Western Sky Financial - WARNING-
Rhonda Moore

Woodbridge, VA

#465 Mar 23, 2012
salesman T wrote:
Sadly, there are lots and LOTS of "businesses" set up solely to rip off those who aren't smart enough to check out the facts.
The best thing to do is stay out of debt. Do not borrow for anything. Save up and Pay CASH! It's what our grandparents did. There's no law that says you are required to have a car payment. Save up and pay CASH. Pay off your home mortgage as fast as possible.
Live on less than you make... it's a novel concept, one that Congress can't seem to grasp.
I agree 100%-SAVE/SAVE/SAVE, then you shall HAVE/HAVE and HAVE!

United States

#466 Mar 23, 2012
Programmer A-5 wrote:
Okay, so if I go to CashAmerica, I get a loan for $400 +$66.
So make installments, I pay $66 +$50.
$66 +$50 x 8 =$928. So I don't see the problem with them. If you want to get ripped off, go rent from Rent-A-Center.
Programmer your a idiot. Heck ill lend you a $1000 an you can pay me back $9000 ,I don't see a problem with that either


#467 Mar 26, 2012
I can't believe that Western Sky can charge the astronomical interest rates that they do. Anyone who needs to get a loan, which in this economy is quite understandable, need help. They don't need to be COMPLETELY ripped off by some financial institute who prey on them. Honestly $40800.00 (plus or minus $100) payback for borrowing only $5000.00?????????? Like honestly people, you would have to be completely stupid to pay those fees. Like unless your planning on declaring bankruptcy and your trying to get some quick cash, DON'T EVER GET A LOAN FROM THIS PLACE!!! If you need money that bad, ask everyone you know FIRST, even your parents, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, aunts, uncles, friends, Neighbours, your bank, ANYONE!!!!! DOES EVERYONE GET IT YET??? Don't ever get a loan from Western Sky unless you want to be paying it back for the rest of your natural life and then your kids will be left with it, and then it will go onto your grandchildren after that cause it STILL won't be paid off. LOL. Thanks for reading, and DON'T fall for scams and places out to rip you right off. Have a good day.


#468 Mar 26, 2012
Do people in the states not have government regulations? These people are total crooks!!! You could get a better rate from the mob.

Bethel, CT

#469 Mar 26, 2012
Honestly, anyone out there who is dumb enough to take a loan from Western Sky DESERVES what the get. Are you serious? By their numbers, if you borrow 5000 bucks, after the 7 years it takes you to pay them off you will have paid well over 40,000 dollars! Who the hell is INSANE enough to do that?

I pity the poor moron who is.

And by the way, I don't see what that has to do with the tax rate of New Jersey. Taxation be damned, or not, but it has nothing to do with loan sharking.

I swear. Are you people just DUMB?
13 Bacon wrote:
<quoted text>
I wasn't aware taxes= loans. Apparently Texan schools are leading the way. No, no one is forced to take loans from this particular business, but get the twig out of your butt and stop heckling someone for putting this information out there and stopping someone from accidentally signing up for this extortion.
Further more, no one applies for these loans because they are lazy and don't work. Maybe when you live on your own and start paying some bills you will realize that emergencies happen that can quickly sap away funds. I myself had to take out a loan because the VA has yet to pay me my GI bill living expenses despite being in college for 4 months already, spending thousands of dollars in savings keeping the lights on and food on the table; Money I saved while risking my ass in Iraq because I knew just how rough it is in civi life.
You should try not being so judgemental, especially of people you don't know and haven't met.

Austell, GA

#470 Mar 28, 2012
the Professor wrote:
If one reads the WesternSky fine print, it states clearly that it is "one individual" who owns the lending company and in no way represents the tribe to which that individual belongs, nor any native american or indiginous tribe of the northern hemisphere....thus proving one rotten apple doth spoil the barrel. And you may thank the white missionaries for teaching this to the people they broke every treaty they penned with these great tribes. Be proud of that America! What goes around comes around....love that karma don't you?!
Are you a communist or? Pride is what hurt the Indian, selfish pride. Yes, I am one-fourth cherokee.
Tristan Morgan

Rosemount, MN

#471 Mar 28, 2012
I guess screwing the people with all their casinos isn't enough, now the Indians have to get into the banking/lending business. ARGHHHHHHH

Brooklyn, NY

#472 Mar 29, 2012
DLA wrote:
I see some of you can add and multiply.If you add up any loan it comes out to be a deeper debt. Can't put the blame on just one loan company,like Western Sky Fin. after all they learned from the best how to take what you want and not pay for it and scam the man for what you can get. You taught 'em well.
AMEN to THAT my friend

Brooklyn, NY

#473 Mar 29, 2012
Amen to that my friend .. we ripped off their land so now they rip off where they can.. problem is they were trusting, open, generous people..dumb white man gets what his hand calls for!!

United States

#475 Mar 29, 2012
This is a rip off don't do it no matter how broke you are or how much you need the money trust me!!!!!
The Dave Factor

United States

#476 Mar 31, 2012
Just another idiot wrote:
Business ethics....what a conflicting term in this country. Western Sky certainly is not the first predatory lending company. But I personally don't recall another one that advertises as aggressively on television during prime time hours. Clever marketing ploy too. The image of the native American is generally associated as an honorable, honest, hard working people who were victimized by the white man. Some truth to all of that but it truly is a brilliant way to market this crap. If your down on your luck, tired of getting screwed over by corporate America and big government, who do you trust? Ah well, if I have to get ripped off, why not by native Americans? After all, they took it in the shorts a long time ago and have been paying for it ever since. Better them than Haji at the stop and rob who funnels my milk money to Al Qaida in Pakistan.
Well I have to agree with some of this. But you can't label Native Americans because in truth they are not solely responsible for "predatory lending" because that concept is immaterial of race, color, creed, sex or religion. Asians do it, middle easterns do it, caucasians do it, there many of these Quick Loans all across the country that are owned by blacks, whites, and other races. And just because a group Native Americans decides to join the quick loan mix doesn't make it fair to trash them just because. I myself has an ancestry of Souix Indian from my Dads side of my Family. In honor of that, I celebrate Native American Heritage month every year. But not to stray off the subject, its a matter of buyer beware, plain and simple. If you don't have the means to pay off the high interest on loans then don't get one, period. And if you do, well stick to an installment plan pay it on time. And if you have a job and good income you shouldn't need a loan unless dire circumstances ensue.
be the smart one

Madisonville, KY

#477 Mar 31, 2012
Western Sky is owned by a native American and not owned by a tribe, they are using this to make you think the loan you will get is a native American tribe company loan, this will send you to a other company that is not native American or Western Sky. Watch theses companys, they will fee you to death and charge interest skyhigh and unless you plan on taking a chapter 7 leave these people alone. Your checking account information you give them will give them the right to add or remove funds anytime by the fact that you gave it to them , just ask your Bank first they will tell you the same.

United States

#478 Apr 1, 2012
Wow! Very heated discussions! I don't have an active loan with anyone, but, in taking a loan, you assume the responsibility outlined in the contract. If you are mathematically inept, use a calculator to see how much you will end up paying, figure out if you will be able to afford the payments, and take into consideration that, with the state of the economy, you might lose your job and have to find another. Which is not an easy thing to do these days. That being said, be responsible for YOUR ACTIONS, and quit getting butt sore over a company offering to help you out... at a price. Which is how EVERYONE on Earth conducts their lives. And leave the Indians alone! They have as much right as anyone else to profit off your hardships!!!

Wichita, KS

#479 Apr 3, 2012
Well,my back taxes are costing me 300% interest per month, so i'm thinking this isn't such a bad deal. The interest on taxes that I'm faithfully paying... THAT should be illegal. This loan is cheap in comparison. Stll a little wary. Will have to research a little more.
Western Sky rip-OFF

Troy, MI

#480 Apr 5, 2012
Ok, so submitted for a loan and approved no different than payday folks other than Western Sky (SKY-HIGH) rates. Ok… so needing the money…(better to wait) went forward and they started to fund the loan however, because I use two different checking accounts they determine what account. At an SKY-HIGH rate they should be more flexible about what account they try to deposit to… so Spoke with Chris a Sup. of Cash-Cow and this is their rules and I think this is stupid so I stop the funding keep your money. Not to mention they get rude when you want to cancel. Sorry I will keep my money and not pay you 60% of the next person’s loan. So fyi folks before taking a loan out from these loan sharks keep in mind your 60% funding the next loan and if you go the full duration of the loan in repayments you will pay easily ((2-8 *(original loan amount))= To Damn Much. Please avoid!!!!
Be smart

United States

#481 Apr 5, 2012
Get as big as loan as you and dont pay them back. Whats the worse that can happen mess up your credit score. Wow n e ways we only have 259 days or so till a big solar flare wipes out our comunication grid or another great depression which wil domino effect to.the end of our world as we know it. thanks for your time enjoy your life god bless us all

Brooklyn, NY

#483 Apr 5, 2012
I meant to say

Dear western sky

I want politely tell you may you all fry in hell. You are scam artists and you put me in serious financial ruin. I hope you all drop dead

Guthrie, OK

#484 Apr 6, 2012
Bob Barker wrote:
<quoted text>
Legal loan sharking...Thanks for the warning.
I wonder if they also break legs if you fall behind?
When you are poor & desperate to save what you have, even though you are working and not bringing home enough, you sometimes have to make these difficult choices.
Desperate Housewife

Brooklyn, NY

#485 Apr 6, 2012
Dear western Sky Scam F&$()ks,

I am black woman and my man left me a year ago with all the debts and the dirty dishes and three kids. I work at Miley dee but the patties don't pay the rent. I is on wellfair and I gotten my ebt card. I could not pay the dOle on my new 1993 hynday and the repo man wanna hit my car. Desperate my friend Tammeree told about western sky. They gave me money and I played the lotto and me discover card and my hinday car payments. The repo man came but I had sex with him and I hope I ain't with a new baby daddy. But he really knows how to use his Johnson in my mancave.

But iOS broke cause thes Indian bastards took me and confused me and I am deeper in the hole, shit I can't believe how deeper in debt these scalpers put me. I asked my baby daddy for some money but he told I deserve what happened to me because I should have known you can't trust these Injun financial scalper mofos. I hope they rot in where there is only fire and they burn in hell forever with their devil friends and Satan himself.

Obama should investigate these guys ang give us our money back.

United States

#486 Apr 6, 2012
beckamo2002 wrote:
I love the comment "stay out of debt". Well not all of us buy and buy and buy and are still in debt due to unforseen circumstances! For example: an ex-husband that walked out on me and 4 kids and REFUSED to let me get a college education and now refuses to pay child support. My fault? yeah I suppose so for thinking my husband would be with me for ever and I wouldn't be worried about how to pay my rent so me and my children aren't evicted! Sorry for trying to find a way to make things work in a world that doesn't help the underdog!
I hear you, although my situation is not as stressful as yours. I FINALLY save up enough to move out of my parents house & 4-5 months later we all get laid off & unfortunately since the company didn't make me full time until that 4 or 5 mos. before getting laid off my unemployment barely pays. I managed to save enough to live off of for 4 months but now I'm really starting to fall behind & I'm trying hard to find another job, but I'm not having much luck, even going to staffing companies but they're not coming up with anything. It really sucks right now.

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