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There are 117 comments on the Nashville story from Apr 10, 2008, titled NewsChannel - Nashville, Tennessee - Police Capt.: Fired .... In it, Nashville reports that:

A veteran police officer said he was fired for ticketing the police chief's stepson.

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Franklin, TN

#1 Apr 10, 2008
it sure is funny that this officer williams has been fired or removed from EVERY police department he has ever worked at. check his record, from mississippi to williamson county to many other middle tennessee agencies, he CANNOT keep a job. is this a co-incidence?

Nashville, TN

#2 Apr 10, 2008
it sure is funny that this officer williams has been fired or removed from EVERY police department he has ever worked at. check his record, from mississippi to williamson county to many other middle tennessee agencies, he CANNOT keep a job. is this a co-incidence?

Nashville, TN

#3 Apr 10, 2008
That Chief is really a dork though

Nashville, TN

#4 Apr 10, 2008
I think Mr. Williams should have his job back. Mr.Sumerour's step son is no better than anyone else. If he breaks the law he should face what comes. As far as the mother, she had no right to curse Mr. Williams he was doing his job. People think just because who they are or who they know, they should have special treatment. Seems to me they have the wrong chief.
Linda Porch

Nashville, TN

#5 Apr 10, 2008
This police officer was only doing his job and should not have been fired. The police chief doesn't seem to be qualified to hold such a position. It seems he has double standards for family members when it comes to the law. The video needs and should be released. I think the only reason it is not being released is for the obvious reason that it's very incriminating of the chief's wife and stepson. There is something very wrong with this situation and it should definitely be addressed and investigated immediately.
Linda Porch

Nashville, TN

#6 Apr 10, 2008
Regardless of what this police officer's previous work record shows (and I'm not sure how accurate the information is that Tinseltown has given), what gives this police chief the right to make this demand of any officer? The law is the law and why should it be deviated from just to protect the chief's family members. The officer was doing exactly what he was instructed by the police chief to do and a policy that the police chief himself created. I'm sure it didn't say "this does not pertain to my family members". The police chief and his family members are not above the law.
Outsider looking in

United States

#7 Apr 10, 2008
I happen to know for a matter of fact, that ticket fixing goes on EVERYWHERE and Captain Williams has himself fixed trafic tickets while employed with the city of Burns. I will go along with the other comment on here that Captain Williams employment record, if looked into, at post will speak for its self. Williams has been at 10 diffrent police departments. Everyone is right, this does need to be looked into but as for now we are only hearing one side. It is my understanding that while it may look like officer Williams was released because of those tickets, he was infact released for breaking several policies after those tickets where issued. As far as the chiefs wife goes she was only doing what all mothers would have done in proctecting their kids and may have let her emotions get the best of her. As many of us have before, unfortunally she may have been caught on tape.
my town

United States

#8 Apr 10, 2008
You also may not know that the chief was called to the scene to ask what should be done to his step son. Chief said do what you got to do. When the chiefs wife got there and raised H*LL he wrote the tickets and left. The chief called officer Williams to his house and aked for the tickets and Wiliams refused. Chief told officer Williams that he had to give them back cause his wife was leaving him. She clouded his judgement by threating to leave him. This is nothing but retalation on officer Williams. A sad situation because they were pretty good friends. IF you all remember Burns PD was in the news about 3 years ago. ( different Chief then) The Mayor and ex- city attorney told the chief if he had to fire Williams to go ahead. Thats whats going around in my town.
Anonymous from Burns TN

United States

#9 Apr 10, 2008
From what I have seen and heard, the whole city of Burns officials need to be looked into. It is far worse shape than before. The police dept. officers getting paid for full time, but they are off duty sometime between midnight and 2 in the morning. If something happens in Burns, the County of Dickson officers have to come to the call. It could take them several minutes to get there from accross the county. As far as the POST background checks, they need to also do a check on the Chef, he was also fired from the county for domestic assault on his wife or ex wife then. I like living in Burns, my only complaint is that if something terrible were to happen, would we have the police protection we need??
Outsider Looking In

United States

#10 Apr 10, 2008
First of all get your facts straight, Mrs. Summerour did not threaten to leave because of the tickets, Mr. Summerour was the one who told her to leave. All she was doing was defending her son. Mr. Williams has a personal vendetta against Mrs. Sumerour so the retaliation is on her 16 year old son NOT Mr. Williams. As far as Mr. Williams "doing his job." Since when? He has fixed numerous tickets and had numerous tickets fixed, for his friends and family members. It is really sad that the 16 year old young man is being pulled in on this. Mrs. Sumerour has statments from a mechanic who looked at the speedometer in the car and confirmed it was indeed broken. The worst part of this is Mr. Williams was not fired beacuse of writting the Chiefs Son tickets it is because he did not follow policy on more than one occasion. As far as Mr. Williams and Chief Sumerour being "good" friends, I think it boils down to Mr. Williams wanting to climb a little higher on the employment ladder and take the Chiefs job. With friends like that who need enemies. Chief Sumerour has done nothing but good things for the city of burns.
my town too

Nashville, TN

#11 Apr 10, 2008
You may also not know that the captain himself called the chief at home and stated to the chief "come get your son and your car" the captain did not have video going at the time. Williams had an agenda upon making the stop to begin with. Williams was a friend to both the chief and his wife. He knew before he made the stop that the car he was pulling over did belong to Mr & Mrs Sumerour. You see there are two sides to every story and for now we can only hear one side that belonging to Mr Wiliams. So before everyone is so quick to pass judgement for either side don't you think that EVERYONE should wait for all the facts to come out....because when they do everyone will see that Mr Williams had and has an agenda from the start and that he himself is to blame for his termination. It has nothing to do with the tickets that were given to the step-son.
my town also

Nashville, TN

#12 Apr 10, 2008
Come on people, get over it, get a life and wait for this all to play out. Nobody knows what is going on in Burns or anywhere else for that matter. "Ticket Fixing" goes on in every town all over the world. It is clear to me that this Mr Williams is no Police officer or a man. He I am sure has taken care of tickets for "friends" before, so what made this one any differnt! Maybe it is differnt because he KNEW he could cause trouble and seems to me that is just what he has done! Mr and Mrs Sumerour if this person was a fiend of yours, consider yourself lucky that he no longer your "friend" !

Belfast, TN

#13 Apr 10, 2008
I am sure that in the end we will find that all three adults have indeed been in the wrong. As far as having a mechanical problem with the car..this may have been the case, but he was doing 60mph in a 30mph speed zone..I have no doubt that he could not have known he was speeding..he travels this road every day..he knows the speed limit..he had to know that he was speeding. The tickets should stand..he should not get any special treatments.
Dickson Resident

Vanleer, TN

#14 Apr 10, 2008
I find all these accusations hard to believe as I have known Jerry for many years and he has always done things by The Book. He is a good man and it is a shame that Mr. Williams is allowed to smear his name and his town just by his word. The town needs to support the Chief. He has worked hard to overcome Burns past and is doing a great job!!!
Livin in Burns

Nashville, TN

#15 Apr 10, 2008
Burns is a small town and these are the things that go on in a small town. Burns is a great place to raise children and it is a shame that situations like this are put out there to give us a bad name.

Springfield, TN

#16 Apr 10, 2008
A bout the burns, police captain ( capt.,williams), being fired over the issue of ticket fixing of the police chief's septson of burns.. I do not know all the facts of the story? There are two sides to every story, I'm sure both sides will come out, sooner or later!!! I think the parties involved cannot or will not come to a conclusion!!!! Then, the T. B. I. Should investigate the situation!!! I will not comment any further on this subject!!! Until I have heard both sides of the story!!!!

Nashville, TN

#17 Apr 10, 2008
This comment is for Debra in Brentwood. Debra, before you go to posting information on here about the son, get it right! The son does not drive those roads everyday , it is my understanding that he was in on a visit during spring break. He was in a car he was not use to being in and HOW many times have you yourself been driving with your mind on other things and looked down to see WOW I didn't think I was going that fast! We have all done that. It was night time and I am sure he had music on in the car like most teen-agers and thought he was going what the speedometor said he was going. So, having said that it is also my understanding that the tickets will stand. There is no question that he was speeding, the problem is that he tried to tell Mr. williams that the speedometor did not indicate he was speeding!!!! Mr. Williams would not listen!!!!
Mr Obvious

United States

#18 Apr 10, 2008
Dude why does this guy go to the news with this story? Answer answer, cause he likes the attention.
Mrs Obvious

United States

#19 Apr 10, 2008
For "whatever" how do you know this person so well? You yourself sure are making a lot of assumptions about what was on this kid's mind and that it was night and the radio was on. If the speedometer was not working....well ignorance does not make you innocent.
Boy is no angel

Murfreesboro, TN

#20 Apr 10, 2008
This is not the boy's first driving infraction. I believe his license had been suspended for reckless driving and speeding in another county.

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