Squirrel slam 2013
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Patricia Shear

Richmond, VA

#1 Jan 25, 2013
I teach small children and am a wildlife rehabilitator. I teach my kids that life is precious. Until yesterday I taught them that firemen protect life. Apparently the Holly Fire Department feels life is to destroy so they can raise money. They capture squirrels so they can be shot and killed in a grizzly bloodfest. AND there are categories for CHILDREN. Isn't there enough gore out there in media land without numbing our children to violence? Putting a gun in the hands of children and telling them it's OK to shoot a defenseless animal for fun and money is WRONG! Does that child have to prepare and eat his/her kill? Bet not. It's not sport and it's not hunting. It's teaching kids to kill.





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Ranson, WV

#2 Jan 25, 2013
Great posting atricia. I grew up in a family that hunted for food. It was how we put food on the table. The animals that we hunted were treated with dignity and respect. Teaching children to kill for fun, for the joy of seeing a living breathing creatureís life taken from it for pleasure is sick. To have this barbaric act lead by those that our children are taught to respect and look-up to is appalling. This is not about raising money. There are people offering to donate funds to prevent the slaughter and this is being rejected. Trapping an innocent animal that wants and deserves to live as much as we do and then shooting it? Really, this is sport? Innocent children trapped in a classroom while a sick human opens fire on them. Didnít this just happen not all that far from your state? Didnít you learn anything?





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Lithia, FL

#3 Jan 25, 2013
This "Fundraising event" is sick and cruel, surely we can come up with a more humane way to raise money and have fun?

Squirrels are interesting and beautiful animals deserving of MUCH better than being slaughtered for the passing amusement of some people. And what's also bad, is that we are teaching our children that it's okay to wield firearms and shoot tiny defenseless squirrels for "fun" and prize money?

Blood sports are barbaric. They have no place in modern society. We are better than this! The Holley fire department "Squirrel slam" needs to stop!
susan singleton

Belvidere, IL

#4 Jan 25, 2013
Hunting is one thing. This is another!

this is SLAMming the squirrels. It's in the title.

There is no way this should be a fundraiser for a fire dept.

In fact private citizens have offered to match the ENTIRE amount raised last year at this event if only it would be called off.

I don't understand, if the object is to raise money, then here is opportunity to Raise it in one whack.

Then whomever wanted could still buy chances and they could have a drawing for the prizes listed.

no squirrels need die.

OR... how about a NO kill hunt? Fire Dept hides stuffed squirrels in area and then the teams have to HUNT and find them to get prizes.

no squirrels need die.

Right now is breeding season, and baby squirrels may be left to die in their nests without parents to take care of them.

Please stop the killing... Save the squirrels.

Both and/or either of the above options would be just as much fun and lots more money would be raised.

I just hope Clint Eastwood (who has pet squirrels) does not hear about Holley. He may roll into town and say "Make my Day, hurt just ONE SQUIRREL"

that would be scary!





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Albion, NY

#5 Jan 25, 2013
WTF is wrong with you people? It's squirrel season in western NY, people around here hunt. Taking your child out hunting is a great way to bond with them and teach them values.





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Marty Stillpass

United States

#6 Jan 25, 2013
I have petitioned, I have called, I have emailed...nothing seems to register with the fire department or the mayor's office. There are thousands of people across the country and around the world who are begging you to stop this atrocity. Can we all be wrong??? Is there no one in Holley, NY who will stand up to these people? Disgusting...beyond belief!!!





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Heilke Franzen-Pratt

Colorado Springs, CO

#7 Jan 25, 2013
I wrote a posting earlier this afternoon, protesting the Squirrel Slam. For some reason it's been deleted. Anyone know why?
I'm a retired school teacher and licensed wildlife rehabilitator for small mammals and songbirds in Colorado.
We try to instill in our chidren respect and compassion--for people, for animals in general, and for our struggling wildlife! This event is so contrary to all those values!
Following the recent tragedy in CT there was much talk about the desensitizing effect of violent video games.
This is somehow even worse because it's not just "virtual"--it's REAL!! It's not ethical hunting that kids are being encouraged to experience, it's killing for the "fun" of it, for "sport"!
How about a Fund Raiser for the Fire Dept. where kids are encourged to "shoot" with their CAMERAS--best squirrel pictures get prizes?!!!--Come on, good people of Holley, NY--you don't live in "Deliverance" country!!! Please speak up and stop this slaughter! It's just barbaric, and you're better than that!!





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Pittsburgh, PA

#9 Jan 25, 2013
Shame on Holley! Come on, this is not hunting, this is utter disrespect for life, and reveling in taking the living breath from an innocent creature. This does a disservice to all the real hunters out there, the ones with respect for the animals and the wild. It's even sicker that a fire department would sponsor something so heinous. The fire department is supposed to be about saving lives. Whatever happened to respect for the land, respect for animals, and a God-given sense of decency?
I am happy that the media is catching on to this sick event. Cannot wait for the spotlight of the world to be turned on this nasty type of event and the public outcry can finally help to end it for good.

Chico, CA

#11 Jan 25, 2013
I think I will help in the hunt that day too. But for humans.
squirrels friends

Miami, FL

#12 Jan 25, 2013
Please stop this insane event! We've all seen enough violence. This is not a sporting event it's a disgusting slaughter.
susan singleton

Belvidere, IL

#14 Jan 25, 2013
SLAUGHTER OF SQUIRRELS not a squirrel hunt.

THIS is right at the end of squirrel season, when young squirrels will be left ORPHANS to die in the nest.

Then there will be no squirrels when the little ones die.

The people who participate in this event will have bad karma coming down on them!

It's not the money !! They WANT to slaughter poor squirrels. FOR MONEY.
Marty Stillpass

United States

#16 Jan 25, 2013
Squirrelly...this "event" has nothing to do with "hunting"...keep it real. Hunting is not the issue here. On the date of the "event" many females will have newborns in their nests...left to starve because of your cruelty...by all means...go into the woods and hunt if you want to...don't teach your children that killing is fun. BTW, stop using the name "Squirrelly"... you don't deserve it...be a man...put your own name on it!!!

Fergus Falls, MN

#17 Jan 25, 2013
No one has addressed other issues in this hunt. First is in the flyer a gun drawing will occur. You are giving away guns as prizes? Who monitors the permits? Second children are encouraged to enroll in the hunt. Children and guns? Third alcohol is served. Beer, children and guns? Okay now we add the killing of small defenceless animals. Immoral on all points.

United States

#18 Jan 25, 2013
Squirrelly wrote:
WTF is wrong with you people? It's squirrel season in western NY, people around here hunt. Taking your child out hunting is a great way to bond with them and teach them values.
This has nothing to do with hunting. It is teaching kids to kill for fun to win a prize. Bonding can be done with a hike in the woods, teach your kids how to use a camera. Hopefully we humans will evolve from the days when hunting for food was a necessity and stop killing animals for fun.

Saint Petersburg, FL

#19 Jan 25, 2013
Fire fighters are heroes that protect and save life, not promote killing for fun while rewarding with cash and MORE GUNS!! There are certainly better and more appropriate ways for the fire fighters of Holley to raise money. They are giving all 1st responders a black eye.
Deborah Nelson

Southfield, MI

#20 Jan 25, 2013
I was raised in the country, we were extremely poor. My brothers also hunted to put food on the table. How would these hunters feel if some kids took some 'bonding' time shooting at one of their pets ?? With five kids, we had bout everything with eyes and a mouth. They learned kindness and mercy. Shame on anyone out there teaching their children that life is so cheap that killing is fun. The future will give you a rude awakening when you see what they've learned.
Rev_Julie Gallagher

Austin, TX

#21 Jan 25, 2013
Dear People of Holley,
I know that you have been enjoying the Squirrel Slam event for 6 years now and I'm wondering if you have ever made the connection between allowing children to shoot squirrels... with children shooting other children?
We have all just witnessed the tragic deaths of children in the Sandy Hook school in Conn. If a child doesnt' learn to respect the lives of all creatures at an early age, it is likely that s/he will grow up and commit crimes such as this most recent one.
It's great to have a fundraiser and certainly the Fire Dept deserves it! They work hard to save people's lives. Couldnt' we have a win-win event and save the squirrels' lives too?
HOW about a Camera shoot with prizes for the best photo of a squirrel?
And there are literally thousands of us squirrel lovers out there that would also be willing to send donations to this NO-KILL fundraiser.
We have over 4000 signatures on two petitions of people that want to see the squirrels of Holley live. Why do we care? Because most of us have raised a baby squirrel because it's mother was killed and have loved him and released him to the wild. We have saved injured squirrels and have experienced amazing love from them. It would be like you all facing hunters coming to shoot your dogs and cats.... think about what that would feel like. HOW ABOUT IT?
ON behalf of the squirrel lovers of the world,
remember the golden rule:
"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
Rev.Julie Gallagher
ADL Minister
Deborah Nelson

Southfield, MI

#22 Jan 25, 2013
Hunter wrote:
There is tons of squirrels out there. They are hunted to cull the herd. IM sure a few will get eaten, some mounted. If it keeps the young boys and girls in to hunting for the future I see no harm. Future NRA members and second amendment supporters. The country needs them. Anyone want to put up some recipes for good squirrel cooking? There's tons of squirrels out there. They are hunted to cull the herd. IM sure a few will get eaten, some mounted. If it keeps the young boys and girls in to hunting for the future I see no harm. Future NRA members and second amendment supporters. The country needs them. Anyone want to put up some recipes for good squirrel cooking?
Seems all the folks who are in favor of this madness, don't use their names. Hmmm. Yes. There are a lot of squirrels out there. There are even more cats and dogs. And birds. What is next??
Protector of animals

Chanthaburi, Thailand

#23 Jan 25, 2013
I find this absolutely sick and barbaric. I don't understand why you would want to kill squirrels an make children kill them too? This is promoting the complete opposite of a peaceful society. Most children these days don't want to harm animals. But they are forced to by ignorance and greed. It is sickening.

Eugene, OR

#24 Jan 25, 2013
Please have compassion for squirrels. Killing dogs and cats for sport would be unthinkable. Squirrels are capable of many of the same emotions that humans are, much like your pets. Why inflict such a horrific fate upon squirrels?

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