Attention Chevrolet Pickup owners with nice tires and rims AND homeowners with "stacking stones" in their front yard landscaping.
The segment you saw on Channel 4 KOB News on February 1, 2013, 6:00 pm news isn't only a red flag to Albuquerque Chevrolet Pickup owners who are getting their nice rims and tires stolen right off their pickup trucks. These butt-wipes are stealing STACKING STONES (like what are used to build walls, retaining walls, etc.) from Albuquerque homeowners to AHEAD OF TIME to have something to leave the truck on after they take its rims and tires. So if you have stacking stones on your front yard landscaping, you might want TO CEMENT THEM OR USE INDUSTRIAL ADHESIVE ON THEM, or at least the top row to make it very difficult for these butt-wipes to STEAL FROM YOU and then USE YOUR STOLEN STACKING STONES TO HELP THEM STEAL SOME TRUCK OWNER'S RIMS AND TIRES. My theft happend on Veterans' Day Weekend, and being a Veteran it doubly pissed me off. I've cemented mine down and now keep a digital video camera trained on my front yard when we're not home and during the evening hours.