Doctor heads to court after online se...

Doctor heads to court after online sex sting

There are 17971 comments on the Contra Costa Times story from Oct 13, 2006, titled Doctor heads to court after online sex sting. In it, Contra Costa Times reports that:

A prominent Piedmont doctor is scheduled to appear in court Nov. 2 to answer to felony charges stemming from his arrest in late August in Petaluma in a sting operation involving online sex crimes with children.

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Westminster, CA

#43 Dec 30, 2006
Maurice Wolin's wife is not the person "Skink" writes in the post above. His wife's name is Lisa Goodman.

Pleasanton, CA

#44 Dec 31, 2006
Toward the top of this page is a headline which reads "Doctor heads to court after online sex sting." It points out that he is due in court Nov. 2. It is now Dec. 31 (New Year's Eve) and that headline has never been updated. Anybody know what happened to him in court on Nov. 2, or was it postponed, or anything else? Just curious as to what penalty(ies) he's facing....OK, so I'd also like to know if his wife is still with him (I think she should have left, but that's just my own opinion).....

Mountain View, CA

#45 Dec 31, 2006
We should let the courts decide as every one has right to defence. I am sure he will be guilty if all we seen on tv is real and authentic and they(TV/law enforcement) followed the rules

Saint Paul, MN

#46 Jan 5, 2007
Nemo wrote:
Toward the top of this page is a headline which reads "Doctor heads to court after online sex sting." It points out that he is due in court Nov. 2. It is now Dec. 31 (New Year's Eve) and that headline has never been updated. Anybody know what happened to him in court on Nov. 2, or was it postponed, or anything else? Just curious as to what penalty(ies) he's facing....OK, so I'd also like to know if his wife is still with him (I think she should have left, but that's just my own opinion).....
Hi Nemo, He actually had a court appearance on December 4th, I believe, and for reasons I don't know, any further court appearances were going to be postponed until this month or February. I think it is the court appearance in which the judge decides whether or not there is enough evidence to go ahead with a trial. I was checking the internet today to see if there were any updates which is how I stumbled upon this message board. Very interesting. I have a personal connection to Maurice Wolin. I went to high school with him and we were very good friends. I haven't seen or spoken to him in almost thirty years. My wife and I watch the "To Catch a Predator" series on Dateline. You can imagine my shock and horror when I recognized him as one of the predators being profiled on the show. It completely took me by surprise. We were watching it and all of a sudden my wife said to me, "What's wrong." She noticed that I looked disturbed and concerned. I turned to her and said, "I'm not sure but I think I know that guy." Sure enough, when they announced his name...MAURICE WOLIN...I knew I was correct. I don't think I would have recognized him except for the fact that I tryed to look him up a year or so ago. I had been going through this period of getting in touch with old high school friends, simply for the fun of catching up and reconnecting. I have learned that the internet is a great tool to do this. I usually start by typing in the person's name on one of the search engines. If there is anything prominent about the person it will usually appear. Well...I was delighted at the time to learn that Maurice had become this well renowned physician and was practically famous. I was very happy for him and his success. Little did I know what I would learn a year or so later. It still blows my mind. Anyway; this on-line profile of him also had a current picture of him with the bald head. The Maurice I remembered was as skinny as a string bean with a full head of hair, but because I had seen a current photo of him last year, I knew what he currently looked like. Isn't that bizarre? I can't begin to tell you how shocked and saddened I was to learn of all this and it's for this reason that I have been following the case. The Maurice I knew was a fun loving person who always got excellent grades and was very involved with high school dramatics. He was part of a whole group of friends who loved to have a good time. NOW I have to stop and wonder what may have been happening to him in his private life when he was a kid. Was he being abused or molested? It's very sad and very tragic for all concerned. His poor wife and children. I just pray he wasn't far enough gone to be molesting his children. I just wonder what happened for him to cross that line from fantasy to reality. The imagination is always above and by far a much more satisfying erotic device. Reality can never match the fantasy and that fact must really be hitting home with Dr. Wolin now.

Saint Paul, MN

#47 Jan 5, 2007
Mike wrote:
Maurice Wolin's wife is not the person "Skink" writes in the post above. His wife's name is Lisa Goodman.
How do you know this Mike? Judith Sherman-Wolin's last name is just that...Wolin. The bio about her on her book website indicates that she has worked with cancer patients referred to her by physicians. This would seem to have been a possible way for her to have met Dr. Wolin since his area of expertise is cancer research. Be more specific. Who's Lisa Goodman?

Saint Paul, MN

#48 Jan 5, 2007
Why does the city listed to the right indicate St. Paul, MN. That's not where I'm posting from and I never typed it anywhere. I'm not seeing it. Is there an area to type the city from which we are posting? Am I doing something wrong? Also, why do all the other posts have the date they were posted. My posts aren't doing that. What am I doing wrong?

North York, Canada

#49 Jan 11, 2007
Maurice Wolin is whay some may call a serial predator. He has much time wasted trying to get laid on the internet. Maybe if his wife spent more time giving him some ass & b/J instead of writing books all the time he'd stop looking for ass on the internet.
From he phote on web sight she looks as if she has no time to suck him off or give him ass.
maybe he should have beat his meat
I love this comment. Made me laugh out loud.
Attila Li


#50 Jan 17, 2007
Here is a man who may treat patients like a child and i don't understand a individual who makes very good money with great career and throws it all out of his life over an attempt to meet a thirteen year young innocent girl. It's very unfortunite he did not have a clear mind due to having too much monkey in his brain not realizing what consequence is to become.

Santa Clara, CA

#51 Jan 18, 2007
No legal system is completely perfect, and unfortunately it lets down people on both sides, how many criminals have walked becuase of a "technicality"? in this case the ownus is upon the cops and detectives to do a better job in avoiding cutting corners and creating an air tight case

On the other hand, how many innocent people have gone to jail also bcz of a "technicality"?

Bottom line, no Judicial system is perfect, but ours works for most (key word "most") people

What I am really against is our penal system, in many cases the punishment does not fit the crime!

case in point child molsters getting a few years and then getting released on parol! they should be incarcerated forever, or until there is a cure for their mental sickness!

Murderers shouldn't ba executed, and we should not spend tax payer money on incarcerating them, instead:
strip them of all human rights and use them like animals eg. have them work hard labor and sustain themselves in a remote area like Alaska or something- for life! this way they can benefit society with their hard labor (doing whatever, hauling rocks,digging tunnels, etc..) AND suffer till the end of their natural lives!

I think its more befitting for these creatures, cz, they're not really human and should not be treated as such!
Curdy Cotan

Keller, TX

#52 Jan 19, 2007
What a screw up - hope he gets his ass kicked in court, goes to the can, and gets to room with "Bubba".

"Hay boah, you got a mahty purdy mowth"
Tyson Kopp


#53 Jan 20, 2007
Can someone e-mail me and let me know what Maurice Wolin's sentence is? From what I understand, he may not be going to court until February - anybody know what date? E-mail address is

Fargo, ND

#54 Jan 20, 2007
Treadhead wrote:
<quoted text>
I don't know Dr. Wolin -- but I do know that a doctor should know better. Someone with his education not to mention having taken the oath to preserve human life definitely has no excuse for doing what he did (or attempted to do).
What disturbs me most about Wolin is his apparent lack of remorse (other than the remorse of having been caught). He plead not guilty, and I'd like to know how he reconciles this plea against the fact that he willfully entered the home of a minor whose parents were not at home (or at least this was his intent) to have sex. If he didn't intend of having some sort of sexual relations with this girl, why did he show up? Because he was concerned? He sure didn't look concerned on the vid. In fact, he seemed to be all smiles. He was so excited that he spilled a big chunk of frozen juice on the table. That speaks volumes.
Why did he bolt when he saw the PJ team? If he was just being a concerned citizen, he should have stayed and stated his case. Instead he ran like a scared rabbit.
And note how he slammed his sunglasses on the pavement when he saw law enforcement. Bit of a temper issue if you ask me.
I don't know what kind of a doctor this guy is. He clearly has mental issues. No one of sound mind would do what he did.
Like you, I believe that he deserves counsel. But for his lawyer to state that he is not a threat is ludicrous. I wouldn't have my dauaghter witin a mile of him.
Perfectly stated ...

Fargo, ND

#55 Jan 20, 2007
Opps wrote:
I have met Mr. Wolin offline. I'm a 27 year old female.( the all happened before the show aired). So he sent me photos of a very attractive man told me about how he was a doctor, trying to save the world. I got all caught up in his lies and he had me under his spell. So we meet up at a Starbucks and he's not the man from the photos. I sit there and he tells me he is also married and has 2 girls. The girls are his 7, and 9 year old daughters. If I sat there in shock that I fell for all his lies. He has be talking on the phone for months. Then he tells me he wanted to have sex with me at a local hotel. Now if I was not in shock before I really was at this point. Not only did he want to have sex with me he was all about tying me up beating me gagging and being his personal sex slave. At that point I got up and left, thank God I ever looked back. A few weeks latter the show aired. I wonder how many other victims he has left in his wake?
YES pls do contact the authorities, this freak needs to be removed from society for a long time. Thanks for your story, to bad you were temperarily caught up in his fantasy life, glad you made it out ok.
Joan Cheever

Spruce Pine, NC

#56 Jan 21, 2007
I don't understand these charges... Burglary? What is that related to?

And the oral copulation charge... that doesn't make sense either.

Oakland, CA

#57 Jan 21, 2007
Liberals do not "think that age shouldn't matter." Where on Earth do you get that idea?
Nemo wrote:
Bottom line is that he is a married man. He has a wife and daughters. He carried on a sexually-explicit conversation with another female (in this case, a 13-year-old girl). Then he showed up ready to carry through with his chat. In that chat, he made it real clear what he wanted to do. Another poster has said she met him for real before this episode airs, and that he wanted to have sex with her in a motel.
He is a scumbag and, like others here, I feel bad for his family. He's not the only one who will pay for this....his wife and daughters will, too. There is no justification for what he's done, and it's especially disturbing to see doctors doing this. They're supposed to be mature pillars of the community, not sexual predators.
As for the liberals who think age shouldn't matter, the law recognizes that a 13-year-old is not emotionally mature enough to make a decision like this, and is easily swayed. That's why it's against the law.

Newport Beach, CA

#58 Jan 21, 2007
Just saw this piece on dateline, send the bastard to jail, Dr or no doctor. If he needs to cheat on his wife and children, go to a strip club, but for chrsits sake don't be a child predator..
I hope that Dr. Maurice Wolin is put in jail this dirt bag is one of the main reasons why this type of show now being aired by dateline works.
I looked at the california State Medical Board and it hads been noted that his medical liscense hads been suspended and maybe even revolked - maybe in stead of trying to gey a b/job from a child he should have just paid a pro....

Rockville, MD

#59 Jan 26, 2007
Creepy. I guess there's a lot that happens behind a facade of respectability.

Rockville, MD

#60 Jan 26, 2007
A lot of creepiness behind a mask of respectability.


#61 Feb 1, 2007
Ewa Plain

Honolulu, HI

#63 Feb 3, 2007
Not one person has mentioned whether or not his wife and children have stuck by him. Their lives are in shambles (and I feel for them), but are they going to have the courage to move on? Anybody know?

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