Corporations posing as Governments, even down to the municipalities and STATE government, are Foreclosed and DEBTORS to the people.....That is World Wide. Even the Vatican White Pope, Jesuit General Black Pope have no more power, no ownership of Birth certificates, Trust accounts, Land (Property tax= Land usery to the Queen and the Crown (Temple Crown= under the pope, Vatican)in service to the Elite Bloodlines ( no longer Elite...Equal, and DEBTORS to the people including themselves. All defacto Legal systems,( rules, Regulations, registrations, Statutes are null and void. All BAR Attorneys are working for the Crown ( Knights Templar, Vatican and Inns) Of which the Queen is a member. BAR= British Accreditation Registry.

All Bank charters are Terminated, Foreclosed and DEBTORS to the people.

People ARE and always have been the Value. They represented the Soul with Gold and Silver the body.
Value will soon be able to be accessed by every one, Once this fraudulent and now ILLEGAL system is dissolved.

That being said......

The only Law, Universal and Local that has standing is Common Law and the Law Of One. Don't damage any person or property.

So, Law Enforcement? Nothing to Enforce.! Serve and Protect as one of the One People of earth, as equally Domicil where you BE with Love and Compassion...That sounds like a good job.

Michael Ferrucci
BEing and DOING in Eternal Essence