Western Sky Financial - WARNING-

Seattle, WA

#87 Feb 21, 2011
Diddle wrote:
Please don't read this as a non-understanding post but have you consulted with an Attorney, child services and family services?
There is NO reason that you should be left saddled with the liability of raising a family alone. Respectifully, it takes two to tango. The children did not arrive by stork or UPS. I would encourage you to seek
every avenue of help available to you and make the most of is. there is money for these situations as well as legal recourse - use them!
I wish you the best,
<quoted text>
I agree honey, I am in a similar situation but with only one child. I am putting myself through school right now, and am finally in my senior year. But it has been extremely difficult and exhausting, and again, I only have the one. She is only 4 now and I have been going to school since she was only 4 months old as I knew I would not be able to support her without it. Luckily there are all kinds of grants out there for us single mom's to go back to school with, and financial aid that is enough to support yourself on if you are fruggal! ;-) You should check it out. Start at a community college and transfer to a university, that is what I did, although the financial aid at community colleges are not as much, a part time job, welfare (unfortunately, but was necessary) and the aid got me through, barely. Now I am only months away from a great career in Information Technology after working my buns off to get a Bachelors in Science degree from the University of Washington. I'm really proud of myself and am excited that I will be able to support my daughter in a way that she deserves. I wish you all the best and just look for grants, they are always out there, you just have to know where to look. ;-)

Seattle, WA

#88 Feb 21, 2011
ms Island Queen wrote:
you need money. Go out and get a job. Don't say you can't find one. Yes you can. Go out and pick up cans and bottles for 100 days. These people will carry you to your grave quicker than you you blink one eye. They have all you information. Your social security number is very important. Read the golden rule, Don't be no FOOLLLLLLLLLL
Wow, you are brilliant... obviously highly educated. Our country has the HIGHEST unemployment rate it has in DECADES and you say to go and get a job to someone? That is ridiculous on so many levels. First of all, you cannot borrow money from ANY COMPANY that lends money without some form of employment, so the job picking up cans is not going to be a possibility on that front. Second, like I said, unemployment is sky-high right now, and not everyone can just go out and GET a job. That was just a ridiculous statement... like, think a bit, seriously.
Grandma was one

Jacksonville, FL

#89 Feb 26, 2011
Single Malt wrote:
Sounds like the "Native Americans" have found another way to get even.
While I think that dishonesty is killing our country, I resent that slam against all Native Americans. If anyone has a grievance against this country, they certainly do, but not this way.

Phoenix, AZ

#90 Mar 1, 2011
Sure it's legal, and, yes, they could have done it before this administration. Indian reservations are, by Supreme Court opinion, sovereign governments within the United States. They are subject to federal laws, but not state laws. But before you go attacking Indian people for what they are doing, why not check payday loan store down on the corner from your house? They charge similar rates of interest and engage in similar loan practices. Don't put this off on the Indian people.(And yes, I can use the term Indian people. I am Creek and Kiowa, and I reject the concept of Native American. If you were born in the United States, you are a Native American. Do you suppose Obama is?)
One_American wrote:
If this is legal? It should not be. Preying on poverty? Are you sure the reservation is not taking advantage of the escalated sovereign nation located within the United States of America status? Obama signed that law first thing when he got into office! The sovereigners get to vote for this guy too. Could the Native Americans have done this before this administration? I remember loan loop places like this getting closed in the past. Not sure why they can come back now. Loan loop = Viscious cycle, get behind and they refi for another 75$ fee and a few hundred bucks... Voila your loan is current and paying at the highest amount of intrest possible!
shane from 201

Union Bridge, MD

#91 Mar 7, 2011
beckamo2002 wrote:
I love the comment "stay out of debt". Well not all of us buy and buy and buy and are still in debt due to unforseen circumstances! For example: an ex-husband that walked out on me and 4 kids and REFUSED to let me get a college education and now refuses to pay child support. My fault? yeah I suppose so for thinking my husband would be with me for ever and I wouldn't be worried about how to pay my rent so me and my children aren't evicted! Sorry for trying to find a way to make things work in a world that doesn't help the underdog!
That was not helpful lady. Maybe if u kept ur man satisfied he would have stayed. Stop crying on this board.

Eclectic, AL

#92 Mar 11, 2011
Amway wrote:
To the original poster: the proper spelling is "borrow" not "barrow". Learn to spell before you spout bigoted words.
Aren't you calling the kettle black...using words out of context?

big·ot·ed&#8194; &#8194;
[big-uh-tid] Show IPA
utterly intolerant of any creed, belief, or opinion that differs from one's own.
-Peace Newbcake :)\oo/

Sacramento, CA

#93 Mar 14, 2011
Look up usery interest think there is a law against it. Maybeit should be enforced.

Fort Loramie, OH

#94 Mar 19, 2011
To all of you that think that payday loans are bad. Some people like the elderly,live on a fixed income. I work at a Pay Day company,and you see all kinds of people. the ones we try to help or those that have limited income.I mean think about it you get 600 a month,you pay 120 rent,15 for phone,if you have tv so you can watch the news 80,food and gas 200,meds depnding on your coverage and co pays 30-50 or more like i said depending on coverage,life insurance,20 car insurance, 120
after you pay all the bills you are minus 5 so if people need to get a loan because they dont make as much as you do i see now reason to bad talk the companies. I understand you are just leetting people know what they are getting into but trust me everony can read and it is right there for them to read.

Atlanta, GA

#95 Mar 22, 2011
Ok ... I am posting this to give people the latest info about this company. I know what I was getting into. I live in Georgia, where it is near IMPOSSIBLE to get a payday loan. Thanks, elected lawmakers!

Anyway, I am making half what I made last year. That's right. Every check I get. Half of what it was a year ago.

Found out today that I need to pay someone $750 in three days or there will be immediate consequences (not illegal _ just something secured that I neglected accidentally).

Again, people in other states have options. Here in GEORGIA we don't. Check any payday loan website. They don't lend to people in Georgia.

Called Western Sky Financial (if you NEED the money, ALWAYS call _ don't fill out their silly web forms). Within three hours, with some docs, we were done. Cash I need, I will have tomorrow.

The terms > yeah they suck, but I put myself in this position and I am manning up for it _ oh, and also my credit is VERY bad:

$1,000 loan
$500 origination (ouch!)
169% APR.

Is it loansharking? Yeah. I guess.

But, loansharks served a purpose back in the day, and, you know what? WE ARE BACK IN THOSE DAYS, people!

I'll be able to take care of this immediate obligation, keep the train on the tracks, and I will be able to pay them off in a month or two. Is the $500 a hit, sure. I had a good working relationship with another lender (two loans _ both paid off early), but they went out of business. I guess maybe I am one of the few honest ones, but they do serve a purpose for me by letting me PAY who NEEDS TO GET PAID now and defer the rest, even if at an expense. I will get back to even one day. I guarantee.


I do what I need to do to survive now. I don't care about my credit score, because when I get back to even, I will never ask for a loan again. They can take my score and shove it.

Anyway, I just wanted to let REAL people who come to this board looking for REAL info about Western Sky to know about the hefty origination _ but that's why they are in business, folks. Most people probably just don't pay them. When I finish paying them, I will smile.

Oh, and they said if I return to them for a second loan after I pay off my first they will waive origination.

Best of luck to all y'all trying to make it by day to day!!!!

Champaign, IL

#96 Mar 24, 2011
Look number one whom-ever said "stay out of debt".
You are a fool, So your bills dont cost? Rent, water, power, food, clothes, kids , health? Must be nice for you but all those are bebts and they sneek up on you. What happens if your power bill runs up on you or they increase it without you knowing then you are suddenly in over your head?

These places are for people with bad credit that cant go to a real bank that realy need the money for let say there kids medicine or to get there car out of impound so they can work, you know "emergencys". Idoits take them thinking they are just getting a easy loan. If you can get a loan with western sky you can get one from a real bank because they check your credit history.

Also for the people who rag on others about spelling- People type fast now-a-days so borrow , barrow fuck eather "let me hold that paper for a minute" how you like that its spelled right but doesnt make in PC or correct english. Get a life dont rag on people spelling because they typed too fast. " you type to fast and messed up spelling your a loser" No my friend your a loser with nothing else to do but nitpick like a fucking women.
GOD PEOPLE AND LITTLE SHIT . WHY DO PEOPLE ALWAYS MAKE BIG DEALS ABOUT LITTLE SHIT THATS OVER REACTING, ACTING LIKE A FEMALE/WOMAN OR A NERd THAT NEEDS A LIFE unless your a english teacher and they are your student go finish looking at your shemale porn and get off , go to bed , try to be more of a man by letting little shit that doesnt matter or benifit you either way go!

Hamilton, OH

#97 Mar 25, 2011
Single Malt wrote:
Sounds like the "Native Americans" have found another way to get even.
Way to go making yourself sound like an ass

Tulsa, OK

#98 Mar 31, 2011
Thank You all for posting on this subject. I had a temporary lapse in judgement and thought about getting a loan. Thanks to your postings my better judgement has re emerged! God Bless You All and may you prosper in Gods Eyes!

Saint Cloud, MN

#99 Apr 15, 2011
At least I can say they are honest rip-offs, in his commercial he did state AND YES THE MONEY IS VERY EXPENSIVE!

Taylor, AZ

#100 Apr 18, 2011
Single Malt wrote:
Sounds like the "Native Americans" have found another way to get even.
Not native American Indian-just paleface with a tanned skin, a wig, talk like an Injun, to look like Indian, TV actor...something like out from Old Western movies...
duly warned

Brookfield, WI

#101 Apr 18, 2011

New Baltimore, MI

#102 Apr 19, 2011
lat wrote:
You should have chosen a husband more wisely, honey. No one to blame but yourself. Get a job and raise your kids.
A world that always helps the underdog is called a socialist nanny state. You'll never learn.
<quoted text>
What a sweet, kind, and understanding piece of advice! Does this tip apply for everyone though? Why is there such a high unemployment rate then, if one can just "get a job?" Certainly your successful and debt-free life will offer a reasonable explanation!

Thank you!
amway company is a joke

United States

#103 Apr 19, 2011
amway? really? the name says it all. sorry that your getting screwed by Amways scams too
my life is a joke too

United States

#104 Apr 19, 2011
nope im screwed too just tryin to cause trouble if i can dish it i can take it. single dad, three kids, living in hotel for now, van suks down 140 week in gas looking for cars and everyone's out to get me, ok im ready lemme have it folks. p.s sorry. i changed my name from the amway name to this

United States

#105 Apr 21, 2011
salesman T wrote:
Agreed. I'd rather your ex support you like he should then the rest of us support you via taxes and assistance. Short term assistance is fine with me, but I have problems with long term assistance.
<quoted text>
I just wanted to say you are an idoit. You must not have had money issues in your life or for that matter problems. who's paying you? The legal system does not always work. I raise two boys on my own. Husband with good job would not pay even when the court orderd and took it out of his check. He left town. Some do not get assistance. I had just become a nurse and made $95. too much, but, I was homeless. Dont judge people unless you have been there. That was over 25years ago. Thank god there have been changes for the women left without job skills and childeren.I think our women today are taught cant count on anyone but yourself. These loans are needed. How much are you really payn for that house you live in or that car. Everyone is out to make money.

Bozeman, MT

#106 Apr 22, 2011
They lie to you. I took out a loan. They said they'd take it back on payday. Instead, they took out the interest only. None of their email addresses or phone lines ring to them. They ring to Cash Call. For ten weeks they took the interest only. Then, on the next payday, they took out the interest plus 10 percent to go toward the principal. They made it impossible to contact them until they had removed exactly 1 1/2 times what I borrowed before they let me contact them to arrange a payback. I let them take out the interest until my original amount had been paid back, let them take a little more for interest, as I did borrow the money, then I immediately changed my bank account number. They called on and off for a month, but haven't heard from them since. In my state payday loans are illegal and when they were legal, there had to be faxed documents. They were in violation of all of it and I had to send them a letter noting those things and that I had no intent to pay them back because of it. Their lack of contact numbers constitues fraud. They really had no legs to stand on. They're crooks. And there is no such thing as "legal loansharking." Be warened. Do NOT borrow from them. They will make your life completely miserable unless you know how to get rid of them. They're worse than LICE!

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