. Recently the Supreme Court ousted the Stark County Sheriff for the same exact reasons Varnau had in his court case on Wenninger. Wenninger was never qualified to hold the office, but everyone, including the Governor, Attorney General, the seven Supreme Court justices, common pleas court sorry excuse for a judge, Gusweiler, lying county prosecutor Jessica Little, sorry ass politician Tom Niehaus, and others have spent the last 12 years constantly covering for the illegal sheriff of Brown County to keep themselves out of jail. That my folks, is a corrupt activities enterprise - RICO. And now, all those connected to it are just as guilty of the murder of a Brown County inmate as those who actually did it. The Supreme Court justices all have violated their oaths of office. The AG is always touting how those involved in the Steubenville rape case have violated the law for not reporting it, but he is just as guilty of allowing Wenninger’s sorry ass excuse for deputies and corrections officers to murder inmates at will with no real supervision. They are all guilty of capital crimes now, especially the AG and county prosecutor, governor, and all the judges who have violated their oaths of office to keep Wenninger in office, plus Tom Niehaus. And most recently Gusweiler hasn’t the slightest clue what a “balancing test” is all about when it comes to sealed records. What a joke of a decision entry on Podolsky’s case. They all need to go to prison, and the sooner the better for all of Brown County.
I heard it too

Cincinnati, OH

#19 Dec 5, 2013
Actually one more thing is heard at the end if you listen closely after one states the camera is on.. The other asks the camera is on? Then says "busted" and laughs. This is absolutely horrifying and very sad. Also, I did notice a montgomery county coroner was included in the report so people honestly believe Varnau would rule its a homicide just to piss on the sheriff? Risk her job and license? I dont think this had anything to do with politics but I guess we will see.

Toledo, OH

#20 Dec 5, 2013
I can't stand the corner or her husband.but if you watch the videos it's pretty obvious hearing what the deputies say they should be fired.and wouldn't put it past them to hang him.oh and why was he handcuffed in front at the hospital

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