Police arrest four in alleged burglar...

Police arrest four in alleged burglary ring

There are 20 comments on the Democrat & Chronicle story from Oct 26, 2006, titled Police arrest four in alleged burglary ring. In it, Democrat & Chronicle reports that:

Cpl. John Helfer, spokesman for the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, said police arrested Marcus Lynch, 20, of Hillside Drive, Hilton; Tyeisha Fedrick, 20, and Tyrice J. Fedrick, 22, of Estall Road, Greece; and ...

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My opinion

Rochester, NY

#1 Oct 27, 2006
They should bury them under the jail, who knows what would have happened to any of the homeowners if they had come home when these I don't want work so I will steal from someone else, were running around stealing and trashing their homes. We should cut off the hands stay steal with then the world would be a safer place. My opinion.

Eagle River, WI

#3 Jan 5, 2007
I agree. They even robbed homes of people they knew. Leteisha a punk though.

Medina, NY

#4 Jan 13, 2007
Exuse me but your opinion dosent matter, Tyrice and Tyeisha are my brother and sister

Cohoes, NY

#5 Jan 14, 2007
ex girlfriend

Huntsville, AL

#7 Apr 12, 2007
You may have forgotten about me but tell your mother to get in touch with his girlfriend in high school that moved away.

Rochester, NY

#8 Apr 25, 2007
ex girlfriend wrote:
You may have forgotten about me but tell your mother to get in touch with his girlfriend in high school that moved away.
u sakyna

Huntsville, AL

#9 Apr 29, 2007
Qua wrote:
<quoted text>u sakyna

Fairport, NY

#12 May 2, 2007
Absolutely out of control, look how "private" runs to the defense of these thugs, because they are her brother and sister.

Let me tell you, I dont care if they are your siblings or not. There is no excuse for that behavior.

They should lock them up and keep and throw away the key. These people aren't murderers only by happenstance, as message one says, what would have happened had the home owners had come home?

Caan't afford your gold "grills" and two hundred dollar shoes? GET A JOB, ROBBING PEOPLE IS NOT GAINFUL LEGITIMATE EMPLOYMENT.

Huntsville, AL

#13 May 2, 2007
You shouldn't be so quick on judging someone. If it was one of your sibling you would say the same damn thing. So don't sit here and act like you haven't never did nothing wrong in your life. Or act like your a saint. People make mistakes and they learn from their mistakes. I not sitting here saying it was not wrong what they did but don't try to sit here and judge a person you don't know. You might have seen or heard the story, but you don't know.You don't know if they wanted it for shoes or grill you just think that. Your opinion is bullsh*t and the next time you try to judge someone you don't know. You need to check your self. And this goes out to every one who tried to post something negative. And one more thing if that person wants to take up for them let them, it's not your place.

Fairport, NY

#14 May 2, 2007
Alright, first of all do not come at me with this nonsense about being nonjudgemental. Robbery and theft is WRONG. That is a FACT, it is people like this that cause Rochester to become what it is, a crime ridden city where NO ONE takes responsibility for their actions.
Whether I have done something wrong or not does not justify the actions of others, and just for the record I have never committed robbery, never carried a gun, never broken the law short of speeding on the thruway. Its not because I am a saint, its because I have morals. Obviously you lack this.
It is everyones place to call out criminals and deviants for what they are. They do not need excuses, and more importantly, THEY ARE NOT THE VICTIMS.
Everyone is reponsible for their own actions, I can already see you would like to blame this on society. Typical of the liberal society we live in.
You drop out of school, you are going to be poor. You fail to work, you will not have money. You have unprotected sex, you get pregnant. You carry a gun, sell drugs, rob people in "the hood" you are likely to be the victim of a crime and you are likely to wind up in jail.
Only the individual can prevent that from happening. No, im not a saint, im just not an idiot.

Huntsville, AL

#15 May 2, 2007
Now I haven't did none of it either. I never said that what they did wasn't wrong but i don't lack adamn thing. I am a educated sista for your information. I have a bachelor degree in psychology and a good damn job. you are missing my point here. So you can give your speech to someone else. Because no one it better than anyone else. I don't have the time to argue with you and your opinion. That's right it's your opinion. Your opinion doesn't mean a damn thing.

Fairport, NY

#16 May 2, 2007
Let me tell you, you better go back and get your money for the degree you have earned, because it obviously isnt worth the paper it is written on.

Let me tell you why I believe you are wrong. You claim that "no one is better then anyone else", let me ask you this, do you believe that you are not "better" then Hitler? Furthermore, do you believe that your normal Joe American who does not break the law isnt "better" then those who have been running rampant on the streets of Rochester robbing and committing acts of violence?

My point being, of course, some people are "better" then others. Some are criminals, and some are not. While my opinion may not mean much to you, its grounded in reality.

How would you feel if it were your things that were robbed? I can see you have done your best to do things legitimately, how would you feel if someone came and took all you worked for. Better yet, how would you feel if they estinguished your life or the life of a loved one while in the commission of the act of robbery? Would you be arguing points of altruism, and equality at that point? I highly doubt that.

Think all day long that you are right, make your excuses, blame everyone but the perpetrators, while your family is incarcerated, your neighborhoods ruined, while your parents and grandparents lifelong housing investments go down the tubes, you can have your opinion. I'll have reality. And when these people are shipped off to jail, ill smile knowing that it probably saved a life.

Huntsville, AL

#17 May 2, 2007
Tell me who am i blaming?

Huntsville, AL

#18 May 2, 2007
First of don't tell me i need to get my money back. you can kiss my a*s. Like I said it's your opinion. Post what every you want it's your opinion.

Huntsville, AL

#19 May 2, 2007
I know right from wrong. I don't need no one talking to me like i'm a child.Every one has there own opinion. Let's leave it at that.

Huntsville, AL

#20 May 2, 2007
And I don't have to explain sh*t to you either

Fairport, NY

#21 May 2, 2007
Seems you have a bit of an attitude. Is this how tollerant you are when it comes to others opinions?

What I was referring to, and it must have went over your head, was the fact that people make excuses for criminals.

Every single time someone has said its a good thing that these criminals, thugs, theives, etc., were arrested you fly in telling us not to judge, that we dont know the real story. Let me tell you, there is no story that will legitimize the actions of these criminals, no matter how much you want to justify it.

If people aren't to be judged by their actions then how are they supposed to be judged? Should we stop locking up criminals because they shouldn't be judged, stealing and committing violent acts are just who they are and society must accept them? I am afraid not, thats not the way it works.

I am glad you know right from wrong, it seems others out there lack that skill. And I am sorry that your siblings are in this bit of trouble, but they were the ones that made the choice to break the law. No one forced them to do it, its an individual action, with deserving consequences yet to be served.

Huntsville, AL

#22 May 2, 2007
no i dont have an attitude. my bad for gettin at you the way i did. i'm really angry about something else. i'm not saying that your wrong but..just forget about it. actually it's not my sibling. i'm a close friend of the family. i'm actually their brother ex girlfriend. no hard feelings. i use to live up there.

Fairport, NY

#23 May 2, 2007
Well I wish them luck, in getting better and serving the pennalty in this mess of a CJ system we have.

Fairport, NY

#24 Nov 19, 2012
What a bunch of stupid grimey kneegrows, but there doing what they do best, breaking the law that is

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