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Philadelphia, PA

#70 Jan 5, 2013
Wags wrote:
Please know that Wagsworth Manor Pet Resort welcomes visitors at ANYTIME, no appointment is necessary! There is nothing to hide, we are happy to show you where the dogs stay, where they play, group play in action, our grooming room. All are open to public view. We are VERY PROUD of our staff, our facility and of the amazing care our guests receive. You are welcome to ask questions of our staff and to meet your pet's caregiver. In our opinion the best test of a pet care facility is your pet's reaction the next time they return. We are happy to report many, many, many wagging tails! And purring cats for that matter!
Stop in for a tour and see for yourself. We welcome your visit!
I stopped in at Wagsworth for a tour looking for a nice place to board my dog and cat. I must have come during a lunch break because the girl who gave me a tour couldn't have been less interested. I had many questions that I didn't get to ask, and the tour lasted maybe 10 minutes. The only person on the staff I had seen working was the groomer. There were about 8 people in their break room all sitting around talking. I wasn't shown all of the kennels (which if you're going to pay more for a specific one, you should see all they have to offer) and she didn't even show me where the cats were kept. I saw a great dane in a kennel that was way too small for his/her size. This small but important experience has definitely made my decision an easy one. I won't be going to Wagsworth at all, and won't recommend it to anyone! I found an amazing kennel where the staff actually took about half an hour to 45 minutes to show me around and answer ALL of my questions. You should always pay attention to detail, even the small details!
Jessica Sombke

Killeen, TX

#71 Jan 20, 2013
My husband is in the military and we are living in an anti-pitbulls town in Texas. My dog, Bailey, a 60lb pitbull who if someone came to rob my house we'd be in trouble bc she would lick them to death, is currently staying with my dad who resides in malvern, where I am from as well.
Wagsworth was highly recommended by a few of my friends who take their dogs there. My dad had to fly to Texas to be with me while I have major surgery and We've never boarded my dog before. Even though she's a pit, she is the biggest baby in the world.
When I first called to get information on Wagsworth, the woman on the phone talked to me for about 20 minutes about everything and answered all my hundred questions and concerns. My dogs VERY protective of us when she is on a leash, but off the leash is fine with other dogs. She's always fine with people...the worst thing she has done yet is licked someone so a rediculously long time and has a tendency to sleep on your pillow or shoulder if she's in the bed with you.
I didn't want to take the risk of her nipping at another dog, so we choose to have her in her own room getting daily. I was worried about her being completely isolated.
When dropping her off, my dad was allowed to walk her to her "room" and even get in with her and made sure bailey felt comfortable. When he left she was cuddled up with her blanket laying down with the, where are you going!!!!??, look.
Less than 3 hours after my dad dropped her off he received a text message from someone at Wagsworth with a picture of bailey laying on the bed still looking as comfortable as can be.
Another 2 hours later he got ANOTHER text with her blanket all folded up under her and her looking up at the camera happy as can be.
I called yesterday and spoke to a woman up front who thanked me over and over again for my calling to say thank you for sending the pictures and making me feel better about leaving my dog in someone else's hands for the first time.
I would highly recommend Wagsworth to anyone!
-Jessica aka Bailey's mom
AVOID - Do Not Use

Paoli, PA

#72 Aug 27, 2013
As a first time customer I explained my senior dogs needs including meds. They recommended the TLC plan instead of the Senior Care Plan which is basically the same thing except Senior care includes and email and meds. So when I went to pay and questioned the $11 meds charge they said " I got what I requested" and "I should read their website to see all the options" so I know for next time. When I asked to speak with a manager none was available so I asked for a call. The same Rep called me back and said they would give me $11 credit on next visit and they wouldn't credit my card back. I then asked for owner (Dee Dee)who I thought would want to know how I was treated as a new customer, but when I explained they recommended the wrong plan when I checked in, and then how I was treated at check out, she absolutely didnt care. She said basically its my choice to choose another facility. I was very nice and told her don't care about the lousy $11, it was the principal of the matter. Now it makes me wonder how my dog was really treated. No wonder the front desk Rep had a bad attitiude, its the same unprofessional attitude as the owner. Such a shame that over $11 they are going to lose alot of business since I work in the area with 1000 people that will see my review on our work site intranet tomorrow.
shady owners

United States

#73 Sep 2, 2013
As being a past employee. I can tell you they don't run the place. They had an employee go home, left 2 dogs in the dryer for 3 hours. I wouldnt EVER let my doggies go there. T he front desk people are rude and petty.
Dog lovers

Chicago, IL

#74 Nov 19, 2013
I just recently put my dogs to this facility for grooming. The people there are friendly and this was the second time we went there.

When I picked them up, they were still in the grooming room. I went in and helped them out. There were fur all over the places and two groomers are back to back working with dogs. They are friendly but still that grooming was not as cleaned as I expected. So we left and one of my dog has been sick after the grooming for more than a week now. He picked up the virus over there and suffering high fever for days. I took him to the Vet and when the Vet heard that I put them there for grooming, she said it is a bad idea. She got a lot cases of dog getting sick from that kennel. This kennel is overload with dogs. I understand that every dog needs to show the shots information but since it is too many dogs around and the grooming room is full of fur from dogs. Virus does pass around in this kind of condition.

I always go to another groomer in a kennel as big as this one and I never have any problem with my dogs getting sick. They always clean up after groomed a dog and everything is clean and neat.

I think I will never go to this groomer again if they are not changing their cleaning habit and keep the grooming room clean before bring in another dogs for grooming.

Phoenixville, PA

#75 Nov 1, 2014
It never ceases to amaze me about how some people believe others are liars or 'out to get' the management at wagsworth.

With any business, there will be some pisitive and negative experiences. That's life.

However, my expetiences have never, ever been positive-- my animals had been hurt in a 47 hour stay, we wete not contacted, nor was my vet.

My animals had not been seen by any professional on premises or any individual that they use.

I had given them my business more than once. Each time with poor tesults.

The dogs were treated to the silo and we were billed for pampering, individual play, etc. Each time the report card was positive and happy,etc.

So how were there chemical burns the size of quarters and 1/4 inch deep in 7 out of 8 pads?

The dogs were hobbled and couldnt even walk. It was painful to watch.

Knowing these dogs jog miles three times a week on concrete, there was no way way that simple play in the yard, running on grass accomplished this in less than,two days.

When questioned, they said they noticed and put a non medicated vaseline type balm on one pad.

No one had any reasonable answers to how it hapoened in less than two days in their care, or why we weren't contacted. Or even told about it WHEN WE CALLED to,check up on them several times.

Ginger was rude, belligerent, uncaring, unprunprofessionald downright ignorant when we questioned her.

The dogs had to be treated by our vet, antibiotics, salve, etc.

I can't tell you how heartbreaking it is to watch a vital young dog, crying as he tries to walk just to go,outside and pee, because all of his feet are injured.

And carrying a 75 lb animal is out of my league.

For anyone who doubts my experiences and others, as made up or someone with a grudge, please feel free to,contact me.

I can show you vet bills, and statements, njury pictures, videos, and ginger's rude letters and phone messages.

You be the judge. The facts are there in black and white.

I simply put our experiences out there so someine else can not endanger the wfare of their beloved pet and pay those exhorbitany prices for for poor care.

I wish someone had been as honest with me. Because we have gotten better care for our dogs at several other establishments. They have never been hurt in other's care.

Glen Mills, PA

#76 Mar 2, 2015
Wags wrote:
<quoted text>
We love ALL dogs (and cats for that matter) at Wagsworth! In fact both of our trainers have a passion for rehabilitating rescue dogs and volunteer for local shelters. However dogs from shelters are more likely to carry infectious diseases, so we ask that a dog be in a home for at least 4 weeks before coming to Wagsworth. In this way we are protecting the health and welfare of the dogs in our care.
Barbie does not know how to talk to customers

Bladensburg, MD

#77 Sep 8, 2015
I worked at wagsworth manor and the staff there is very unfriendly to their coworkers. People who are customers are greatly mislead on the treatment and extra activities they think their dogs are getting. Never take your dog there over a busy time. Your dog will stay in its crate or kennel for most of the day except two hours. Also when its busy the extra activities u might pay for most of them don't get done. If your dog doesn't do group play then it might only get to go out to go to the bathroom.
Shephards mom

West Chester, PA

#78 Apr 2, 2016
I take our two dogs to Wagsworth every time we travel out of state. The place is great and staff are wonderful. Love that place!!

West Chester, PA

#79 Oct 13, 2016
Unbelievable wrote:
Complain Complain Complain - that's all some of you people do. You're the type of people who will never be happy unless you create drama. It's also pretty clear that competitors are posting negatively on this forum to downplay what a decent place Wagsworth is. My in-laws have taken their dogs countless times to Wagsworth for boarding without a hitch.
If you really think that other businesses are the main ones complaining in these posts, then you are quite wrong. Wagsworth definitely has the nicest facility; however, the worst care for your pet out of any facility in the area. You can see that all of their employees are in high school, maybe younger, and that they have no experience with dogs, and don't even care to try and interact with them. Always yelling at each other and the dogs, not caring if there are scared ones in the corner.

The worst thing, that they DO NOT tell anyone, is that a full day of daycare at their facility is ONLY 4 HOURS LONG. They only allow the dogs out for 2 hours in the morning, and 2 hours in the afternoon. Other then that, YOUR DOG IS CRATED for 20 HOURS a day! That is with you paying their FULL DAY prices, which are absurd in their own right.

The owner is just plain rude if you have any concerns and pushes you away. They look nice on the surface, but the care is way below average. It takes anywhere from 5-20 minutes to just pick up your dog.

The place right on 30, Karen's, will have your dog leashed up and ready before you even get out of your car. They send pictures and videos of the dogs to ease your mind. And they are always extremely nice and accommodating for whatever situation we have. When your dog boards overnight, the play time is just included in the rate. No random charges of walks or timed outdoor time that you don't even know if they followed.

I don't know what the best place is, but don't go somewhere just because they have a nice facility. If all you care about is your dog being safe, happy, and healthy, try somewhere else other then Wagsworth.

I have been taking my dog to Karen's K9 for 11 years, and have had 0 issues with them. They have had the same employees for 5+ years, so your dog always sees familiar faces, and you know that the staff is dedicated and actually care about your loved one.

West Chester, PA

#80 Dec 19, 2016
My husband and I have been loyal Wags customers for about 6 years now but until recently, did not need to take advantage of the training offered. We adopted a puppy in October (our other dog that attended wags was older) and realized right away that we needed to be proactive with training (anyone with a hound puppy can attest!) We decided that In-home sessions would be best since many of our concerns focused on the home; we were put in touch with Joy to begin scheduling.

My husband and I set up the training sessions to mirror 'puppy pre-school' in the home. At our first session, we weren't sure what to expect but Joy was very nice and extremely professional throughout the entire session. It was amazing to see our puppy learn right before our eyes! Throughout the 5 weeks of sessions, Joy really listened to any concerns, shared in our excitement when our puppy consistently obeyed and was very patient with us! My husband has never had a dog from puppy stage, so he was also a bit nervous that he may do something incorrectly, but Joy would assure and praise him (just like the puppy!) that he was doing a great job (he was).

After each session, Joy would give us homework (reminders for the different commands) and encouraged us to reach out if we had any questions or problems.

When we started training, our puppy was CRAZY when we would put the leash on her (very vocal, tugging at the leash, resisting the leash) and after showing Joy exactly what we deal with, she gave us great suggestions that we have been following and now we can put on the leash without it being a big scene! It may not sound like much to an outsider, but this was something that was a huge concern for us, so Joy was able to modify some of the course content to address specific concerns we had.

After this session, our puppy now knows the basic commands (sit, stay, down,etc) and we're still fine tuning others (heel & come [when outside]). I can say that our puppy has officially graduated puppy Pre-school! The in-home sessions really helped jump start our pro-activeness for training and open our eyes to realize that we cannot expect her to learn things overnight and that it takes both owner and dog to achieve the command.

We are looking to take the next course at Wagsworth but just have not decided when!
Gotta love dogs

Berwyn, PA

#81 May 17, 2017
Too many dogs, too much poop, billions spent on dog food. People collecting three and four and expecting the rest of us to like them, walk on local trails with them - and step over the mess of those who are too lazy to clean up after them. Oh - what was that - this person must NOT be a "dog person", wrong again.

Don't even get me started on the barking ones all night, who subjects their neighbors to this and thinks only of themselves? Billions annually spent on pets, we could do a heck of a lot of feeding and educating with that money. I have to laugh when I hear people complain about the cost of goods when they have 50 lbs. bags of cooked, dried and balled up dried animal parts (scraps) in their shopping carts to feed to their "pet". You're an animal lover OR a pet lover. Animal lovers don't eat meat - or buy scraps of every awful thing cut out and thrown away not fit for humans packaged pretty and labeled "pet food" from brutalizing feed mills.

Also, the idea of a nasty, dirt and skin flake shedding dog who might have ticks ( but no! you covered it with chemicals for it's "own good") in a bed with you? Nasty nasty nasty.

Dog hair is COVERED in dirt, contaminants, chemicals (courtesy of your wallet), parasites, what's on your floor (home, car, barn, vet floor,wherever it laid down!), feces and dried spit. Yum. Let's put that by our face and in our bed next to us...let's laugh and giggle and say "oh sorry about that - stop that "your dog's name here"! Oh... he just likes you, as the person now has to wipe off hair and dirt and crap from their clean clothes.

Did I mention your place smells like a dog, you don't smell it anymore, but it does...don't be fooled.

AND on top of all this, you have to PAY for someone to house YOUR dog while you go away (thank you though for not sneaking it into a hotel so the next person with a dog allergy will unsuspectingly use the room in the hotels where NO WINDOWS OPEN...yeah, look next time you go on a trip, they don't open, you're sleeping in a petrie dish.) and now you're complaining that the place wasn't good enough.

Wow. Seems like folks need to focus on other things.

Oh yeah, you make yourself feel better by loving "shelter dogs"...but do you watch the Westminster or other dog extravaganza on TV? Or do you own a pure breed....I'm betting on it.(But you got that shelter dog TOO....that's better, now I'm doing something good) There are shelter humans all over the place, have you donated or given time to them today?

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