Jobs on the Line at Olsen's Mill?

Jobs on the Line at Olsen's Mill?

There are 18 comments on the NBC26 story from Mar 26, 2009, titled Jobs on the Line at Olsen's Mill?. In it, NBC26 reports that:

More than 100 jobs could be on the line as Olsen's Mill of Green Lake County is sold to another company.

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Olsens Mill Fraud


#1 Mar 27, 2009
If ethanol made so much sense, we wouldn't have to subsidize it with tens of billions of dollars every year, or mandate its consumption with the government putting a gun to the American Taxpayer's head.

Only 5 to 6 billion gallons of ACTUAL ethanol is being produced this year, so stop trying to Inflate and Exaggerate the actual effect and real number that is subsidized by the American Taxpayer and its consumption Mandated with the government putting a gun to the American Taxpayer's head.

Listen to this whole video: Before spouting off about data and facts that you either do not understand; or chose to manipulate to subsidize your lifestyle at taxpayer expense:

&NR =1

Here is a correction you supporters need to start using:

12.5 billions gallons of capacity of the US ethanol industry as of 01/01/2009.

25% of capacity idled due to incompetence as billions of dollars a year in American Taxpayer subsidies isn't enough to support this scam on the American people as of 01/01/2009.

Thus only 9.4 billion gallons of capacity remains.


We need to deduct AT LEAST 32% because of the reduced fuel mileage of ethanol compared to real gas.(but the 32% reflects e-85 and using 100% ethanol, as the 9.4 shows, would make it closer to 40%)

Thus, only 5 to 6 billion gallons of ACTUAL ethanol is being produced this year, so stop trying to Inflate and Exaggerate the actual effect and real number that is subsidized by the American Taxpayer and its consumption Mandated with the government putting a gun to the American Taxpayer's head.

And, let’s be honest, The beginning number of 12.5 is probably whack information, as for example,

(1) Bankrupt Renew Energy of Jefferson, Wisconsin claims to be the biofuels industry leader for innovation and efficiency...yet they are bankrupt. Whack

(2) bankrupt Renew Energy until this week claimed on their website and to their bank (owed $140 million with interest), The Town of Aztalan owed $38 million in taxpayer supported revenue bonds), investors, customers, venders, and even the government that they had the capacity of 130 million gallons per year.


in the court documents filed by bankrupt Renew Energy in federal court, Renew Energy UNDER OATH claims ONLY 110 million gallons of capacity per year:


What a sneaky little lie to obtain extra undeserved financing from not only its bank and taxpayer funded subsidies (revenue bonds). Sneaky too how Renew Energy took all reference to this "huge bolded lying statement of 130 million gallons" off its home page.

I am sure 20 million gallons of fake capacity a year adds fraudulently to the bottom line of the lying documents Renew Energy supplied to everyone in this clear example of yet another scam within the Ethanol Scam itself.
Olsens Mill Fraud


#2 Mar 27, 2009
If ethanol made so much sense, we wouldn't have to subsidize it with tens of billions of dollars every year, or mandate its consumption with the government putting a gun to the American Taxpayer's head.

Houston, TX

#7 Apr 13, 2009
From: Paul Olsen
Sent: Friday, February 01, 2008 7:43 AM
Subject: State Sen. Olsen drops role in pushing alternative fuel mandate

Renewable fuels...
creates jobs $$$$
clean environment $$$$$
supports local economy $$$$$$$
keeps our dollars home $$$$$$$$$$
its the future $$$$$$$$$$
a flip flop senator who doesn't defend reality WORTHLESS !!!

This email certainly suggests that at least one co-owner (Paul Olsen) of the plant that would benefit from the ethanol mandate was highly interested in Luther Olsen’s involvement.

Within hours, Olsen’s chief of staff, Heather Smith sent out a lengthy email from her legislative account and copied to the more than 40 people who got the original email from Paul Olsen. It includes some pointed comments for his brother:

“They know that you (Paul Olsen) are the chink in Luther's armor.”

Smith also explains:

But, and clearly you don't realize this, Luther's constituents heard this, and reacted. And not 3-4-5-10 people. We got dozens of calls and emails just yesterday alone. From constituents. Not from just people who hate ethanol, although there were a few of those. But from people who think that Luther is dirty. That he's deceitful. That you are. That he's pulling a fast one on everyone, so that you and he benefit. These are the people Luther asks permission from every few years to keep his job.

“There were not a hundred calls, or ten, or EVEN ONE CALL from a constituent who wanted to tell Luther, "Heck yeah, vote for this, it's great!" We got a memo from a "special interest group" and the DNR, and heaven knows the DNR should always be listened to.(BUT PAUL OLSEN DOES NOT LISTEN TO THE DNR...THAT IS WHY HE HAS TWO FINES FOR $75,000 EACH OVER THE LAST TWO YEARS FOR AIR AND WATER POLLUTION VIOLATIONS)(AND A FELONY CONVICTION FROM THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT)

"And YOU (Paul Olsen). Why you? Well, if one Olsen is a dirty sleaze whoring for the rest of the clan's money interests, then you all probably are just as scummy. And, then starts the looking into family business "problems" "legal troubles" "VIOLATIONS" "shady transactions" (OH MY PAUL OLSEN! HEATHER PEGGED YOU A YEAR AGO! AND SO DID BNP PARIBAS..NOW YOU HAD TO RESIGN OLSENS MILL IN A CLOUD OF BANK FRAUD AND BANKRUPTCY!)

From: Smith, Heather, Chief of Staff for State Senator Luther Olsen
Sent: Friday, February 01, 2008 12:44 PM
To: Paul Olsen; David Olsen

Houston, TX

#8 Apr 13, 2009

The Wisconsin Ag Connection quoted Bankrupt and disgraced Olsen's Mill co-owner Paul Olsen as saying at least three other Wisconsin ethanol plants could close before March 1.

Hey Paul Olsen it's April 13th, and you are the only Bankrupt and Incompetent Ethanol Plant in Wisconsin!

Houston, TX

#9 Apr 13, 2009
Check this bloody bloke Paul Olsen and his Fraudulant and Bankrupt Olsen's Mill:

In a letter to Olsen's Mill employees and signed by Bankrupt and Fired Olsen's Mill owner Paul Olsen, "being put into involuntary Bankruptcy is part of our Financial Plan?



Who is your finanacial advisor...Satan?

Paul Olsen is known the World over as the most Incompetent and Fraudulant Bloody Bloke!

BNP Paribas will roll right over Olsen's Mill and the incompetent fraud of Paul Olsen and Liza Fritz!

Houston, TX

#10 Apr 13, 2009
Bankrupt Olsens Mill to be auctioned off April 7th, 2009:

Houston, TX

#11 Apr 13, 2009
Here are some interesting facts:

Does the public know that the whole accounting staff quit Olsens Mill in April 2008 leaving just Liza Fritz as the only accountant at Olsens Mill? Also, seven more accountants were hired AND quit Olsens Mill since April 2008.

Wow, one would think that would have raised a red flag or something?

P.S. The auditor for Olsens Mill (for at least twenty years) quit Olsens Mill in April 2008 too.

Wow, one would think that would have raised a red flag or something?

Paul Olsen expects to get paid an additional $510,000 for executive management salaries, benefits and fees in the Renew Energy bankruptcy?

How much is Paul Olsen wanting for executive management salaries, benefits, and fees for also running his three-generations family business, Olsen's Mill, into the ground in an unbelievable and amazing tale of corporate Shenanigans and Shame?

Is Paul Olsen for Real?

Houston, TX

#12 Apr 13, 2009
Facts about Olsen's Mill Bankruptcy and Fraudulant Activity:

Page 8 (#20a)“Affidavit in Support of Complaint and Appointment of Receiver”

“Olsen’s misrepresented to BNP Paribas: Including in its April 30, 2008 Borrowing Base Certificate $4.3 million in “cash” comprised of checks issued by Renew Energy (the “Checks”). The Checks had not been cashed by Olsen’s because Olsen’s knew that Renew Energy had insufficient cash to cover them. Deducting the $4.3 million in “cash” revealed that there was a Collateral shortfall which had been concealed by Olsen’s.”

Page 8 (#20b)“Affidavit in Support of Complaint and Appointment of Receiver”

“Including in its August 31, 2008 Borrowing Base Certificate 856,238 bushels of grain ($4.8 million worth) as current inventory when such inventory had previously been shipped to Renew Energy. Deducting this inventory revealed a Collateral shortfall which had been concealed by Olsen’s.”

Page 8 (#20c)“Affidavit in Support of Complaint and Appointment of Receiver”

“Including in its October 31, 2008 Borrowing Base Certificate,$2.4 million in equipment,$1 million of industrial solvents and $792,000 of fertilizer as “Feed Grains”.”

Page 3 (#5)“Agreed Order Appointing Interim Receiver and Granting Other Relief”

Within nine (9) days of Complaint from BNP Paribas,“Paul Olsen shall, and does hereby, immediately resign as an officer of Olsen’s Mill and shall relinquish all management authority of Olsen’s.”

Fact: Page 9 (#23)“Affidavit in Support of Complaint and Appointment of Receiver”

“Olsen’s has also reported that its warehouse receipt financing has been withdrawn.”

Page 8 (#21a)“Affidavit in Support of Complaint and Appointment of Receiver”

Based upon certain information provided by Olsen’s to the Lenders, for at least nine of the following thirteen months, December 2007 – December 2008, Olsen’s sold grain to Renew Energy at less than current market prices, resulting in a estimated net benefit to Renew Energy of approximately $9.5 million to the detriment of the Lenders and other creditors of Olsen’s. This discount has benefited Renew Energy, an affiliate of Olsen’s, while at the same time detrimentally affecting Olsens’s creditors, including the Lenders. More specifically, Olsen’s systematically transferred part of the Lenders’ Collateral at below market prices to an affiliate.”

Houston, TX

#13 Apr 13, 2009

Page 6 (#15)“Affidavit in Support of Complaint and Appointment of Receiver”

“As of January 22, 2009, the following Obligations are matured, due and unpaid under the Loan Documents:$58,495,263.98.”


Page 10 (#24)“Affidavit in Support of Complaint and Appointment of Receiver”

“Based upon my knowledge of Olsen’s financial condition, and the conduct of Olsen’s management (specifically the fraud by Paul Olsen and Liza Fritz), it is my opinion that it is imperative that a receiver be immediately appointed to operate Olsen’s, to preserve and protect Olsen’s assets, and maximize their value, to market and sell Olsen’s assets, resolve creditor claims against Olsen’s and make distributions to creditors of Olsen’s.”


Page 5 (#11)“Affidavit in Support of Complaint and Appointment of Receiver”

“…Capital Expenditures of $6.9 million incurred by Olsen’s and its Subsidiaries for the year ended September 30, 2008 which are in excess of the $2 million Capital Expenditure limitation during any calendar year; and (iv) Section 8.7(a) of the Credit Agreement as a result of Olsen’s failure to promptly give notice to the Agent of the occurrence and continuation of such Defaults and Events of Default under the Loan Documents.”


Page 7 (#18)“Affidavit in Support of Complaint and Appointment of Receiver”

“On or prior to September 15, 2008, Renew Energy confirmed to Olsen’s that Renew Energy does not have the ability to pay the $21 million receivable owed to Olsen’s. Olsen’s continued to ship grain to Renew Energy irrespective of the outstanding uncollectible receivables owed to Olsen’s by Renew Energy to detriment of Olsen’s’ creditors, including the Lenders.”


Page 8 (#21b)“Affidavit in Support of Complaint and Appointment of Receiver”

For many months, Olsen’s’ management has had knowledge that Renew Energy was not profitable and did not have the financial resources to meet its obligations to Olsen’s. Renew Energy currently owes at least $18 million in past due accounts receivable to Olsen’s and Olsen’s does not expect that Renew Energy will have the ability to pay the outstanding amounts owed to Olsen’s. Despite such knowledge, Olsen’s has continued to sell grain to Renew Energy and record such sales at values it does not expect to ultimately collect, to the detriment of the Lenders. Such continued sales have essentially constituted a knowing transfer of the Lenders’ Collateral to an affiliate of Olsen’s for little or no value.”


Page 9 (#23)“Affidavit in Support of Complaint and Appointment of Receiver”

“Representatives of Olsen’s, including its financial advisors have admitted to the Lenders and other third parties that Olsen’s is insolvent and that Olsen’s current financial position is unsustainable.”


Page 9 (#21d)“Affidavit in Support of Complaint and Appointment of Receiver”

The December 31, 2008 Borrowing Base Certificate reflects a $26 million reduction in Total Borrowing Base Collateral from the December 15, 2008 Borrowing Base Certificate. Olsen’s management described the Unrealized Forward Gains as unrealized gains from Forward sell contracts to Renew Energy that were priced above market. According to Olsen’s management, they made this reduction based on Renew Energy’s inability to pay current market prices, let alone above market prices. This reduction also reflects Olsen’s stated intention to dissipate the Lenders’ Collateral.”

Houston, TX

#14 Apr 13, 2009
Go to:

To see the court records of the $45 million in fraud and deception by Paul Olsen and Olsen's Mill. Unbelievable Incompetence Baby

Houston, TX

#15 Apr 13, 2009
It only gets worse..this is sad:

Olsens Mill says it has paid all its bills, but an Iowa construction company says that's not the case. Larry Moen, president of US Grain Storage Systems, a family-owned company based in Dike, Iowa, said Olsens owes him money for grain-storage construction in Viroqua and a project on hold in Belmont.

"Olsens still owes U.S. Grain over $1.4 million in materials and workmanship" Moen wrote in a Feb 14 letter to The Country Today. "Our family business is now in dire straits, and Paul Olsen's actions have severely compromised my company's ability to pay its employees and grow its business. US Grain has had to lay off about 43 employees because of the outstanding debt."

Moen said he contacted Olsens Mill court appointed receiver Mike Polsky, and court appointed Chief Operating Officer Marcus Hudson, neither of whom was aware of an outstanding contract with US Grain. Yet Another Concealed Detail?


Houston, TX

#16 Apr 13, 2009

June 23, 2008



MADISON – The state has settled a lawsuit against Utica Energy, LLC (co-owned by Paul Olsen who is also one of the officers of Bankrupt Olsen's Mill and now one-year old bankrupt Renew Energy of Jefferson, Wisconsin) for violations of the state’s air and water pollution control laws at Utica’s Winnebago County ethanol plant. The Department of Justice filed and settled the case following an investigation by the Department of Natural Resources (DNR).

According to the complaint, filed at the request of the DNR, the defendant violated a number of
requirements in its air pollution control permit, including a requirement that it load ethanol only
into “dedicated” tankers to prevent air contaminant emissions, and another permit requirement that it route all emissions from its wet grain dryer through air pollutant control equipment whenever the process is in operation.
The complaint also alleges that:

• Utica’s discharges to an unnamed tributary to Sawyer Creek violated the effluent limits in its wastewater discharge permits on a number of occasions

• Utica failed to conduct required wastewater discharge monitoring and reporting

• Utica landspread wet corn mash on an unapproved site

• Utica used treatment additives for which it did not obtain DNR approval

• Utica discharged polluted corn mash seepage into a drainage ditch that flows into an unnamed tributary to Sawyer Creek.

Under the terms of the settlement agreement, Utica will pay penalties, fees, and costs totaling
$75,000 for the violations.

The settlement was approved by Winnebago County Circuit Court Judge Bruce K. Schmidt.
Assistant Attorney General Shari Eggleson represented the state.

Utica Energy Ordered to Pay $76,000 for Air Pollution Violations

November 30, 2005

MADISON - Attorney General Peg Lautenschlager announced today that the Department of Justice has won $76,000 in penalties from Utica Energy, LLC of Oshkosh (formerly known as Algoma Energy,)(co-owned by Paul Olsen who is also one of the officers of Bankrupt Olsen's Mill and now one-year old bankrupt Renew Energy of Jefferson, Wisconsin) for air pollution violations.

The Winnebago County case went to trial in April and a hearing on penalties was held on November 11, 2005. In a decision and order, the court found Utica Energy liable on four of the counts charged, and imposed penalties totaling $76,000 for the violations.

According to the complaint, which was filed at the request of the Department of Natural Resources (DNR), Utica Energy commenced construction in March 2002, before the necessary permits were issued. The complaint asserted that Utica Energy failed to equip its storage tanks with emissions control equipment and loaded trucks without the required air pollution controls. Air pollutants emitted at Utica’s plant include volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and benzene, a hazardous air pollutant.“Utica Energy repeatedly constructed and operated facilities before the required permits and emissions control equipment were in place, resulting in excessive emissions of air pollutants,” Lautenschlager said. "The court agreed that penalties are warranted for Utica Energy’s failure to comply with the permitting process.”

Assistant Attorney General Shari Eggleson prosecuted the case for the State.

Houston, TX

#17 Apr 13, 2009
Wednesday, September 19, 2007
Olsen's Mill pleads guilty to Felony

Olsen's Mill Inc. has agreed to plead guilty to falsifying samples presented to the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture for testing, U.S. Attorney Steven Biskupic said.

(The now Bankrupt) Olsen's Mill operates an Oshkosh elevator and ethanol plant that provides corn and soybeans to producers of corn-refined and starch-based food products. In a plea agreement, the corporation acknowledged that it told the Department of Agriculture that grain samples submitted to the agency were properly gathered when they were not. The firm has agreed to plead guilty to a “felony” charge of submitting false documents to the agency, which is responsible for testing the grain for the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

The company faces fines of up to $20,000.

Houston, TX

#18 Apr 13, 2009

State Lawsuit Alleges Company Failed to Obtain Necessary Permits

July 30, 2008

MADISON — A temporary injunction was issued earlier this week prohibiting further construction activities by Olsen Brothers Enterprises, LLP at a site in the Town of Belmont in Lafayette County, Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen announced today. The order was issued at the request of the Department of Justice and Lafayette County, which had earlier issued a stop work order because of violations of county zoning ordinances.

According to the Complaint filed by the State, the construction activities violate laws enacted to control erosion and run-off from construction sites. The Complaint alleges that Olsen Brothers had been asked to halt construction until the required storm water management permit had been obtained and adequate erosion control measures had been implemented, but the defendant refused to halt construction. Lafayette County Circuit Court Judge William D. Johnston issued the injunction, and set the matter for a hearing on whether to continue the injunction on August 8, 2008.

Assistant Attorney General Shari Eggleson is prosecuting the case, which was referred to the Department of Justice by the Department of Natural Resources.

Houston, TX

#19 Apr 13, 2009
By GEORGE HESSELBERG [email protected]

If you don't like our 1.5 million-bushel corn bin and dryer set up across the street from your hotel bedroom, wait until you get a whiff of our hog farm.
What's happening along Highway 151 in Belmont in Lafayette County is the sort of bare-knuckled and nasty fight that might have erupted 20 years ago behind a bowling alley between rival high school gangs.
But stalking the cornfields here are a pair of the biggest players in the state's corn market, a market that is quickly becoming a focus of rural land use planning. The Olsen brothers - Paul and David - buy their corn as Olsen Brothers Enterprises and Olsen's Mill in million-bushel increments. They also own or control ethanol production plants - with brother Luther, a Republican state senator from Ripon - further down the line. It is also no secret the Olsen brothers and their attendant business interests are aggressive in going after what they want, or believe they deserve.
Lenny and Judy Klein have watched in shock as the Olsen brothers have ignored government requests and then demands while building a giant corn bin and dryer across the road - Highway 151, exit 26 - from the Belmont Travel Center. Five years ago, the Kleins built their center, featuring a Baymont Inn hotel, the Crazy Cow Saloon, a restaurant, truck stop, convenience store, and a large space for receptions and banquets.
"We've sunk millions into this," said Judy Klein, still stunned at the sunup to sundown construction going on across the road.
Trucks showed up\ The Kleins did their homework, got their land annexed into the village of Belmont and paid for the utilities, the natural gas, the electric lines. Things were perking along, said Klein, until one day this spring when she saw a couple of fellows walking around the farmland across the road.
A few days later, the trucks and construction equipment arrived and a sun-up to sun-down building project began to create a large commercial grain elevator, to store corn bought from area farmers, and to dry corn before shipping it on down the line. It is not, the Kleins say, an ideal backdrop for a wedding reception at their center.
The Olsen brothers do not farm there, but bought 15 acres of land from the same farmer who years earlier had sold property to the Kleins. The brothers repeatedly have claimed they sought, and received, the approval of the Kleins before the building started.
The Olsen brothers, however, did not have any permits to do this as a commercial operation, though they advertised the still-unfinished bins and dryer on their Web site for buying corn. They also repeatedly ignored, according to court complaints, state Department of Natural Resource orders and county demands to stop work and get permits. One of the DNR specialists noted in an affidavit successfully supporting a restraining order that Paul Olsen should be aware of the stormwater management laws, as he had violated one in 2007 while building a grain elevator in Boscobel.
The Kleins were furious.

Houston, TX

#20 Apr 13, 2009
The trucks rolled, concrete was poured, earth moved, and the Kleins protested. Lafayette County planning officials wondered why this was happening without permits, then a permit was applied for and denied, a stop-work order was issued, the construction continued, and then an appeal by the Olsens was denied. And construction continued.

At least until Monday, when restraining orders were sought in Lafayette County circuit court by state and county officials to halt the work. One was issued by Judge William Johnston, and hearings on the two requests are set for Friday.

A big sign\ Suddenly, the Olsens asked the county for information on permits needed to build a hog operation on the same site. The construction continued, but the most notable addition was that of a large sign at the site that says: "All personnel who enter this site shall not patronize any establishment across the road."

The Kleins, owners of said establishment, were not amused. The Darlington Republican Journal ran a photo of the sign and has published several detailed stories on the issue.

"Now that (sign) affects our business, if they're saying people can't come here and eat or sleep or buy fuel," said Judy Klein, who with her husband have, in a court filing with the county's temporary restraining order, accused the Olsens of "malicious interference with business."

Robert Welch, a spokesman for the Olsen brothers and their diverse agricultural interests, would not comment on the sign, but said building continued on the site - until the stop worker order last week - because the brothers have decided the grain operation will no longer be a commercial enterprise.

"We were denied a permit to build a commercial grain elevator (for Olsen's Mill, based in Oshkosh)," said Welch, a former state senator. "So we have decided instead to build a farm elevator to service the Olsen brothers farm."

"They have about 5,000 acres they own or lease and that is a lot of grain that needs to be stored and processed and they are going to do that ... it is our belief no permit is needed.

"It's a complicated issue, but when this is finally built, it will not be commercial. We are not flouting the law, there are literally hundreds of grain bins all over Lafayette County built by farmers."

Very few, however, in the 1.5 million bushel capacity.

Since they have altered the use, the stop work order doesn't apply, he said. This means the Olsen brothers have acknowledged defeat on that issue.

"We didn't win, and now we are back to square one," said Welch.

The issue of a hog farm, to be located by the Olsens across the road from the Kleins' restaurant, "is still in the plans, but that is not being constructed now," said Welch, "I can't say if there has been a final decision on whether that, phase two, will happen."

'It's not easy' Hubner said last week that as far as the county is concerned, the Olsens were violating the stop work order unless what they were constructing was for storing their own grain.

Houston, TX

#21 Apr 13, 2009
Monday, however, work stopped when the state Justice Department requested and received a temporary restraining order, based on the lack of Department of Natural Resource permits for stormwater and construction site erosion plans. Paul Olsen noted he and his brother applied for the permits May 27 - three weeks after starting construction - and complained that now the soonest construction could resume would be Aug. 8, the date of a court hearing.

"It's not easy doing business in Wisconsin," he complained.

Both the county and the village of Belmont would likely have to weigh in on the hog farm issue before an operation like that is permitted. To further complicate matters, the Olsens on Thursday petitioned the village of Belmont for annexation to the village, a move that could take a year and would make the county's legal moves moot, officials said. Village Clerk Alice Gilman said officials are scheduled to tour the work-interrupted site Monday.

Hubner said the Olsens may simply be using the threat of building a hog farm across from the restaurant as a "bargaining chip."

The Kleins are not surprised at the threat, or the sign.

"We tried to stop them from building their big commercial corn setup, and that in turn has made them even madder," said Judy Klein.

'Wait and see'\ Not knowing what will happen next has the Kleins worried.

"It's kind of wait and see. They were buying all this corn for future delivery, and they have no license to accept it here, so it would have to be taken elsewhere," she mused.

The issue has split the rural community, she said.

"For a small town this has gotten pretty nasty, some are for it, and some are against it," she said.

The Kleins were also offended that the grain bin operators thought - in the Kleins' estimation - the restaurant owners were not familiar with such a setup.

"I lived on a farm my entire life, I know what corn bins do. You've got the beeswings (thin filmy pieces of bran released in moving corn) and you've got the mice and rats," Judy Klein said. Already, she estimates, her property has suffered significant depreciation.

Paul Olsen, from the Olsen Mill office in Oshkosh, said he and his brother were trying to adjust their building plans according to what was allowed, and what started as a farm elevator project then turned into a commercial project, then back to a farm project.

"No big hairy deal," he said.

Asked about the sign ordering anyone working on his property not to do business with the Kleins, Olsen said Monday "the sign stays."

"It's a good sign. I think their business has been affected by it."

Asked if that was the desired response, he said "you betcha."

Houston, TX

#22 Apr 18, 2009
Here is a revealing podcast on the Olsen Brothers David, Paul, and Luther and the fraud and deception they are involved in with regards to bankrupt and fraudulent Olsens Mill and Renew Energy of Wisconsin, USA:

The whole Olsens Mill accounting staff quit along with their tax auditor accounting firm in April 2008 because they did not want to go along with the SITUATIONS that Paul Olsen and his newly promoted pet of vice president of finance, Liza Fritz, was demanding from them in the form of committing criminal tax and accounting FRAUD.

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