Fast fashion brands mushroom in these recent years. Today I’d like to compare the long well-known brand H&M with the new launched one Oasap. Before telling something different between H&M and Oasap, I want to talk about something that they have in common.

As fashion clothing companies, they both have huge young consuming popularities. But heir consumer position differs from each other slightly.

Consumers for H&M mostly are young or teenagers. It offers complete sizes for different figures, for example, they have clothes of the different bust sizes for the same heights, full of humanity. The prices of the most of the clothing vary from ten dollars to one hundred dollars. Adopting a populist line, H&M attracts young consumers as many as possible with the fashion styles and affordable prices.

Oasap positions itself with th e modern city style for women.  Lots of office ladies love cl othes from Oasap for its delicately detai led designs and styles. 

As one of the first level clothing retailers, H&M has a large amount and selection of clothing products including men’s and women’s, boys’ and girls’ clothes. It’s more like a fashion brand for a whole family.

On the contrary, Oasap only offers women's fashion products which  conclude all the varieties. The prices of Oasap goods are little higher than H&M, bu t still affordable for most of the young ladies consumers.

Traditional we'll known retail  company has many advantages a gainst new set ones, but the l atter also have chances to fig ht against the former.9374