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Year after year, Valerie Hawk-Hoffman invited unsuspecting would-be customers to her graceful colonial home in Bethel on Saturdays for classes on the wonders of herbs and how they could help you look younger, ... Full Story
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East Haven, CT

#1 Feb 20, 2007
We had the same problem with Sunrise Herbs a few years ago and had to finally close an account to stop Ms Hoffman from continually charging against it. Certified letters were sent cancelling, emails and phone calls were made, but the herbs kept coming and we kept getting charged.It was a nightmare, and we were verbally abused and bullied via phone calls and emails. I know of two others who had similar experiences, one having to cancel a credit card to finally end the shipments. I have no doubt that there are may, many others like us who did not register a formal complaint with the State, though we should have done so. Business practices like this need to be stopped. I am happy that something is finally being done. I hope Maine knows what it is getting!
concerned in Maine


#4 Apr 4, 2008
RMP wrote:
We had the same problem with Sunrise Herbs a few years ago and had to finally close an account to stop Ms Hoffman from continually charging against it. Certified letters were sent cancelling, emails and phone calls were made, but the herbs kept coming and we kept getting charged.It was a nightmare, and we were verbally abused and bullied via phone calls and emails. I know of two others who had similar experiences, one having to cancel a credit card to finally end the shipments. I have no doubt that there are may, many others like us who did not register a formal complaint with the State, though we should have done so. Business practices like this need to be stopped. I am happy that something is finally being done. I hope Maine knows what it is getting!
I live in Maine and we are finding out about Valerie and her practices

United States

#7 May 30, 2008
I have ordered from Ms Hoffman and her company for 17 years and this horrible slander is unreal. Ms Hoffman is a a LOVELY classy gal who works with abused animals, does incredible things to support the environment and sells a wonderful product. If you go to her website and read her paperwork it tells very clearly that clients get Auto Shipment so how this Jan gal can sound so foolish and not be embarrassed is beyond me. I love Sunrise's herbs and have never felt better in my life since I started using them and since Ms Hoffman is one of sweetest ladies I know this type of garbage posted makes me furious! Ps if you read further you will see she was even nominated as the Entrepreneur of the Year!!

United States

#8 May 31, 2008
I helped Ms Hoffman as a friend for years and I can tell you she is the most fair honest person I know-this complaint is clearly an angry bitter gal who was upset when she found out that Sunrise aka Sage Herbs does not allow refunds. As Val always points out, as cleary stated in the "Refund and Exchange Laws" refunds, them fightin' words which is why large companies like LL Bean ( who can afford it ) take back anything, People get upset if they cannot return an items, we all know with fresh goods they are always non refundable and the clients with ETHICS and CLASS respect these policies and NEVER had an issue as they all commented when I was there that the herbs were the greatest and freshest found in the world!! You don't have an 18 year old business if you aren't great thats for sure. Sunrise doesn't set the policies anyway her growers do, each box I unpacked noted this verbage. We all adore Ms Hoffman and her products. She treats everyone I know with kindness and ethics and if you read more about this Jan Bilski who wrote this garbage she is VERY strange woman who attacked all of us in the shop( IRONICALLY she wrote letters in the beginning saying she LOVED the herbs and ordered for ages too!? This gives you an idea of how weird this woman is ) and has had many MANY run ins with companies as she feels she can use her big mouth to get her way and has NO quams about abusing and harming people to do so-this type of smut on the internet makes me sick!!


#9 Sep 18, 2008
The truth is, a class action lawsuit has been filed by the State Attorney General of Conn. against Sunrise Herbal, Sage Advice and Valerie Hawk-Hoffman for unethical business practices. A link to the lawsuit at the state site is following. Personally we ordered herbs from her by phone via an article in Redbook. She took our order by phone (we never saw the website), but she never mentioned her company had an auto ship policy... so it was a surprise to us that our credit card was charged again 3 months later. Per our credit card's fraud department recommendation, we cancelled our credit card and reissued it with a new number. After review, our card company found the charges fraudulent and refunded our money and we filed a complaint with the better business bureau, as have many of her ex-customers. Do a search on her name and read some of the blogs left by customers and you'll see how she has treated them! We received insulting, irrational and unbusiness-like emails from her (interestingly somewhat in the same tone as "Lisa" in this blog..hmm...webmaster might want to check that!)when we questioned her charges, which I copied and forwarded to the Attorney General's office and Better Business Bureau. We couldn't believe a business owner would conduct thier business this way. We also don't understand why auto-shipping is required unless the customer requests it after trying them and are satisfied with the products. We've never seen this practice with any other health products. She ALSO requires customers to send a letter CERTIFIED MAIL in order to cancell the auto shipment. We did this, but what a hassle! Other victims we've read, were billed even after they sent certified letters...or were billed 3 times in one month on their orders...It is a clear case of complete disregard for customers and taking complete advantage of them. She must be doing well, however, because news articles keep popping up covering her business (boasting uncomfirmable outlandish claims considering her reputation!) and new mansions in Maine and Florida. I pray she has rethought her business practices and has decided to be more ethical and customer friendly, but we have not heard anything hopeful as of yet.
Lawsuit link:
Jim Dierking

Oregon City, OR

#10 Mar 12, 2009
Liberty Natural Products, Inc. is involved in litigation with Sunrise Herbal Remedies et al
Anyone having knowledge of the operations and finances who would be willing to provide information is welcome to contact me.
Here is a link at our website.
Here's a challenge. Having studied the postings surrounding these issues, it seems that some of the positive ones may be anonymous false postings. We are offering $200.00 gift certificates to Lisa or Kelly if they can substantiate that their postings are authentic and that they are not Valerie Hawk Hoffman.
I am sure that I won't be hearing from anyone soon,....and that's for sure!:)
Jim Dierking
Liberty Natural Products, Inc.

Since: Mar 09

East Central Franklin, ME

#11 Mar 13, 2009
Jim, not sure what is going on here, but you sound like someone who would be a good candidate for some one on one counseling

East Central Franklin, ME

#12 Mar 13, 2009
This Mr Dierking guy sounds like he needs a lawyer-asking about peoples private info on the internet like that? Oh boy--what a fool he is... Bet he is going to be sued soon for invasion of privacy! Mr Dierking-look into financial privacy laws...your email is frightening indeed.

East Central Franklin, ME

#13 Mar 13, 2009
oh jeez...just checked invasion of privacy laws...Mr Dierking I would remove that post, you can get yourself in a whole lot of trouble...I know as my friend did something like that to his ex wife ( although not quite as dumb as yours with a link like that!) and she sued me and won for this type of thing...what are you thinking asking for peoples private info like that online!?
Jim Dierking

Oregon City, OR

#14 Mar 17, 2009
Let me re-phrase. Please let me know if it is objectionable.

Anyone having direct financial dealings with Sunrise Herbal Remedies et al who believe they have information relevant to our action and who would be interested in testifying as a witness invited to contact me.

In response to Steve, thank you for your concern,
however, I am not interested in counseling, just obtaining a determination of fact and the application of the law by the court.
Hoffmans are wonderful

East Central Franklin, ME

#15 Mar 21, 2009
The Hoffmans are the NICEST people-what a joke this all is! Good for them winning the lawsuit!

Jealousy is quite powerful I pathetic these people are...the Hoffmans work like 80 hours a week-good for them they have a nice house-why shouldn't they and how weird people care so much about their house and private lives ( although its silly as its nice because her husband BUILDS them! They hardly have to pay retail )most people are lazy these days and hate to see others do well ( pathetic world )-what most don't know by the way is the Hoffmans GIVE tons to animal abuse and environmental groups and have Val has done so much for people with her beautiful herbs-they are wonderful wonderful people and we all love them here in Florida!

East Central Franklin, ME

#16 Mar 21, 2009
ps just checked the link and the Hoffmans are suing this Dierking guy again in another for slander and invasion of privacy -I live in Florida this time of year near the Hoffmans so maybe its being done in Florida- I couldn't pull the file but it appears the suit is being commenced this month.. Mr Dierking..sounds like you are going to SPENDING money not earning money on your strange actions-you come off in your blogs as a very angry guy-enjoy life, its short..bitterness never served anyone.


#17 Mar 22, 2009
Mr. Dierking you must have really ticked off Valerie Hoffman..what a barrage of defensive offensive responses to a valid question you put on here. She must have a hundred pseudonyms. Whoever you are from "Hamden, ME"..for your information, nice people don't lie, don't not pay teenage babysitters, don't rip people off over and over, don't call people names and attack them under disguised psudonyms. And Val...your emails state you are from Maine and you say in your paragraph you are in Florida...hmmm. Hoffmans have houses in both places...two plus two equals ?. Valerie, I sincerely pray you will have a change of your heart before you have to face God. Mr. Dierking, it does no good to respond to her(them)presently, but we hope if you have been wronged you will find justice. Check with the CT Attorney general and the CT better business bureau.

East Central Franklin, ME

#18 Oct 1, 2009
Perhaps you should all get a clue hear as the judge just ruled FOR Sunrise and the Hoffmans ( one of the most respected judges in the country to boot!) and they were proven right and the Attorney General rep was noted as abusive and perhaps even criminal in his actions even-the Hoffmans are predicted to be awared a minimum of 11.8 million dollars! Only one client showed up and admitted she lied all along and that she DID know she was on Auto Ship DID sign up and DID NOT cancel properly and the state AG rep was proven that he lied on the affadavits!?? Unreal....the judges verbage called the state AG rep abusive, egregious and potentially criminal and it appears he may be be disbarred from practice-this is government abuse at its finest-Good Going Hoffman's we knew you were right all along and me and all my friends love your products and think you are a class act! Ps the other nasty note above was written by Val's creepy x boyfriend we found out ( see docs )-what a loser!
Sam Stevens

East Central Franklin, ME

#19 Oct 18, 2009
The TRUTH us that the lawsuit is not a class action. All you have to do is read the court Doc,s
She is Great

East Central Franklin, ME

#20 Nov 15, 2009
Val Hoffman lived near me too and she has been on the Today Show, Martha Stewart, ABC, In Redbook, The NY Times and like 100 other places. She is a celebrity in a way so naturally she will receive some backlash but I don't know many companies around for 20 year either as the other woman noted-she sure must be doing something right. I think she is lovely lady and a total class act. I also know its also amazing to hear of any company today to only have one lawsuit in its entire history. I know, I am a lawyer. . Jealousy is powerful people-get a life.
I Knew Valerie


#21 Dec 2, 2009
I knew Valerie quite a few years ago. Although she seemed pleasant and nice at first... underneath her designer clothes and behind closed doors of her fancy house on Codfish Hill Road she was a miserable, manipulative and angry person. I believe that she has nothing better to do but scams people out of money to buy herself nice things. She treats her employees like slaves and treats her twin children even worse!!!(Hopefully she hasn't had anymore) She deserves everything that comes to her! Good luck with the lawsuits!

West Palm Beach, FL

#22 Dec 2, 2009
Does this have to do with the Curry shortage in India ?
AG lawyer in BIG trouble

East Central Franklin, ME

#23 Jan 2, 2010
Actually you should all know the real truth-first of all Val is a wonderful animal rights activist, mom, friend and person -she is also about the best business person I know as well. I have known her for 14 years and the truth is she was forced by Consumer Protection to make clients send certified letters and that is what upset the clients so much! When the clients faced the judge ( only 2 had the balls to show up!) what happened was they fell apart and admitted they lied along and DID indeed know they signed up for Auto Ship and just didn't feel like following the certified cancel policy! It was so silly as you cannot even check out of the website without agreeing to Auto Ship and the judge could see that. In turn the judge called the AG lawyers "vexacious, immoral, egregious and potentially criminal" and now two are probably about to lose their jobs rumor has it! The AG and Consumer Protection are being sued personally as well as in their department and the Hoffmans are about to recieve a minimum of 7 million dollars because of this baloney lawsuit! Blumenthal was voted as the worst AG in the entire nation and it turns out has been doing this to companies for years to get money for his department-its called extortion and is scary and sad so before you write horrible things about people KNOW the facts and check the website as you cannot even leave it without agreeing to Auto Ship!
Alice AOL

East Central Franklin, ME

#24 Jan 2, 2010
Sorry folks but I have been a client for 15 years and the company is just terrific. The herbs are the best thing I ever did for myself and that lady Val is about as nice as one can get. She works her buns off and also takes time to speak to every client personally, amazing in this era. The people who wrote these fresh rude blogs were exposed the owner told me as her ex boyfriend and a guy she had a lawsuit with who he himself has been in all kinds of legal trouble I read. His own wife went after him so we can hardly trust him as an ethical man! Stop being so cruel people and read the court documentation as the judge agreed with Val and thats really all that matters. She is the winner and we are proud of her for standing up for her rights. Many women get stepped on these days, not our Val!

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