I just wonder if a straight man, straight woman, or lesbian woman would have got off easier.

Sounds to me like this guy needs psychiatric help. Why couldn't he go to a gay bar and hook up with someone? He's not butt ugly. I'm sure he didn't have to resort to blackmail to have sex. It must have been more about the power than sex. It makes me wonder if people like that were sexually abused as children also.

Unfortunately the whole gay community will be wrongly stereotyped by the ignorant majority because of this one individual. Right-wingers will use him as a character to use against the gays' fight for civil rights. When a straight man does something like this all straight men are not judged liked the gays which is highly unfair.

Regarding sexting: Teenagers/high school students have been known to have sex with each other but when it comes to taking photos of each other that is somehow considered worse than the sexual act itself. Why? I've heard of cases where child molesters have gotten off with hardly anything for molesting a child but got nearly life for possession of child pornography. The act should be treated more severely than possession of photos. U.S. laws are weird!