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#104 Oct 30, 2013
you probably deserved having your kids removed from you, quit whining.

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#105 Oct 31, 2013
I am looking for an attorney to fight Cyfd for my grandkids...they tell me cause I work shift work I am now not suitable to care for them...any advice would be greatly appreciated
abelino lopez yes rebecca

Sandia Park, NM

#106 Oct 31, 2013
Rebecca Shaw wrote:
Personally I think we should get a lawyer and get a class action lawsuit going against the State of New Mexico. I used to work for them, and I totally understand that they are the most unorganized, uncaring, unprofessional group of professionals I have ever worked for. All the counties are run differently, I was told when I started working there, depending on who is in charge. Their set up policies and procedures is vague with a lot of holes in it, so, because they are a government entity, they think they can get away with anything. And yes, the basic idea of child abuse is horrible and indeed we need to keep our children safe, but the overt abuse cases are the only ones that they can actually do anything about. If a consumer is smarter than CYFD, they can outsmart CYFD. I have seen it happen. And, a lot depends on who the judges are at the time. I personally have been falsely accused of abuse and neglect in the past and have really had it with these groups of professionals who confess to be about keeping children safe, while they actually are one of the poorest run government agencies I have ever seen. I think it is about time that New Mexico hire some people who are from out of state and have them straighten out the mess they have. When reports go thru the statewide centeral intake in Albuquerque, they have the option to screen in calls or simply not screen them in. And, the people that are screening the calls do not do checks on the people making the allegations, so anyone can call and make up lies about anyone, and if it sounds half way true, an investigation is started. I am very sorry that I ever moved to the God forsaken state. Should have stayed in Ohio or California where I lived previously and NEVER HAD A CALL MAKE AGAINST ME! That should tell you something. On top of this horrible system, New Mexico has many other antiquated and untrained political people running the show, and this makes me just sick! I am about to sell my house, maybe get a lawyer and sue the State, and hopefully get as far away from this "Kingdom of the Sun" which is no longer very nice to live in as the weather seems to be awful the last few years. More snow and wind and cold in the winter, which was never the case before, and exdrutiatingly hot weather in the summer. New Mexico is bad all the way around in my book lately. Good luck to anyone who agrees with me and you can contact me at shawreb2004@yahoo.com if you want to talk more.
<quoted text>
yes Rebecca I agree abelino lopez we need to do this quick
abelino lopez yes rebecca

Sandia Park, NM

#107 Oct 31, 2013
yes Rebecca we need to do this quick i have a bunch of people that will join in I am going through the same thing I have ask c.y.f.d for a closure letter and its been three month they just keep saying they will get me one and yet nothing little do they know I wont reveal what im doing just yet until we all get together and sue these people.
working grandma

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#108 Nov 1, 2013
My grandkids were taken from my home where my sin and his girlfriend lived with me because they had warrents and I was not home at the time...Cyfd will not let me have them because I work shift work...instead they have them with their aunt with three other kids...my grand daughter flunked first grade and Cyfd didn't even know or care...my granddaughter says she had no clothes of her own and that her baby brother goes without diapers...and the three of them go without food...I confronted Cyfd and they say my.granddaughter is lying...I believer her she is wearing the same size of clothes she was wearing when she was taken... I am looking for an attorney to fight themfor discrimination any help will help

Albuquerque, NM

#112 Dec 2, 2013
I have two children in state custody and I am fighting to get them back they were taken for no reason my oldest has been in state custody for two years now and its very hard for her to deal with everything that she is dealing with I will never like CYFD. the reason is because my husband and I have had a place for almost a year now they they still don't want to give our children back I don't know what to do.....
ansel naameh

Rio Rancho, NM

#113 Jan 8, 2014
wow a 9 year old died and their investigation during 2012 was dealing with mine, when I had no family members interviewed on my behalf.... so let me get this straight... while they were busy trying to destroy my family they ignored this child.... typical.... cyfd your karma is here.... :) hope it wasn't carol long she is an abuse of power within the system....
ansel naameh

Rio Rancho, NM

#114 Jan 8, 2014
ps if Carol long reads this... good job on letting a drug addict keep her kid, you were the social worker for my moms friend daughter.... the child it's doing well in grandma's care... and my kids and I are still living with my parents, thankful for them... still a good mom and the dad it's shortening his time with them.... guess 4 kids is hard on him...

Las Vegas, NV

#115 Feb 4, 2014
I could really use some advice. Someone close to me, about six months ago, randomly received a call from his son's school stating that his son had said he had watched a pornographic movie while at his grandparent's house and that he had once showered with his grandfather while they were on vacation. The son is 5 years old. The father has had his son all his life, over 80% of the time while the mother was very minimally involved for five years. CYFD took his son from him and placed him in the custody of the mother, stating that the father "lived too close to the grandparents" and therefore couldn't have him at all while they investigated. They told the father he had to move to a new residence, which he did, and then told him he could only have supervised visitation with the MOTHER supervising the visits. Huge civil rights violations, obviously, but it gets better...the mother simply refused to be there when he showed up the majority of the time. CYFD is still "investigating", have produced NO documentation whatsoever of anything. And he has lost his son for six months, and HE ISNT EVEN BEING INVESTIGATED FOR ANYTHING. Funny coincidence, as soon as the child was out of his home, the mother filed a petition with the court to move the son out of state in May of this year. They have been in and out of court for months, and he still doesn't have his son back and barely ever even gets to see him. Another funny coincidence, the mother left the son outside while she took a shower and the HOUSE WAS ON FIRE. When he tried to file a complaint for negligence, and request that his son be returned to him...they refused to even speak to him at CYFD. He called every day for three weeks, and they won't even return his call.
So, I am wondering at this point...are there enough people in the Albuquerque area to get together some sort of civil suit against CYFD? The court may yet resolve my friend's problem, but this is one organization that needs to go DOWN. They ruin people's lives. They do things other states wouldn't dream of doing. You cannot legally take someone's child when they are not even being investigated themselves!! It is time to find a civil rights organization or something at the national level to get this looked into. They are completely out of control and don't appear to answer to anyone. Anyone have any ideas?

Albuquerque, NM

#116 Feb 6, 2014
I worked for years with someone who gave their soul to CYFD. They HAD to leave, but gave many detailed accounts of working in New Mexico at CYFD.

Seems we live in a state where people can breed and have no idea about the concept of life.

Make babies, make babies, makes babies.....and to that drinking, drunk and drugs.

That person quit - THANK GOD they did. almost to the point of losing themselves in so many lost PARENT causes

Albuquerque, NM

#117 Feb 20, 2014

They don't have reason and still take children and it is totally legal? Desperate for funding are we?

Albuquerque, NM

#118 Mar 7, 2014
my ex and her family can make annonomous tips to cyfd and during this time i'm not to see my children. cyfd contacts me once to tell me about the alligations, and that a detective will be getting hold of me. nothing they dont show up in court they don't come and interview me about these alligations. I dont hear from them to get results or find out wht is going on, when i can see my children again. I'm sick from this, i can't eat or sleep and to add to all this the time i've had to miss work to show up to false court dates because of my crazy ex is disgusting. way to go cyfd
root cause

Rio Rancho, NM

#119 Mar 8, 2014
cut the complaining
LOL......sure blame CYFD. Look in the mirror first.

The real reason there's a problem is because some HUMANS are not good people.

You can't blame CYFD because some human breeders have been disfunctional for generations. Sure, CYFD is to blame.


Albuquerque, NM

#120 Mar 12, 2014
root cause wrote:
cut the complaining
LOL......sure blame CYFD. Look in the mirror first.
The real reason there's a problem is because some HUMANS are not good people.
You can't blame CYFD because some human breeders have been disfunctional for generations. Sure, CYFD is to blame.
Really? You have clearly never been involved with this agency. It doesn't matter if you are guilty or innocent. It only matters whether the social work has it out for you. That's why the posts sound like they do.
David P

United States

#121 Apr 28, 2014
I had an incident with Angela baca in Los lunas. I whacked my son in the arm because he was on my phone which he knew he shouldn't be. I never hit my kids and ms baca said kids need discipline and was gonna write it off. I was scheduled to set him up with attachment healing and went to pick him up from school. Me and his principal don't get along and when I went to pick him up she said I smelt like alcohol. Bosque farms police came, would not give me a sobriety test or a BAC. But Angela baca decided to send my son to my dads, and seperate me me from my wife and baby. Now i had to find a new apartment, pay rent on my house for my wife, and my dad is making me pay for watching my son. How can cyfd go off accusations which were never proven?

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#122 May 18, 2014
my son was ripped out of our life.he has autism and is nonverbal and is placed in a foster home because I was giving no notice and rushed through meetings that I had no clue what to expect out of. I had two texts over and over again on a Saturday just to find out what was going on with my child.this worthless minimum educated so-called investigator had the nerve to say oh I meant to call you yesterday by the way your sons in foster care.I had family members were willing to help these people are absolutely useless. however my son is nonverbal and cannot speak for himself. the initial report was a malicious call full of lies and hearsay.absolutely no information was given to me.this so-called investigator never returned any of my phone calls and never came back to my home instead called a so-called meeting.they are not psychologists doctors or even certified to make any decisions in regards to anybody's addiction problems or mental state of mind.I have been raising my son for 10 years alone fighting autism looking for answers going to therapy tons of doctors appointments tons of confusion tons of trials and tribulations.I was given 12 hours notice for my hearing and serve 10 minutes before court.with a packet TaylorMade with add ons and lies in here say to ensure my son could not come home to me.I am his voice I am disgusted and cYFD I called the governor's office.they called me back I stated my problems complaints or concerns and they said we will check into it but we cannot give you any information.I did my own investigating this stupid so call investigator. is a joke she follows Lil Wayne who sings about nothing but smoking drinking and f******.she didn't get the attention it in high school so now she's not to wear a badge think she's somebody hot stuff.I also investigator her managers Facebook.it looks like a perverts hunting ground. scores of children's faces under the age of 10 little girls and boys with a description searching for foster parents on a public Facebook website.20 sex offenders were reported living in foster parents homes with the so-called foster parents. the packet I was served with 10 minutes before court.was absolutely full of lies exaggerations an absolutely full of perjury.they are all about the money.I push your buttons and make you jump through the hoops so they can keep a paycheck.how can you visit your child 2 times a week in a room for an hour.cyfd is a joke. my friend has been begging for them to help him with his daughter they have done nothing.she's been abused mentally and physically he's been a good father in a stable home and they have done absolutely nothing to help him.I was doing laundry and have some clothes sorted on my floor and some dirty dishes need decided they're going to take my child.we have to stand together somehow and do something about this.I am NOT a quitter.we need our babies home.not on Facebook being solicited out to perverts by these sick people.they picked the wrong person this time.but I am just one voice. I have a mediation coming up.the lies that supposedly we're told by the witnesses will be addressed.if we are not ajudicated immediately guarantee you will be hearing my name on the news and seeing me picketing and I hope you join me.I've worked in a criminal court system for 10 years.I never in a million years would think I would have to deal with this.they set you up to fail if you tell the truth you're wrong if you don't tell the truth you're wrong if you have emotions you're wrong if you're not emotional your wrong its a joke.very very sad one and I wish you all well out there dealing with these animals.stay strong we have to be one voice somehow someway we must organize.

United States

#123 May 18, 2014
davy wrote:
you probably deserved having your kids removed from you, quit whining.
you obviously either have no children are just a piece of s*** looking to put somebody down or on the payroll from cYFD.you're probably another reject you had no recognition in school and put on a badge and think you're somebody. its not even a badge. why are you even on this website loser? go back to your p**** website you freakin pervert
Sergeant Mike

Albuquerque, NM

#124 May 19, 2014
It is the parents responsibility for the welfare of their children. It is not the state of New Mexico's responsibility. People need to look at the parents not the state. If the parents don't take care of their kids, they should be removed from the home and allowed to be adopted by a family who will look after them.

Rio Rancho, NM

#125 May 25, 2014
Justice Alive wrote:
<quoted text> I agree with you and not the father who for some reason is angry with our governor. Come on man, place the blame where it belongs! Besides where did he get the idea that CYFD has NO money, that's a laugh. They have so much money they spend it on junk. I know mother who was supposed to be investigated, but was rather, doted upon by her buddies at CYFD. They put her through classes, intimitated and threatened the father at the mother's false statements. CYFD obtained educational CD's and videos for the mother, gave her expensive clothing and furniture for the children being abused and neglected by the mother; located housing, food stamps, social workers assistance, legal aid and attorney, fixed documents in the mother's favor for the courts, CYFD employees even provided her with legal assistance (don't know where they obtained their law degree from), and still work as "case workers and investigators"). So much for CYFD being understaffed and underpaid. Go to the sunshine portal and see how much these workers are underpaid! Some salaries could be used to hire six more CASEWORKERS with degrees in Psychology, Social Work, and Psychology, not these run-of-the-mill bullies with addictions and mental problems currently working for the state of New Mexico.
CYFD is a bunch of people that was for some reason given the power to play god and decide what they think is best for people they don't really they take kids out of there home and use them to ridicule and degrade parents for there own mental controlling isues in a sence if they deside they don't like you at first empression they will lie in court brain wash and lie to your kids about why they were taken my exsperiance with cyfd is something that will affect me in a major way till I die what they did to me and my kids is unreal and so sickening that I cant think about it now 6 years later and feel the same as the day they took my kids there isn't a day that goes by that I don't cry for my kids and the sad thing is even my pd did us dirty and had the nerve to call me after my case was done and tell me that she was sorry butshe was hooked on pain pills and her son was a drug addict and that's why I didt get my kids back and if I told anyone what she told me it wouldn't matter cause she would deny it

Rio Rancho, NM

#126 May 25, 2014
my heart goes out you cyfd is discustingly tricky sneaky manipulating all I can say is make sure you are heard when ever you have a hearing don't hold back and I wuld call the govener and the news because if you have a relative that can take you and all her ducks are in a row that is supposed to be there first choice make sure you communicate how you feel to ant one that will listen and what is going on you have long road ahead of you be very polite and respectful no matter what so they have no leverage to keep you away from the people you love and trust because the first time you show any emotion they will start thinking of ways to make money off you and keep you in the system longer try and always keep a clear mind be stong opionunated And keep as much control of what happens to you as possible don't let them leave you out of any hearing meating if at all possible a good way to get your point across is using the news but also keep in mind whats important is the truth and you physical and mental safety and well being missing home really sucks but that's better the being scared or unsafe everyday and I don't know you but if you are one of those teenagers who knws everything and has an attitude loose it because they will use it against you to keep you in the system I hope everything works out good luck I hope I helped

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