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#101 Sep 8, 2008
First of all, congrats on getting to 100 posts! I think that's a new record and you still lead "Biggest Ho In Berea" by nearly 20 posts! I have a steak dinner riding on this topic staying in the lead, so don't let me down!

Can I ask a question? I've read this more for entertainment than I care about which way you pick teams, but I'm lost on the following and would enjoy it more if someone 'in the know' can help me follow along:

1) Where is the post that asks for Will (whoever Will is) to quit coaching? I thought they 'posters' only asked for a more fair way of picking teams and better communication? I'm confused as to how those two things are related.

Will Will only coach if he gets to pick his team his way? And what will Will do if he doesn't coach? And what if Will isn't in agreement with the 'will of the people"? Will we ever find out? The whole thing gives me 'the willies!'

2) With regards to post #99 (Athletic Supporter or whatever his name was)...I'm confused as to which previous post is going to get someone arrested. Can you please point to it? It would have to be a good one, and I'm missing it!

Can you be arrested for not agreeing with the someone? Do Russian laws apply when it comes to pee wee football?

3) Finally, I'm confused by the concept that because football requires more skills than basketball and baseball, you can't hold a skills test.

Does that mean that if I walk over to the Nutter Center at UK, ol' Rich Brooks has to let me play because there's no test to determine that I suck? Whoo Hooo! Free college!

Like I said, I don't care if you pick the teams by eye color or shoe size. I don't follow the logic of the statement and I'm trying to follow along.

Anyway, thanks for the entertainment guys. Who would have thought that something as potentially boring as Youth League Football could be more entertaining than 'The Biggest Ho'.

Lexington, KY

#102 Sep 8, 2008
First of all "I Know Everything", if you go back to post #91 & #98 you will see that their implying that Will not coach. Second of all, this isnt UK Football and the Coaches arent Rich Brooks. These are children. They have NEVER had a skills test because they have NEVER had too. What people dont realize is these are the same rules that they have ALWAYS had, not just since my husband has been on the board. It has never been an issue until these last couple of years. I guess when you have a winning team they think you cheat. Next year when all of our older players move out, and were not having such a hot season because there will be alot of new and young kids to teach, they will find something else to bitch about. These children should not be rated on how good or bad they are. Thats why they have the draft, just as they always have because that is fair.
love to volunteer

Berea, KY

#103 Sep 8, 2008
You need to refer to post #67. I was there to and the announcement was made before each game.
John wrote:
I was there and I heard NO announcement. Put it at the admission table, and get all your fabulous board members to walk around and TALK ABOUT IT. One announcement, half-assed, don't cut it, if it even happened. Like I said, I was there, never heard it.
You are an idiot if you think 10 coaches are all going to rank a kids level low. Your idiot sources did tell you that ALL of the coaches rank the kid, not just the one who wants him??
Will shouldn't coach, the kids should be ranked, and your board should stop being so scared (or is it elitest?) and start talking to the parents, and not just the ones they know, ALL OF THEM. Inform them, get them involved.

Fitzgerald, GA

#104 Sep 10, 2008
I have had my share of issuse with the board but have always been able to talk to a board member and get them resolved. These posts have gotten way out of control. Everyone should go to the next board meeting and voice their concerns, not just bitch on here.

Lexington, KY

#105 Sep 11, 2008
My son has been on the Redskins team for 3 years now. Let's just say the coaches name, Will, everybody knows who you're talking about. I do not appreciate my son being called a cheater. When you call Will a cheater you call his whole team cheaters. I am at just about every practice. This man puts his heart and soul into this. He loves his boys and wants them to be their best.

Lexington, KY

#106 Sep 15, 2008
I was made aware on Sunday that some people did not know how to take my last post. I want to assure everybody that I did not mean it in a negative way. What I was trying to say was that the board members are always willing to listen to parents, complaints or suggestions. I know that the board members work very hard and not just on Sunday. I also know that there are board members that use vacation time from work just to be there on Sunday. They give up alot of time. All I was saying is that if you don't agree with something talk to them, don't just bitch on here. That won't solve anything.

Granbury, TX

#107 Sep 15, 2008
I understand, that all of you parents care a lot about your children and their participation in Berea Youth League, but I think all of you take it way too seriously. These kids are between 5 and 13 years old, now honestly, what's wrong with just letting them have fun?

Lexington, KY

#108 Sep 19, 2008
all these people are volunteers....right? they are doing jobs that most parents don't want to have nothing but good to say about my experiences as a parent in this league....yeah...somethings could be better....but that is the case everywhere you go....we have had good coaches, good parents and the kids are having a good time....who could ask for more?
ex football mom

Macon, GA

#109 Sep 24, 2008
Was anyone at the game on Sunday? Instead of bad mouthing Will, lets talk about the irate man in the stands.....Did anyone hear the things that was coming out of that mans mouth. I have never heard anything like that come from Will. That was ridiculous.... I know for a fact that it had an effect on the players because they all heard what the man was saying. My son played in the league last year, not for Will, and he didn't want to play this year because of something that his coach did to him last year. Its that easy....if it is so horrible, go somewhere else to play.

Jefferson, GA

#110 Sep 24, 2008
ex football mom wrote:
Was anyone at the game on Sunday? Instead of bad mouthing Will, lets talk about the irate man in the stands.....Did anyone hear the things that was coming out of that mans mouth. I have never heard anything like that come from Will. That was ridiculous.... I know for a fact that it had an effect on the players because they all heard what the man was saying. My son played in the league last year, not for Will, and he didn't want to play this year because of something that his coach did to him last year. Its that easy....if it is so horrible, go somewhere else to play.
don't they know they can get kicked out of the games for that and not allowed back in? why don't they quit crying and let the kids play.

Georgetown, KY

#111 Sep 28, 2008
HAHA I think all this bull crap is a joke. I think it is really funny how everybody uses "code names" grow up tell your name if your gonna bad mouth people. I myself ref at BYFL and RYFL. Oh where to start? First off a good coach is gonna turn out good players. I am not really sure if you ever watch a youth league game but if you do then you can watch the children develope into better players. There is a really big difference in cheating and good coaching....... Watch how the "president" puts in his younger players if he is winning. That is giving the younger kids playing and LEARNING time. That is why the "president" always has a so called better team. But anyway im not gonna get caught up in the baby games. Just think if he was loosing he wouldent be a cheater. One thing you need to remember this is for the kids, Not one of these coaches are getting paid. They are doing this to give YOUR kids something to do. There is always gonna be a winner and a loser and a so called cheater. Goodnight see ya later

Since: Sep 08

Richmond, KY

#112 Sep 28, 2008
Will is a huge cheater and it makes me sick. He shouldn't be permitted to step foot in the parking lot. He is the scum of the scum.

Douglas, GA

#113 Sep 29, 2008

Zoe, KY

#114 Oct 1, 2008
Will Is not a cheater if the other teams had good coaches then they would win some games. Everybody is just jealous cause your kids are on teams that the coaches dont know how to coach a team thats all it is jealous people

Berea, KY

#115 Oct 1, 2008
There are several good coaches in the BYFL. Just remember all the coaches & board members are voluntary. My child's coach is a good coach. No I'm not jealous. My child personality wouldn't fit with Will's. He is fine where he is at.

Lexington, KY

#116 Oct 2, 2008
I'll tell you what's sad. I have been on Boards before and quit after one season because of what these people are doing. The Board wants to act like ol' pitiful me, they always want for people to think that they are putting themselves out for everyone. The same people get on the same boards year after year and they only want the same people on there. The people that go there for gossip hour. Yes there are a few on the different Berea sports boards that want to do something but they always get overruled. The majority of these people are the rich, the jocks, the cheerleaders that just can't give up that life that they once knew. That's what's sad.
Former Youth Leaguer

Middleville, MI

#117 Oct 2, 2008
As a child, I participated in numerous Berea Youth League activities. I was a cheerleader for both the football league and the basketball league, and played in the softball league from the time I was five until I was too old to play anymore.

These arguments are nothing new to the Berea sports leagues. There are always accusations of teams being stacked, whether it's in the football league or the softball league. Care for an example? I played on the girls' slow pitch softball travelling team The Fillies for a few years. The year that The Fillies won the Bluegrass State Games and placed ninth in a national tournament, the majority of us just so happened to end up on the same league softball team. Being as we all had played together for several years, we played well together and were all very skilled in our positions on the field. Needless to say, we kicked butt that season. We often scored 20+ runs in the first inning. A board member's husband was the coach of one of the teams we were beating so badly, and the wife didn't like to see her husband's team lose... so she implemented the "five run rule", in which a team must take the field after scoring five runs. That year, there was talk of my coach "cheating" to get all of The Fillies on his team.

That was almost ten years ago.

I don't know much about the football league; I've been on the spectator side of it for many years. I was shown this forum by one of the cheerleading coaches. However, based on what I've read, I do believe that there are certain aspects of the league that could be improved... but let me put it this way: If it were your child on the "winning" team, would you be complaining like this?

As an ending note, I'd like to tell you what the Berea Youth League does for children. I'm an only child, and had it not been for the Youth Leagues, I wouldn't have made many of the friends that I still have today. I learned a lot about sportsmanship, learned discipline, and learned about playing on a team. These things that I learned as a child have stuck with me into adulthood. Berea Youth League is a good thing for kids... I'm not a parent yet, but I'd like for the league to still be around and in good shape when it comes time to involve my children in sports. Parents, please don't ruin the fun for your kids. There are too many situations that I can remember from cheerleading, softball, etc. that were ruined by bickering parents.
Berea Stealer Parent

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#118 Oct 5, 2008
The Berea Steelers coach is no better when it comes to cheating. He shows his players if you can't win cheat.He lost a game in Richmond and wasn't happy . He asked for an appeal after the out field umpire left the field and was walking towards the parking lot . The umpire came back to the field and granted it. What kind of sportsman ship was that. If you can win cry till you do!!!!!!
redskin parent

Zoe, KY

#119 Oct 6, 2008
AlrightNowWhat wrote:
Will is a huge cheater and it makes me sick. He shouldn't be permitted to step foot in the parking lot. He is the scum of the scum.
Will is not a cheater. He is very caring to his players and he only thinks about their best interest. He has taught my son alot this year about being a good football player. He has played for other coaches in the league, but none of them have every showed him as much attention as Will does. He is a great coach and a great person. I think everyone is just jealous that he knows how to coach. Keep up the good work Will.

Hazard, KY

#120 Oct 6, 2008
give it a rest....if you have an issue..take to that son's football team didn't win a game last year....this year.....they are doing way better.....the boys learned alot in a a new coach.....and things are better....we can't always be the would be nice but not son has played baseball, baskeball and now football, what I do know is that my son gained an immeasurable amount of experience when he played on the losing team. He had more playing time that he would have ever had on the 'winning team' I have said before is that....these are all son's coaches are all volunteers.....I have a huge respect for parents that donate their time..our time would be better spent raising money to buy decent equipement for the league rather than bashing the volunteers, who are the backbone of the organization....and I am not a crony to any of these people and just moved to berea 8 years ago...I am just stating facts...I have to say that I see "Becky" working every sunday at the concession stand.....that is dedication.....and time consuming! So come up with constructive ways in which to help the league...I hate to sound like a first grade teacher....but use nice words.....

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