Berwyn Police lie and are corrupt
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#21 Feb 17, 2011
As a citizen with a questioning attitude I wonder if the prosecuting states attorney's on these criminal cases have ever had their personal bank accounts subpoenaed according to closure of the criminal case. One would have to question how much the pay off is for a criminal conviction when all of the evidence is not turned over by the police department especially when it is broadcasted accurately online and the states attorney on the case knows better. So I am curious, if I become a states attorney, how much extra tax free cash could I make by agreeing to every charge that the police department files complaints on with the outcome of a criminal conviction. From what I have witnessed over the last couple of years I would be a very well to do citizen in Cook County. I prefer to stay honest. However, I hope that every states attorney and crooked cop acquires a lethal debilitating deadly life threatening illness in which there is no cure. I hope that for every lie that was told about a case that was lost and for every crooked conviction that one more day of suffering without intervention is their punishment for their crooked ways. I hope they suffer into the last second down to the last breath. After that I hope they all go straight to hell. This is what I will wish for and pray for everyday of my life.
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#22 Feb 17, 2011
Kushner stated in his new role as Chief of the Lakemoor PD that he was writing a new book entitled "How not to be a victim.". I am planning on writing a sequal to that title which will be entitled, "Honesty produces no Victims.". As the child of a police officer law enforcement has forgotten their true role on this earth in IL . That is very sad. People have been hurt by the dishonest system. I just wonder what kind of satisfaction is accompanied by a wrongful conviction. How does that help? What a bunch of lost souls in our police force today. I did mean that. For every lie involved in every case, for every cop and states attorney involved, I hope and pray that it is one more day of agony in a life long illness that will one day claim your lives. I do mean that and have zero sympathy. People who lie deserve to suffer naturally. I hope you all do just that. As a matter a fact, I pray for that everyday.
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#23 Feb 17, 2011
I just ask 2 simple questions. 1.) Why if he is so great was he laid off for 7 months and then accepted a position as Chief with a salary of 80k per year giving 10 percent of that back to the city of Lakemoor after demanding his vacation pay from the city of Berwyn. 2.) If he was so reputable and honest, why did the city of Chicago not offer him a position after 29 years of service? What does the CPD have against him? Why did they not ask him or want him back? My opinion and my first amendment right is to say that I think there is a lot more than meets the eye here where he is concerned. I would also be willing to bet that the new Chief will clean house, I believe his admin has began to do so already. I wish honesty the best, as for those who are against honesty you can go to hell.

Forest Park, IL

#24 Feb 17, 2011
The new Chief is just trash Lyons threw out. He backed the TLC party who ran Lyons into the ground. In reality Berwyn Police is no different than any other police dept. They are all run by crooks. This is what happens when you give them too much power. They instantly get what is called a God Complex. What we need is a stronger task force that investigates and prosecutes corrupt police officers.
victim also

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#25 Feb 18, 2011
"What we need is a stronger task force that investigates and prosecutes corrupt police officers."

Amen to that
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#26 Feb 19, 2011
Is that why police in other communities have apologized for how Berwyn does business? I don't think it is because all police departments are bad. It is a pretty bad sign when that starts happening once the true story is out and who specifically was driving the pipeline. Other departments bad? Not hardly!
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#27 Feb 19, 2011
and police in other communities stated that it is not common procedure for a female to be searched in her privates multiple times in a 21 hour period and multiple times in one shift. That to me in my opinion is nothing but sexual assult!
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#28 Feb 19, 2011
It is common procedure to be searched once per shift if you have to use the facilities but not multiple times in one shift and in shifts to follow. That is what a sgt from another community said. Can't say anything though because then they will arrest you like they did that other lady in Chicago. Everyone knows how sick they are now!
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#29 Feb 19, 2011
The sad part is how do you forget something like that. The reality is that you don't.
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#30 Feb 19, 2011
So if you are walking through the streets of Berwyn, someone throws you in a van, locks you in a tiny room, and then puts their hands in your panties and bra every single time you have to use the bathroom it is legal and the Berwyn police would not charge that person with assult because it must be okay to do that to people.
Clean House

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#31 Feb 20, 2011
Sounds like new organization mentioned here should be cleaning house and taking out the garbage. That is just wrong to do to someone! Perverts!
no school like old school

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#32 Feb 21, 2011
I got news for all of you -- the police in Berwyn, Cicero, Lyons, Brookfield, Riverside, Stickney, Forest View, River Forest, Stone Park, Villa Park, Elmwood Park, Melrose Park, etc. are as thick as thieves because they ARE thieves.

When I was a kid in the 70s, everyone knew that the Outfit ran Berwyn, Cicero, Lyons, Stone/Villa/Melrose/Elmwood Parks, River Forest, etc. The low level enforcers lived in Cicero, Berwyn, Lyons, etc. and the capos lived in Oak Park, River Forest, etc., the "rich" near west suburbs.

Everyone knew that the mob owned the towns and the cops. The corruption was very open back then. That was before Lyons was "cleaned up" -- when there was a strip club every few blocks all along Ogden up to Brookfield. Why do you think there's constantly been some kind of federal investigation going on in and around Chicago ever since Eliot Ness and the Untouchables made Al Capone their target (for real)? There's always some kind of federal investigation going on, because there is no end to the organized crime in and around Chicago. It may be much less visible now, but it's still there. It may be more diverse now, too -- there are Russians, Chinese, and gang-bangers, not just Sicilians. But it's still one-hand-washes-the-other between organized crime and LOCAL police. That's why we always have some kind of federal presence in Chicago and the surrounding burbs.

The strip clubs are all gone, but the "clean up" was just on the surface. The cops in these towns are still mob connected because most of the mayors, municipal employees, firemen, and aldermen/councilmen (and women) in these towns are ALSO mob connected. Larry Dominick? Totally mobbed up. Betty Loren-Maltese? Mobbed-up ex-prostitute and brothel madame whose bookie husband bestowed numerous benefits on her. You think it was coincidence that the first job she got when she got out of prison was as a seating hostess at Salerno's pizza in Oak Park?'Course not. Nothing against Salerno's -- love their food & pizza; it's excellent -- but all these towns have been mobbed up since before Capone.(Besides Chicago, one of Al Capone's major hideouts was in Cicero, and he spent a lot of time there... and in Berwyn and Lyons...)

Current Berwyn mayor Lovero? Previous Berwyn mayors Shaughnessy and Lanzilotti? All connected. Here's an example: Lovero (and Shaughnessy and Lanzilotti) are all pals with the Stillo family. Including Sonny Stillo, the mayor's "aide" who was caught on tape bribing an alderman for his vote in a Berwyn city hall men's room. The same Sonny Stillo who, with another of the Stillos, worked on getting the Riverwalk condos built on Ogden Ave. in Lyons -- across the street from where a strip club used to be.(Guess whose contracting business got the construction deal?)

Yes, the senior living center there now used to be a few ramshackle store fronts and frame houses, the Mill Bridge roller rink, and Piccadilly Circus (strip club). Before it was called Piccadilly Circus, it was called Merola's Club Algiers (also a strip club). The Burger King on Ogden and 1st avenue used to be a strip club called Michael's Magic Touch. The condo building on the south east corner of Roosevelt and Ridgeland in Berwyn used to be the Ritz movie theater building, with a bunch of storefronts, apartments upstairs, and a bar called the Heartbreak Lounge -- where the Berwyn mayor, the Berwyn chief of police, and the main judge of Berwyn's courts used to snort cocaine, play poker, and screw hookers in a back room of the Heartbreak, usually after closing time (although there was a back entrance so they could come and go without bar 'regulars' identifying them as the mayor, the chief of police, the judge...).
no school like old school

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#33 Feb 21, 2011
That's 30-40 years ago, and nothing has changed since. The only things that have changed are the SURFACE OF THINGS. Lyons APPEARS to be cleaned up -- no more strip clubs. But the mob still runs major parts of Lyons and all these other towns. They just use legitimate businesses to get their crooked contracts to launder dirty money. Then there was that realty office on Ogden in Brookfield that was raided for prostitution in the off hours. Cicero is majority Mexican, and has been for years, yet Cicero has had a series of mob-connected mayors -- what does that tell you?(And don't let Gonzales, the mayor after Betty Loren-Maltese and before Larry Dominick fool you -- he was just Betty's puppet.) Larry Dominick's "election" as mayor in Cicero wasn't politics, it was a bloodless hit to take control of Cicero (and its entire budget) from one mob branch and give it to another mob branch. Betty was out; Larry was in, and the machine backed Larry.

The entire history of Chicago and all of its suburbs -- not to mention the entire state of Illinois -- is filled with corruption. It was just much more open in the past; now it is more hidden. Seriously, if we didn't have corruption and graft, I don't think they could get anything done in this county or this state. If you don't know someone, you are screwed. If you do know someone, you can be a badge-wearing, gun-toting criminal for decades and no one can touch you. When I was a kid my dad used to tell me they had a saying when HE was a kid: "If you're innocent, get a jury. If you're guilty -- get a judge." Meaning, bribe the judge --'cause that's the way to win a criminal case if you're guilty. Dad wasn't wrong, either.

More than 20 years ago, I bribed my way out of a DUI with Cicero cops. Why? Because I could. And because I KNEW that they would take the money, and they did. THAT is why I don't have a record, even though I got caught drinking with open liquor in the car once.

For all of you people out there saying or hinting that the people with criminal records are low-lifes who had it coming to them, please consider everything I have just said, and adjust your world view. It is easy to get away with things if you are white, and you're connected, or you have the money to bribe someone or to hire a good attorney. You have NO IDEA how many white people around you have gotten in trouble with the law. They just don't LOOK like they have, and they don't have records and pass background checks because they got LAWYERS. I say that, because I AM white, and I DID get a lawyer for the time I got caught doing something illegal (driving drunk)-- but I have no record, my background checks always come back clean, and my one criminal charge has been expunged.(Note, it was a *charge*, NOT a conviction -- because of my LAWYER.)

Now, thanks to sobriety and treating the underlying reason I was self-medicating (severe depression), I don't do stuff like that any more. But the point is, I did, and I even got caught. TWICE. But I got away with it. The first time, I bribed the cop.(Note: that was in the 80s. DO NOT try this now; you can't tell anymore who is on the take unless you know what you're doing, and most of you don't.) The second time, I got a lawyer.
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#34 Feb 21, 2011
Some might say I got away with it because I'm white. I think it's because I got a lawyer, and I kept my mouth shut and let the lawyer do ALL the talking (almost). Either way, the end result was that it scared the crap out of me and made me get help.

If, however, you are NOT white, or you ARE white but you're stupid or you're just really, really poor (and you don't have connections or money to hire an attorney), you WILL be charged, and you WILL be convicted. NEVER go to court without a lawyer. You WILL lose.

Whenever I see statistics on the much higher rates of convictions for blacks and Hispanics vs. whites, I always wonder what percentage of blacks/Hispanics got a lawyer. I think a BIG reason why non-whites are convicted and sentenced more than whites isn't just 'cause they aren't white, it's because THEY DON'T HAVE A LAWYER. And if they do, it's someone they saw on a TV commercial. DON'T DO THAT.

The serious white people charged with crimes -- the professionals who can NOT have a criminal conviction or a criminal record or it will ruin their life/career -- show up to court APPROPRIATELY DRESSED. NOT in jeans with the crotch at the knees, in a wife beater, with a bunch of bling around their neck. Professional business attire, NOT "business casual" – a suit or a dress or matched skirt and jacket combo is what you wear to court if you want to be taken seriously.

A public defender DOES NOT COUNT as a lawyer. They often cooperate with the prosecutors or accept deals that screw you over. Even if they WANT to really help you and defend you, they just don't have TIME. They're like social workers -- there is only one of them, but there are thousands who need them.

Our legal system does not dispense justice. It is rigged for lawyers and to collect revenue (and for white people, doing white things, the white way). You can NOT win without a lawyer. Anyone who tells you different is lying or stupid. So if you are not white and you want to win your case, GET A LAWYER and prepare to act white, look white (or at least dress and behave white), sound white, and generally do the white thing. It's not 100% guaranteed to get you off and get charges dropped or reduced, but it will go a LONG WAY towards doing so.

I hate saying that, because it sounds racist. Saying that's "the white way" or "the white thing" makes it sound as if being professional, well-spoken, educated, properly dressed, and GETTING A GOOD LAWYER (not an ambulance-chaser) is only something white people are capable of doing. This could not be farther from the truth; there are plenty of black professionals in and around this city (doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc.) who have all done the same thing. Yet there's always someone black whispering behind their back that they act too "white.” As if success, education, and a good career and income is bad! I don't get that.

Just accept the reality that, no matter WHAT your constitutional rights may be, you CAN NOT successfully represent and defend yourself in court. The system does not work that way and most of us didn't go to law school, so we don't understand half of what they're saying.

Ask yourself this: how did I look, how did I sound, and how was I dressed, when I WAS convicted?

DON'T REPEAT THOSE MISTAKES. Look better. Sound better. Behave better; DRESS better. And get a LAWYER. Not a bankruptcy lawyer or a personal injury lawyer or a social security disability lawyer, a CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY. I guarantee that the whole thing will go differently if you just do these few things.
no school like old school

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#35 Feb 21, 2011
I'm living proof. When my first court appearance went so bad that I was crying as I left the court room, the state's attorney came up to me and said,“Look, just come to the continuance with an attorney, and this will all go away.” And he was right.

I figure, the SA told me that for a REASON. He knows the system. I had everything else going for me: white, educated, well-spoken, dressed appropriately. But I didn't have a lawyer, so the judge treated me like crap.

I brought a criminal defense attorney along to my next continuance, and the SA was right: it all went away. Charges were dropped and the case was dismissed. Of course, it cost me $350 upfront to hire the attorney. Then I paid him another $350 for going to court with me (and doing ALL the talking, except when the judge asked me questions directly). Then, it cost me another $110 in paperwork to have the record of my criminal charges. And IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY.

I have my freedom, I have a spotless record, there are no convictions in my past, and no surprises waiting in my background checks. THAT IS WHY the cost of the attorney was WORTH IT to me.

Getting back to the cops--
Yes, there are some cops who are actually trying to catch criminals, get good evidence against them, and put them in jail.

For every one of those, there are 5-10 cops who have old friends "from the neighborhood" corrupting them with gangs or organized crime, or who are violent thugs on a power trip, or who are idiots incapable of examining a crime scene without contaminating all the evidence and compromising an investigation. Or all three rolled together in one cop. It is a travesty.

The few cops who actually ARE trying to lock up criminals and decrease crime usually never make it up to brass. You typically need juice to get promoted up to administrative levels -- except in some federal jurisdictions -- and many of the good cops who are risking their lives every day to try to make the streets safer never get above beat cop. Why? Because they AREN'T corrupt.
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#36 Feb 21, 2011
Haven't you noticed that so many of Chicago's newest generations of cops aren't even from Chicago? Weiss, for all of his flaws, knows that's the only way to really be sure his rank and file can't be pressured into corruption by old neighborhood and friendship connections -- or by what their own family members do illegally.

Weiss has also implemented a number of reforms that the old school rank and file Chicago cops really *hate*-- like making all the cops rotate through each district, not letting some stay in the same cushy district their entire careers, while others are stuck in violent districts for years or decades. The old school cops are not happy about that at all. All of a sudden, they've gotta work out of Wentworth for the first time in their entire careers -- and they're near retirement. They're just pi55ed that they have to *work*, period.

While I consider most high level law enforcement officers to be jack booted thugs and fascists (and most of the low level ones, too), I will say this for Jody Weiss: the old school rank and file Chicago cops totally HATE him. These are the same cops responsible for Chicago cops' internationally bad reputation.

I figure, if they hate Weiss, that's got to be good news about Weiss. Because the only way they would love him is if he let everything continue the way it was -- business as usual, corruption, excessive force, torture. You know -- how it was under Burge, that sick piece of crap.

Now there is a perfect example of a thug criminal who happens to carry a badge: John Burge.(Oh, and Frank Marzullo, Berwyn's former chief of police, who used to enjoy cocaine and prostitutes in the back rooms of mobbed up bars in Berwyn, Cicero, and Lyons. And who likes to smack women around and get away with it because he was a cop, chief of police, to boot).

So, even though I hate the criminalization of everything, I realize most of it is about revenue, not crime. And even though I don't trust the cops in ANY of these suburbs OR Chicago, and even though I think Weiss has the same law enforcment fascist mentality, Weiss gets some grudging respect from me. Because if the old school rank and file thug Chicago cops hate Weiss, he must actually be a decent cop. Because if the badge-wearing thugs who brutalize people and think beating and torturing is a good way to get a "confession" hate him, in my book, that can only be a good thing. And Weiss has tried to drag CPD into the 21st century -- rank and file cops whining and dragging their heels the whole time. He actually expects cops to be college educated. It's not a blue collar, working class job anymore. It can't be; crime and criminals are much more sophisticated now. But that's not how the old school cops see it. They think, why do they need a college degree when they have handcuffs, a billy club, and two fists?

If only the suburbs had someone like Weiss as police chief, they might not all be so corrupt. They'd probably still be corrupt, just not AS corrupt.

Anyway, to return to the "I was unfairly convicted" topic once more -- please, people. Do yourself and YOUR FAMILIES a favor. Scrape together all the money you can and hire a criminal defense attorney. Ask your family and friends to scrape together some money and help -- unless they want you to go to jail.

In 2011, the only way you can be proven innocent of a crime for which you are falsely accused is if you get a defense lawyer. It might not happen then, either (at least, not until the appeal), but you'd have a fighting chance.

Unfortunately, innocent people are convicted all the time (especially in Illinois!). But guilty people get away with crimes. Why?

Because innocent people naively believe they can defend themselves. They think if they just tell the truth, they'll be let go. They can't and they won't.

Whereas guilty people KNOW that they can't defend themselves. And they KNOW they're going to jail unless they get a lawyer.
Victim Also

Chicago, IL

#37 Feb 24, 2011
Don't forget that the kkk used to be widespread in cicero around 1998, and the city even payed them, so they wouldn't destribute some literature. I still believe some state funding is still reaching their hands since it hasn't been so long...
Hi Boy

Blue Island, IL

#38 Feb 24, 2011
Clean House wrote:
Sounds like new organization mentioned here should be cleaning house and taking out the garbage. That is just wrong to do to someone! Perverts!
Shut up, sit back, and just enjoy cry baby...
Hi Girl

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#39 Feb 24, 2011
Spoken like a true perverted corrupt cop.
Hi Girl

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#40 Feb 24, 2011
The ordering officer sounds like "General Motors"

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